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ABERYSTWYTH. Petition iu k^vlh-ueut.—In the House of Dommoim on Friday, Mr. Vaughan Davies presented a petition from the mayor, alder- men, and burgesses of Aberystwyth in favour of the taxation of land values. Starr-Bowkett. — At the appropriation meeting of the Starr-Bowkett- Building Society held last Saturday evening, the draw for 1:200 resulted in favour of Miss Anne Arnold, Little Darkgate-street. Tuberculosis.—On Tuesday night week last Mr. R. D. Williams, M.R.C.V.S., with the Bt-udents of the Agricultural Dc^i.iTiuei.c made a very successiul test in tuberculosis, ^ftiirt y-two dairy cows and two bulls were tested. The test was carried out between ft o'clock on Tuesday evening and 11 o'clock en Wednesday morning. M. and M. Leasing Bill.—The Aberyst- wyth Town Council, at an adjourned meet- ing held on Wednesday, decided to support the Bill being promoted by the Great Wes- tern Railway Company to secure a tease of the M. and M. Railway, and the Mayor, Alderman E. P .Wynne, and the Town Clerk were appointed a deputation to proceed to London to give evidence in Its favour. Shire Horse Show.—At the twenty-ninth annual London, show of the Shire Horse Society, which was opened on Tuesday, the South Rheidol Shire Horse Society's Red- lynch Blue Blood was highly commended in the class for Stallions of lb.2 hands and ever and between four and ten yeais of age. The horse was subsequently sold for 100 guineas. Obituary.—The death of Mrs. Ann Young, daughter of Mrs. Daniel, 27, High-street, and wife of Mr. James Young, 33, Weston- road, Bearwood, Birmingham, took place on Monday week at the age of thirty-two years. The cause of death was bronchitis, the deceased having been ill for about five days only. The body was brought to Aber- ystwyth for interment. Hotel Cambria Closed.—This hostelry has now been closed, and the stock is being dis- posed of by private treaty. It is under- stood that the building will be offered by Mr. David Davies to the Bala and Trefecca Colleges with the view of bringing about the amalgamation of those two institutions. Should this plan not be acceptable, it is highly probable that the Trefecca students will be in residence at Aberystwyth in October next. Monthly FaiL-There was a very large show of cattle at Monday's fair. Dealers were present, in strong force, as also were the grazers, who generally attend the March and April fairs. A large number of cattle was sold. Prices were not very high. but there was a good demand. Yearlings sold from £6 to £ 8; two-year-olds, £ 8 to £ 10; and a few stronger cattle 1;11 to £12. Cows with calves were in fair demand, prices ranging from £10 to tl-i. Cows in calf sold from ts to tll. There was not a large show of horses. A few cobs sold at prices between £:20 and £ 28 ;and yearling cart colts made-CH to fiG. Theie was r.o show of cart horses. Probate of Will.—Mr. James Humphries, of Woodville, Penglaise-road, Aberystwyth, who died on the 12th January last, left estate of the gross value of £ 5,288 13s. 9d., including personalty of the net value of tl,358 os. 9d., and probate of his will, dated the 1st January last, has been grant- ed to Mr. William Arthur Miller, of Cam- brian-e.treet, Aberystwyth, enamel 1-etf slate merchant, and Mr. John Charles Rea, of Terrace-road, Aberystwyth, provision mer- chant. The testator left. his house, Wood- ville, in trust for his wife, Mrs. Sarah Hum- phries, for life, and he left the residue of his estate in trust for his daughter, Mrs. Eliza Jane Garbitt, for life, with remainder to her children in equal shares. St. Mary's Church.—A meeting of the members of this church was held on Friday evening at the Ysgoldy. The Rev. W. Matthews, vicar, presided. and explained that there was a sum of £:2-11 17s. 9d. in hand towards the cost of re-roofing the church and other improvements. They had also had promises, which would bring the total up to i:331 2s. 9d., leaving £ 12u to make up the total estimated cost. Mr. G. T. Bassett was engaged as architect, and instructed to prepare specifications, etc. A building committee, consisting of the Vicar, Messrs. D. W. Evans and W. C. Davies (churchwardens), Capt. G. F. Roberts, Councillor J. T. Davies, Mr. R. D. Jones, Mr. J. Charles, and Mr. John Thomas- was appointed. Church Parade.—The annual Church parade of the 1st Cardigan Volunteer Artil- lery took place on Sunday last- in beautiful weather. The men mustered in the Smith- field, the officers present being Capt. G. Fos- sett Roberts (in command;, Capt. R-ea, Capt. Mathias, Captain Morgan, Lieutenant Roberts, Lieutenant Wynne, Lieutenant- surgeon Thomas, Lieutenant-vet.-surgeon Williams. Headed by the band, under the rectiori of Bandmaster Richards, the corps r marched to St. Michael's Church, whorfc thj Rev. W. Matthews, M.A., Vicar, preached an appropriate sermon. The Rev. J. E. Lloyd, chaplain, also assisted in the service. The sacred edifice was crowded. Mr. Panchen presided at the organ, and the band also accompanied the choral portion of the service. St. Div- Id's Day.—The celebrations at Aberystwyth this year were on a more ex- tensive scale than usual. Special services were held in the churches and chapels. At Shiloh Chapel on Wednesday evening the Revs. R. J. Rees and Cadfan Davies preach- ed to a large congregation. On Thursday evening the Rev. W. Headley, vicar of Llau- fihangel Creuddyn, preached at St. Mary's Welsh Church. The customary banquet was held at the Talbot Hotel, this year's pre- sident being Alderman Edward Evans, J.P. The members of the Radical Club gave a grand concert at the Coliseum, the principal artistes being "Eos Dar," the popular penil- lion singer, and Miss Bessie Lewis, K.A.M. The Ystwyth Male Voice Party, under the conductorship of Mr. J. E. Harries,. also rendered a number of choruses. The school children were also given a half-holiday to mark the occasion. Coliseum Theatre.—A special attraction is announced for Mondav, Tuesday, and Wednesday next in Mr. Dudley Harcomt and his company of operatic and dramatic artistes, opening on Monday with the screaming musical farce" Captain Blarney or tihe vV^nsomjo Widow," Miss Clairette Florence, the prima donna pf the F. S. Gil- bert and Geo. Neilson Opera Company play- ing the widow. On Tuesday will be pre- sented the famous drama by Tomlaylor, IlCket of Leave Man, and on Wednesday the celebrated operatic version of Washing- ton Irving's novel Rip Van Winkle," with full caste, including Mr. Favvcett Lomax as Rip, as played by him over 1,000 nights, also full scenery and effects.—Owing to great success, Mr. Will Ellerslie's Company has been re-engaged for Thursday and Friday evening of this week, and for a children's matinee on Saturday afternoon, when the musical comedietta, A Private Introduc- tion, will be performed. The play is full of merriment, and a good sixty minutes' of laughter is promised. luneral of Mr Robert Bllis.-Tho funeral of Mr. Robert Ellis, ironmonger, took place on Saturday morning, the interment béng made at the cemetery. The chief mourners were Mrs. Ellis, Miss Myfanwy and Miss Inys Ellis (siaters); Mr. Griffith Ellis, Dr. Dewi Ellis and Mr. Cer-edig Ellis (brothers), Mr John Hoberts and Miss. Jtoherts, LJall- dudno (uncle and aunt;, Mr. Thomas Ellis Glascoed; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ellis, Ter- race-road; Miss Amy Richards, -Stockpoit; „ /UK/ YrVyn Jones. Llandilo; Mr. ±1. Cook Ellis, Miss Rutu EHis, and Mr. Rhys Ellis (cousins). A short service was conducted at the residence in Baker-street by the Rer. T. A. Penry before the cortege moved away. Amongst those who also came to pay a last tribute of respect were the lUev. Job Miles. Prof. D. Morgan Lewis Messrs. Peter Jones, C. M. Williams, Thos'. Morris nnd Edwin Morris (Waterloo! D lhomas Osorthgate House), J, Mcliquiiam oylrarius -awards. Mia 11 Jones. J. L-wi's Evans, T. E. Morgan, G. D. White. P. B. Loved ay, B. Biekerstaff, John Owen Itnilor), Capt. -James. 11. E. H. Morgan, John. Llovd! .James atkms (stone mason). and the following employees:—Messrs. W. Griffith* T ilim, H. TaJ"lor. W. Morgan, and Joseph Hopkins. Th« Rev. T. A. Penrv conducted the service at ti.e cemetorV cuapei and at the graveside. The coffin a number of beautiful floral tiibutes sent by Loving Wife and Children, TV 1 1+ Sisters, Amy (sister-in-law), Trele, Robert, Tom and Rowland. Auntv Liza e Mary and Maggie. Aunty Jennie, Edith cousin), Mr and Mrs. Gwyn Jones f.:°!!s!n'' Jones, Mr. at;'1 Mrs C n Hi ford, Mr. and Mrs. ft. Edwards vr and Mrs. Biekerstaff, Mr. and Mrs. Garner' Employees or the Shop, Bessie, Lizzie (servant). College Concert:—Tins animal event will ¡ t.'ko place at the Coliseum on Friday, week next »vhcu the oratorio Job )D Jenkins) will be performed. The programme will. also include a new chorus lor male- voices by Mr. D. J. de Lloyd, B.A., Mus. JJac., entitled Song of the Seige." Marriage.—The many friends of Miss Wynne, daughter of Alderman E. P. Wynne, v, ill be glad to learn that she reached Bombay saiely, and Oil i- riday last was in<:r.- ,■eu by special license ac the Cathedral to Mr. Henry Walter Innes, son of the late Edwin Innes, of India, and Mrs. innes. liii'iii ingham. The Infirmary.—The monthly meeting was held on Thursday when there were present Capt. Cosens (chairman), the mayor (Capt. T. Doughton), Mrs. Griffith and Mrs. Mor- gan (Penilwyn), Messrs. H. C. Fryer, D. C. i^berts, J. 1). Perrott, C. M. William*, F. > I?. Roberts, Capt. Fossett Roberts, Major Bonsall, and the Revs. Job Miles and T. E. Roberts. The only business uf importance was the question of granting permission to the House Surgeon (Dr. Edwards) to attend at the Workhouse when required. The members resolved that they permit and desire Dr. Edwards to attend. Three only voted against. Naval Reservist Fined.—Evan Daniel, a Royal Naval reservist, residing at Aberyst- wyth, was summoned at the Carnarvon County Magistrates' Court- on Saturday for smoking in a non-smoking compartment on the London and North-Western Railway be- tween Afonwen and Carnarvon. Mr. Fenna prosecuted on behalf of the railway company, and the defendant was absent and unrepre- sented. The informant was Mr. Richard Williams, Carnarvon, who said that he travelled in the same compartment as the de- fendant ;who persisted in smoking in spite of repeated remonstrances, and eventually became abusive. The Chairman (Dr. Taylor Morgan) asked whether the bye-laws of the Company did not contain a provision pro- hibiting ladies from travelling in smoking carriages. They generally filled those com- partments.—Mr. Fenna: They may be ordered out.—A fine of 20s., including costs, was imposed. Obituary.—The interment took place at the cemetery, Llanbadarn-road on Tuesday, of Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Bitchell, wife of Mr William Bitchell, grocer, Rheidol Stores, Castle-terrace, Aberystwyth, who died on Wednesday, February 28th, after a week's intense suffering from inflamation of the kidneys. She had caught a cold a fort- night previous to her decease, and that brought on the complaint to which she succumbed. Deceased was the daughter of Captain and Mrs. Evan Jones, Bryn-y-don, 36, Bridge-street, and was 25 years of age. She was married to Mr. Wm. Bitchell on the 27th of September last. The funeral was very largely attended, there being pre- sent a very great number of young people, as well as many of the foremost men of the town. Deceased was a member at Tabernacle C.M. Church, where she was held in great respect. The Rev. R. J. Rees. M.A., pastor of Tabernacle and the Rev. T. Levi, 1 ex-pastor, officiated, and there were also present the Revs. William Jones, Aberyst- present the Revs. William Jones, Aberyst- wyth and T. J. Owen, Aberffrwrl. The chief mourners were Mr. William Bitchell, Capt. I and Mrs. Jones (parents), Misses Mary Ellen and Claudia Jones (sisters). and Messrs. Thomas James, Evan Robert and David Lewis Jones (brothers). Artificial wreaths j were sent by Mrs. Bitchell (mother-in-law), and Mr. Evan Bitchell (brother-in-law), and flower wreaths by Mrs. Williams, Black Lion. Llanrhystyd, the Misses Gobert, Bridge-street, Mrs. James, Chalybeate-street, and the deceased's Sunday School class at Tabernacle. Great sympathy is felt with the family in their bereavement. Death of Mrs. George Davis.-Tlio an- nouncement of the death of Mrs. George Davis, South Marine-ten ace, on Wednesday evening in last week came as a great sheck to her many friends and acquaintances.— Deceased lady had been attended, by Dr. Harries for some time, but no serious con- sequences were anticipated. On Wednesday evening she was tak seriously ill, and passed away y-r^oelully about half-past eight, the cause of death being certified to be acute gastritis and ulceration of the stomach. Mr. George Davis, who was away in London on business at the time, was im- mediately communicated with, and returned home the following morning. Deep sym- pathy is felt with him in his bereavement. Mrs. Davis, who was only 35 years of age. was a daughter of the late Mr. William Scott, Cardiff, formerly of Poitland-street, Aberystwyth. She was married about six- teen years ago, and there were two children of the marriage—a son and daughter. The son died about five years ago at the age of nine. The daughter, who survives, is now just two years of age. The funeral, which was of a semi-private nature, took place on Saturday morning. The chief mourners were Mr. George Davis (husband), Mr. Gavin Scott (uncle), and )1r, Henry Scott, Aber- bi'uyiHMi; Mr. Lewis J&ne.s, Crynfryn Build- ings (uncle); Mr. J. W. Scott and Mr. J. Scott, London (brothers); Mr. Henry J. Davis, Mr. Thomas Jones, 63, Marine-ter- race (uncle); and Mr. John Jones, Alex- andra-road. Amongst the general public present were Captain Doughton (mayor), Messrs. C. M. Williams. E. P. Wynne, D. C. Roberts, R. J. Jones, Edward Evans, T. B. Grierson, R Doughton. John Owen, 1. Hop- kins, Prof. D. Morgan Lewis, David Thomas, Thomas Morris, J. Mcllquham, P. B. Love- day, Rufus Williams, T. Rowlands, R. E. H. Morgan, Capt. Levis (South-terrace); Capt R. D. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Cooper (Marine-terrace), D. R. Jones (Bridge- street), D. J. Hughes (Queen-street), and dthers. The following, who are employed at Mi-. Davis' ironmongery establishment, were also in the cortege :-Mes&rs. Evan Jones, Tom Jones, Fred Edwards, J. R. James, A. 0. Francis, Henry Davies, Griffith Davies, Jonathan Jones, and E. J. Hughes. All along the route to the cemetery blinds were drawn, while the progress of the cor- tege was watched by large numbers. The services at the house, at the cemetery chapel, and at the graveside were conducted by the Rev. T. A. Penry, pastor of Portland- street- Congregational Church, of which place of worship Mr. Davis is a deacon. The coffin was covered with magnificent wreaths and other beautiful floral tributes sent by the following:—Mr. George Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Davis, Sycamore House; Mr. J. W. and J. H. Scott, London; Mrs. T. Jones, and Mrs. Jas. James, 63 Terrace; )1rs. Scott and Queenie, Hazlewood, Car- diff; Mr. R. J. Jones. J.P. and Mrs. Jones, South-terrace: Mrs. Hugh Hughes, Glynpadarn Mrs. W. Hughes Jones, 30, Pier-street; Prof. Ainsworth Davis and Mrs Davis; Miss Jones, Llanon; Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Loveday; Mrs. W. J. Cooper, 13, Marine-terrace; Mr and Mrs. Gouit, Lon- don; Miss Jones, Graiggoch; Mr. and Mrs Fred Brown, Tollbridge; Mr. and Mrs. D. H, Jones, Bridge-street; Mr. and Mrs. Parry, Sea View-place; Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Jones, L nion-street; Mrs. Richards, Nanty- nioel; Capt. and Mrs. Mitchell, Gogillan and the employees. Mr. John Jen- kins, Princ^ssJ-street. was the undertaker, and the hearse and mourning coaches were supplied bj* Messrs Morris. Waterloo Hotel. PETTY SESSIONS. The weekly Petty Sessions were held on Wednesday at the Town Hall, before the Mayor (Capt. T. Doughton), Mr. John Wat- kins, Mr, T. Griffiths, and Mr. W. J. Wat kins. No Light. John Berrow, 19, Northgate-street, butcher, pleaded guilty to riding a bicyclo without a light on Friday night in Queen-s road. He, however, wished to make a statement, and complained that Inspector Phillips came to his house on Saturday morning, and asked in an insolent manner which language he would prefer, English or i,-Lis wife, who was in a delicate condition, was frightened, and still suffered .n the -fi,c Clerk said if defend- ant had any complaint against the police he should illale it to the Chief Constable.— Inspector Phillips was sworn, and said he saw the defendant at ten minutes to nine in Queen's-road. He was riding a bicycle, and had no light. He stopped him and called his attention to the fact, speaking to him in English. Defendant mounted his bicycle again, and rode to 11:" home in North^ate- street. He called on the defendant the following morning, and asked him in a jocular way whether he would prefer Welsh to Isli, seeing he had ridden away on his bicycle after having been stopped bv him. Defendant's lIih, was present, and seemed to join heartily in the joke.—De- fendant was asked why he rode his bicvcle after being stopped by the Inspector. He replid he was rather late, and wanted to ¡ gee home as soon as possible.—Mr. W. J. W atkms: How far were you from home then ? —Defendant: About forty yards.— The r)la^(°'|" "'•fiat looks lika defiance.—A of 'j. including costs, was imposed. Maintenance. r John W. Roberts, 18, Greenfield-terrace, Penygraig, Glam., haulier, was charged by the Guardians of the Aberystwyth Union to show caue why lie should not be committed to prison for lefusing to pay £1) mainten- ance arrears. Mr. T. Morgan, relieving officer, having given evidence, defendant was committed to prison for 21 days, the order being suspended for seven days. Wife and Child Neglected. John Win. Davies, Craigydon, Queen's- road, barber, was charged with neglecting to maintain his wife and child who had be- come chargeable to the Aberystwyth L nioti. Mr. T. Vaughan, relieving officer, said the wife and cluld had been admitted to the W orkhouse.—In reply to the Mayor, defend- ant said he had no work.—The police stated there were five previous convictions against the defendant for different offences. — The Bench decided to give defendant another chance, and adjourned the case for a week. DEATH OF MRS I..¡qO"T'T .— -x The 11th annual eisteddfod was held at the College on Thursday evening. The Prin- cipal presided, and Professor Edwards was the conductor. Mr. D. Jenkins, Mus. Bac., acted as musical adjudicator. The Princi- pal, in his address, briefly referred to the fact that this was the first time that the ei&- teddfod was held on St David's Day. He also referred to the changes that had come over .the country during the last 12 months; the location of the National Library at Aber- ystwyth; the beating of the Alt Blacks by Wales. He also referred to the remarkable career of Mr. D. J. de Lloyd, Muc. Bac., and to the efforts made to obtain a sum of money to enable him to study at one of the German Universities. After the interest- ing speech the following awards were made: Contralto solo, Miss Bishop essay, "The agricultural aspect of land tenure in Wales, Miss Emma Evans; Welsh recitation, Mr. Griffiths; englyn, "The Quad. Mr. Tom Roberts and Mr. Griffiths; soprano and alto duet, Miss Bishop and Miss Pickersgill; sport story, Miss Bishop and Mr. H. Peach; tenor and bass duet, H. D. Lloyd and D. O. Morris; translation from Welsh to English, L. Thomas; song, 'The cottage, Mr Grif- fiths; quartet, Miss Lilian Morgan and par- ty Welsh recitation, Mr. Griffiths; English recitation, Miss Randall; translation from English to Welsh, Miss Cluadia Roberts; essay, "Lewis Glyncothi," A. J. Weale; soprano solo, Miss Leg, baritone solo, Mr. D. B. Jones pianoforte solo, Miss Hose; hazel stick, Mr. Jonathan Jones; table centre, Miss Burrows. Professor Edwards read Cadvan's adjudication on the chair poem. Six competitors entered, and Mr. Tom Ro- berts was declared the winner, amidst the acclammation of the crowd. The chairing ceremony was performed in the usual fash- ion by the bards, and Miss Dora Thomas sang the chairing song. Two ladies' choirs entered for the competition in singing "Sleep sweet baby" (Mr. de Lloyd). The first one was led by Miss Pickersgill. Two male voice parties entered to sing "The Roman Soldier," and the Glamorgan party,, led by Mr. Tom Lloyd, was declared the winner. The singing of the National Anthem brought a most enjoyable eisteddfod to and end. WELSH AMATEUR CUP. ABERYSTWYTH v. BUCKLEY. This interesting fixture was played off at Newtown on Saturday. There was a. large gate, about 800 being present, no douot attracted by the litlo weather, and by the fact that Aberystwyth had a good chance of winning. The game was a fast one through- out, and some creditable football was wit- nessed. Peake kicked off for Aberystwyth against wind and sun, and a sensation was caused by a goal being scored in the first half-minute by the Buckley quintet. Hughes gained possession, and with a fine run up beautifully centred, and Evans put in a lightening shot. This rebuff put the Aber- ystwyth men on their mettle, and the Buck- ley defence was hard put to for ten min- utes. From the kick-off Buckley forced their way down, but the defence was too good. A good centre from Bert James gave Peake a chance, but Lewis brought off a brilliant save, and danger was averted. However, the Aberystwyth quintet had hard lines several times, ltees in particular. The venue was now changed, and the Flintshire men were awarded a penalty, which was brilliantly saved by Williams. This was im- mediately followed by a melee in the Buck- ley goal mouth, and a penalty was awarded, which was kicked wide. The game was now- fast indeed, but from a rush away, Evans again scored for Buckley. This was. shortly: followed by a goal for Aberystwyth, scored by Rees. Before hall-time Buckley added a third, and the score stood :—Buckley, three goals; Aberystwyth, two goals. From the re-start, Aberystwyth got away, but the forwards were weak in front of goal. j No doubt they would have had several through but for the splendid and successful efforts of the Buckley custodian. However, James notched a point for Aberystwyth, and later he put in a weak shot, which glanced off Jenkins's foot into the net, just twenty minutes. before time, thus equalising the scores. This made matters lively, and each team parked hard, but luck was against the Aberystwyth men, and they failed to score. Buckley, however, managed to get through, and scored t; ir winning point ten minutes fi'om time. On the whole, Aber- ystwyth was the better team, but the Buck- ley men are entitled to praise for the way in which they improved every opportunity. Great praise is due to the able play of Lewis, the Buckley custodian. Ptc&iilt Burkley 4 goals. | Aberystwyth "3 eoals Teanis:- Aberystwyth Goal, H. Williams; backs. R. Dickenson and O. Green; half-backs, E. Peake, J. Davies and D. J. Lewis; right wing, James and Rees; left wing, Jenkins and Clarke centre, Peake. Buckley. Goal, Lewis; backs, Millington and Hughes; half-backs, Lewis, Phillips and Masham right wing. J. Hughes and Piercy • left wing, Davidson and Millington centre' Evans. I I Keferee, M r. Bert Gough, Oswestry, Lines- nien, Messrs. T. Evans and A. Townsend. Buckley will meet Portmadoc in the final, who defeated LUlOS Rangers on Saturday bv iliree goals to two. to COUNTY SCHOOL MANAGERS. The monthly meeting of the County School governors was held on Tuesday evening at the Clerk's Office, Portland-street, when there were present Mr. C. M. Williams (chairman), presiding; Miss Maria Jones, Airs. Griffith, Mr. T. Doughton (Mayor). Capt. James, and Rev. T. Levi, with Mr. John Evans (clerk). Condolence. The Chairman proposed a vote of sincere condolence with the Headmaster (Mr. David Samuel) upon the death of his mother. He was sure lie felt the bereavement very keenly, more particularly as his mother had lived with him for many years.—Mrs. Griffith seconded, and the proposition was carried in silence. Re-appointments. A letter was read from Mr. H. C. Fryer, stating that the following had been appoint- ed by the County Council as re- presentatives on the board of managers for j a period of three vears from the loth March next.—-Mrs. Griffith, Miss Maria Jones, Rev. T. Levi, Rev. J. A. Morris, Mr. C. M. Wil- liams, and Mr. Richard Richards. Vacancy. A letter was read from Prof. Macaulay stating in view of the fact that after Easter he would no longer be officially connected with the College, he thought it better to resign his seat on the board of managers of the school.—The resignation was accepted, and the Clerk was directed to declare the seat vacant. Secondary Training. A letter was read from Mr. J. H. Davies, registrar of the College, asking the managers to appoint two members on the special com- mittee having charge of the College Second- ary Department, and to consider the ad- visability of making a grant towards the expenses of sending the Headmaster to in- spect secondary scliools.—The Chairman said the College were making a similar grant to Prof. Foster-Watson to accompany Mr. Samuel. He had also informed the College committee that in the past there had not been that harmony and co-operation exist- J ing between the County School and the C'ol- lege that there should be, but having regard to the changed feeling and attitude of the College he believed he could say that the County School managers were prepared to i let bye-gones be bye-gones, and to join I hands in making this department a very efficient one. There could be no doubt that in the past this department was not an effi- cient one, owing to the lack of co-operation I between the College and the County School. The students who went up to the County School were under no general supervision, and the whole thing; was not on the footing it ought to be. When the inspectors came down they pointed out many things, and the College had appealed in the most friendly way to the County School to assist them in this matter. The public knew that some time ago there was not that pleasant re- I lationship between the College and County School that should exist, and when they were able to announce a better feeling and a better understanding it was well to do so. They hoped to be in a position to commence their new laboratory block very shortly, and then they would have one of the best equip- ped schools in the county. He hoped Prof. Watson and Mr. Samuel would pick up valuable information at other schools, and that their inspection of those schools would result in making the secondary training de- partment at Aberystwyth the best in the cotititi-y.-In reply to questions, the Chair- man said Mr. Samuel would only be away for a few days, and the cost would be just the travelling expenses.—It was decided to make a grant towards the Headmaster's ex- penses ,as requested, and on the proposition of Captain James, seconded by Miss Jones, Mrs. Griffith and Mr. Richard Richards were appointed to act on the committee. Additional Loan. The Chairman proposed that application be made to the County Education Com- mittee and the County Council for a further loan not exceeding £ 450, for providing ad- ditional accommodation at the school for science and technical work. They had al- ready had consent to borrow £750. It was no use spoiling the new block for the sake of a small amount, and they were anxious that it should be completed in the most modern style.—Captain Doughton seconded, and the proposition was carried.—A letter was read from the Board of Education ap- proving, with a few amendments, of the plans, provided satisfactory financial ar- rangements were made.—The Chairman re- marked that with the additional accommo- dation and the increased grants they hoped very soon to be in a good financial position. The additional grants would more than cover the interest on the 1;1,200 which they were about to borrow. The Cardiff Conference. Mrs. Griffith suggested the advisability of sending delegates to the conference to be held at Cardiff on March 16th to discuss the scheme for the establishment of a Welsh National Education Council.-The Chair- man said it was one of the most important matters relating to Wales that had arisen for some time. While it was true that Car- marthenshire was the only county which did not fall in with the original scheme, Car- diganshire only accepted it conditionally upon the financial arrangements being satis- factory. Glamorganshire and Monmouth- shire in the original scheme had a majority of representatives over the other eleven counties, and he was gratified to find that Mr. Lloyd George, M.P., in his recent speech at Cardiff made a strong appeal to South Wales not to again exact so many representatives based purely on the popu- lation. The eleven counties of Wales were to have only 25 representatives, while Glam- organ and Monmouth. with a small area and a comparatively small number of schools were to have 26 members. The eleven Welsh counties had 1,200 schools,, and the other two 600, so that the representation was out of proportion, and would only create friction and feeling. He hoped that with the experience Mr. Lloyd-George had had a better and more just scheme would be drafted in order to secure the co-operation of the whole of the Principality.—It was felt- that as no invitation had been received, the governors could not appoint representa- tives to attend the 'conference.





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