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Aberystwyth .B 0 a r d ,of…


Aberystwyth .B 0 a r d of Guardians. The fortnightly meeting of the Board of Guardians was held on Monday at the Board Room, Union Workhouse, when there were present Mr. J. B. Morgan, Glanfread (chair- man), presiding; Rev. T. A. Penry (vice- chairman), Mrs. E. H. James, Mrs. Evan Evans, Messrs Wm. Thomas (mayor), B. E. Morgan, Edwin Morris, Captain G. Fossett Roberts, Aberystwyth, E. J. Williams, Ceulanymaesmawr: Wm. Morris and WT. T. Lewis, Cyfoethybrenin; Richard James, Henllys; Rev. N. Thomas, Llanbadarn; John Jones, Llanbadarn Upper: James Jones, Llanbadarn Lower; Edward Jones, and Lewis Richards, Cwmrheidol; Wm. Mason, Llancynfelin; Evan Jones, Llanfi- hahgel Upper; E. J. Evans, Llangwyryfon Wm. Davies and Daniel Morris. Llanilar; Thos. Jones, Llanrhystyd Haminiog; J. Pugh Lewis, Parcel Canol; John Roberts, Uchayn- <Jre; John Richards, Trefeirig; and R. Tho- mas, Brvsgaga; with Hugh Hughes (clerk). En jLlewellin (assistant clerk), and W. Jones (master). Out-relief. The amount of out-relief administered during the past fortnight was as follows:— Per Mr. T. Vaughan. £ 60 13s. 2d. to 192 paupers, an increase of C2 lis. 2d. in amount and a decrease of two in number as compar- ed with the corresponding fortnight of last year; per Mr. T. Morgan, £49 6s. to 154 paupers, a decrease of £ 5 80. in amount and 12 in number; per Mr. J. J. Hughes. £ 46 8s. 6d. to 153 paupers, an increase of L2 8s. 6d. in amount and 4 in number, Vagrants. The number of vagrants relieved at the common lodging houses during the past fortnight was 154 men and two women. Master's Report. The Master reported that the number in the House was 95, as compared with 91 in the corresponding period of last year. Relief in Kind. Considerable dissatisfaction was expressed by several members at the manner in which out-relief in kind was granted in the Aber- ystwyth district.—Captain Roberts proposed that bills for goods supplied to paupers in receipt of out-relief in the Aberystwyth dis- trict be examined by the Finance Com- mittee, who will recommend payment or otherwise of same at the following meeting of the Board, and that no relief in kind be given to such paupers except on the recom- mendation of the Medical Officer. Tregaron v. Aberystwyth. A long discussion took place upon the ap- plication of a, woman from Dyffryn Paith, who applied for out-relief. The woman was formerly chargeable to the Tregaron Union, but she had now gained a status of irremova- bility in the Aberystwyth Union. Some months agcwthe woman made a similar ap- plication, but this was refused, and she was requested to enter the Tregaron Workhouse, in order that her maintenance should not become a charge on the Aberystwyth Union. This, however, she refused to do.—Mr. James Jones now strongly opposed the grant- ing of relief to this woman. She had fought the Aberystwyth Union as against the Tre- garon Union, and had been assisted in the meantime by some ladies living in the dis- trict. He thought that if she had been able to maintain herself so long that she should continue to do so. It was a well-known fact that the Aberystwyth Guardians treated their paupers much more liberally than the Tifegaron Guardians, and that, no doubt, was the reason why she wished to claim a, settlement in the Aberystwyth Union.— The Rev. N. Thomas and Mr. B. E. Morgan supported the application of the woman for out-relief, and it was proposed that she be granted 2s. 6d. a week. Another proposi- tion was made that the woman be offered the House.—On a division, it was decided by a large majority to offer the House. Paupers' Supposed Wealth. Mr. James Jones enquired whether the Relieving Officer knew anything of the bank book of a Penparke pauper who died re- cently.-The Relieving Officer said he did not.-Mr. Jones said there were three mourning coaches at the woman's funeral. Three nephews also came up from South Wales, and they did not come up for noth- ing. There was- another case at Penparke, where it was said a woman received a sum of £ 200 about five years ago, and that woman was now in receipt of out-relief.—The Re- lieving Officer said he went to the pauper's house just before the funeral, and enquired whether she had left any money. He was told she had not.—Mr. James Jones: You don't ask a thief where he has placed the stolen goods.—The Relieving Officer said there was very little furniture in the House. He was informed that an aunt had stipulat- ed in a will a sum of £ 10 to be left to the deceased, but when spoken to, the aunt demed any such promise.—The Chairman: Who pays for the mourning coaches?—The Relieving Officer said he did not know. Mr. James Jones said the old woman, who was ill for a week, told a neighbour to provide the mourning coaches, and that she should have the money to pay for them. "You do as I tell you" she said. (Laughter). Mr. Jones added that he fought against giving relief to this case at the beginning, as he knew the woman had had a sum of L60 left r" ,s family was now nearly at an end. Ifiey had been paupers for generations and generations.—The Relieving Officer was in- structed to make further enquiries into the case. Stone Breaking Wards. Mr. B. E. Morgan said the Building Committee was of opinion that the material Z -U ^Y:lch ,at was originally intended to build the stone breaking tramp wards was not of sufficiently good quality to stand the j which they would be subject- f?- Ahey recommended that a different kind of bricks be used, the cost of which would amount to £ 3 15s., with ti 5s. worth of extra cement would mean a total cost of f'J' fie proposed that this extra expendi- ture be incurred.—Captain G. Fossett Rob- ried Sec(> > anc* t^'e proposition M as car- Asylum Visitors. in accordance with notice given, Mr. Ed- ward Jones proposed that a committee be appointed to visit the pauper lunatics charge- able to the Union at Carmarthen Asylum.- Clerk S u°leSA secoJT1<le<i—The Assistant Clerk said he had made enquiries regarding i ,"h 3,1,1 Festimog Unions, refer- rea to at the previous meeting by Mr Bir- P lnLfr! Government Board Inspector Pwllheli had a population of 21 803 as ™.m Pwflheli^haf'i71 the fber^w^h Union" vstwvth f? 1>aiIPer c Iunatics, and Aber- ystwyth 56, the cost of maintenance beine 8a. 9d. and 9s. Old. respectively. The cit o maintenance for the year ended Septefti ber last was £ 671 at Pwllheli, and £ 1 339 at Aberystwyth The Festiniog Union had a SPa^ °f 2I'88C9' the ^atics nutnbered 44, and the cost of maintenance 8s. 9d. per head, and the total cost of maintenance for «,e past jear £ 825. The the cost of pauper lunatics in the Aberystwyth Union as compared with five years ago was 84, as compared with ten years ago £ 207 £ 544C°^PaXed uWith tw^y y<Ss ago 544. The number of lunatics relieved 20 years ago was 40.-After some Sscu^ion the proposition was adopted, and Captam Fossett Roberts and Mr. E. J Evans appointed visitors. • ^ans were Afr, w.n. Married Couples. Mr. William Davies proposed that nro vision be made at the Workhouse for aged married couples. Unless this provision could be provided in the new building he hfiT/rH5 some of the rooms' in the' old if* used.—The Mayor suggested that the matter b referred to the House Committee.—Mr. B. E. Morgan sairt +t.- SCarefuIly -nsfered 3 by tl £ House Committee when the plans for the +iot EnoiWH gS W6r(\ under eonsidera- j • inquiries were made as to what was from "thjff of otter Unions and mWee came fo°lf,0n the 'com- came to the conclusion that it was /v. ?t ,e imPossible to do anv- tJ1ing f-„\e were being "2- iied out.-Captain P,.oberte thoiigbt in view ago they were certainly S gding accommodation for mLried cj>np1« He, however, would propose that the oues tion be referred to the House Committee, Jk committee to report whon buildings were completed.—Mr. E T 1? "eW seconded, and this was carried. ^vans


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