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CRICKET. MONTGOMERYSHIRE v. DENBIGHSHIRE. This match was played on Powis Castle Park, Welshpool, on Thursday, and resulted in a one- innings victory for the home toam, for whom Evan Rees again compiled a fine score. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. W E Pryce-Jones b Wilson 12 J LI Roberts sfc Hawke b Wilson i) J A Withers b Wilson 0 Evan Rees b Wilson 71 J Hilton Jones run out 2 F J Walton c Vearsb Mason 29 H Bushel b Veat-s 2 W F Richards b Wilson 10 C L Jones Evans not out 35 A N Powell b Wilson 5 G Owen b Wilson 0 Extras 45 223 DENBIGHSHIRE. First Innings. Second Innings. R Morris c Evans b Owen Ic and b Powell 0 N Years c Richard b Jones Evans 27 b Walton 4 J W Wilson b G Owen 5 not out 10 J H Mason b Owen 14 b Powell () F H Jaggar b J's-Evans 11 b Walton 10 Dr G Calvert b Owen 2 c and b Walton 2 A L Lancaster b Walton 29 c Powell b Walton. 0 J Gifford b Owen 7 e and b Walton 8 E Swainson b Walton 10 b Powell p A Swainson not out 1 b Walton 3 Capt. Hawke absent. 0 absent 0 Extras. 2 Extras 5 109 4S BOWLING ANALYSIS. First InningFi. Second Innings. OMWR O M W R GOwen 13 3 5 42 A N Powell" 8 0 0 34 0*4 1 3 17 C Jones Evans; 5 1 2 30 F J Walton 1021 7 1 6 20 OSWESTRY v. NEWTOWN. Played at Newtown on Saturday, and ended in a draw. The following are the scores:- Oswestry.—A England lbw b Powell 0, S Kirkby c and b Pennington 16. B Gough b Best. 41, P Finchett b Pennington 6, M Parry c PetJ- nington b Best 0, J Cook b Roberts 35, W Kirkby b Roberts 4. L Ellis c and b Roberts 0, J Hampson b Pennington 1, J Graves b Roberts 0, T Berwick not out 3, extras 11, total 117. Newtown.—W Watkin c and b Gougb 7, R M Lloyd b Kirkby 4, F J Best c and b Kirkby 18, H E Breese c England b Gough 0, J L Roberts c Parry b Gcugh 4, A N Powell not out 0, T E Penuington not out 9, extras 7, total (5 wkts) 49 R.W.W. v. MACHYNLLETH. Played at Machynlleth on Saturday. Scores:- Machynlletb.-F J Walton b Owen 8, C L Jones Evans c Owen b Edwards 0, E Jones c Own b Edwatds 6, R H Jones Evans b Owen 0, T Ward b Edwards 3, W Sadleir b Owen 0, E Pryce Evans b Edwards 4, W Williams b Owen 3, W A Evans c Edwards b Evans 9, J Jenkins b Evans 6, R E Morgan not out 0, extras 3 total 42. R W.W.—W E Pryce-Jones c and b Walton 1, W E Owen c Evans b Williams 10, A Edwards run out 4. E Rees b Jones Evans 19, H R Edwards b Williams 0, R E Evans c Jones Evans b Wil- liams 1. T Evans b Jones Evans 1, E R Morris b Jones Evans 5, T J Evans c and b Jones Evans 5, A Jones b Jones Evans 1, C P Challinor not out 2, extras 7; total 56.

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