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ABEKYSlWYTil. Mayor's Auditor.—Tke Mayor announced -at the special meeting of the Town Council -on Tuesday that lie had appointed Captain Doughton as his auditor, and that that gentleman had consented to act. Steam Packet Co.—At a meeting of the directols of the Aberystwyth Steam Packet Company, held on Friday ¡ evening last. Mr. Fred Morgan was ap- pointed secretary in place of the late Mi. Isaac Griffiths. Gipsv Smith's Viis,-t.-To afford miners employed at Cwmystwyth and Rheidoi val- ley. an opportunity of hearing this renowned evangelist, a special late train will leave Aberystwyth at 10 p.m. on Saturday next for Devil's Bridge. Obituary.—The death took place on Fri- day last of Miss Leek, sister of Mrs. Evan Edwards, Trafford House, Rheidol-terrace. Deceased, who was 48 years of age, had lived for several years at Manchester. She had been ailing for about three months. The funeral took place on Tuesday at the ceme- tery, the Rev. D. Morgan officiating. The Streets.—When we are almost on the threshold of the season the streets are once more being cut up by the Gas Company. Surely, had the Gas people any foresight and the least regard lor the welfare of the town, they might have chosen a more suit- able time for his work. The one thing that the ratepayers should see to it is that the roads are put in absolutely good repair. Resident. Obituary.—The death took place on Thurs- QT7 in thQ fUt.h w:ir of her SiSG. of Ir.s. '-4U,J, "a.& -L4 .]. --l:¡ M. A. Francis, of the Freemasons' Tavern, where she had lived for 17 years. Deceased was a sister to the late Mrs. Rees, of the • Commercial Hotel. She is survived by a eon, Mr. J. D. Francis. The funeral took place on Tuesday morning at the Cemeteiy. the Rev. T. A. Penry officiated. A Bi-Monthly Meeting was held on Sun- day at Salem Chapel. Admirable ad- dresses were given in the course of the day. Mr. Charles Benson on The characteristics of Luke's gospel Mr. Isaac Thomas, Pen- yparke, on The Miracles in relation to our Lord's doctrine"; Mr. John Evans, Capel Seion, on "The Bible and Religion"; Mr. Ivor Evans, B.A., on "The Baptist as Christ's fo,k-runner Mr. David Watkins, Shildh, on The lessons of the Revival." At the evening service, the Rev. D. Treborth Jones, B.A.. delivered a funeral sermon. The Weather.—Quito a hurricane passed over Aberystwyth on Tuesday night, but only a small amount of damage was done. A hayshed in a field off the Penparke road, belongings to Mrs. Rowlands, butaher, was blown down. The shed at the end of the Pier, in which the peirrots give their entertain- ments in the summer, also succumbed to the wind, and was blown into the sea. The tide was one of the lowest of the year. Had it been a high one it is feared that considerable damage would have been done to property on the Terrace. Obituary.—The death tcok place on Sun- day evening at her home of M:ss Lizzie Gri- ffiths, third daughter oi Mrs. Griffiths, "Penygraig" Penglaise-road, and of the latfe Mr. John Griffiths, mariner. She had not been well for about twelve months, and the news of her passing away at the early age of 21 years, was received with deep regret by all her friends. She was a faithful member of Holy Trinity Church Choir, and a teacher at the Sunday School. The funeral is to take place at 3 o'clock on Saturday afternoon. Prudential Assurance Co.—In another col- umn we publish the annual report of the Pru- dential Assurance Co. The local superintend- ent is Mr. W. Williams, 9, Queen's-rd., who has just taken up the duties in succession to Councillor T. H. Edwards, removed to Car- narvon. Mr. Williams is the youngest su- perintendent under the Co. in Wales, and his appointment to this important post reflects the high opinion entertained of his tact and business ability by the directors. The Co. are now offering special terms to intending policy holders, particularly in the industrial branch, in which full benefits can be enjoyed in six months after taking out the policy. Lantern Lectures.—On Monday last, Mr. H. Browning Button delivered a lantern lecture to a large and appreciative audience at the Kings Heath Institute, Alcester- road, Birmingham, the subject being "A talk about Western Wules." The lecture was il- lustrated bv beautifully coloured pictures of Aberystwytli, Devil's Bridge, and the Rhei- dol Valley. Mr. Button, who is the ener- getic and popular Traffic Agent of the Cam- brian Railways in Birmingham, has deliver- ed numerous lectures in different parts of the Midlands during the winter months, and his efforts to bring this part of Wales into greater prominence in those populous cen- tres deserve much commendation. Shire Horse Society.—A meeting of the members of the South of the Rheiaol Shire Horse Society was held on Monday at the Lion Hotel, Mr. F. 1?. Roberts* Penwern, presiding over a large attendance. The chief business was the appointment of a man to follow the entire horse, "Redlynch Blue Blood" There were nine applicants and these were reduced to two, namely, John James Jones, Pengraig, Llanychaiarn, and Thomas Jones, Brynpyilau, Llanrhystyd. The voting was by ballot, and in the end John James Jones secured the post with 86 votes to 83.-The wages are Ll a week, with groom's fee.—A long discussion took place on the question of the right to transfer shares. It was eventually agreed that these share- holders who had no mares be allowed one nomination, each such nomination being transferable. The Band Question.—Sir,—I notice that the deputy clerk to the Durham County Council (Mr. Simey) has written to the Sun- derland Corporation protesting against the provision of music in the public Park out of the Corporation exchequer with the result that the committee have decided to alter the estimate and allow the sum taken as revenue from the pierrot stand rents, bowls, use of chairs, etc., to be applied for .the provision of music, but Mr. Simey contends that this also will be illegal, and adds that if needs be he is prepared to go to the High Court for a writ of certiorari. As this is exactly the position of our Corporation is in at pre- sent with regard to tho summer band, and Mr. Jack Edwards' letter would it not be wise to give the matter due consideration rather than treat it with the contempt shown by some of the high minded members, who ought to understand the position they are in with regard to this matter. There are no two ways about it, there never was a more glaring case of "smuggling" in the Council than there has been in connection with the band question this year.—Ratepayer. Ratepayers' Association.—T^hei members of the Aberystwyth Ratepayers' Association met for their monthly meeting on Tuesday evening, Mr. L. Bearne presiding over a small attendance. The Chairman said there was a variety of matters for evening, namely, the isolation hospital, the railway service, extension otf the) borough, and markets and fairs.—Mr. Rufus Williams opened a discussion on the question of rail- way facilities, and said the great thing which Aberystwyth needed was a. proper railway service to and from the big centres in the summer time. He thought they should press upon the Railway Company the im- portance of making special arrangements for persons who desire to spend week-ends in the town. At present, business people, who came down for week-ends, from Bir- mingham for instance, could not get back until after two o'clock on Monday although leaving by the morning trains. The great delay at present seemed to be at small and unimportant stations between Welshpool and Aberystivyth.-NLIr. Tateham said he was quite aware they could get week-end tickets to the chief towns of England, but they could not get long-day tickets for a week or more. He thought the granting of long-day tickets would be a great boon to the inhabi- tants of Aberystwyth.—The Chairman said what they wanted on Mondays and Tuesdays in the summer time was a train starting for the Midland town between seven and eight in the morning, the present train at 9.10 ar- riving too late for business people.—Mr. J. O. Jones said Aberystwyth had a bad name for its railway service. He suggested co- operation with the other towns on the coast in trying to rouse the Cambrian Railway Company to provide a better service in this direction.—The following resolution was pro- posed :—"That this Association recognises the efforts made by the Cambrian Railways Company to expedite their railway service, but desires to urge upon the Company the desirability of running a train from Aber- ystwyth on Monday mornings to meet the train at Welshpool getting into the Mid- lands about 11 a.m. The Association also desire^ respectfully to call attention to the apparently unnecessary delays at stations on the Company s line, and tho frequent stoppages on the line between Welshpool and I Shrewsbury. Also that the Association de- sires to urge in the interests of the Company and the town, that cheap excursion tickets to places in the district of Aberystwyth may be issued on production of a tour^t ticket earlier in the year than has hitherto been the case.—This resolution was carried.—A I further resolution was proposed, and carried, "calling the attention of the M. and M. Railway Company to the need, of week end tickets to stations in South Wales up to I Newport, Mon., and respectfully urges that I' provision in that direction may be made. Also that cheap excursion tickets in the dis- trict of Aberystwyth may be issued on pro- duction of a tourist ticket from April." ¡ Breakwater Contract .rhe. contractors ¡ plant, machinery, timber, etc.. used in the construction of the new Harbour breakwater I were offered for sale on Wednesday afternoon by Mr. Charles D. Phillips, contractors' en- gineer, of Newport and Cardiff.^ Good prices were realised on the whole. Timber, how- over, went exceedingly cheap. The pile driver was sold for £ 20, but the bidding was not high enough for the 3 ton steam derrick crane. Trefechan.—The annual tea meeting and entertainment in connection with the Tre- fechan Sunday School was held last Wed- nesday, the tea tables were superintended over by the Sunday School teachers assited over by the Sunday School teachers assisted by the young people of Trefechan. The the Mayor (Mr. W. Thomas), occupied the chair. There was a varied programme, and a crowded house one of the best ever held at Trefechan. Mr. D. C. Roberts proposed a vote of thanks to the chairman, and Mr. A. Joel seconded. 'C'T.' OJ A Public etactor.-w nue n would be erroneous to ascribe the resuscita- tion of the Cambrian and Powysiand Mills to a spirit of philanthrophy, we feel sure (says the Newtown Express) we voice the teeiing of the inhabitants of Newtown and Welsh- pool in speaking of Mr. A. J. W. James as a great public benefactor, whose extraordinary enterprise has rescued Newtown, in particu- lar, from a paralysing industrial misfortune. But for his enterprise in all probability these mills to-day would have'been dismant- led derelicts, saddening remindeis. of a busy bye-gone when Newtown ranked as "The i Leeds of Wales. The community at large must feel deeply grateful for his magnificent speculation which affects all local interests to an almost incalcuable degree. In associa- ting Mr. Parry-Jones with the management Mr. James has not only secured the assist- ance of a most capable captain of industry, but thereby solidified and strengthened the manufacturing trade of the town which will enjoy all the advantages of a co-operative connecting of the Kynuic, and Cambrian Mills. Besides effecting a drastic re-organi- sation, Mr. James has shown sound business instincts in consulting with the former superintendents of the various departments with the view to arresting leakages, remov- ing disabilities, and making all improvements essential to ithe successful- resumption of operations and the development of those new branches of manufacture which he proposes to introduce. PETTY SESSIONS. The weekly Petty Sessions were held on Wednesday before Mr. Isaac Hopkins and Mr. T. Griffiths. Maintenance.—David Hughes, 30, High- street, Llanbradach, builder, was summoned to show cause why he should not be com- mitted to prison for refusing to pay L3 2s. 6d., arrears due for the maintenance of his parents. Hugh Owen James, 11, Merchant- street, Pontlottyn, insurance agent, was summoned for a similar cause, the amount of arrears in his case being Ll. Both defend- ants were committed to prison for one month, the order in the latter case being suspended for fourteen days, inasmuch as defendant had promised to pay the arrears immediately. Theft of Chocolate.—Edward Warrington, 4, Poplar-row, and Richard Arfon Jones, 24, South-road, errand boys, were charged with stealing two packets of chocolate, value Is. 3d., the property of William Henry Morgan, 6, Pier-street, on the 10th inst. Sergt. Phillips said about 6 p.m. on the day in question, he was called to Mr. Mroagn's shop. Mr. Morgan asked him to search Warring- ton, and in one of his pockets he found a packet of chocolate. In consequence of a statement he made, he requested the boy to accompany him, and in Progress Hall, Mill- street, they found the other lad. When Jones was informed that Mr. Morgan had com- plained of missing two shilling packets of chocolate from the shop, Warrington said he had seen a half-packet with him the previous night, and that he had received a share of the other packet that morning. Jones said: "It was only the packet this morning I took. I did not take one last night. "-Warrington now admitted that he took one packet of chocolate, and said that Jonea took the other.—There was a previous conviction for theft against Warrington.—The boys were cautioned by the Mayor, and ordered to re- ceive twelve strokes with the birch. C.M. MONTHLY MEETING. The North Cardiganshire Monthly Meet- ing-was held at Saron Llanbadarniawr, on Wednesday, March 8th. The Rev. W. G. Harris, presided. The Rev. D. Lewis, the secretary, read a letter from the Rev. D. Mardy Davies, Pontycymmer, stating that Mr. Evan Roberts, would pay a visit to the district as soon as possible. It was reported that Mr. T. J. Owen had been elected pastor of the churches at Devil's Bridge, and Aber- ffrwd, and that he should be ordained to the full work of the ministry in August next.— With regard to the request which came from the Garn District Meeting: "It was re- solved to hold the Scriptural Examination as ugual.It was reported from the Aberyst- wyth district meeting that all the churches had voted in favour of Mr. D. J. Evans, Capel Sion, and the Rev. Wm. Morgan, Garn, and Mr. John Morris, Penllwyn, were appointed to go to and examine him and to take the vote of the church. At the 2 o'clock meeting which was a general confer- ence ,the Rev. Dd. Morgan, Penllwyn open- ed a discussion, "On the best course of ac- tion, the church and Sunday school should take, with regard to the state of the church in our midst, through the present revival." -1 -ts The Rev. T. E. Roberts, M.A., followed, and laid stress "on the church adapting itself to the situation brought about by the revival. —The Rev. W. Jones said that it was not the season to lay down hard and fast rules, but to let everyone to take his or her part, as they were prompted. He also implored each and all not to stand in the way of the revival.-—The Rev. J. Bowen said, that now was the proper time to bring in the temper- ance question into the churches.—The Rev. G. Parry (C.), Soar, in the course of his re- marks gave a pressing invitation to all to join the Lodge of Good Templars newly form- ed at Llanbadarn, which was in a very flour- ishing condition. Sermons were delivered by the Revs. D. Treborth Jones, B.A., Salem Thos. Levi; R. J. Rees, M.A. and J. Bowen. INDEPENDENT ORDER OF RECHAB- ITES. DISTRICT MEETING. The seventeenth annual District Council of the Mid-Wales District No. 62, I.O.R., was held at the Victoria Restaurant, Aber- dovey, on Wednesday, March 8th. The Council was opened at 12 o'clock by Bro. Edward Jones, D.C.R., and there were pre- sent Bros. T. C. Jenkins, D.D.R., E. H. Davies, P.D.C.R., E. L. Rowlands, D.S.J.T. Richard Jones, D.A.S.J.T- Geo Davies, D.L.; Bro. Jones, acting D.G.R.; Goodwin and Daniel Thoma&, D. Trustees; J. Barclay Jen- kins, D. Secretary; and J. Paith Morgan and R. G. Bennett, D. Auditors, represent- ed:—Bros. David Davic-&( and Tom Jones, representing Ystwyth; D. Davies, Star of Hope; E. D. Rees, St. Stephens; Henry Davies, Seren Dyfi; George Davies, Rhay- adr Gwy Thomas Rees, St. Peter's; Ar- nold Jones, Rhayader Gwy Juvenile; M. Llewelyn Jones, Llwyn OlUl; D. J. Morgan, Garn Maelgwyn J. B. Jones, Speedwell; W. G. Brown, Queen Alexandra; Joseph J. Ed- wards, Idris; W. Jones Hughes, Angor Dyfi; H. Griffiths, Noddfa. The minutes of the previous annual District Council were read and confirmed. Arising out of them, the H.C.R.'s. visit was favourably commented upon by Bros. Rees Davies and Rowlands. Satisfaction was also expressed at the invest- ment of surplus money by the various Tents, which secures a larger increase than that obtainable at the banks and the Poet Office Savings Bank. The statement of accounts and auditor's report were considered. Bros. Morgan and Bennett referred to the way the books and accounts of the District were kept, and the D. "S. dwelt on the satisfactory condition of the District financially, the adult funeral fund showing at the end of 1904 a total of £ 987 in hand, as compared with JE881 at the end of 1903. The number of deaths during 1 the whole year was 4, and the funeral pay- ments £25. The Balance showed that the year's working had been very satisfgactory the interest received from investments alone being over and above the claims made on the rund. The Juvenile funeral fund show- ed a result quite as satisfactory, no death having taken place during the twelve months, the amount in hand at the end of 1904 bemg JE171. The management funds in the adult and juvenile branches also showed a balance in hand. The total amounts invested by the adult branch is £865, and by the juvenile £ 110 with a working account in the London Provincial Bank of £ 189. further remarks were made by Bro. E. Rowland and the D.C.R. In the report of the District Secretary, it was pointed out that two new Tents were opened during the year one adult and one juvenile, the former being at Corris. The new tent, which was instituted in July, was in a flourishing state. Its pre- sent strength was 56 members. Further developments in this direction were expect- ed during the current year. The Juvenile Tent was opened at Rhayader with 45 mem- bers making in the whole District 618 aduit and'149 juveniles. The question of mixed tents had the attention of the Council, the meeting being unanimously in favour of al- lowing Tents to initiate females as members on the condition that the funeral shares were limited. The further consideration of this question, together with that of the Juvenile table of contributions, was left to the Exe- cutive Committee of the District, which is to meet at Machynlleth as early as possible Bros. Goodwin, Davies and other delivered excellent addresses on the work of the Juv- eniles, and the power exercised for good m securing the voung as Bro. E. Jones, D.C.R., was unanimously elected district representative to the H.M.C. at Aberdeen, with Bro. E. L. Rowlands as alternative. Tents were urged to get then- officers insured in the guarantee society. The Ystwyth Tent was responsible for the following motion"That it is to the best interests of the Order that the H.M.C. meet, earlier than August, Bank Holiday week." The D.S.J.T. gave an interesting statement of the strength of the Juvenile Branch and the probable extension in the immediate future. The election of officers for the ensuing year resulted as follows:—P.D.C.R. Bro. Ed. Jones.; D.C.R., Bro T. C. Jenkins; D.D.R., Bro E. L. Rowlands; D.S.J.T., Bro Geo Dav- ies; D.A.S.J.T., Bro J. Paith Morgan; D.G, Bro. J. J. Edwards; D.L., Bro Wilson; D. T. Bro John Evans; District Secretary, Bro. J. Barclay Jenkins; district auditors, Bros. R. G. Bennett and Thomas Jones. The next annual district meeting will be held at Machynlleth.

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