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A Farmer's Grievance.


" He Clouted Me Awful."

Old-Age Pensions in Montgomeryshire.



The Government and the Lords.

Sensational Incident at Brecon…


Sensational Incident at Brecon Assizes. At Breconbire Assizes on Tuesday, Mr Justice Scrutton was pronouncing sentenca of two months on a prisoner when there was a pronounced "Hear, hear," from a spectator in Court. His Lordship said that was neither a public meeting nor a tljeatie, and he asked the officer of the Court to bring before him the gentleman who had given expression to his feelings in that manner. A gentleman was brought forward, and the Judge asked him why be had said, Hear, hear," in a Court of Justice. The gentleman replied: According to my ideas of justice-- The Judge What is your name ? The Gentleman Am I bound to disclose that ? His Lordship It makes the difference of a fine or going to prison. If I know your name, I fine you. If not, you go to prison. The Gentleman: Am I bound to disclose it P His Lordship: You are bound after the remark you have made in public. The Gentleman: Do you press it ? His Lordship: Certainly. The Gentleman: My name is A. J. Picton Warlow. His Lordship Have you anything to say why I should not punish you for contempt of court ? Mr Warlow I have, sir. His Lordship: Why sentence should not be pronounced ? Mr Warlow: If I may make the remark, your sentence had already been pronounced. I only returned recently from America after twelve months' absence, and the whole thing in this Court is new to me. I heard a sentence pro- nounced which I concurred with as justice, and if I have done anything that seems like contempt of court I wish to express my extreme regret. His Lordship said the explanation given enabled him to deal with the matter in a manner more consonant with his (the learned Judge's) feelings. It appeared Mr Warlow was not conversant with the procedure in English Courts of Justice, where the expresssion of approval or disapproval was not allowed. After the explanation he had heard he accepted Mr Warlow' statement of regret and took no more notice of the incident; but at the same time he wished it to be understood that spectators in a court of justice must not give expression in any way to their feelings.

The Royal Declaration.


The Royal Standard.

The County Member's Gift to…


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