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Vicar of Mochdre.

Dr. Samuel Davies v. Caerws…

The Vicar of Mochdre on Disestablishment.

A Farmer's Fiscal Fever.


£80 a Year.

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"Unhealthy Excitement."I


"Unhealthy Excitement." MR. HARRY EY AXS ON EISTEDDFODIC COMPETITIONS. COMMITTEES CRITICISED. A familiar adjudicator in Montgomeryshire, Mr Harry Evana.F.R.C.O., Liverpool, read P. trenchant paper to the Association of Musical Competition Festival, which held a recent conference in London, Comparing the aims, methods, and results of the Eisteddfod and the Competition Festival move- ment, he said that as a rule in a Welsh Eisteddfod the music was selected by the whole committee, whe had votes but many of them little knowledge and the music publisher who offered prizes on condition that his trumpery publications were in- cluded in the schedule was unfortunately all too welcome. The great increase in the money prize was res- I ponsible for much unhealthy excitement with little or no thought of artistic development No Competition Festival would tolerate the con- ditions which prevailed in regard to the Eisteddfod Having criticised the method of judging and said that the graduation of test pieces from°vear t.o year in tae Competition Festival had produced to year in the Competition Festival had produced excellent results. Mr Evans mad0 some amusing references to the Eisteddfod Master of Cere- monies called the conductor," and said that a strong feature of the Competition Festival was the business-like management, the well-thought- out time-table. Welsh choirs had SLTF&RED FL.OM FULSOME FLATTERY and exaggerated praise of certain English judges who did not know the procedure followed in train- ing, and this did not help on choral singing in W' ales That the Eisteddfod was capable of doing much more for music than it did at present was evident to its friends, if only the great musical gifts of the nation were turned into the right channel and carefully developed. It h&d something to learn from the youngest institution. Mr David Jenkins, Mus BAC., Aberystwyth, in delivering his adjudication oa the Male Voice competition at the Pontlottyn Eisteddfod, Glamorganshire, this month, thanked the com- mittee for selecting Wyr Philistia," but be would have infinitely prefered that they had selected some of his latest compositions instead, as that chosen had been compose over 25 years ago. He would feel sorry if be had not produced something superior by this time. He was afraid that music committees did not select the best pieces composed by Welshmen, was couraging to have to be compelled foe judged by the public and the critics by the poorer samples that had been published

- Sn jJiTemoncwi,