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ABERYSTWYTH. Personal.—His many friends will be glad to know that Councillor T. J. Samuel is again convalescent, and has been at business this week. Church News.—The Rev. J. Cadvan Dav- ies, of Oswestry, will become superintend- ent of the Aberystwyth Wesleyan Circuit after the next Conference. The Famous Seeipss.-It is stated that Mrs. Jones, of Egryn, the famous stress, will shortly pay a visit to Llanbadarn, and conduct a mission. The College Registrarship.—Several names are being already mentioned in connection with the vacancy. They include those of certain members of the staff as well as of pro- 'minent outsiders. Fishing.—Local anglers are having some good sport on the Teify, the Lerry, and other rivers in the district. The fish are reported to be in good condition, and several large catches have been made. The Approach to the Terrace from the Castle grounds has now been improved, and grass laid on the slopes. A flight of broad steps leads from the base of the round tower to the promenade, and in many ways the spot is becoming one of credit to the town. Personal.—Mr. J. Glyn Davies. of the Welsh Library, has been appointed external examiner in Celtic in the University of Liver- pool. Mr. Davies is an old student of Uni- versity College, Liverpool, and he is to be congratulated on this distinction which his old College has conferred upon him. Rate Case.—At the Police Station on Friday last, before Mr. Peter Jones and Mt-. D. C. Roberts, a mariner named Wm. Edwards, of 6, Smithfield-road. was sum- moned for non-payment of 12s. 9d. poor rate and £ 1 8s. Id. general district and water rate. An order for payment of both amounts was made. 'IA. Nation's Stren^tfli.^—The Rev A. Wright (organising secretary of the White Cross League), delivered a powerful address to men at St. Michael's Church on Tuesday evening. There was a very good attend- ance and the lecture was attentively follow- ed. Mr. Wright chose as his subject "The Secret of a Nation's Strength.' Signs of the Season.—Arrangements are now being made to pitch a large camp at Clarach in August* in connection with one of the highly organized Boys.' Brigades of Lancashire. It is anticipated that some 300 members of it will then be under canvass, whilst many of their relatives will be stay- ing in the town at the same time. Summer Train Service.—The secretary of the Ratepayers' Association has received a letter. from Mr. C. S. Dennise, intimating that it is the intention of the Cambrian Rail- ways Company to run an extra train during the summer months for the convenience of week-enders. The tram will leave Aberyst- wyth at 6.30 on Monday mornings, and will reach the chief Midland towns about 11 a.m. Reading Room Pests.—Complaints are frequent and well grounded about the re- moval of papers and magazines from the Public Reading Room. NOt content with dealing a plate from a valuable book, per- iodicals, which are the common property of all who use the Room, now find their way into private hands, which after a period .eturn some of the "borrowed" property to the tables. ) Vaccination.—At the Petty Sessions on Wednesday, Charles Castree, 27, Queen- street, baker, applied for a certificate ex- empting his child from vaccination. In re- ply to the Bench applicant said he did not believe in it, and he had a conscientious objection. Asked to explain his objection, he said he had heard so much about it that he thought it was not. good.—Mr. J. Lew:s: I think you are very foolish.—The certificate was granted. Housebreaking.— On Tuesday morning the residence of Captain James, Rope House Fach, was broken into, and a sum of about £10 in gold stolen from a purse which had been placed in a hanging press. Captain .and Mrs. James were in the town from 8 to 10.30 selling milk, and it was during that time that the robbery took place. En- trance to the house was gained by breaking a pane of glass in the back parlour window and pushing back the catch. Information was immediately given to the police, and diligent enquiries are now being prosecuted. Nqw Rolling Stock.—The M. and M. Rail- way Company have juisl purchased 1ve additional passenger coaches. They are part .of the rolling stock of the Mersey Railway Company, which system has ):)n electrified and supplied with new stock. The coaches are third class, four-wheeled, and have five compartments in each. They will be a great acquisition to the M. and M. Company's rolling stock; and will enable that Company to cope in a more satisfactory manner with their passenger traffic during the summer ason. Mr. Grierson, the general manager, is to be congratulated upon this further in- dication of his enterprising spirit. The Glanhafren.—The crew of the Glan- hafren, steamer, of Aberystwyth, and own- ed by Messrs. Mathias and Sons. of Cardiff, were brought to Bristol on Tuesday by the s.s. Cornubian from Malta. The Glanhafren, as previously reported, was driven during a gale on to the bar at La Castello. and be- came a total wreck. No lives were lost. Their names were David Jenkins first mate; Andrew Matthews, second mate; Robert Gates, John Helmer, Frederick Indgier, Hugo Tomberry, and John Gray. Later in the day they left for Cardiff. Workhouse Tenders.—The tenders for the supply of goods and provisions to the Work- house for the ensuing half-year were con- sidered by the Guardians on Monday, and the following were accepted :-Meat, Mr. T. Rowlands; groceries, Mr. J. R. James, bacon, Mr. J. Williams; milk, Mr. Gavin Scott; drapery. Mr. John Thomas; cloth- ing, Mr. Daniel Thomas; coal, Mr. J. Jen- kin Jones; boots. Messrs. Stead and Simp- son; ironmongery, Mr. W. H. Jones; atones, Messrs. D. and W. Edwards; fire- wood, Mr. E. Jenkins; disinfectants, Mr. E. P. Wynne; shaving, and haircutting, Mr. W. Gwilym; coffins, Mr. J. Williams. School Attendance.—At the Petty Ses- sions on Wednesday morning two cases of non-school attendance were heard before Mr. T. Griffiths and Mr. J. Lewis. Both were sons of William Lucas, Northgate- street, and the attendance officer (Mr. D. A. Lloyd) proved that one had been absent 87 times in a given period, and another 58 times. He had seen the boys playing foot- ball on the 15th inet.—The mother, who ap- peared, seemed to treat the matter in a very off-hand way. She said she sent the boys to school every day, and she could not do more. She could not go and look for her living and follow them to school every day. —The Attendance Officer said the father took one of the lads out hawking with him. He did not try to send the boys to school.— The case was adjourned for a week in order that the father should bring the two boys to the Court. Wet within and Without.—At the Police Station on Thursday last, before Meesrs. Isaac Hopkins and J. Watkins, Albert Hill Jones, 20 years of age, a labourer, living at Tymawr. Llanbadarn, was charged by P.C. Lloyd with having been drunk and disorderly on the previous day. About half-past six in the evening the constable saw a crowd of people going towards the harbour. He fol- lowed them, saw prisoner up to his waist in the water, and had to take him out by force as he said he was going to drown himself.— Sergt. Phillips corroborated. Prisoner pleaded that it was his first offence and would be his last. He had been drinking whiskey and beer all day and did not know what he was doing when he got into the water.—Prisoner promised to sign the pledge and was, therefore, leniently dealt with by being fined 5s. with costs. being fined 5s. with costs. Pluvier in Danger.—The crews of three eChooners anchored at St. Tudwall's Roads, off the Lleyn Promontory, had exciting ex- periences in the great gale on Wednesday morning of last week The Portmadoc schooner Roeie parted from her anchor and, drifting, ran into the Aberystwyth schooner Pluvier. The fore topmast of the latter fell on the deck, and the Rosie, to get clear, had to slip her second anchor. Setting head sails the Rosie ran ashore at Abersoch, the crew of five being resuced by means of ropes held by persons who had assembled on shore. In the meantime the Abersoch lifeboat had gone out to the Pluvier, which was Hying signals of distress, and landed the crew at Llanbed- rog. At this stage the Portmadoc schooner Jane was seen to fly signals of distress, hav- ing been blown with her anchors dragging to a perilous position. Owing to the loss df an anchor the lifeboat had to wait some time before rescuing the crew, which they did between five and six at night. Business.—Mr. H. Graham King. chartered accountant, who recently audited the ac- counts of the Aberystwyth Corporation, has removed his offices from 118, Queen Victoria- street, London, to 17 and 18, Telegraph- street, Moorgate-street, Electric Light.—The new electric cables which have recently been laid will enable the Company to supply customers with a direct current. instead of an alternative cur- rent as heretofore. If sufficient customeis can now be obtained to use electricity as a motive power the Company will be prepared to supply the necessary current both day and night. --tI- THE CORPORATION AND THE GAS COMPANY. The matter of the Gas Company's Pro- visional Order came before the Hon Mr. Pelham at the Board of Trade on Wednes- day in last week, when Messrs Shaipei, Par- kins, Pritchard, and Co., and Mr. Woodall, the managing director, represented the Gas Company, and Messrs Baker and Co. and Mr. E. H. Stevenson, M.Inst.C.E., represented the Corporation, Messrs. A. J. Hughes, the town clerk, and Mr. William Thomas, the mayor, being also present. The Company's case was stated, and Messrs Woodall and Stevenson entered into details particularly in the question of capital which was the main point argued. Mr. Hughes explained the reason for the delay on the part of the Corporation in ex- ercising their option of purchase of the Gas- works. Mr. Pelham said there must be a very heavy reduction in the amount of the pro- posed new capital, and directed the company to bring in a full statement as to expendi ture on capital account up to the present time and for future requirements. He also stated that the Corporation must give notice to the Company of their intention to pur- chase. Upon this notice being served, the Board of Trade will insert in the Provisional Order a. clause similar to that inserted in the Long Eaton Gas Act. 1901. The effect of the clause will be to effectually check the Com- pany inflating their c a gifyaL; ja& 'W"tne proposed ao GRUESOME. Sir.—What can be said of the depths to which a certain Aberystwyth paper descends, when it panders to the most morbid and gruesome appetite, by issuing broadcast a loose inset portraying a drowned man prop- ped up against a wall ? Is there no common decency left which respects the feelings of ''wives and mothers; of families in whose circles there are painful memories? There can be no excuse for such a course; there are other ways of helping the authorities than by flaunting a wretched print before the eyes of sensitive people. Not even Paris with its Morgue,-painful and neces- sary as it is—can be compared with this RESIDENT.


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