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Vicar of Mochdre and Disestablishment.

The Evening Schools.

The Vicar of ff ochdre.


The Vicar of ff ochdre. Sir,— I feel "just a twinge of rmorse for having tempted the Vicar of Mochdre nto public print. It is true he figured there befo^ my criticism of his regrettable language andii-, crude reading of ecclesiastical history, but tht criticism, unfor- tunately, has only provoked hi reverence to still more reckless speech. For ihat I am sorry. While he rails at the allegd vulgarity of his critics, the poor fellow is eviently unconscious of the extreme vulgarity of Is raillery. I will considerately take leave of hin I don't know how it appear to your readers, but it striKes me that the Vicaof Doltor, instead of censuring criticism of his briber cleric, would have been more usefully emjoyed in advising the latter to abandon a corresrndence in which he-shows to so ill advantage. I should have been glad to mgage Dr Davies in ecclesiastical argument wilin the limits of the authorities he quotes, bu that feeling of remorse restrains me. By the way, it may not be coffered vulgar to ask whether under Dis3tablishment Dr I Davios's admitted talents as preacher would not have received more worth ^recognition than has been his portion up tiliaow. While an American university has though him entitled to has been his portion up tiliaow. While an American university has though him entitled to one of the highest honours can confer, the Anglican Church, which he E ably and faith- fully serves, keeps his light uner a bushel, in an isolated, sparsely populated frish. And yet there are, compared to im, intellectual nincompoops in possession of'fat livings" in corners of the vineyard wher(nien of spiritual power, influence, and zeal are rpdod. Disestablish ment is inevitale, because the cause of Christianity is demfding it. There are countless Churchmen who iew the progress of the Disestablishment moveinst with unalloyed gladness, for the reason thatfhey can discern the blessings which it will bestW upon religious life through a recreated chart- Opposition to Disestablishment is mainly, i not wholly, a mercenary opposition, which crfiot see beyond a material horizon. If we are copolled to believe that the Church, whose congreltion as a whole is the wealthiest in Christen4n, would perish by the withdrawal of the a'cfnt endowments, bequeathed for the maij* £ £ ,nce of Koman Catholicism which it repudjes, then we are forced to a saddening conclutn indeed. What says Dr Davies ?—Yours trulS. HAFREN.

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