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CARDIGANSHIRE MAGISTRATES AND LICENSED PREMISES. WE would commend the rnaoaer in which the Cardigan Borough Bench deals with licensing questions to the notice of magis- trates of the other Petty Sessional Divisions -u, in the- County.. By refusing to renew all the licenses on Monday, the Cardigan Bench showed that it has some. regard for the publis weal as well as- for private interests. It is useless to clamour for further legis- lation while the majority of the beaches in the country are either too timid or too prejudiced to exercise the powers they already possess. No fair-minded man will dispute the fact that the number of licensed premises in the county is out of an pro- portion to. the- needs of the population. Every town and most of the villages are honeycombed with public houses. And what i& the result ? It is not necessary for us to tell the magistrates, for they are brought face to face with it from week to week,, year in year out. Some of the magistrates are exceedingly severe upon the unfortunate victims who are haled. before them by thepoliec- but they themselves will do nothing to lessen the sources of avil. What has the Aberystwyth Bench dono.; and what has the Aberayron Bench done, ?or temper- ance reform ? Nothing. We had hoped that the- Tregaron Bench would have done- something this year; but, although con- vinced of the great need for improvement, its courage failed it when it came to acting. We believe that the Lampeiar Bench is. in sympathy with reform, and the more. de, termined attitude it has assumed of lata has already bad a salutary effect. If the pro- cess of weeding out, commenced at Cardigan, be continued with the tact and discretion already shown, much good may result with- out inflicting any hardship upon anybody in particular. We congratulate the Car- digan Borough Bench upon its wiarlom and courage, and trust; that the magistrates in other parts of the county will follow their good wrample whenever opportunity offers..



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