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MONTGOMERY TERRITORIALS AT DINNER. the ?enerosity of their Captain (Mr Davrd Davies, M.P.), the members of the *W gomery section were entertained to dinnec at the gomery section were entertained to when Upwards Virt down to an excellent spread provided hir hostess Clipston. Mr T. Morgan-Owen J P Darieg0 aD^ 1, in the ahs6nce of Captain Evans.'Lieut E "v b? Lie" W.J. Price-Davies and others'. DeS' S' D' th £ "fprSd. S'ttLjTo? .dt0°1,^the,?00d gi £ ptfr7 w*s "7th Battalion Rjyal W,T,hgf'f" with the toast the Offi« Fu^llers. coupling Officers, and Men of A cfmn* °-ComM1ssion rising I have to think fbrTmoL^ the name of the batulion in these dav refBmber with all these caanges and I cannot pressing my regret that this battalion lu TI have had to change its name but that is the fortune of all regiments. Thi^bat^ tahon is only young yet and I daresay in a hundred years hence it will have changed ita name a dozan times, and its uniform too U n- fortunately, in this country, all things are run by people who know nothing about them The ex- traordinary thing is that almost without excen" tion every war minister that has been is a man who seems to have no idea of soldiers' sentiment, They do not seem to know that all soldiers are ~!r*yS 0JL sentiment as regards their own TY,~ €' kng is head of the army and knows "C more than fi,nycne thinks he does of soldiers* ways and men' feelings. I am glad to see, through tbat the have beenpre- 0DD0rfni°f terntorial forces, and I take this receiving (hei^^Th^T^h' bafct4llion °5 vantage of ^gni^J Sri £ ^fa*^ proper part of tbe British army. I mu^t sav speaking personally, that the present X~me of hthat did Q0t to me at all, bu„ we have got to put up, not with what we wish, but what there is and I have en- deavoured in my humble way, to help matters on J womal^0ni' £ f^eF' ? iS rather uPhili w°rk,' and we all know Lnat it has been said that a little British army goes a long way, but if there was more army it would go further. I sincerely hope that we shall be able to get a few more recruits this end of the county to help to fill UD A company. Lieut. W. J, E-ans, who was very heartily re- ceived, especially by the Terriers, in responding sari I should like to explain on behalf of Capt. Davies how extremeiy sorry he was that he could not be here. We nave put off this function time in hopes of getting him here and we thought we had naboed him this time, but on Monday he had a wire to say he must attend a committee dealing with an important bill and he as deputy chairman of a company concarn, had to be there and I tnow he would have been here if possible, but time tide women and politics, wait for no man (laughter). I believe it is usual on an anniversary occasion to make some reference to the progress made during the previous year. I am sorry I t9li y0U' S0, far ap A c:>mPaDy is concerned, that the progress has been all we wished, but the progress has been substantial and in A company we have every prospect of a healthy child. Llanidloes should have provided 93 men for A company, but has only given us, including Caersws ana Llandinam, S7. Montgomery is a little worse. They should have given us 31, but has only given 23, so you are eight short there. The men you have given us are worth two ordinary men, but we cannot put that in Govern- ment statistics. The total asked for in an infantry battalion is I S officers and 511 men We have got 14 officers and 447 men. I can speak for the officers that except perhaps the speaker, they are all ot the very best. The men (I only know A company) are also of the very best, especially the Montgomery detachment (cheers). At this stage prizes were awarded to the section as follows Best dribed section in A company (competition conducted in camp last yeaf), 1 Montgomery section under Sergt. John Davies best kept tent, i Cpl. J. Proctor, 2 Sergt John Davies obtaining most recruirs, 1 Pre. George Maddox, 2 Cpl. J. W. Brighouse, 3 Serg-t. J. Davies. Prizes were also distributed for the prize shooting competition. open to the section only, held at Penarth range on Friday. ° /Aaeut- Lloyd-Jones gave the toast of the Cnairman and Guests." It is evident from toeir presence here that they take an interest in their presence here that they take an interest in the territorial m:vement and also from the fact that they have subscribed to the prizes for shoot- ing held in connection with the Montgomery sec- tion. I can assure you that they are the finest section in camp. One thing I must mention and that is the way they carried oft the prize for the ^1 T* d in camp last year. Protests r« u t Montgomery should be dis- qualified because they are all old hands and no new ones and that is a very high example for the other sections to aim at. Mr Morgan-O \fJn, in responding, said We are indebted to Captain Davies for the excellent din- ?neLhf^ Partak"n of and there is a further fhe ct °^. °^r Par^• because he has given °f the ^eh have been i j. ls evening. Montgomeryshire boys hrothi nf the'nsfelv<JS in th« Boer war. A brother of Mr Price-Davies earned the Victoria Cross ana the D.S.O., also, Sir Prvce Prvr W son fought throughout the Boer War and did his work well and I too, have the pleasure of having a boy who fought throughout that war. During the evening songs were well rendered by Lieut. W J. Evans, Councillor C. P. Davies, Mr „ M. Tipping, Sergt. John Davies, and Privates George Maddox, C. P. Davies (junior) and W. E. Palmer. A most pleasant evening ended by singing the national anthem, everyone leaving with the feel- ing that they had thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

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