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CAERSWS SESSIONS. These sessions were held at the Union on Monday, when the Magistrates present were Messrs E. B. Proctor (presiding), Edward Jones, Evan Jones, Joseph Davies, Major Bignell and Colonel Baskerville. WARNING TO LIGHTLESS CYCLISTS. John Evans, carpenter, James Thomas, labourer. Richard Stephens, labourer, and David Woosnam, Railway Station, all of Llandinam, were charged by P.C. Hamer with having ridden bicycles with- out lights on the 6th of July. The constable said that on this date about 10-30 p.m. he was returning from Llandinam when he met the four defendants by the lodge leading to Plasdinam. None of them had lights on their bicycles. Three of the defendants stopped, but the other one went on. Defendants said to witness that they were very sorry they had no oil. 014cf the defendants had no lamp. Witness had had several complaints about people riding without lights. The police did not want to press the case bub to put a stop to the practice. The defendants were dismissed with a caution. DEFAULTING FARMERS. David Roberts, Dramendu, farmer, Trefeglwys, was charged by P.C. Hamer with having removed on the 25th June, 16 lambs from an infected area to an uninfected area without a license. The officer said that on June 25th defendant re- moved 16 lambs from Dramendu, Trefeglwys, an infected area, to Caersws, an utiinfected area, without a license. Defendant: I called at P.C. Parry's and asked if a license was required to go to the auction, and he replied, Yes." I said I would call the next morning for a license, and I did so, but Mr Parry was not in. I asked Mrs Parry, who came to the door, if she could do anything for me and she said "No." On the auction day I looked out for Mr Parry at vJaersws, but unfortunately was unable to find him. I then entered the field, but no one asked me for a license. I told P.C. Hamer all about it. If anyone had asked me for a license I would have turned back home. Mr Edward Jones: What day did you go for the license ?—The day before the auction, sir. I told P.C. Hamer at Caersws or perhaps he wouldn't have found me out yet (smiles). A fine of Is and costs was imposed upon defend- ant. Also a fine of Is and costs was inflicted upon .Edward Davies, Brynderwen Village, for a like offence. A LENIENT SENTENCE. A larceny case was next heard, in which Lawton Tudor, New-street, Caersws, was charged by P.C. Hamer with having stolen £ 5-from tha Unicorn Hotel on July 8th. t Mrs Ford, the landlady at the Hotel, said she remembered Thursday, July 8th, when defendant came into her house about one o'clock. He asked for a glass of ale and she supplied him with one, Defendant owed her some money and she asked him if he could not pay a little on account. He gave her 2s, which witness put in the drawer, locked it, and put the key on the shelf. In the drawer were a few coppers and a purse which contained about .£5. The prisoner saw her lock the drawer. After serving him she left the bar. Defendant was the only one there. She returned in about twenty minutes time when prisoner had gone, and going in the drawer she fonnd that the purse was missing. Defendant was the last man in the house before she missed the money. She sent her son for him, and the prisoner came back with him. She told him that she had lost the purse from the drawer. Defendant said to her, I hope you do not think me a thief," and she replied, No." Witness always thought a lot of defendant but was obliged to send for the police. Defendant said he had not taken it. Then witness sent her son for the police. The Clerk Have you any question to ask Mrs Ford ? Prisoner: No, sir. George Ford, the son of the last witness, said that his mother called him on the day in question and told him that she had lost her purse and also informed him who had been in the house last. Witness then went for defendant, who came back with him, but witness did not stay with his mother and defendant whilst they were conversing. Witness was then sent for the police. He was present when prisoner was searched. There was in the purse when it was missed £ 2 10s in gold £ 2 12s in silver, and 2 Jd in coppers. Mr Evan Jones: Was the purse there?—No, sir. It has not been recovered yet. P.C. Hamer said that in the presence of Mrs Ford and George Ford he searched prisoner and found in his hip pocket X2 10s in a purse; in the trousers pocket he found .£2 12s in silver, and 2 id in coppers, amounting to X5 2s 2jd. Witness then charged the prisoner with stealing .£5, the property of Mrs Ford. Defendant denied the offence and was then locked up. Defendant said to witness when coming from Shrewsbury," 1 have done nothing of the sort. I received my own money, X2 7s 6d, and I had 3s or 4s in my pocket before I received my pay." Witness said that defendant only earned 18s a week. When he was conveying defendant from the cell the latter's two sisters advised him to speak the truth about it. Defendant told his youngest sister that he had taken it. Witness asked him what about the purse and he replied, I've burnt it." The Clerk Do you plead guilty or not guilty ? Defendant: Guilty, sir. The Clerk: Do you wish to be dealt with summarily or by a jury. a The Defendant: Summarily, sir. ¥ Defendant then said I was in the worse of drink at that time. It is the first time I have been here and I hope it will be the last time. The Chairman What is prisoner's character P P.C. Hamer: I am sorry to say, sir, he is very fond of his drink. The Bench, after a little consultation, bound prisoner over for the next twelve months in the sum of £ 5.

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