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Vicar of Mochdre.

Dr. Samuel Davies v. Caerws…

The Vicar of Mochdre on Disestablishment.

A Farmer's Fiscal Fever.


£80 a Year.


£80 a Year. IIINIMUM SALARY SUGGESTED FOR WELSEr INDEPENDENT PASTORS. FIFTEEN RECEIVE 15s A WEEK. The responsibilities of the diaconate in respect of ministerial stipends was the eye-opening paper by Mr Howell Howells (Treorky) at the deacons' meeting in connection with the Welsh Congtega- tional Uaion's Conference last week. They as deacons, he pleaded, should be leaders in organiz- ing a scheme to provide that there shall be no sweating of their ministers (cheers). In no part of the kingdom, said Mr Howells, was the voluntary principle in connection with religion more generally practised than in Wales, and no denomination in Wales believed more firmly in that principle than did the Congregationalists. And yet when they came to examine their connexional statistics they would find that they had much reason for feeling ashamed. They had a large number of pastors very inadequately paid, many of them unable to make provision for their own old age or for their families after them. 15 ministers with pastoral charge received stipends of less than £ 40 a year; 18 received salaries of from £-1-0 to £ 50; 28 frome-50 to £ 50; 43 from £ b0 to £70; and 60 from P,70 to £ 80 a year. Alto- gether they had 184 ministers, or over one-fourth the total number receiving less than X80 a year. English ministers in vvales were as a rule better paid than their Welsh brethren, but even so 11 11 17 per cent. of the pastors of English Congrega- tional churches in Wales had to be content with £ 80 a year. This was a state of things which did not reflect credit on the denomination. No young student should be invited to the Christian minis- try on a commencing salary of less than .£80 a year, and even that would be in many cases a starvation wage. A capital sum of £ 60,000 would be necessary to secure a minimum salary of .£80 for every pastor now receiving less than that a™rhe matter will be further discussed by the Union next year.

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"Unhealthy Excitement."I

- Sn jJiTemoncwi,