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'n_ III Deall) Of tb Reo. C. rooriiraer Grccs. It is with deep regret that we announce in another coloumn the death of the Rev. T. Mortimer Green, registrar of the Univer- sity College of Wales, Aberystwyth, at the comparatively early age of fifty-eight years. Mr. Green was never within our recollection in the enjoyment of robust health, and within the last three or four years, his intimate friends had beconie concerned, on observ- ing that his delicate frame was becoming markedly more frail. He fought a good fight with physical weakness for years, over- coming constant bodily weakness by sheer force of will and a resolute determination juot to give iu. Early in the year, influenza claimed him or one of its victims, and he had to take to his bed. He remained pros- trate for many weeks, and for a time there was hope of a recovery, but a fortnight ago it became manifest that the bodily powers were rapidly waning. He passed away in perfect peace and serenity on Thursday even- liing last, the 9tia 111st. —liy his deatn, Aberystwyth College, to- ^ecner with the cause of education generally, my v lias suffered a very serious loss. Mr. Green de was a man of no ordinary powers, and these combined with a temperament of unusual sweetness, made hira beloved of ail with whom he came in contact. Mr. Green was by birth a Cardiganshire man, having been born at AberayM.-n, but his eaiiy years were spent in the neighbourhood oi Fishguard, Pembrokeshire. He was educated for the Calvinistic Methodist ministry at Trevecca, for which, institution he subsequently, for a time, acted as secretary, He became directly connected with educational work before edu- cation had become widely diffused through- out Wales, as it is now. He acted, in con- junction with the late Rev. Edwin Williams, M.A., who has predeceased him by a year, as principal of Caerau Park, Collegiate School, Newport. He had pastoral charge- also of churches at Newport. Denbigh, and Carmarthen, at all of which places he did work which bears abundlant) fruit to-day. In 1892 he was appointed Registrar to the I' niversit-y College of Wales, and it is not too much to say that a more efficient and en- thusiastic organizer was never connected with any educational institution. Mr. Green, was in this capacity, something more than a mere official. He had the best and highest interests or the College at heart; he devoted all his powers to its advancement, and 'enter- tained large and wide ideas about the possi- bilities of its future and that of education in Wales. He had what was to him the in- tense gratification of seeing the College in- crease enormously in numbers, in prosperity and in usefulness. His duties were becoming ever more arduous and more difficult, but the greater the difficulties and the anxieties, the more eagerly and thoroughly did he throw himself into the work. Of late he ^iad turned his attention to the question of the National Library, which he never doubt- ed was to be established at Aberystwyth, and had he lived, he would have been found to be prepared in every detail when the moment had arrived for its establishment. He was among the most powerful and acceptable of English preachers in Wales. He felt in- tensely what he preached, and what is more, like Chaucer's good pareon he not only taught Christ's love, "but first he followed it him- self." We can apply no less powerful an adjective than "saintly'' to the beautiful life he lived among us. His methods were based on "sweet rertonablenass," on the xample in word, life and conduct, of the Master whom he closely followed. The large and representative gathering which came together on Tuesday to show the last token of love and respect by following his re- mains to their last resting-place, affords but faint testimony 00 the way in which this large-hearted, liberal-minded, loveable man was respected and loved. The deepest sym- pathy is felt with his widow and family in their irreparable loss. Mr. Green leaves a widow, four sons and two daughters. The sons are Mr. Alymer Green, of London, Mr. Hugh M. Green, and Mr. Cyril. One daughter is the wife of Professor Parry. of the Albert. Memorial College, Exeter. THE FUNERAL. The mortal remains of the Rev. T. Mor- timer Green were laid to rest at the Aber- ystwyth cemetery on Tuesday afternoon. Despite the inclemency of the weather, there was a large con-course at the funeral to pay a last tribute of respect to the deceased. General Sir James Hills-Johnes, the treas- urer, was present as representing the Uni- versity of Wales, and he was accompanied by Principal Roberts. The staff of the Col- lege, together with a large representation of the male and female students, were also pre- sent, wearing their academicals. A short service was conducted at Leahurst, South- terrace, by the Rev. Edward Parry. M.A., Newtown, and the Rev. A. Wynne Thomas, pastor of the English Presbyterian Church: of which deceased was a member. The funeral procession was then formed, and marched along the Promenade as far as the Waterloo Hotel, then through Terrace-road and North-parade to the cemetery. At all points of vantage along the route large num- bers of the general public had collected, and respectfully watched the passing otf the cortege. The following were the chief mourners:— Mrs. Mortimer Green, Mr. Aylmer Green, Mr. R. S. Roberts (brother to Mrs. Green), Mrs. A. W. Parry (daughter), Mr. Hugh M. Green, Miss E. G. Green, Mr. Cyril Green, Mr. R. S. Roberts, Rev. Prof. A. W. Parry (son-in-law), Mr. Tom James, Caerlem, Fish- guard Mrs. T. Harris, Liverpool; and Mr. and Mrs. David Williams, Bangor; Mr. Stephan Evans, Liverpool (nephew); Mr. Abbie Lewis, Goodwick; Miss Nellie James, Caerlen, Fishguard; Mrs. W. James, Llys- ronen, Fishguard; Mrs. Bennett Jones, Miss Maggie Jones, Mrs. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. John Hugh Jones, Aberayron. Amongst those also present were the fol- lowing:—Revs. T. Levi, T. E. Roberts, R. J. Rees, D. Treborth Jones, Wm. Jones, Ed- wards (Capel Sion), Archdeacon Williams, W. Matthews (vicar of St. Michaels), Job Miles, T. A. Penry, T. Williams, T. J. Mor- gan (Bow Street), D. Morgan, J. Humphreys, D. K Jenkins (Denbigh), Griffith Parry, David Morgan (Penllwyn). Messrs. D. Jenkins, Mus. Bac., David Lloyd (North-parade), R. G. Bennett, Ellis (Little Darkgate-street). and J. P. Thomas. Messrs. David Howell, J.P., Edward Ev- ans, J.P., and Thos. Griffiths, J.P. Alderman Peter Jones, Councillors C. M. Williams. Daniel Thomas, Captain Doughton. Captain David James, Isaac Hopkins. J. T. Davies, R. Doughton, Rees Jones, C. Mas- sev, and Captain Humphreys. Messrs. Edward Jones, Trewythen; David Davies, Llandinam; D. C. Roberts, John Evans, Evan Evans, F. R. Roberts, E. H. Short, D. Lloyd Lewis, W. H. Colby, Joseph Davies, Richard Richards, and Daniel Jones. Mr. David Samuel, M.A., and the bovs of the sixtli form at the County School; Mr. Pope. Professors Angus, Anwyl, Genese. Edward Edwards, D. Morgan Lewis, Marshall, Yapp, Jenkyn Jon' Roberts (Lampeter), Dr. Jethro Brown, Dr. Brough, Scott Williams, (Bala), Ms." Brebner, Miss Tremain, Miss Winstanley. Miss Parry, Messrs. Whalley, W. J. Johnson, D. D. Williams, A. E. Joiieci. Dr. Fleure, T. C. James, J. D. Williams (librarian). Atkinson Lee, J H. Annleton. Chief Constable Williams, .Supt. Jones, and Sergeant Phillips. Messrs. Rees Davies, Merthyr; Griffith Evans and John Davies, Aberayron; Rufus Williams, H. H. Meyler (Machynlleth), J. Walter Evans, Wattie Janke., D. Humph- reys, David Lloyd (builder), D. J. Saer, John Owen (grocer). Captain Enoch James, Jack Edwards. H. Meredith J. Lewis Evans (architect). T. H. Morgan (architect), C. Panchen, W. Miall Jones, H. Lloyd, T. W. Powell, Edward Jenkins. W. Jones (South-' ,j^ad_), J. Williams (Mill-street), Dr. Bonsall, "id Phillips, J. Jenkin Jones, Ernest Owen, it) TBnters, W. Morgan (Pier-street) J. T. ,T. Harries. fVafc. Wakeling, Messrs. J. Hughes and wTearce, Joseph Jones, David Davies, and J^J. Morgan. A short but impressive service was con- ducted at the graveside. Principal Roberts read a portion of Scripture, and the com- mittal sentences were recited by the Rev. A. Wynne Thomas, after which the Rev. T. Levi offered up a Welsh prayer. The sorrow- ful ceremony concluded with the singing of the old Welsh resurrection hymn "0 fryniau Cat: si'.lem ceir gweled." I The coffin bore a large number of beauti- ful wreaths received from the following :— Family, Relatives from Walton Miss Maggie Harris; Members of the Staff of the College; Lady Members of the Staff of the College; Students of the College; Miss Carpenter and Mrs. Harrison, Alexandra Hall; University 01 Wales; Sir Isambard Owen, English Prosbyterian Church, Denbigh; Eaiglish Presbyterian Church, Havelock-street, New- port; Old Collegiate School Boys, Newport; Dr. and Mrs. Ethe, Mrs. and Miss Short, ivJir. Llewelyn- Jones, Nurse Parkes, Mrs, Jones Hatfield House; Mr. and Mrs. E. Hughes; Miss Constance Jones, Cambridge; Mr. C. E. Howell, Welshpool; Miss Lizzie Bishop, Miss Davies,' Men's Hoietel; Miss Ede, Kifrig-sHreet; Mrs. Bennett Jones; Lady Evans, Lovesgrove; Lieut-general Sir J. Hills-Johnes; Professor J. R. Ainsworth Davis; Mr. and Mrs. Williams and family, Bangor; Mr. Harold M. Jones. The carriages were supplied by Messrs. John Jones and Sons, and Mr. David Phillips. The following is a list of letters received from persons expressing condolence with family :Lord Rendel, president of the Col- lege Lord Aberdare, Sir Marteine Lloyd; Sir John Williams, Sir R. A. Cuncliffe, Sir Lewis Morris, Sir Isambard Owen, Sir John H. Puleston, Sir Marchant Williams. Lady Verney, Messrs Lewis, Angell, Eastbourne; Thomas Davies, Bootle; W. J. Brown, Liver- pool; D. Brynmor-Jones, M.P., Prof. R. M. Burrows, Cardiff; Richard Cory, J. P., Car- diff;f Edward DavieS. Dodcaradog; J. H. Davies, Cwrtmawr W. Cadwaladr Davies, Worthing Miss A. M. Dobell, B.A.; Frank Edwards, M.P., W. 0. Elias, Liverpool; Dr. A. Emrys Jones, Morgan Evans, Oak- ford, H. C. Fryer, clerk Cardiganshire County Council Principal E. H. Griffiths, Cardiff; C. E. Howell, Welshpool; Ivor James regis- trar University of Wales; Tom John, pre- sident N.U.T.; D. E. Jones, Birmingham; Professor D. E. Jones. Carmarthen Edward Jones, Trewythen Richard Jones. Caelsws; Prof. H. Littledale, Cardiff; Colonel C. S. Mainwajr'Hfg; J. Lloyd Morgan, M.P.; T. G. Osborn, Colwyn Bay; Principal H. R. Reicliel, Bangor; Henry Owen, D.C.L. Lewis Williams, J.P. Cardiff J. Austin Jen- kins, Cardiff; Gwilym Evans, Martin Jones, Mrs. Davies, Plas Dinam; Rev. J. Evans, Denbigh; Stephen Evans, J.P., London; Lleufer Thomas, The Students Council; H. H. Meyler, Machynlleth; Prof. Young Ev- ans; Joshua Hughes, Cardigan; Rev. R. R. Williams, Towyn; Thos. Thomas, official receiver; Mrs. Jones-Davies, Nantgaredig T. Roberts, SwanseaStudents' Christian Union; Old Aberystwythians at Oxford. The Senate of University College, Bangor. and the Senate of University College, Car- diff. passed votes of condolence with widow and family. VOTE OF CONDOLENCE. At a special meeting of the Aberystwyth Town Council on Tuesday, the Mayor (Mr. William Thomas), made reference to the active interest taken by Mr. Mortimer Green not only in the work of the College, but in the affairs of the town as well. They could all bear testimony to his business capacity and to the respect in which he was generally held. He begged to propose that the Council express its deep regret at the great loss sustained by the community at large by the death of Mr. Green, and to express their sincere sympathy with Mrs. Green and the other members of the family. Alderman W. H. Palmer, in seconding, said he had come into close contact with Mr. Green during the last ten or twelve years, and had always found him kind and gererous, and one with whom it was easy to deal. His death would be a great lose to the College. The Mayor said from many testimonies he had heard it would be difficult to find another man to adequately fill his place. He had made a warm place for himself in the hearts of a large number of townspeople apart from his connection with the College. The resolution was carried in silence.

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