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What Newtown Has Found Welshpool…



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Montgomeryshire Rector's Retirement


The Man Who Warned Us.

Birth of Welsh Nonconformity.

The Question of Health.





MONEY. DEAR SIR or MADAM,—Are you requiring a prompt and Private Cash advance? If so, you cannot do better than write for my terms, free of charge. I lend ilO and upwards at Lowest Interest and Payments, upon Note-of-Hand, or on Policies, Deeds, etc. You can rely upon straight dealings and strict privacy. Write at once (in strict confidence) to P. W. HUGHES, Silver- dale," 63, Kingswood-road, Moseley, Birmingham. NO PRELIMINARY FEES. I MONEY LENT PRIVATELY I In large or small Sums (not less than XI(J), on Borrower's Own Promissory Note. ESTABLISHED NEARLY FORTY YEARS, and now lending UPWARDS OF iCS0,000 ANNUALLY. For Prospectus and Terms apply or write to GEORGE PAYNE & SONS, 5, Town Walls, SHREWSBURY ATTENDANCE AT 2, NEW STREET, WELSHPOOL (private house) any day by special appointment. N.B.—The above Firm have received unsolicited } letters of thanks from hundreds of borrowers. 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For cleaaiing I plaintsas Eczema, Scrofula, Scurvy, the Wood of all impurities, from whatever cause I Bad Legs, Ulcers, Abscesses, arising, there is no other medicine just as good I ■ Tumours, Glandular Swellings, as" Clarke's Blood Mixture," that's why in I Bolls, Pimples, Sores and Erup- thousands of cases it has effected truly remark- H tlons Of all kinds, Blood able cures where all other treatments have failed. Poison, Rheumatism, Gout, etc.. Start taking Clarke's Blood Mixture to-day, and are entirely due to a diseased state of the you will soon have the same experience. blood,and can only bepermanently cured The Editor of the Family Doctor," London's A Popular Medical Weekly, writes:We have m seen hosts of letters bearing testimony to the I T ■ ■ ■■ w W truly wonderful cures effected by Clarke's Blood V ^—^jl f V H ■ 4 1 Mixture. It is the finest Blood Purifier that Science and Medical Skill have brought to light, and we can with the utmost confidence recommend A £ J ■ it to our subscribers and the public generally." "Clarke's Blood Mixture Stores, 2/9 per bottle, is entirely free from any and in cases contain- poison or metallic iut- ing six times the I ▼ B A fXT prtgnation, does not quantity 11/ or post ■4 A I Bk M ■ ■ ■ A# contain any injurious free OH receipt of price IftJ ■ ■*■ ■ P ■ ML ingredient, and is a direct from the Pro- good, safe, and useful prietors, the Lincoln good, safe, and useful prietors, the Lincoln medicine."—Health. and Midland Counties Of all Chemists and Drug Co., Lincoln. K Oured Thousands, REFUSE SUBSTITUTES. L CURE YOU. will 1 i,!ç; ¡ L I PS ¡. SUITE' British Ptate. BcveMed edge —=m' E* Mirrors in Wardrobe and Ix- tr-m the OAK Dressing Chest. Marble top Washstand with Tile back. Carriage Paid any distance. MO OTHER WOOD Can be not approved )), OR V E. NEE R You to pay Carriage one way You can pay by to/- deposit, and 216 weekly IN IT for 15 months- A, ii H SA'LOP, .VVOLVER HAM DEN BIGH.N WELLi-NOTOPt LLANFDLOES.-




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