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WELSHPOOL. DAVID JONES and SON, High-street, Welshpool, are noted for pure Indian and Ceylon Teas and delicious Home Cured Hams and Bacons.—[Advt. MOWING MACHINES, Tedders, Rakes, Scythes, Hay Forks, Sections Files, Scythe Stones, Ropes, Machine Oil, etc.. sold by W. ThoMAS, ironmonger, Welshpool.—[Advt. THE DAIRY.—Our "Princess" Separator has been awarded over 100 medals. The most reliable; easiest to work; British made.-Call and inspect: at HUMPHREY JONES & SON, Hall- street. [Advt. [See Page 3 for other Welshpool news.] DESPITE THE BUDGET.—One room in the borough of Welshpool is being decorated with wall-paper, which cost .85 a roll. WEDDING PR.ESENTATION.- Welsh pool railway- men have—through the hands of Mr Thomas Pryce, their stationmaster—presented a hand- some clock as a wedding present to Mr J. Eagles. THE REASON WHY.—Heard at the County Court last Wednesday. Judge William Evans: Why don't you pay this money ?—Welshpool tradesman: Because I haven't got it.- Wby haven't you got the money ? Iraue s bad. ABER. WOMAN STUDENT'S SUCCESS. Miss C. A. Elton, daughter of Mrs Elton, Castle View, Leighton, student at Aberystwyth College, has passed the "ordinary" stage in French, European History and Political science for the B.A. degree of the Welsh University. 11 &c,The Earl of Powis was present this month at a meeting of the Grand Council of the Primrose League, at which it was reported that letters had been sent to more than a thousand habitations desiring them by means of meetings, speeches, leaflets, &c. to concentrate public attention upon the proposals of the Budget. AT REST.—In the cemetery of Forden Work- house last Wednesday morning four tramps were digging two graves. One inmate had been buried the day before, and at the Board meeting Reliev- ing Officer James Fortune reported the death of three Welshpool men in the workhouse. They had been admitted to the House since the last Board.—The Chairman (Mr William Pritchard) Dear me THE PASSING OF CHARITY It's enough to make people Socialists Instead of blaming the Budget, one Conservative townsman passed this curious comment last Friday, when he heard that subscriptions to the Nursing Institute, the Dis- pensary, and the Church of England Clothing Club were to be greatly reduced. M USlCAL.-At an examination held at Oswestry this month in connection with the Incorporated Society of Musicians, Miss Ethel Elledge, Gungrog-road, Welshpool, and Miss Lilla Jones, Plas Madoc, Bishop's Castle, passed very success- fully in pianoforte playing and theory of music (Grade II), gaming high marks. They were prepared by, and are pupils of Miss Edith Wynne, Severn-street. go, Whilst certain men in receipt of X50,000 a year and upwards are vowing vengence owing to such Budget proposals as a super-tax of 6d in the £ on all inwiaea above -65,000, some sidelights were thrown in the County Court last Wednesday upon real financial distress, the woes of the Bottom Dog. A labourer had been sued for reD. His wife appeared. She said they had seven children. Her husband gofc 16s a week. Judge William Evans took a lenient view of the case, and told the housekeeper they must try and pay 60 a month. CONSCRIPTION AND RURAL DEPOPULATION.—A Bill to abolish voluntary military service and to substitute compulsion was voted upon by the House of Lords last Tuesday midnight, and was thrown out by 114 to 103 The Earl of Powis was one of those peers, who voted for conscription to defend their own country. The Earl of Crwe said that the Bill would bring in practically the whole of the rural population, )-)ut a smaller pro- portion of the urban population. From the point of view of those, who desired to see the younger generation of the rural population re- maining on the land and settling down, he did not think that this universal sweeping into the mili- tary net would do anything but operate somewhat ""T.n.l. 4-nn. auvoiBcijr \IV uuu ujjjn. COUNCILLORS AS,COMMITTEEMEN.—The printed municipal records for July give an interesting light on how the Borough Councillors attend to committee work. All four committees meet on the same day in the following order 1st Sanitary, Waters, Sewers, aud Fire Brigade, 10-30 a.m.; 2nd Paving, Lighting, and Highways, 12 noon; 3rd, Markets, Lands, and Building*, 12-30; 4th, Finance, Tolls, and Rent, 3-30 p.m. On the second Thurs- day of this month the 1st Committee was attended by 9 members out of 16, tho 2nd Committee by 7, the 3rd by 5, and the 4th by 4. The Mayor (Dr Thomas) with Councillors George Macqueen and Edwin Stockton. shared premier honours by at- I tending the whole series. But some members and officials would be better suited if the Com- mittee did not meet on the weekly half-holiday. DEATH OF AN OLD INHABITANT.—By the after- noon train from Portmadoc, the mortal remains of an old inhabitant were brought to Welshpool last Wednesday for burial in the Parish Church- vard. She was the widow of the late Mr Thomas Jones, who for years lived on the Rhallt and in the town. Her mother hailod from a farm in the parish of Llanwyddyn, that was now covered by Lake Vyrniew. The deceased lady, who was a member of the Welsh Indepondant Church, quitted Welshpool about a dozen years ago to live at Portmadoc with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs William Jones. The Rev. Douglas Morgan (senior curate), conducted the burial service. The chief mourners being Mr and Mrs William Jones, Mr and Mrs George Arrowsmith, Pontesbury (son-in-law and daughter), Mrs. Meredith, Dolgelly (cousin), Mr Rees James, Welshpool (nephew). The deceased had one son in Wellington, New Zealand. COUNCIL-CHAMBER DIGNITY. Was there not a resolution passed by the Borough Council that the Council Chamber should not be let to any persons? This query was put last Thursday by Councillor Rd. Jenkins, who observed that they had refused permission to rail wayman attending in their Sunday clothes, and yet he saw that the footballeis were advertised to hold a meeting in that room. He moved that they stick to the resolution passed. It was no use passing a resolu- tion at one meeting and undoing it at the next. The Mayor (Dr. Thomas) did not think such a resolution had been passed, but it was more of an expression of opinion that the room should not be used except by the Town Council and.fhe Council.—Councillor Jenkins You will find, si that I am correct.—The Mayor I amafraid you are mistaken. Councillor Jenkins: Perhaps you will look at the minutes again, and you will once more find you are wrong (smiles).—Mr Wm. Humphreys The footballers paid the usual tariff, the railwaymen wanted a reduction to 1/6, and we could not see our way clear to grant it.-After some more talk the Council decided to charge 2/6 „ for the use of the Judge's retiring room by (:I, ,c;va. prospective evening classes. -A VERY NICE CHA.NGE.The Welshpool branch of the Church of England Men's Society had at its monthly meeting in the Powis Memo- rial* Church House last Tuesday night, what Mr Shuker described as a very nice change from their ordinary business meetings. It was a lantern lecture by Mr Rowdier (Leighton), on Life in the -Wavy He gave a homely address, with many a a varii and as an old naval man, he declared that England had risen through her navy, and would filfthrough her navy, unless care was taken. Mr Rowdier was also of opinion that no father ought to nut any obstacle in the way of a boy joining as they were often better looked after +S!r, hv their own parents, and, if he had his time tlr Je&iv he woild have another go. But Mr Bowdter passed one criticism that in the navy there was not enough << push"-f a man didn't there w they wouldn't worry him, trouble himseU to g waa The Eey E H BaiftieTtor of Leighton) aud Mr E. H. Hal^worked the lantern, which showed the pie- iian wor*. Referring to one very stern- t„,e, wceltoUy. S Beresfo'r<), tbe .eed p^res. I've 8e»n him look ttaSrtl" At the end the Vicar of sterner ™au imaldi Davis)-who is ex officio Welshpool ( ncb thanked the lecturer and president,oi the bra member8, who had lanternists, subscription to kindly do so to not paid thei • Williams), as there thehon. i The Vioav added were some expenses Ueotion at the close to that there ^ldbf the slides, but Mr Beat tie defray the expense that> s0 that stepped in and said towards A^neg WesWs the c°llectKm t sailors. Mr Charles Shuker mission work among pu?h seconded> and the moved, numbered about 50 members— audience-whicb n after which duly accorded a hearty the meeting of which were thrown on the screen. The meeting lasted Dearly two hours- until 10-30 p.m.—and the Vicar said that, owing to the lateness of the hour, the business matters, which it was intended to go through, would be left over to the August meeting. DRUIDS' FETE.—This Committee has accepted a tender of Mr J. W. Evans Shrewsbury, for refresh- ments on the feta ground; no local offer waa received. Last Wednesday evening it was also decided to can- cel the condition that the prize in the male voice choir competion will be withheld, unless there are three entries. FIRST-AIDKRS ON THII: GOLFA. After a good feed we can do something! Thus spoke a St. John's Ambulance enthusiast, who had climbed the Golfa last Thursday after an 'appetizing tea in Mrs Gittins' orchard. It was a picnic attended by the men and women who have been receiving tuition in first-aid and nursing from Dr. G. A. Skinner. Friends brought the total attendance up to about 100. Near the mountain top the pleasure seekers had a pro- gramme that was of a more serious character than is generally the case at Golfa picnics. For instance, the holders of the Cambrian Railways' Ambulance Shield treated a case of supposed fracture of the spine, and afterwards the Mayor of Welshpool (Dr. Richard Thomas) adjudicated upon three competitions as follows Triangular bandaging by ladies holding first aid certificates, 1 Miss Ida Sw*n, 2 Miss Flossie Pugh, 3 Miss Parry, Heldre; triangular bandaging by men holding first aid certificates, 1 Mr Rex Manford, 2 Mr R. U. Sayee, 3 MrPeter G. Morris; triangular bandaging by holders of medallions, 1 Miss M. Jones, Castle View, 2 Mrs Riciard Evans, Gun- grog-lane, 3 Mrs J. Everall, 4 Mr Gilbert Blockley, 5 P.C. Thomas Jones. The Mayoress distributed the prizes together with the bars and in3dals, the medal- lions and certificates which the members of the various classes had gained. Mrs Thomas also handed a pair of field glasses to Dr. Skinner, who, in thanking the company referred to the local YlDg that Welsh- pool people will take up any new thing with preat enthusiasm for a short time, but scon get tired of it. Dr. Skinner hoped this would not be the case with the First-Aid and Nursing Classes. The Mayoress acknowledged a vote of thanks, which was proposed by Miss Bingham (heac mistress of the County School), and the gathering also gave three cheers for the Mayor.





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