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SALES BY AUCTION. Messrs. Morris, Marshall & Poole THE LAKE, 2 Miles from Churchstoke and 5 from Montgomery MESSRS. MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE have received instructions from Mr. Nathaniel Watkin, who is leaving, to Sell by Auction on the above premises, entirely without reeerve, On Thursday, March 17th, 48 HARDY CROSS-BRED SHEEP, 44 CROSS-BRED CATTLE, including 12 young cows and heifers with calves or in calf, 5 barren heifers, 10 strong 2-year-old bullocks and 12 yearlings; S CART HORSES & COLTS, including 3 powerful mares, and 2 valuable colts rising two and three years. A Yearling Pony Filly, and 7 Sets of Gears, 2 Fat Pigs, and a large Collection of excellent Farm Implements and Tools. Luncheon (by Ticket) at 12; Sale at 1 o'clock. Catalogues from the Auctioneers, Chirbury. (318) GORNALL, Close to Four Crosses Station. Friday Next, March 18th. 14 CROSS-BRED HEREFORD CATTLE, A HALF-BRED MARE & A 3-YEAR-OLD COLT, POULTKY, about 5 TONS of MANGOLDS (to go off), and a very good assortment of FARM IMPLEMENTS and TOOLS. Sale at 2 o'clock prompt. MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE, (366) Auctioneers. PANT PRINOG, Adjoining Corndon Hill, 4 miles from Chirbury, 6 from Bishop's Castle. Friday Next, March 18th. 180 HEALTHY CROSS-BRED EWES With their Lambs or forward in Lamb. 32 CROSS-BRED CATTLE, Dairy Cow and Calve, 7 Barren Heifers, and 23 Outlying 2-year-old Bullocks. 4 CART HORSES AND COLTS, Including 2 Powerful Mares, a 3 year-old Filly and Gelding. 3 Tons good Hay, and a quantity of Swedes (to go off), FARM IMPLEMENTS and TOOLS, by order of Mr W. P. Hole, who has let the Farm Luncheon at 12. Sale at One o'clock. MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE, (367) Auctioneers. LLWYDCOED, Aberhafesp, about 3 miles from Caersws. MESSRS MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE irJL have received instructions from MeFFrs. E' and T. Lloyd, who are giving up farming, to Sell by Auction on the premises as above, on Wednesday, March 23rd. 2S Hardy Cross-bred SHEEP, 30 Well-bred HEREFORD CATTLE, including 5 young cows and heifers with their calves, 19 store bullocks and heifers, and a fat bullock and heifer; 4 CART HORSES AND COLTS, including a powerful mare rising 7, a valuable gelding rising 5, and Two very promising 2-year-olds. A Smart COB Gelding, PONY MARE and Colt, Farm Implements and Tools, and the greater portion of the serviceable Household Furniture. Catalogues from the Auctioneers, Chirbury and Newtown. (319) CAERSWS STOCK SALES. NEX r SALE—Thursday, March 24th. FURTHER ENTRIES Solicited, either to Mr D. K. Thomas, Caersws, or to MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE, 320 Offices, Newtown, and Cbirbury. GOITRE MILL, KERRY. SALE OF FARMING STOCK and Out-door Effects, by order Mr E. H. Jones, on Wednesday, March 30th. 368 MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE. LOWER VOEL, DOLFOR. SALE OF LIVE AND DEAD FARMING STOCK and Effects for Mr Rowlands, on Thursday, March 31st 369 MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE. MONTGOMERY STOCK SALES. EXT SALE, Thursday, April 7th. Early entries solicited, which obtain best posi- tion in sale. (370) MORRIS MARSHALL & POOLE. MAESLAN, 1 mile from Llanbister, and ii from Llanbadarn- fynydd. SALE OF THE whole of the Valuable LIVE AND DEAD FARMING STOCK, HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE, &c, On Friday, April 8th, By order of Mr. A. J. Moseley. MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE, (371) Auctioneers. LLANBADARN-FYNYDD, THE ANNUAL STORE JSTOCK SALE will be held On Friday: April 22nd. Early entries will be esteemed a favour. MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE. Offices: Newtown and Chirbuiy. (372) MILLIONS OF RATS have been slaughtered by using HARRISON'S « RELIABLE" RAT POlSONr. Equally good for Mice, Moles, and Beetles. Dogs and Cats will not touch it. Vermin dry up and leave no smell. Price 6d., Is., 2s. 3d., and 3s. 8d. Postage 2d, G. W. HARRISON, Chemist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agents :—For NEWTOWN, Andrew Brease; WELSHPOOL, W, Bishop; MONTGOMERY, A. Thomas, Borough & County Supply Stores; LLANIDLOES, R. Hughes; MACHYNLLETH, F. JBeea All Chemists. SALES BY A UCTION. Messrs Cooke Bros. & Roberts. COOKE BROS, & ROBERTS, F.A.I. F.S.I. AUCTIONEERS, VALUERS, HOUSE & ESTATE AGENTS. OFFICES—Newtown, Llanidloes, Aberystwyth and Dolgelly. (75) DOLRHIEW, NEW MILLS. MESSRS. COOKE BROS. & ROBERTS ULL have received instructions from the Repre- sentatives of the late Mr D. Griffiths, to offer for Sale by Auction, as above, On Saturday, March 19th, A Quantity of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE & EFFECTS, Also, Two Flitches of Home-cured Bacon, Two Hams, Butter Maker, Milk Separator, Carpenter's Bench, Wheels, Axles, Grind Stone, Coffin Boards, Harness, 10 Couples of Fowl. Sale to Commence at Two o'clock. NEWTOWN. SALE OF DESIRABLE COTTAGE PROPERTIES. MESSRS COOKE BKOS. & ROBERTS, have received instructions to offer for bale by Auction at the BEARS HEAD HOTEL,-Newtown, On Tuesday, March 22nd, subject to conditions to be then rpad or produced, all those 7 FREEHOLD COTTAGES, Nos.2, 3, 4 and 5 Ann Street, Nos. 2 and 3 Cross- street; also one House in Jaundrell-court. The whole producing a gross annual rental of £ 30 68 8d. The Cottages are all tenanted; and always readily let. Further pai t-icul ars may be obtained from Mr Tiichard Edward George, Solicitor, Newtown, or the Auctioneers, Newtown, Llanidloes and Aber- ystwyth. 245 CARNO. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. DESIRABLE SMALL HOLDING. MESSRS COOKE BROS. & ROBERTS, will offer for Sale by Auction at the BEARS HEAD HOTEL, Newtown, On Tuesday, March 22nd, at three o'clock in the afternoon, subject to con- ditions to be then read or produced, all that Desirable Small Holding known as PENYBANK, situate in the parish of Carno, about 2 miles from the Village. Also a Cottage, with Gardens, known as MINFORDD. Penybank is at present in the occupation of Mr David Lewis at a yearly rental of X12, the tenant paying all rates and taxes. ^JFor further particulars apply to Mr William Watkins. Solicitor, Newtown, or the Auctioneers, Newtown, Llanidloes and Aberystwyth. 246 COOKE BROS. AND ROBERTS' FIXTURES :— Middle of March—High Class Furniture and Effects, Public Hal), Newtown. Middle of Match-Furnituro and Effects, Public Rooms, Llanidloes. March 18-High Class Furniture and Effects at Town Hall, Aberystwyth. March 19-Furniture and Effects, at New Mills, Manafon. March 22-Freehold Farm and Lands, Peny- bank," at Newtown. March 22-Freehold Cottages, Ann-street, at Newtown. March 23-Valuable Leasehold Property, Ocean View," Aberystwyth. March 24—Furniture and Effects, removed from the Pheasant Inn and other Residences to Market Hall, Newtown. March 26-Llanidloes Stock Sale. March 29-Carriages, Horses, etc., at Newtown. March 31-Live and Dead Farming Stock, Fur- niture and Effects, Brynllwyn House, Trefeglwys. March 31-Freehold Cottages at Trefeglwys. End of March—Farming Stock near Towyn. April 1-High Class Furniture and Effects at Towyn. Offices Old Post Office Chambers, Aberystwyth; and at Newtown, Llanidloes, and Dolgelley. IMPORTANT SALE FIXTURES Are in course of arrangement for FREEHOLD FARMS, BUILDING SITES, COTTAGE, and Other Property, In the Parishes of Newtown, Mochdre, Trefeglwys and Llanidloes. FARMING STOCKS In the Counties of Montgomery, Radnor, Cardigan and Merioneth. Apply to COOKE BROS. & ROBERTS, Auctioneers, Newtown, for vacant dates. 168 OWNERS OF BUSINESSES of any description and in any part' of the Kingdom, desirous of effecting speedy Sales, communicate with Mpssrs. COOKE BROS. & ROBERTS, Transfer Agents, Newtown and Aberystwyth. (140) SEED GRAIN. All Best Varieties of SCOTCH & ANGLESEA SEED at Lowest Prices. Sample and Quotations on application. PEAS, Etc.—Vetches, Rye, Beans, Maple Peas, Gray Peas, Green Peas. OATS-Newmarket, Potato, Storm King, j Waverley, Garton's Cluster, Garton's Abundance, Black Tartarian. BARLEY -Chevalier, Maltster, Scotch Bere. WHEAT—White Wheat, &c., Red Straw Spring. POTATOES—British Queen, Duke of York, Early Puritan, Early Rose (White), Early Rose (Red), Myatt's Kidney, Puritan (Second), Sharp's I Express, Bountiful, Factor, Triumph, Up-to-date, Windsor Castle, Duchess of Cornwall, Epicure, &c. GOOD FLOUR at Millers' Prices. FOWL CORN, 100 lbs., 7/6. NEW HOPS AND MALT. Catalogues on application. Bibby's Cakes and Calf Meal. Victoria Dog, Poultry, Pigeon, and Bfrd Foods. Hadfield Artificial Manures and Fertilizers. DAVID EVANS, THE PEOPLE'S SEEDSMAN, NEWTOWN. R SAVAGE, GROCER, LLANDINAM • keeps Thomas JoneB & Co., Limited (Liverpool), Teas. The tea for this neighbour hood. Best quality Groceries, Provisions, Ac., at lowest prioes. Flour and Corn Merchant. 9513 SALES BY AUCTION. Messrs P. Wilson-Jones & Davis. MARKET HALL, NEWTOWN. Thursday Next, March 17th, MESSRS. P. WILSON-JONES & DAVIS have received instructions to remove to the above, and sell by auction, a large quantity of superior HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE & EFFECTS, Comprising— Two Well-made Walnut Dining Room Suites, Satin Walnut Bedroom Suite, Bedroom Pairs in Satin Walnut, Mahogany, &c., Grandfather Clockp, Oak Corner Cupboards, Chippendale T <ble, Walnut Sideboard, Telescope Dining Table, Over- mantels, Wardrobes, Chests of Drawers, Occasional Tables and Chairs, Cutlery and Glass, Brussels and Axminster Carpets and Rugs, Brass and Iron Bedsteads, Wool Overlays, Feather Beds, Dinner and Tea Ware, 2 Ladies' Cycles, and other useful Household Requisites. Sale at 1-30 prompt. BERRIEW STOCK SALES. Friday Next, March 18th. USUAL MONTHLY SALE OF FAT & STORE STOCK. Good Entries already to hand. Entries to Time of Sale at 11 o'clock. 332 GWRID, BETTWS-Y-CRWYN, Near the Anchor Inn, 4 miles from Kerry. MESSRS. P. WILSON-JONES & DAVIS IVJL have received intructions from Mr Thomas Parker, who is leaving the farm, to Sell by Auction On Wednesday* March 23rd, 20 WELL BRED HEREFORD CATTLE, Including 3 Young Cows close to profit, 32 HARDY CLUN FOREST- EWES, In or with lambs, 4 CART AND HACK HORSES, Gears, Farm Implements & Tools, Da-ry Utensils, 40 Couple cf Fowls, 3 Geese, 3 Turkeys. Portion of Household Furniture. Sale at 1 o'clock. Catalcgues on application to the Auctioneers. NEWTOWN STOCK SALES. ANNUAL SALES OF FAT AND STORE SHEEP AND CATTLE, Monday and Tuesday, March 28 & 29. Further Entries Solicited. (373) ANCHOR ANNUAL STORE CATTLE SALE- Wednesday. March 30th. MESSRS P. WC.SON JONES & DAVIS beg to solicit further early entries for the above annual fixtures. Several good entries already to band. (374) HAFOD, CARNO, 1 mile from Carno Villa. MESSRS P. WILSON-JONES & DAVIS are instructed by Mr William Andrew, who is leaving, to sell by auction On Thursday, March 31st, 21 HEREFORD CATMLE, 112 Hardy CROSS-BRED SHEEP, 3 CART HORSES & COLTS, Implements, Gearing, Dairy Utensils, 10 Couple of Fowls, Geese, Turkeys, 2 Tons of Eating Pota- toes (in lots), Portion of Household Furniture, &c. Messrs. Frank Lloyd and Sons. THIS 800 HOILtSEkS. WEEK. Important Alteration of Date. NORTH WALES REPOSITORY, WREXHAM. FRANK LLOYD AND SONS GREAT MARCH SALES. Tuesday (To-day) March 8th-350 High Class Hunters, Harness Horses, Show Horses, Cobs and Ponies. Wednesday, March 9th-200 Powerful Town Mares and Geldings, 16-1 to 17-2 h.h. Thursday, March lOtb-250 Active Light Lurry Horses, Shire stallions, Mares, and Fillies and Young Horses. No Sale on Friday, March 11th. Sales each day at 12 o'clock. Catalogues ready. HIGH-CLASS LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S TAILOR, 29, Broad Street, NEWTOWN, Selection of High-Class Goods in Costume Cloths, Tweed Suitings, &c., LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES Eagle Brewery, Newtown I TO FARMERS AND OTHERS S. POWELL, BREWER, MALTSTER, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT. SPECIALLY HOME BREWED HARVEST ALES 8d., 10d. & Is. per Gall. Made from the Choicest Malt and Hops. DUBLIN and other STOUTS in all Size Casks. Agen t forW elshpool-PARBT. Victoria Vaults New Mills-PROCTOR.. Llanbadarn-Mrs CASWALLACBB. SALES BY AUCTION. Mr. Edgar Hickman. MAESMAWR HALL, Four miles from Welshpool. MR. EDGAR HICKMAN begs to an nounce his instructions irom Mrs Adams, who has left the neighbourhood, to sell by auction, on the premises as above, ON TUESDAY, MARCH 22nd, the remaining portion of the Well-made HOUSEHOLD APPOINTMENTS, including handsome Spanish Mahogany Book Shelves with three cupboards under- neath and adjustable shelves, Mahogany- extending Dming labie with extra leaves, Deal Leaf-Tables, Wicker Arm Chairs, Ax- minster and Brussels Carpets, Hearth Rugs and Skin Mats, several good Kitchenpieces, Linen Cupboards, Cane-seated and other Chairs, Refrigerator, Marshall's patent Freezer, Standard, Pedestal, Bracket and Suspension Lamps, Cooking Utensils, Lined Flour Bin, Bread Steans, Knife Cleaner, Earthenware Milk Mugs, Butter-Making Machine, combined Washing and Wringing: Machine, two 36-gallon Whiskey Casks, Iron Bedsteads, Hair and Wool Mattresses Toilet Tables, Toilet Ware, Child's Cot, Hanging Wardrobes, several painted Chests of Drawers, besides Cupboards, Hip and Sponge Baths, Toilet Cans, and the OUT- DOOR EFFECTS, including Haymaker by Blackstone and Blanford, excellent Chaff Gutter, Turnip Pulper and Slicer, two Iron Pig Troughs, Corn Crusher, 34 round Lad- der, Grinding Stone, 19 six-bar Strong Iron Hurdles, quantity New Corrugated Iron, Fencing Wire, Portable Fowl House with three nest boxes, Portable Wood Hut, 8ft. by 6ft. 4in. five Paraffin Oil Casks, two Excellent Lawn Mowers, Garden Roller. two Wire Garden Arches, large quantity Wire Netting, 19 New Sea-Kale Pots, quan- tity New Flower Pots, Garden Tools, Hot- house Plants, small Croquet Set, Zinc Flower Pot Box, Span-roof Garden Frame, Cucumber Frame and light, Bird-netting, two Portable Heating Stoves, four strong Hives of Bees, an Excellent Boat, to seat three with oars and rudder complete and a quantity of GAME-REARING APPLI- ANCES, comprising 130 Pheasant Coops, recently new, nine Sitting Boxes, Wire Pheasantry, Keeper's Portable Hut three dozen Rabbit Traps, Dog Kennel equal to new, and numerous other lots. Sale to commence at 1 o'clock punctually. No Catalogues. An early attendance re- spectfully requested. Further particulars from' the Auction- eer, Welshpol. FOR SALE OR HIRE. THE SHIRE STALLION" BRITONITE" JL (18569); Colour. Brown; foaled, 1896. Stands 16 hands 3 inches high, on the best of legs and big tough feet. He is perfectly sound, and has proved himself a sure foal getter. His stock is well to the front. He has a docile temper, is a splendid worker, and from his broking, weight, and substance, he cannot fail to get valuable stock. His Stock have been great prize-winners, and have been sold for 80 guineas. NC-I'JFI PEDIGREE. BI Ionite (18569). Sire—JSriton XIII. (18568), g sire—Carbon (3523). g g sire-Lincolnshire Lad II. (1365). Dam-Maul (33054), Vol. 22, by Black Prince (2989). g dam-Ranter by Beauchief (116). g g dam-Ranger by Pride of England (1770). David Roberts, Smith and Wheelwright, Brook- street, Welshpool, lata of Llwynycelyn, Adfa, Llanwyddelan, near Newtown. (364) ANNUAL CLEARANCE SALE OF Glass and China. ALFRED H. PILOT, THE BANK, 1 Bogs to announce that his Annual Clearance Sale of Glass, China, &c., will commence on Tuesday. March 8th. GENUINE REDUCTIONS. PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR DRESSMAKING DEPARTMENT IS NOW UNDER ENTIRELY NEW MANAGEMENT. Fit, Style, and Finish Guaranteed. NEW STOCK OF DRESS MATERIAL In the Latest Colourings to hand. POWELL4 RIDOUT BOURNEMOUTH HOUSE, NEWTOWN. LEGAL NOTICES. Be EDWARD WHITTICASE, Of Glascoed, Aberhafesp, Montgomeryshire, Retired Farmer (Deceased). A LL PERSONS having Claims and Demands OL against the Estate of the above-named Deceased are desired to send particulars to me, the undersigned. And All Persons Indebted to the said Deceased are requested to pay the amount of their indebtedness to me within 14 days hereof. Dated this 9th day of March, 1910. CHARLES JONES NEWELL. 27, Pool Crescent, Newtown. Executor to the Deceased. M338 COALS. BEST VALUE at LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE MORRIS AND SON COAL FACTORS, RAILWAY WHARF & PARK-ST., NEWTOWN Are prepared to quote to intending purchaser for all classes of Coals at lowest possible prices either by the load or truck loads. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. N.B.—Morris and Son having had many years experience in the trade, solicit a trial. 1'151 EASTER. A SPLENDID SELECTION OF EASTER NOYELTIES at remarkably Good Value at C. WOODYATT POPE, YE OLDE TOFFEE SHOP, 13, BROAD STREET, NEWTOWN. All the Leading Makes of CHOCOLATE and other Confectioneries always in Stock. ISFRYN HOUSE, Bryn Street, NEWTOWN. FOR THE NEWEST IN READY-TO-WEAR HATS, EDWARDS'S DAVID HAMER Railway Wharf, NEWTOWN, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER IN COAL To Suit all Customers, and in Trucks, to any Station. LLANYMYNECH LIME. CANADIAN HAY. SUPERPHOSPHATE. BILSTON SLAG. SAWN OAK CORDWOOD. Write for Quotations. MRS. G. JAMES (Late of Powell and Ridout) BEGS TO INFORM THE INHABITANTS -D of Newtown and District that she has COMMENCED BUSINESS on her own Account. HIGH-CLASS DRESSMAKING At Moderate Charges. Patterns and Prices on Application. LADIES' OWN MATERIALS MADE UP. Fit and Style Guaranteed. Also, LADIES' UNDEB.LIN E N Of Every Description Made to Order. PRINT DRESSES made to Order. NOTE THE ADDRESS 7. New Church St., Newtown. IMPORTANT TO FARMERS. President:— Treasurer:— MR. D. DAVIES, MR. J. H. JONES, Dolhafrem Pantmawr. THE SEVERN VALLEY AGRICULTURAL CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY, Ltd., (Composed at present of 133 Farmers), Are in a Position to SUPPLY GOOD SEED of OATS, BARLEY, PEAS, Etc., also CLOVERS AND RYEGRASSESof Guaranteed Germination and Purity. ALL GRADES OF SUPERPHOSPHATE. SPECIAL GRAIN & TURNIP MANURES. Kainit, Nitrate of Sod&, Sulphate of Ammonia, and other Fertilizers, to any Railway Station or Wharf. DEALERS in Flour, Corn, Meals, Bran, Fatten- ing Cakes and Meals, Hay and Straw, Coal, Lime, etc. DEPOTS At Brynderwyn, Aberbechan, Newtown & Caersws. FARMERS CO-OPERATIVE INSURANCE effected through the Society. It will be to Your Benefit to Join- I Any Information given by the Secretary- D. JONES. Pwllcoch, Abermule. Attends Office in Wesley-street, Newtown, on Tuesdays. 267 LLANFAIR. IMPORTANT TO FARMERS—FOR RIDING JL Saddles and Harness (made on the Premises) I go to JOHN EDWABDS, Saddler, Collar and Harnett Maker, Llanfair. London Whips, Never Rust" Bits, Sponges, Chamois, Embrocation, &c. Water- proof Knee Rugs. Clota and Leather Leggings Special Oil and Blacking for Harness. Agent tc the Allianoe Assurance Co, r26 £ MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. WANTED at once-Apprentices for Millinery W Workroom.—28, Broad-street, Newtown. WAN TED—Well-educated Youth as Appren- T V tice to the General Drapery; one who can speak Welsh preferred.—Apply, David Lewis, London House, Newtown. M312 BOOK DEBTS Purchased, Cash down any district.—W. Jackson, 26 Corporation-street, Manchester. (139) TO LET, Comfortable Apartments for one or two Gentlemen.—Apply, Box 126,' Express Office, Newtown. WANTED, 25th March, good all-round Man as Workman. Cottage and Garden free. —Apply, J. Venables, Jamesford, Montgomery. WANTED, at May next, a good General Workman. Convenient Cottage and Gar- den. A cow can be kept if required.—E. Kinsey, den. A cow can be kept if required.—E. Kinsey, Maesmawr, Caersws. 199 WANTED, a General Workman 5 Cottage and keep of Cow available, Cwmlikey, Ll&n- dyssil.-Apply, with reference, to T. Vaughan Chapman Henfron, Llandyssil. (260) &NTED-Cook-General, Wages, j218 also TV Young Girl to assist, Wages, J88.—Apply. Secretary, Montgomeryshire Infirmary, Newtown WANTED, next Lady Day, Workman Wag- goner; Good House and Garden.—Apply, T. Jones, Great Weston, near Montgomery. (322) WANTED, about 20 tons of best Harvested Hay, 1907-08 crop. To be delivered, trussed in lots, as required, at Llandinam Station. —Apply, quoting price, to Secretary, Llandinam Hall, Llandinam. (354) FJ. NASH, M.P.S., Chemist, Broad-street, • Newtown, has a Vacancy for a Well Educated Youth as Apprentice. M350 HEAD COWMAN.—Wanted at Lady Day next; Good Cottage near work.— £ pply, John Jones, Cwm Bromley, near Montgomery. WANTED by the 25th March, One Workman W Bailiff and Workman Cowman. Cottages with outdclor conveniences; keep of Cow if rE- quired.—Apply, T. Jones, Brynllywarcb, Kerry. LONDON & MANCHESTER ASSURANCE CO. WANTED a few steady Young men as Agents for Newtown, Welshpool, and Llanidloes. Liberal terms to those willing to work. Help given.—Apply, or write, to the Superintendent, 48, Commercial-stieet, Newtown, Montgomeryshire. COMFORTABLE APARTMENTS To Let for C one or two Gentlemen.—Apply, Box M351, Express' Office, Newtown. STRAYED to Tymawr, Berriew, about three ks months ago, a Ram.—Apply to Mr Thomas Evans. If not claimed within 21 days will be sold to defray expenses. (256) PROPERTIES TO LET TO LET, "The Boars Head" Inn, Welshpool, possession early.—Apply, Messrs Thomas Salt and Co., Ltd., Brewers, Burton-on-Trent. 66 mo BE LET from 25th March—2 Acres of X Grass Land situated near The Pines.— Apply, Morgan, Pines, Newtown. M22S r|10 LET—No 40, The Terrace, Salop-road, JL Welshpool; rent J622; immediate possession. Apply, R. Grindley, Hafren, Welshpool. (377) mo, BE LET, from Ladyday Next, the Anchor JL inn, HetttVs-y-Crwyn, Salop, together with about 5 acres of land.— Apply to J. W. Poundley, Solicitor, Kerry, Newtown. (345) mo BE LET from Lady-day next, Water Corn JL or Grist Mill, with Dwelling House, Mill Pool, Pasture, Arable and Garden Land. Stables and Outbuildings, situate in Parish of Kerry, and known as "Cwmyrbewdre" or Nyodd Mill. For further particulars apply to Mr E. C. Jones, Surveyor, Council Offices, Newtown, or to Martin Woosnam, Clerk to Newtown and Llanllwcbaiarn Urban District Council, Bank Chambers, Newtown, 10th March, 1910. (349) NEW MILLS. TO LET, "The Woodcock" House and Shop, containing House, Parlour, Four Bedrooms, and Roomy Stables, with or without one acre of meadow land; good garden. Possession May 1st next.—Apply to Richard Andrew, Cefn. (355) TO LET, IN NEWTOWN. Commodious Dwelling Houses in Crescent Street. Warehouse in Weir Street. Several Pasture Fields. For particulars, apply to POWELL & JARVIS, Newtown. SALES BY PRIVATE TREATY. FOR SALE-Several Tons of well-harvested JU Hay.—Apply, R. Morgan, Snowfield, Kerry. TO BE SOLD—About 10 Tons of Well- harvested. Hay.—Apply, Morgan, Pines, Newtown. M229 FOR SALE, by Private Treaty, Five Pedigree Hereford Yearling Bulls, of good strain.— Edward Pritchard, Pipd Houae, Garthmyl «(;) FOR SALE, an old-established Restaurant and Confectionery business situate in main street, Newtown.—Full particulars on application to Cooke Bros. and Roberts, Newtown. (284) FOtt SALE, by Private Treaty, Upper Gwiid Farm, situate about 4 miles from Glanmule Station.—For particulars apply to Edward Hamer, Cwm Mawr, LJanbadarn Fynydd, Rads. (353) FOR SALE—Birds & Eggs (Silver Campines). j' Noted laying strain and prize-winners. No. 1 Pen at 10s; No. 2, 7s 6d; No. 3, 5s; un- fertiles replaced once.—Apply, A. E. Griffiths, P. 0, Felindre, Knighton, Radnorshire. M271 OOR SALE, Eggs from White Wyandotte or Jj Buff Orpington Pens. Noted laying strains. No. 1 Pens, 4/ No, 2 Pens, 3/- per dozen. Un- fertiles replaced once. Day old Chicks to order. 7/6 per doz. Cash with orders. — George L. Morgan, Snowfield, Kerry. SEED POTATOES.—25 Tons of the following grown in Scotland, Ireland, Lincolnshire and Bedfordshire: lJuke ot York, Snowdrop, Sharpe s, Express, Sir John Llewelyn, Bedfordshire Kiduey, Factor, Bountiful, Up-to-Datos.—Fox&ll & Co. New-street, Welshpool. M299 TREMYNFA, LLANIDLOES. FOR SALE OR TO LET.—This charmingly j' situated family residence standing on its own grounds on an eminence, containing-Entrance Hall, 3 Reception Room0, 5 Bedrooms, Dressing Room, Bath Room (h. & c.), Convenient Domestic Offices with excellent water supply; also Kitchen and Ornamental Gardens, Croquet Lawn, etc.— For further particulars apply to George Thomas, Esq., Gorphwysfa, Newtown, or Cooks Bros. and Roberts, Land Agents, Newtown. (335) PEDIGREE YEARLING HEREFORD BULLS JL of Good Strains for Sale. —Apply: W. H. LANGFORD, Chirbury. (160) (Nearest Station, Montgomery.) GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. COLLINS' FANCY FAIR On the River Bank, Newtown, is Now Open, and Over Tuesday, March 15th. Grand Attractions. NEWTOWN LIBERAL ASSOCIATION AND WOMEN'S SOCIAL COUNCIL THE ANNUAL TEA & ENTERTAINMENT Will be held in the VICTORIA HALL, On Tuesday, March 15th. Ticksts-6d Each. Commence at 7 p.m. NEWTOWN SKATING RINK. OPEOSr: ST. PATRICK'S DAY, (THURSDAY NEXT)- 7 to 10 o'clock Special Attractions: Hunting for Shamrock. Ladies only. Hockey Match, 12 minutes. SATURDAY AFTERNOON 2-30 pm = Do. EVENING. 7-30 To Gallery, 3d. Fancy Dress Carnival April 14th NEWTOWN CYCLING CLUB. THE TREAT OF THE SEASON! A CINDERELLA DANCE Will be held at The Public Hall, On Thursday, March 31st. Dancing to Commence at 8-30 prompt. Tickets—Is. each. Proceeds in Aid of Carnival Accident Fund. MONTGOMERYSHIRE DISTRICT ENTIRE HORSE ASSOCIATION. A PARADE OF STALLIONS (ALL CLASSES) Will take place at WELSHPOOL, On Monday, April 4th, From 2 to 3 p.m. Entry Fee, 2/6. All Entries to be sent, not later than, March 28th, to the Secretiries, MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE, (379) Chirbury, Shropshire BAPTIST CHURCH, CAERSWS, Good Friday Next, March 25th. A T JB] A. AND COMPETITIVE CONCERT Will be held in the VILLAGE HALL, CAERSWS, On the above date. For full particulars, see Bills and Programmes, to be obtained from EDWARD WILSON, > „ 365 W. J. NICHOLAS, j LOYAL RHIEW LODGE I.O.O.F., BERRIEW. THE ANNIVERSARY WILL BE HELD ON Thursday, Jnne 16th, 1910. MUSICAL COMPETITIONS. Male Voice Choir: "Hark! The Warlike Drum" (Krugh). (O.N. Apollo Club, 24; Solfa, 688 Reporter, Curwen and Son). Not less than 16 voices. Prize X2 2s. Mixed Voice: Glee—Canig Fr IE[af ("The Summer") (Gwilym Gwent). Hughes and Son, Wrexham 8 to 16 voices. Prize JEI is. Male Voice Duet: Competitors' selection; let prize 10s; 2nd 5s. ADJUDICATOR: MR. E. ROWLANDS, F.T.S.C. (378) WM. DAVIES, Secretary. WELSHPOOL GRAMMAR SCHOOL. PREPARATIONS for the University Locals, -L Preceptors, Public Schools, Shorthand Certificate, and Civil Service Examinations. OVER 100 PASSES during the last five years in the above Examinations. Thirty Shorthand Certificates gained since 1893. CAMBRIDGE LOCALS. ALL PASSED. HONOURS. RESIDENT MASTER, UNIVERSITY GRADUATE. Cambridge Local Examination Class now forming Comfortable Home for Boarders. Moderate Terms. i87 T. F. HILES, Head Master. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES, ABEBYSTWYTH (One of the Constituent Colleges of the University of Wales). President: The Right Hon. Lord Rendel. Principal: T.F.Roberts, M.A. (Oxon) LL.D. (Vict) STUDENTS are prepared for Degrees in Arts, Science (including the applied Science of Agriculture), Law and Music..Sessional Com- position Fee, JELO, with additional Laboratory Fees for Science Students. Registration Fee, £ L. Men Students reside in Registered Lodgings in the town, or at the Men's Hostel. Warden: Prof. J.W. Marshall, M.A. Women Students reside in the Alexandra Hall of Residence for Women. Warden Miss E. A. Fewings. For full particulars respecting the General Arts and Science Departments, the Law, Agriculture, and Day Training Departments, the Department for the Training of Seoondaiy Teachers. &nd the Hostels, apply to J. H. DAVIES, M.A., Registrar. ABEBYSTWYTH. APARTMENTS, Board Residence, hot and cold baths; Well-aired Beds moderate. Special Terms Winter and Spring months. Central.—Mrs E. Edwards Morris, 21, Portland- street, (formerly Llandinam). (196)