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Vicar of Mochdre and Disestablishment.

The Evening Schools.

The Vicar of ff ochdre.

What are the Alternatives…

A Landlord's poser.


A Landlord's poser. ,.Sr'_1?Ur \ead<;f A inT y<tr issue of the 13th mst. under A Lan^or(j»s « p0ser your statements are absur, Without going into details, I would po* (mt both and Mr Winston Chtirchil, the t laws that govern this eartLthe law of sup- ply and demand Becaus th demand is poor, land is not worth iiie-half what it was forty years ago, ex, where there is a special demand. If lis were not so, seeing land cannot be inci^sed in puantity, it could be cornered forced to any price. Rather more thant year ag0 there was a considerable ris€in ^,alue of sheep. What extraordma, eff did the farmers make to attain lis ? jxone It was unearned (?) incremei throu h a ghort. age m our foreign supplj Nowythere is a decrement because of he foreign over- supply. The recent whit Corner in the, United States provided i; earned (?) incre- ment to numbers of peole; the labourer engaged to work for so^ houfS who stops to say a word o ariend j suffering from the same trouble tl { unearned (P) ineremen_a"« every commodity eithe la Qr anything else under th gun_ t .g earned and unearned i^ment ? Anything dependant m any way )n an thing ei3e cannot be considered 5 earned, and m my opinion the^ ynni-nt, Vou can get to it is the tn P and even he but scratc 1 nature does the rest, fr, ^da"3 fold. I understand you a hu £ d* £ pendent for its circulate « paper largely attracted to Nev a and enterprise of the fafftt *>y th^ Perg candidate—Sir Pryce 1 the t:i you find the man who^ vone]s- thing out of nothing,, ,Pr°duce so unearned increment. U1"" worry about lord yet worthy of the 1T|et & have to work hard, an< ur wh° and is earning his inipmp, ea,r Mr Winston Churchil^ as mue j results of their energ another land, because they m fend themselves withoi „J,I- d canno dens of their tenar^ they8 ar°e bled to catch votes. It is a are Diei purchasing support b" • -y J people's property. Sti^ 8 aWi?, >?•- tor/, which Lows it jj T^beto £ and also the result-:ter <Jisat™r Jfours r Mellington Hull, Cluing.™"151 E. HEAP. 13th July, 1S09; [We gladly give publ., + ble reasoning as this remarka- kind of opposition j of„ t1^ to the Budget.—ED. 13 being offered i


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---------------The (Manchester…

Pay whether Willing or not.



Death of a Montgomeryshire…

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