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Vicar of Mochdre.


Vicar of Mochdre. DR. SAMUEL DAVIES v. u HA.FREN." -a Sir,—The idea that at the Reformation the property of the Roman Catholics was taken away by the State and handed over to a new ,Church-now the Church of England, is a very absurd one. Hafren" is evidently not aware that this is an exploded fallacy, and has long ago been relegated to the history lumber-room con- taining the worn-out stock-in-trade of the so-called Liberation Society. HafreD," I fear lives danger- ously near that lumber-room No new church was framed; the old one was purified; it was not a for- mation, but a He-formation, as it is happily styled, I and with this fact it should not be forgotten that we did not rob Rome at the Reformation as some have slanderousiy affirmed, who tell us that since I the churches, cathredrals, and endowments were alienated from Rome by the civil power, it is law- ful for that power to alienate them again. Our rejoinder is, they never belonged to Rome, and consequently could never be taken from her. That she possessed them for a season, I readily admit; that she had a right to possess them, I utterly deny, and this I base upon historical facts. The Church of Rome was an intruder, she had no claim at all to the Church of England no claim whatever to the tithes, churahs, cathedrals or revenues of our church no, not even to those which accrued during the period of her usurped domination! The property bestowed upon the church during the Romish period was settled on the Monastries, and was confiscated by Henry VIII. There is no truth whatever in Hafren's clap-trap as to ancient endowments for the ,the maintenance of Roman Catholicism." All was acquired from England's enslaved people, and when the people regained their liberty, of course they did what they would with their own whilst they banished the usurpress to her own place on the Tiber. The Church of England, be it remembered, in that illustrious revolution, was privileged and blessed of God beyond any other branch of the 'visible Church. Her reformation was not ab extra but ab intra; it was not a reformation forced upon her by foreigners, but; evolved from her own bosom through the teaching of God's Word and the teaching of God's spirit. Every professing Christian this day, should bless God for what the Church did in those dark and troublesome times, and not seek to destroy her. Sir, it would ill-become me to comment upon "Hafren's" complimentary remarks as to myself. No doubt they were penned in all sincerity and honesty of purpose: believing so, I thank him.— I am, Sir, Yours, etc SAMUEL DAVIES. Dolfor Vicarage, July 22nd, 1909.

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