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A Farmer's Grievance.


A Farmer's Grievance. WHY HIS CHILDREN DID NOT ATTEND SCHOOL. We never keep these children at home without a cause-that is, sickness or wet mornings. These children have to got up in the morning at half- past six-they are dragged out of bed; in fact, we have to pall them out. It id a very wrong thing to rouse a child out of its sleep. Three caees out of five they never eat any breakfast, and they have come back being sick, I couldn't say the reason unless it is having no breakfast. And they're dragged down to Buttington school, a matter of 2} miles at least. They came home at night-seven o'clock very often, and sometimes we've had to go to meet them. And what's the price of that child's health ? This tale of woe was told at the Welshpool County Sessions last Monday by Bertram Corfield, a farmer living at the Welsh Harp, whom Attend- ance Officer Thomas Bebb summoned for neglect- ing to send his two children-Gordon and Thomas Lawrence- to school. The officer stated that both boys fead been absent 20 out of 74 school meetings between April 5th and May 27th. He had warned Mr Corfield on several occasions. Gordon had been absent 44 times out of 142 this year; Lawrence had only started going to school from April 5th. The road was good, and they had two miles to go. Defendant declared that it was a rough road. or why did the headmistress allow the children till a quarter to ten to get to the school ? The officer replied that they had no longer a distance to travel than other children, and the average attendance at the school was 93 per cent. The Bench-consisting of Colonel Twyford, Dr. Thomas, and Mr Noel Turner-adjourned the case for a month to see how the children astended; if they did not attend properly defendant must expect to be severely dealt with, they said. Professor Goldwin Smith died at Toronto on Tuesday afternoon.


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