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Vicar of Mochdre.

Dr. Samuel Davies v. Caerws…

The Vicar of Mochdre on Disestablishment.

A Farmer's Fiscal Fever.



TARIFF REFORM For Montgomeryshire Women. Minimum Subscription, Id. a Year. Emigrants from the United Kingdom should not go to the United States in the hope of finding work, (specially to Ntto York, Boston, Philadelphia and Chicago. A great amount of unemployment resulted from the financial and industrial crisis of 1907, and reports indicate that the workers then displaced have, to a considerable extent, not yet been able to find employ- ment.-A recent official notice from the EMIGRATION BUREAU. Mrs Sidney R. Heap, wife of the Squire of Mel- lington Hall," Churchstoke, is taking a very active pa?t in promoting a Montgomeryshire Branch of ''Women's Unionist and Tariff Reform Associa- tion This organisation forms part of a many- headed movement to bring about in this country a fiscal system, which prevails in Mrs Sidney it, Heap's native country, the United States, and in her native town of Chicago. The objects of the Women s Unionist and Tariff Reform Association are set forth officially in three paragraphs as fos "(a) To promote iaritt Jtterorm as a means of securing to British workers fairer terms of com- petition for British work and wages, and of form- In a closer commercial union with the British dominions over the seas. "(b) To further social reforms, the conditions of labour and employment, and safeguard the rights and enterprises of individuals in all classes ot"the community. (c) To increase the interest of women in those political questions which affect their home lives and concern their duties and responsibilities as subjects of the British Empire. THE TARIFF OF SUBSCRIPTIONS is as follows: President and Vice-Presidents of the Montgom- eryshire Central Association, X2 annually. <=> Members, 2s 6d. Associates of the local branches, the annual subscription shall not b'j less than Id." The Association, according to the rules, shall consist of a Central Body and of Local Branches to be formed in the polling districts within the constituencies. The Central Body shall be c im- p3sed of the President, Vica-Piesident, Members, and Officers; each Branch t) have its locil "Chairman," Vica-Chairmen," secretary, trea- surer and associates. Any mem bar of the Association who entertains one of the League workers for not less than one day and one night shall b3 a member of the Central Body for the year without further subscription. The Central Fund shal!, so far as possible defray the expenses of speakers, of political liter- ature for distribution by local branches, of print- ing the annual report for the general meeting, and of any other expenditure sanctioned by the Central Committee. The Local Branches shall c)ntrol their own funds and shall bear the expenses of local meet- ings (but not the cost of the speakers, provided, from the Central Fund), of lectures, and cf social entertainments organized in their respective dis- tricts.

£80 a Year.

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"Unhealthy Excitement."I

- Sn jJiTemoncwi,