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IHtGAKON. The Show.—It is presumed that there will be no adverse balance for the Society to face after the holding of the show. Special Sessions.—On Wednesday before Dr. Lloyd, Jomes O'Brian, of no fixed abode, was brought up in custody of P.S. Lewis, charged with being drunk the previous day on the highway at Tregaroia .Fined 2s 6d and costs. St. Caron's Church.—A heating apparatus is being installed at the church in the course of the week. This will meet with a long-felt want. The pulpit on Sunday last was accu- pied by the Rev. J. it Dewi Williams, curate at Aberdare, and a son of the lateMr. Dewi Williams and of Mrs. Williams of this town. United Prayer Meetings.—At the Bwlch- gwynt C.M. Chapel on Thursday evening, united prayer meetings were held. The meeting began at live o'clock and was brought to a close at 10.30, twenty-one per- sons having taken part. Food was prepared for strangers in the vestry. The Monthly Market.—There were a good many people at Tuesday's mar-k«bi&A.,Prices of yearling cattle were ten shillings a' head lower than what they were in the middle of the month. There were not many; milch cows in the field, but prices, were good,, one cow, belonging to Mr. Thos. Davies, stone- cutter, Glyn, Llangeitho fetched £ 20, while £ 18 was realised for another animal Local Will.—Mr. John Jones, of High- street, Doldre, Tregaron, who died on the 20th July last, left estate valued at L671 3s. 5d. gross, with net personalty L563 14s 8d. Probate of his will has been granted to his son Mr John Thomas Jones, of Cons- tance-aiareet, Caerleon-road, Newport, grocer's assistant; Mr. Rees Jones, of The Emporium Tregaron, draper; and Mr. David Thomas, of Cambrian House, Tregaron, grocer. BOARD OF GUARDIANS. TRIBUTE TO THE MASTER. The fortnightly meeting of the Board was held on Tuesday at the Clerk's Office, wfoen there were present the Rv D. M. Davies (chairman), Mr. Lewis Oliver (vice-chairman); Messrs. Thos Jones, Gorwydd- John Evans, LlanbadarnOdyn; M. Howell, Ysbytty; John Davies, Caron Lower; David Daviesf Gor- wydd; David Davies, Doithie; Wm. Mor- gan. Nantcwnlle Evan Lloyd, Blaenpennal; D. D. Evans, Llanio; Wm. Owen, Lledrod Upper; J. W. Davies, Llangeitho; Evan Evans, Lledrod; Daniel Jenkins, Gwynfil, with Messrs. Jenkin Lloyd (clerk), M. Mor- gan (master) and Rees Rowlands (relieving officer). Lunacy Commissioners' Report. The following letter was received from Mr. J. S. Davy, assistant-secretary to the Local Government Board:—I am directed by the Local Government Board to transmit to you for the consideration of the Guardians of the Tregaron Union, the accompanying copy of a report which the Board have received from the Commissioners in Lunacy, of a visit made to the Workhouse on the 24th ult. by Mr. A. H. Trevor, one of the visiting commis- iloiier. I am directed to request that, when the report has been considered by the Guardians, the Board may be furnished with their observations upon the statements and recommendations of the visiting commis- sioner.-The report of the commissioner was as follows:—There were five men and three women classed as persons of unsound mind in this Workhouse when I visited it to-day (24th July, 1909). Thev have all been in- mates for some time and are properly de- tained. Those who are physically able do various kinds of light work about the house and enjoy a great deal of liberty. All parts of the house that I saw are in excellent order and the patients are evidently most comfort- able and are treated with much kindness and consideration. No second exits have as yet been supplied to the two dormitories referred t, by Dr. Xeedham at his visit in 1906, but I gather from the Master that this omission is not due to any reluctance on the part of the Guardians to do what is' required, but rather to what is, I venture to suggest an erroneous idea that as a result of the recent report of the Royal Commission on the Poor Law, the workhouses are likely to be abol- ished and that consequently, it would be in- advisable to spend money to adapt them to tt-es which they will not have in the future to perform. I was glad to see that my col- leagues recommendation has. been pressed for by the Local Government Board Inspector his last two visits, and I hope that the work will now be taken in hand. The beds and bedding were in capital condition There has been no use of mechanical restraint.— The Chairman asked what reply was given to the Board last time. He was under the im- pression that a reply had been sent that there were too few in the House to necessi- tate the work being carried out.—The Mas- tr said a committee was appointed to carry out the work, Inif the matter had been de- ferred. Mr. H. R. Williams., the Local Gov- ernmen Board Inspector had pressed that this matter* should be carried out, though he (the master) had told him the reason why it had been de- ferred.—Mr. D. D. Evans said it was an excellent report, and one which demanded their attention. The officials in London -kept an observant eye for any faults they might find, but it was evident that in this case no fault could be found. They ought to be very thankful to the Master for the efficient manner he kept the House. The Guardians got all the credit, but he thought that it was the Master who deserved all the credit. He proposed that a vote of thanks be accorded Mr. Morgan.—.Mr. M. Howell seconded, and the vote was carried unani- mously.—The Master, acknowledging, said he could not carry out his duties, without the support of the Board.—Mr. David Davies asked whether they would adjourn considera- tion of the matter for a fortnight, or whether they would appoint a committee in the matter.—After some more discussion a com- ittee consisting of the following was ap- point! to report, viz., Messrs. Wm. Owen. David [Morgan, M. Howell, Daniel Jenkins, O-avid Davies, Gorwydd and M. Ll. Williams. PETTY SESSIONS. The monthly Petty Sessions were Held on Tuesday before Mr. D. J. Williams (chair- man), Mr. R. S. Rowland, the Rev. D. Edwardes, Dr. Morgan, and the Rev. T. R. Davies. Drunk in Charge. Superintendent Jones charged Thomas Williams, farmer, Lledrod, with having been drunk in charge of a horse and cart in the parish of Caron on August 25th.-Defend- ant did not appear.-Sergt Lewis proved the case.—Fined \5s. and costs. Drunkenness. John Tilling, labourer, Waenfawr, was charged by Supt. Jones, with having been drunk on the highway at Tregaron on August 14th.—Defendant did not appear.—Fined 58 and costs. John Evans, collier, Tyhen, Oaron, was charged by Supt. Jones with having been drunk and disorderly on August 30th The defendant, who did not appear, was fined 5s and costs.—A fine of 56 and costs was im- posed en Nathaniel Jones, Biyngwinan, for a like offence; and also upon Daniel R. Jones, Llanddewi Brefi, who was proved to have been drunk in Llanddewi on Sunday, August 8th.—Thomas Williams, Llwyndrain, Ysbytty Yrtwyth, charged with having been drunk and disorderly, near Llwyndrain on August 7th, was fined 5s. and costs. Alleged Cruelty. Evan Edwards, former, Bwlchymvnydd, was summoned by 'W illiam Roberts, inspec- tor of the R.S.P.C.A., for having cruelly ill- treated a horse, by working it while in an unfit state on July 16th—Inspector Roberts explained that the case had been adjourned from the last Court so that defendant could bring the ho-rae to Tregaron to be seen by the Bench.- After the Bench had viewed the horse, Inspector Roberts asked the Bench to bear in mind that the horse was stopped on July 16th, and had been resting ever since.-Defendant, in reply to the Bench stated that he had worked the horse since the last Court.—After deliberation, the Chair- man said that the Bench had decided to dis- miss the case. Alleged Damage and Assault. John Rees Thomas, collier, Brynmaen, Gwynfil. was summoned by John Evans, "blacksmith, Penlon. Gwvnfil.' for having wil- fully damaged his dwelling house on August 2nd.-Defendant was also charged by Eliz. Evans, wife of complainant, for having as- saulted her at Penlone on August 2nd.—Mr W. P. Owen, Abervstwvth, appeared for complainant, and Mr. Emrys Jones. Lam- peter. defended.—P.C D. T. Richards, Llan- ddewi Brefi. stated that on August 2nd. he was called to comnlainnnt's smithv. When ho arrived there he found marks on the, kithen door. The appeared to he the result of a kick. His attention was also. drawn to the roof of the smithy, where two 01 the slates, had been broken and one cracked.—John Evans, complainant, said that defendant and himself had had a dispute about some sheep. On August 211d com- plainant was in his smithy with his son, John -Lloyd and John Jones, Llaniofawr. l>e fenuant came there on a pony, and called to him to come out and fight. Defendant also said to John Jones, "Where is the shepherd of the sheep "? Defendant passed back and fore five or six times, and broke the slates of the roof of the smithy with a hunting crop which he carried. He heard defendant, tell his wife that he would kill her, and he also saw him attempting to strike her. He also saw his wife bolt the door, and defendant kick it. The damage done, complainant estimated to be about fifteen shillings.—John Jones, Llaniofawr, stated that he was at complainant's smithy on August 2nd. He saw defendant come up on a pony, and heard him ask how the shepherd was. Witness then went liome.-Elizabotli Evans stated that she remembered seeing defendant pass- ing the smithy on a pony. After defendant had passed, her husband went to the garden to repair a trap. Shortly afterwards, de- fendant returned, and she saw him break- ing the slates of the smithy. Defendant broke the slates purposely with a hunting crop, and lie passed about five or six times, and on his last jodrney, he saw her (witness). Defendant then got off his pony, and swore that he would kill her. He approached her with the hunting crop, and aimed a blow at her. The top of the door was strusk by the crop, and she went in and bolted the door. Afte she had closed the door, defendant kicked it several times.—Roderick Evans, de- posed to having seen defendant pass the smithy several times. He saw him break the slates of the roof, and h. also saw him aim a blow at someone who stood in a door- way.—He did not know who stood in the door- way.—The defendant, John Rees Thomas, stated that on August 2nd he passed Penlono to go to Rattal Shop. He then went to Hat- tal smithy with the intention of getting hames from there. He went to the smithy and called out John," two or three times. He received no answer, and he tapped the roof of the smithy, but he did not break any slates. He then went down the road with the intention of finding John Evans, and while passing her door, he met Mrs. Evans, who said she would knock his head off. She failed to hit him, but she struck the pony, and lie jumped down. He did not touch the door of the house. He did not. go from the middle of the road.—Margaret Jane Evans, Ynysdu, Monmouth, stated that on August 2nd, she was on a visit to Brynmaen Cottage, and she saw defendant by the smithy, and heard him shout John three or four t'mes. Defendant then went down to the front of the house adjoining the smithy and again called John." Mrs. Evans came out with a brush in her hand, with which she attemtped to strike defendant. She said she would knock his head off. She did not see defendant attempt to strike Mrs. Evans.— After deliberation, the Bench decided to bind attempted to strike defendant. She said she months.—Mrs. Evans also voluntarily con- sented to be bound over. Affiliation Orders. Margaret Jones, Tangarnfelen, summoned Daniel Owen, farm servant, Nantymaen, Caron, for refusing to poy JE1 10s affiliation oi-(Iers.-Defendant was committed to prison for fourteen days.






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