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FOOTBALL WELSH AMATEUR CUP. (Fourth Round). ABERYSTWYTH v. LLANIDLOES. Aberystwyth 2 goals. Llanidloes .t. 1 goal. There were several reasons why Aberyst- wyth should beat Llanidloes on Saturday, and one of the most cogent was that the supporters of the black and green have not had a trip abroad this season. Now, however, since their favourites will enter the semi-final, this most desirable things in the eyes of hundreds of Aberystwyth towns- people will be provided for them. It was generally anticipated that Aberystwyth would prove too good for Llanidloes; but one hesitates, after seeing the game, to say what would be the result of the match, bad it been played at Llanidloes. For during the second half the home forwards never gave anyone the slightest ground for hoping that any more goals would be forthcoming. Aberystwyth, and also, as it seems, Llanid- loes as well, took the field without their best men. Tom James, the fast outside right of Aberystwyth, owing to an injury received in an inter-college match was ab- sent, and this necessitated the re-adjust- ment of the whole line, which read from left to right thus:-Wright, R. R. Jones, Jack Jones, Patterson and Bert James. Llanidloes were without Evans and Hughes, at half, and Brenton and Tanner at forward. It would be difficult to find any two sides locally, who can boast of having such cap- able backs as Llanidloes and Aberystwyth, and never were their qualities demonstrated so clearly as on Saturday. Green and Jen- kins, and Watkins and Tom Davies gave a most exhiliarating display, which redeemed the game from the desultoriness which would be associated with it, through the way the Aberystwyth forwards failing to rise to the occasion during the second half. To say that Green did not play so well as against Chester would be incorrect in so far only as thttt he was not extended so much as against that professional team. His kick- ing and also that of his partner. Jenkins, who was in fine form, was magnificent. Which was the better, pair of defenders, it would be hard to judge, for Watkins and Tom Davies. especially the former, impressed everybody with their effective clearances. Never was Watkins, who is well known by the Aber- ystwyth spectators seen in such fine fettle as on Saturday. In the first half; during which the two goals of the home team were scored, the superiority of the black and green" was marked. Patterson, with a stinging shot, scored the first in the open- ing ten minutes of the game. Shortly after this, the same player was presented with almost an open goal, but a slight hesitancy on his part ensured the ball being cleared. The second goal came soon after. The re- feree was in doubt whether to award a goal. but this he did on consulting the linesman. From this to the interval, Llanidloes were kept on the defensive, and their goal very nearly suffered another downfall when one cf their own nlavers sent the ball against the bar. In the second fortv-five, early in which they scored, the Llanidloes quintet had shaken off their lethargy, and played pretty and effective football. while the Aberystwyth line of forwards deteriorated considerably. Individually, however, some of them did smart turns, notably so Bert James who, once before the interval, and also at a later stage of the game, 'tested 1 Roberts, the Llanidloes custodian. with magnificent shots. As against Chester, they were the only weak line, and it is^ inconceivable that the same members shall constitute it in future contests. Wright's centres from near the corner flag were admirable, but the same cannot be said of his efforts in mid-field, his middles being not. oblique enough The display of R. R, Jones, unfortunately, was a repetition of what he gave against Chester, and un- doubtedly he will have to give way to isom& other person. The intermediate line played strenuously. The pick, of course, was Tommy Rees, who in the course of brilliant play throughout the afternoon, made himself doubly conspicuous at on<e time, when, after Roberts having stopped one shot, he cleared smartly from the zone of danger, thus robbing Llanidloes of a certain goal. Both teams had excellent. goal-keepers in the two Roberts'. Of the two it was the Llanidloes Roberts who had the most work to do, which he did credit- ably. The teams were:—Aberystwyth: Hughie Roberts; O. Green, M. Jenkins; W. D. Thomas, Peter Edwards, T. W. Rees; W. WTright, R. n. Jones. Jack Jones. Pat- terson, Bert James. Llanidloes: A. J. Roberts; Bert Watkins, Tom Davies: Nib- blett, Prvce Hamer and Ford; A. Evans, T. Hughes. Charlie Smith, B. Smith, Oswald George. Mr. Townsend, of Newtown, was the referee. SCOTLAND v. WALES. Wales beat Scotland at Wrexham on Monday by three goals to two. Mr Ernie Peake played a<s oeritre-ha-If with Wales, and was described by a Manchester paper as the best of the three halves. L. R. Roose kept goal for the Principality. Mr. Ernie Peake has been selected to play in the forthcoming England v. Wales match, and he is to be warmly congratulated on the progress he is making in the football world. WELSH INTER-COLLEGIA TEl MATCHES. At Bangor on Thursday, before a large. crowd, the students of Cardiff, Aberystwyth and Bangor colleges played matches. Tha first to come off was Cardiff against Ban- gor. Bangor opened strongly and within a. quarter of an hour scored three goals. Car- diff revived but their strenuous attempts to gain a point were futile. In the second- half Bangor were again pressing, and from. a rush in front of goal augmented their- score. further play was tame and when. mne was called Bangor had won by 4 goala- to nil. In the afternoon Aberystwyth played Ban- gor and for the first time in three years won. The game was rather disappointing. In the first half Brock placed the only goal for Aberystwyth against his own side. A penalty was awarded Bangor shortly after- wards, but Roberts, the Aberystwyth cus- todian, saved brillialntly, and upon two other occasions effected magnificent saves. Final score—Aberystwyth, 1; Bangor, nil. In the morning Aberystwyth met Bangor at hockey. Both teams were evenly match- ed and although Bangor attacked at the outset they failed to penetrate the defence. Aberystwyth had hard lines on one or two occasions. Just before half-time, J H Evans Aberystwyth's half-back, was injured, and had to leave the field. The game ended in a pointless draw. SClyNE AT CARMARTHEN. VISITING COLLEIGIANS WALK OFF THE FIELD. G. T. Pts. Carmarthen College 2 0 7 Aberystwyth College 0 0 0 This inter-collegiate match was played on the Carmarthen Park on Thursday, the Rev. Professor Parry, principal of the home col- lege, kicking off amidst loud cheers. At the interval there was no score. Soon after resuming, the visitors were penalised in their own 25, and Crapper kicked a beautiful goal. Shandlow afterwards kicked across to Sid Thomas, who dropped another neat goal. This resulted in a scene. Both teams were under the impression that Aberystwyth were off-side. and for the time ceased operations. The referee (Mr W. H. Jones, Llanelly) how- ever, had not blown his whistle, and Shand- low rightly continued with the play. Al- though the visitors greatly resented the referee's decision, they continued to play, but only for a minute, when, before thtt spectators were aware of anything unusual, they were walking en masse off the field. The Rev. Professor Parry rushed on to the enclosure and prevailed upon the Aberyst- « wyth captain to take a sporting view of the matter. The spectators howled out "Play the game." and the players then returned to tie middle of the arena. There was no further scoring.