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Hotels ABERYSTWYTH'S NEW HYDRO (WATERLOO PRIVATE HOTEL). PACING THE SEA. CENTRE OF PROMENADE. EXCELLENT CUISINE. HEATED THROUGHOUT BY PATENT BADIATORFI — MOST COMFORTABLE FOR INVALIDS. BILLIARDS. HALL LOUNGE. LARGE RECREATION ROOM. THE SEA BATHS Whiola are to non-residents, include Hot. Cold, Shower, Needle, SPRAT1, Doacbe, Plunge, Sitz> ■ SEA WATER FRESH TWICE DAILY. DOWSYNGS RADIANT HEAT AND LIGHT BATHS, ELECTRIC AND MEDICATED BATHS. Tborongh Treatment under care of Certificated Nurses for Gout, Rheumatism, Sciatica, Stiff Joints Neuralgia, and Kidney Diseases. MASSAGE— NAUHEIM 4c ELECTRO THERAPEUTIC TREATMENT. RONTGEN RAYS. INCLUSIVE RESIDENTAL TERMS FROM 42A. WEEKLY. 664a Full Printed Particulars on application to MANAGER. THE QUEEN'S HOTEL, ABERYSTWYTH. Table DHote, 7.30. Boarding Terms frem 3 Guineas per Week, or 12S ed. per day THIS Hotel is replete with every modern appliance and contains Coffee and Dicing Rooms, Ladie Drawing kooai, Recreation Room, Library, Billiard, and Smoking Rooms, and aoout one HUNDRED Bedrooms. Having a frontage of 150 feet all the Public and Private Sitting Rooms faeetbe sea and are Slighted by Electricity. „ j W, H. BELLE VIE HOTEL ABERYSTWYTH. (Facing the Sea and close to the Pi-er, j The one of the most reasonable and comfortable Family and Commercial HOTELS in Walee Boarding Terms from 2 Guineas per week, or 9s. per day. 'Buameets Train X rariti OQ Application to the Manageress. R, PALMER, Proprietor, TERMINUS HOTEL, ABERYSTWYTH THE Hotei IS sow under new management. It is situate close to the Station and is the. most convaniea -L Hotel in Tuwn for Travellers and others. It has recently been enlarged and is now replete WIT Aery modem convenience and is lighted throughout with the Electric Light. SALMON. PltOPRIETOR. HAFOD ARMS HOTE. DEVIL'S BRIDGE. R.S.O THE MANAGEMENT of the above Hotel have decided to adopt a J Special. Cheap, IrclusiveRates fcr • • • M* \\TIK4M> VISITS LIlilM, THE WINTER MONTHS TO COMMENCE FROM SAT rr R DAY, SEPTEMBER 80th. This is especially to Meet the Convenience of Residents in Aberystwyth who are unable to get away during the Summer. Inculsive terms Satur day to Monday 16s. Special terms quoted for longer period. Apply to 612a THE MANAGER. Business Notices. A fact proved during THE last 2&years THA JmL J. Walter Evans \CAN NOT BE BEATEN FOR L I I/JL" STYLE, QUALITY AND VALUE IN IM BEADY-MADE CLOTHING AND UK* L TF* CLOTHING TO MEASURE. ^HF IFFL \M New Season's Goods in every description of Iff I J 11 Boys' Youths' and Men's If'l! I OVERCOATS. it | I PRICES TO SUIT ALL CLASSES. JF F V | An immense Stock always kept to select from. f IffL* MEN'S SUITS TO f MEASURE t J S 'JBP (NOT RRADY-MADE) From 25 S. Upwards. The Best Place to Buy FURNITURE EDWARD ELLIS, Complete House Furnishers and Upholsterers, HAVE A LARGE STOCK OF Dining, Drawing and Bedroom Suites, Also, 'Bedstead, Beddings, Welsh Oak Dressers, and Chests of Drawers- A SPECIALITY. PURIFIED FEATHERS from 6d. per lb. 28, Little Darkgate-st., Aberystwyth. Encourage "Home industries! WHY BUY RAZORS MADE IX GERMAXY WHEN M. H. DAVIS & SONS SUPPLY THEIR CELEBRATED "GYMRO" RAZORS, Made of the Finest British Steel by British Workmen. PH ICE, 3G. 6 (I- EACH. SOLD ONLY BY M. H. DAVIS & SONS, 4, BRIDGE STREET. ABERYSTWYTH. FORWARD': FREE to any Town ir Great Britain, Canada. South Africa, and Australia. ESTABLISH K R> 1854. FIRST CA^ TOBACCOS AXP CIGARETTES, AND EVERY DESCRIPTION OF SMOKER'STREQUISITES GB«'S EMO^.NG PKPABTMBNT, THB VABSITY TOILET ALOON. BY ROYAL APPOINTMENT TO BIS MAJESTY THE KIN^. DAY, SON, AND HEWlTrS LAMBING & CALVING REMEDIES. THE GASEOUS FLUID. THE GASEODYNE. -N- (VW= AND Ewes Scour. For paining or heaving, and soothing the Diarrhoea. Debility, Hoven, Colic. &c. Nervous System, also FC.r OR FLUX" JJR-CE 20S. PER doz. | Price 3s. 6d. per bottle. THE CHEMic EXTRACT. THE RED DRENCH. • .:N(Y Parturition, Straining, and For cleansing Cows and Ewes, Fevers, Chills, For anointing attu: ran W'QUND SWOLLEN RED Water, Hide-bound, &c.. prevents preventtn- (.AN RENE.^ MIlk Fever or Dropping. Price 2- 6J 3s'. 6D.. AND 7s. per bottle. Price (Cows) 13s., (Ewes) 3s. 6d. per Doz. UNPARALLELED SUCCESS OF THE 6b IAMBINO AND CALVING CHESTS. prices complete. 30s. and £3 3S. (Carriage Paid).. j Address 22, DORSET ST., LONDON, W. Est. 1833. j Public Notices. ) Prudential Assurance Company Limited, CHIEY OFFICE: IIOL BORN BARS, LONDON. Summary of the Report presented at the Fifty-seventh Annual Meeiing, held on 1st March, 1906, ORDINARY BRANCH.—The number- of The Assets of the. Company, in. both I Policies issued during the year was 75,293, branches, as shown in the Balauce Sheet-, are assuring the sum of Z7,211,427, and produc- t59,464,376, being- are increase of £ 4,101,871 ing. a New Annual Premium Income of over those of 1904. £ 395,029. The Staff Provident Fund, wldch was foun- The Premiums received during the year ded in 1898 for the. benefit of the outdoor were £ 4,123,318. being an increase of staff, shews a satisfactory increase for the 1:1,54,302 over the year 19414. year, the total amount standing to the credit The Claims of the year amounted to of the Fund being £ 148,941. £ 1,812,618. The number of Deaths was Since the completion of the Valuation the 7,437, and 7J75 Endowment Assurances Actuary has reported- that in his opinion a matured. general increase of two-ansi-a-half per The number of Policies in force at the end cent." could, with safety, be granted under of the year was 773,051. the principal Industrial Branch Tables if INDUSTRIAL BRANCH.—The Premiums provision were made for an increase in the received during the year were £ 8,139,050, liability of £ 750,000. The Board have ac- being an increase of eordingly revised the Tables as from 1st The Clairrui, of the year amounted to March, 1906, and have made provision to £ 2,261,748. The number of Deaths was meet the increased liability by the transfer 238,220, and 3,344 Endowment Assurances during the current year of £ 750,000 from matured. the Reservfe Fund to the life Assurance The number of Free Policies granted dur- Fund in the Industrial Branch, leaving this ing the year to those Policy-holders of five Reserve Fund at £ 1,000,000. The Share- years' standing and upwards who desired to holders will be glad' to know that this re- discontinue their payments, was 123,586, the vision affects nearly Thirteen Million Poli- number in fo-ce being 1,102,267. The num- cies, and of this camber over Ten Million ber of Free Policies which became Claims Policies receive an immediate increase in during the yoar was' 24,698. the sum assured. i The total* number of Policies in force at the end of tile year was 16.065,268; their average dura don is eleveai years. General Balance. Sheet of the Prwlmitial Assurance Company, Limited, being the Summary of both Branches, on the -31st December, 193*5. LIABILITIES. £ s d I ASSETS, s d Shareholders'Capital 1,000,000 0 0 British Government securities. 3,352,132 13 9 Reserve Funds 2,700,000 0 01 Indian and colonial government Life Assurance-Funds 56,633,131 14 10 securities 5,292.114 14 2. Claims under life policio. d- i Railway and other debentures aad mitted 131,244 10 :3 debenture stocks, and gold aod sterling bonds 6,133,775 5 1 Loans on County Council, Mani- cipal and other rates .13,819,468 10 2 [Freehold ground rents and Scotch feu duties 3,860,399 6 4 Freehold and leasehold property 3,685,329 4 2 Mortgages on property withia the United Kingdom 7,609,760 5 7 Railway, Gas, and Water siocks 7,581,357 0 4 Suez Canal 264,883 9 4 Telegraph and othershares. 97,623 6 4 Metropolitan Consolidated stock and city of London bonds 258,717 2 11 Bank of England stock 200,559 1Q 6 Colonial and Sbreign corporation stocks 2,419,012 13 6 Foreign government securities. 1,294,215 0 7 Reversions and Life Interests 1,161,978- 18 5 Loans on the Company's Policies 2;134,509, 8 7 Rent charges I 297,293 2 4 Outstanding premiums and agents' balances 425,667 19 2 Outstanding interest Pnd rents 508,463 10 9, Cash-In hands of superinten- dents 34,653 11 5 Ditto-(Iin current a-jcounts, a^d in hand 132;406 4. 1 £ 59,46-^376 5 6 £ 59,464,376; 5 6 THOS. C. DEWEY. General Manager, FREDERICK SCHOOLING, Actuary, D. W.. STABLE, Secretary. HENRY HARBEN, Chairwum* W.J LANCASTER, W. E. HORNE, f virecTiyrs. We lia47e examined the Ca-ih, traasactio ns (receipts tsod paynfents) affecting, the accounts of the Assets and Inytments for the year enured December 31st, 1905,. and iN-e find the same in good order and properly vouched. We have also examined the Deeds and Securities, Certificates, etc., representing she Assets, and Investments set out in the above account, and we certify that they we re in possession and safe custody as on De- cember 31st, 1905. 14th February, 1906. DELOITTE, PLENDER, GRIFFITHS, and Co., Chartered Accountants. Every information concerning all kinds of Assurances can be had from the District Superintendent, Mr. W. L. Williams, 9 Queen's Terrace, Aberystwyth, the Assistant Superintendent. Mr. T. Leonard,, 8, Cadwan Place, Aberayron and Mr. J. B. Jones, 3, Maetftgwyn Villas, Machynlleth,, and any of the Company's Agents. 133b Latest Hurricane Lantern. A PERFECT WINDPROOF LANTERN. Guaranteed Most simple to stand tolight. strongest wind. Strongest and most useful No Farmer Lantern should be in the without one. CASH PRICE, 2s.3D. INSPECTION INVITED. W. H. JONES, ONMONGER, 8 1 36, LITTLE DARKGATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. 650a MILD &: BITTER BEERS OF THE FINEST QUALITY ARE SUPPLIED BY Daoid Robrts Sonst LIMITED. THE BKEWERY, ABERYSTWYTH » Price List on Application. The Brewing Waters are of exceptional purity, and only the Finest Materials obtainable are used. CLEARANCE SALE OF GENERAL DRAPERY GOODS, READY-MADE CLOTHING, &C. DANIEL THOMAS Wishes to inform his Customers and the Public 'generally that his 28th Annual Sale of DRAPERY GOODS, READY-MADE CLOTHING, ETC., Will Commence on iifOYDA Y, MARCH 5th, and will be continued to the 26th instant, When all hi. EXTENSIVE STOCK will be greatly reduced to effect a speedy clearance and in order to make room for Spring Goods. The Public are cordially invited to inspect the Goods. Every Article marked in plain figures. TERMS:—ONE PRICE AND STRICTLY READY MONEY. PLEASE NOTE THE ADDRESS- DANIEL THOMAS, 22 & 24, Little Darkgate Street. Aberystwyth. NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS I .S, ÅB_,RAYROM"Wl'ite to the Council. '-READER," CAPEL BAW30R,- You may be right; but it is too late in the day for that. '1'. C." LAXIETER.-Tlic County Council promised to advance £ 20,000 by way of loan, to be secured by the fir-at debentures. "WELSH GAZETTE" IS THE RECOGNISED COUNTY PAPEF fO* CARDIGANSHIRE. Acknowledged to be the best in the district for its complete service ef aews.




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