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Vicar of Mochdre.

Dr. Samuel Davies v. Caerws…

The Vicar of Mochdre on Disestablishment.

A Farmer's Fiscal Fever.


£80 a Year.

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SIR WATKIN'S MISFORTUNE. AND THE ABSOLUTE WICKEDNESS OF MR. LLOYD GEORGE; AND WHY EVERYBODY WILL SUFFER. | 137,025 Acres is the extent and £ i6,798 is the yearly rent-roll of Sir Watkin Williams. Wynn's estate according to the evidence given by the Secretary of the North Wales Property Owners' Defence Association, before the Welsh Land Com- mission in 1895. According to the Domesday Book" of 1873, 32,963 Montgomeryshire acres I belong to Sir Watkin, with a rental of XIO,341 a year. The Wynnstay estates also include portions of the Duchess of Denbigh, Flint, Merioneth, Salop and Cardigan. This does not include land in Sir Watkin's "own occupation, or any urban holdings." But at a Tory meeting held in Ruabon National school last Friday night week to protest against the Budget, Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn, the chairman, declared that it hit interests which cou'd not afford to be hit in the way they were being hit (hear, hear). He did not think Mr Lloyd-George-though he admired the Chancellor of the Exchequer for his sheer determination, pluck and grit (cheers)- thoroughly understood the land question. The fact was that the small landowner was going to be hit the hardest. A rich man or landowner, and he (Sir Watkin) happened, unfortunately, to be the latter, would simply reduce his expenditure and employ less men on his estate, so that every- body would suffer. It he (Sir Watkin) died to-morrow, the opera- tion of the death duties would meaneither selling Wynnstay, or shutting the place up for three years or even more. That was not likely to bene- fit Ruabon, because many of those present were dependent upon Wynnstay. He considered it absolutely wicked for a man like Mr Lloyd-George I to introduce such a vindictive Budget, simply for party reasons. Mr Lloyd-George had meant to knock the Tory landlords down, and if he could not knock them II down in one way he would in another, by cutting the very ground from under their feet (applause).

"Unhealthy Excitement."I

- Sn jJiTemoncwi,