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A Costly Kick.


Another Tory ^oiuise for Wales.



DISGRACE to WELSHPOOL. More About the Refuse Disposal. "Let Them Take Action Shunting the Sewage Scheme. More about Welshpool's unsatisfactory insanita- tion was heard at the monthly assembly of the Borough Council last Thursday. The printed minutes of the June meeting recorded that, when the Council went into com- mittee, the draft agreement with Mr Sidney R. Lowcock, the sewage disposal engineer, with reference to his remuneration was considered. On the motion of Councillor W. A. Rogers, seconded by Councillor Richard Jenkins, it was resolved that inasmuch as the Council are advised that the time for the exercise of the provisional contract for purchase of the Henfaes Estate expires this day, June 17th, the Vicar of Welshpool be asked to extend the limit for a further period of six months, pending negotiations that in the meantime the Town Clerk be instructed to put himself in communication with the Local Government Board and, if need be, invito the co-operation of the County and the Borough Members, with the view of ascertaining whether the Board would be willing to give assent to the purchase ot the land for the IMMEDIATE REQUIREMENTS of a deposit ground for refuse and Isolation Hospital, with the posaible addition of the adoption of a sewage scheme if the necessity for this should arise at a future date; and that Mr Lowcock be instructed to take no further action, and that his suggested con- tract be deferred for consideration at a future special meeting to be convened by the Mayor.—It was further resolved that the Mayor (Dr. Thomas), Alderman Harrison and the Town Clerk (Mr C. P. Yearsley), together with the County and Borough Members, wait upon the Local Government Board for the purpose of applying for their consent to the pur- chase of the land for the purposes mentioned. Last Thursday the Mayor said that since then they had had correspondence with the Local Government Board. But he did not think it would be any good to read it at this stage. Nothing definite had been arranged. The Town Clerk remarked that they had the co-operation of the County and the Borough Members. Councillor Pryce Jones: I suppose you will go as socn as you can ? The Mayor: We shall go as soon as they will receive us. Councillor Richard Jenkins: Do you think you will have a visit within the life of Mr Pryce Jones, if he lives to the average age of man ? The Mayor: I didn't quite he,-it what you said. Councillor Jenkins It's alright! I only wanted to say something to Mr Pryce Jones (laughter). The Mayer I see Later, Councillor T. F. Hiles mentioned the correspondence with the Local Government Board, and the Mayor gave the further information that they had replied to the letter which the Town Clerk was authorised to send, but the REPLY WAS SIMPLY EVASIVE —it meant that they would consider it if the Council applied for the loan. He (the Mayor) hid consulted with the Town Clerk, who wrote again. Councillor Hiles: The Vicar has given three months. Here's a month already gone. Is there no method by which we can approach this sluggish Board ? I The Mayor: I shall be glad if you can find means to whip them up. Time is going. Councillor Hiles: I am speaking on behalf of the people who liv. near the horrible place, where they keep the stuff in the boats on the canal. It's always there—vermin and rats infesting the place! The tenants are complaining very loudly, and it is a disgrace to our town to have a thing like that kept there at all. The Mayor.- I quite agree with you. But I am sure Mr J. D. Rees is doing the very beat be can —he is putting himpelf to much inconvenience to interview them at the Local Government Board. We are pushing the thing as fast as we can. Councillor Wm. Humphreys Several residents down there have been complaining to me as regards the nuisance. I shall be pleased to have it abated. Councillor Jenkins: Let them take action In reply to the Council's request that he should defer taking any further steps with his siirvey, Mr Lowcock had written that the plans are nearly all completed, and all that remains to be done is the preparation of the estimate.

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