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ABERYSTWYTH. Railway Accident.—The Goods Train, which left Aberystwyth on Monday eveuing had an accident 11eill, "V\ luttingtoxi. i "o. trucks which jumped off tb ■ vails were pull- ed along a considerable 'tance, tearing deep ruts in the permanent way. A Que nr.-On. ^, rov~ of corn sacks 3 deep at timee, couia be seen on the pavement in front of certain shops in Great Darkgate Street. Did the police see them,,if not they must be very blind—drapers in this street wonder cert: in. pe-'M»us are immune from pits°cution.— 1 raciesma n. < u Memorial. A low altar-tomb, on which rests a Istoile slab, with a raised cross now marks the grave of the late Archdeacon Protheroe under the slioaow of the parish church. In its simplicity of design and brev- ity of inscription, this memorial to the late Archdeacon will commend itself to all who knew him. Horses for Government.—General Gatacre visited the town on Monday, and was accom- panied to the fair by Mr. David Philups, Terrace-road, who has registered 50 horses for the Government. General Gatacre has appointed Mr. Phillips as agent for Cardi- ganshire, under him for the War Office, for .,Ws the supply of horses for the Remount De- partment, Accident.—Daniel Meredith, a young man living at Crefftwr-road, and in the employ of the Cambrian Railway Company, met with a serious accident on Saturday evening. He was engaged in shunting operations, and his foot got caught in one of the crossings. Before he could extricate it, one of the car- riages passed over it. and it. was severely crushed. He was conveyed to the Infirmary. where he is now progressing satisfactorily. Cob Society.—The annual show of the North Cardigall..shire Cob Improvement Soc- iety was to have been held on Monday at the Smithfield, but, for some reason which has not trar^pi-ed. notices were posted about the town in the morning intimating that it had been cancelled. It is to be hoped the com- mittee will take steps to secure a successful show at no distant date, as there can be no two opinions as to the beneficial work of the Society in the past. Football.—In fine weather and on a splen- did turf, the Barbarians met the Royal Welsh Warehouse, Newtown, at the Vicarage Field on Good Friday. The game, which was watched by a large number of spectators, was evenly contested, and there was an exciting struggle at the finish to secure the victory. The result was a win. for the Warehouse tear.i by two goals to one. Bowen scored for the Barbarians, "heading the ball in from a cor- ner. On Tuesday the Barbarians played Towyn Pi overs at the Vicarage Field and came out winners by four goals to one. Marriage.—The marriage was solemnised on Saturday March 26th at Approach-road, Weslevait Chapel, London between Mr. Francis E. Martin, King Edward-road, South Hacknev, to Miss Elizabeth Hughes (Mabel; second daughter of Mrs. Hughes, Fairholme, Sea View-place, Aberystwyth. The Rev A. E. Gregory D.D., officiated. The bride was given away by her brother, W. L. Hughes, borough accountants office, and Miss A. Mar- tin, sister ot the bridegroom acted as brides- maid. The happy couple, who left for Vent- nor, Isle of Wight, for their honeymoon were the' recipients of a great many presents. Marwolaeth.—Chwith fydd gan ei holl gydna- bod glvwed am faiwohu-th Elizabeth Jones, Penyparke, yr hyn a gymerodd le noe Lun yn ei chartref. Yr oedd yr ymadawedig yn 51 mlwydd oed ac yn un a berchid gan bawb yn daiwahaniaeth yn y pentref. 0 gymer- iad nieddai lawer o nodweddion teilwng o etelychiad. Yr oedd yn hynod am ei sel dros ddirwest, llafur cyson yn ngwaith yr Ysgol Sul. Gwnaeth ei rhan, a 9 hyny yu dda, i iod o wasanaeth i ereill ac yn ei maWolcH'th hi y mae eglwys Ebenezer wedi colli un o'i haelodau ffyddlonaf. Fe'i goroesir gan chwaer a mam oedranus—yr hon sydd yn 82 mlwydd oed—ac a pha rai y cydymdeimlir yn fawr yn eu galar. Cymer y ciaddedigaeth le prydnawn dydd Gwener. A Complaillt.-It would be a good thing if some ot the members of the Town Council were to came and take apartments for a time in Suiithfield so that they could ex- perience the Hunovance the residents, of that street and Greenfield have to endure on market and fair days. It seems to be sheer folly for the Corporation to have gone to great expense in paving and imp- roving this road, if the people living here cannot make use of it when they want it most. On fair days, like last Monday, the road is quite dangerous and is absolutely impassable to women and children. More over, on such cays, the gates at the top of the road are locked for hours and the inhab- itants and their friends are refused a free access to their homes. This surely is intol- erable. and it is to be hoped we will not have to wait long for a remedy.—Sufferer. Penyparke Postal Service: Sir—Aberyst- wyth s indebted to you for a very marked improvement in its postal service. We, however, in this growing part of the Bor- ough have to endure great disadvantages in this respect and are anxious to get a slight reform without delay. We think that it is due to us that we should have a delivery of letters in the afternoon or evening. We could give. if needed, any number of in- stances of great inconveniences suffered by the inhabitants of Penparke through having only one delivery. Having been told that the present pofctmaster is an adept organizer, it is to be hoped that, with his assistance, the next effort will prove more successful than the past ones.—Pro Bono Publico. Easter Vestry.—The Easter Vestry for the parish of Holy Trinity, was held at the Vest- ry Room', on Monday morning. Archdea- con Williams being in the chair. There were also present Messrs W. H. Colby. and J. J. Jones, (church-wardens), E. Price, T. A. Sergeant, W. J. Y\ atkins, W. Jones. and the Rev. Pritchard Davies (curate). Mr W. H. Colby having resigned the office of church- warden, Mr J. D. Perrott was appointed in his stead.—A vote of thanks was passed to the church-wardens for the efficient way in which they had performed their duties dur- ing the past year.—The accounts for' the past year were presented, and accepted, subject to audit. They showed a balance in hand of 1:7 5s. lid.—Mr W. H. Colby was appointed lay elector, and the new sides- men was submitted.—A vote of thanks to Mr T. A. Sergeant for his services as or- ganist was unanimously carried.—The meet- ing was then adjourned until April 13th. Funeral of Mr. W. J. jenkl D&-The funer- al of Mi-. William Joseph Jenkins, son of Mr. John Jenkins, tailor, Bridge-street, whose death was reported in our last issue, took place on the afternoon of Good Friday. The remains were followed to the cemetery by a large number of relatives and friends. The Rev. J. Humphreys was the officiating minister. the coffin was covered with a large number of beautiful floral tributes, received from the followitig:- Mr. David Davies. Crest Hill, Powell-street; Mr. and Mrs. R. Doughton, Great Darkgate-street; Mr. and Mrs. Parry, Holvrood, Terrace- road; The Misses G. and D Burbeck. Bridge- street Nurse Maud and Nurse Adelia, Raw- don, near Leeds Miss Polly Jenkins, New Barnet (cousin); Mrs. Jenkins, Grays Inn- road (aunt): Mr. and Mrs. Summers, Bir- mingham (brother and sister); Mise C. E. Jenkins, Maida Vale, London (cousin); Mr. and Mrs. Allday and family, Birmingham; Mr. P. Allday and Miss Fitza, Birmingham Mr. J. Motram, Birmingham; Mr. J. W. and E. J. Hughes, Camb: ian-st-eet Mrs. Kendrick. Westminster Hotel; Miss Lox- dale, Castle Hill; Miss Nellie Janus, Min- y-don. North-road; Mr. G. Bedford. Bir- mingham (uncle); Mrs. Frcst, New Barnet. London (aunt). Opening of St. Paul's Schoolroom.—Trie tasteful and well-arranged schoolroom which has been erected in connection with St. Paul's Welsh Wesleyan Chapel waa formally opened on Good Friday. The building and site has cost tl,400, and the former an architectural acquisition to the town. Its length is DO feet bv 32 feet, and contains one main room and two class rooms, the class rooms being divided off by patent folding glass partitions. The opening ceremony was performed by the Rev. V, 3Io-gan. Erwyd House, who was present -I on behaif of the trustees with a silver key. An appro- priate sermon was afterwards preached by the Rev. J. Humphreys, pastor. In the afternoon tea..was provided in the school- room, to which a large number st down, the lady members of the congregation presiding at the tables. In the evening a concert was held, presided over by Mr H. L. Evans baromrh [accountant. Songi "£>. rendeTfi by Elsie B'-adshaw. Miss Liz- Willi- ams, h J. B. Cowlev (London). Miss May Jones, Mr E. J. Hughes. Mr J. W. Cowley Miss Jones ('Pontrhydfendi^ahT). Miss Jennie Jones Mr J. J. D"1 •■"?<», J1"4 T. Warrington, Miss M. J. Thmw*?, and Miss C. M. Si;non. Duetts were ';PTn hv Miss M. J. Thomas crd M- J. J. Dnv'os. and the Misses Hughes and i were, by Miss WrAJ,, •Jack Roberts. j Sale.—Messrs Daniel, Son, and Meredith will conduct an exteusive sale of oak scantlings and > iirewosd at ihe Railway Station Yard oil the 11th inst. Obituary.—On March 30th, at his residence, 20, Daltoii-ioad. Liscard, Cheshire, the death rook place of Air Richard Edwards. The interment was made at Wallasey Cemetery on Monday. Overheard.—Why is the Ratepayers' Association so much better than the Corporation ?-Because it believes in monopoly and does not get its printing done by tender. SToo Bad.—The solitary deputation from the Association failed to appear betore the Council cr. Wednesday raornirv. H<- urob- oly, like the rest who urged him on but kept aloof leinselves, thought discretion to be the better art of valour. This is a fair index of the sincerity [ the Fussv Few in the management of the affairs f the town. Council cr. Wednesday raornirv. He lrol)- oly, like the rest who urged him on but kept aloof leinselves, thought discretion to be the better art of valour. This is a fair index of the sincerity [ the Fussv Few in the management of the affairs f the town. Monthly Fair.—The monthly fair was held at the Smitbfield on Monday, and was largely attended. There was a good supply of cattle, and although there was no improvement in prices, there was a brisk sale, no less than thirty-one truck loads being sent away by rail. Being Easter Monday, the country people ilocked to the town on pleasure bent, all the trains being heavily laden. Tea Party.—The annual tea meeting of the Ebenezer Band of Hope and Sunday School, Pen- I pftike, took place on Good Friday. This annual treat is an event in this interesting village, especially to the children, ot whom .1bU sat tiojvn to the tea, which was provided this year through the generosity of Mrs Levi. The Rev. Thos. Levi, Mrs Levi, and Miss Levi were present. A hearty vote of thanks was given Mrs Levi. The Rev. Thos. Levi responded, urging all to continue in the good work of the Band of Hope and Sunday I School. Easter Holidays.—A large numbe- of people visited the town during Easter week including a good number of old students of the U.C.W., who aio foregathering for the Re-Union meetings this week. The weather on the whole was fine and favourable for holiday making. The usual services were held at the churches otherwise there were no public attractions in the town. Cheap tickets were issued by the Vale of Rheidol Railway, and a L:rge number of persons journeyed to the Bridge on Good Friday and Easter Tuesday. Cantata Performance.— The Tabernacle Blue lbbon Choir gave their fourth annual concert on Good Friday evenmg at the rtoyal Pier Pavilion, when a cantata entitled Joseph" was rendered followed by "L nus- cellaneous programme. The chairman was Mr. Evan Evans, solicitor. The children, under the able conductorship of Mr. David Griffiths, sang their choruses in splendid style: and their singing gave evidence of careful training. They were assisted by Miss' Maud Davies, New Quay (soprano); Mr. Idrisyn Humphreys, Abergynolwyn (tenor); and Mr. Lewis J. Morgan bass). Miss Nesta Hughes was the accompanist. Wedding.—At the English Presbyterian. Chapel, Bath-street. Saturday April 2nd, Mr. F. '1'. Cowley, of Cheltenham, now of Manor Park, London, and Miss Mattie Jones, second daughter of Mr. William Jones. Avondale, 7, South Marine-terrace. Aberystwyth, in the presence of a large assembly of relatives and friends. The Revs. R. J. Rees, pastor of Tabernacle, E. H. Jones, Neath. brother of the bride, and Wynne Thomas officiated. The bridegroom was supported by Mr. Edgar Crump, of Cheltenham. The bride who was given away by her father was attired in a dress of white silk voile, and hat of white chiffon with plumes, and carried a shower bouquet of tulips, lilies, etc. The brides- maids were the Misses Goorgie, Rosie and Olive Jones, sisters of the bride, who wore dresses of cream nuns veiling, trimmed with Paiis lace, and green velvet belts, hats of lace straw, trimmed hydrangeous with foi- age, each carried a bouquet of yellow daffo- dils and lilies of the valley; and also u-,ot-e a gold bangle each, the gifts of the bride- groom. Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Cowlev left by the 1.10 train, carrying with them the best wishes of their numerous friends, for Bettws-v- Coed. where they will spend their honeymoon. They were the recipients of a large number of presents. PETTY SESSIONS. The weekly Petty Sessions were held at the Town Hall on. Wednesday morning before the Mayor (Mr. Isaac Hopkins), Alderman W. H. Palmer, Sir J. W. Szlumper, Alder- man E. P. Wynne, and Mr. W. J. Watkins. Transfers.—An application by) Mr. T. J. Samuel for the temporary transfer of the license of the Bridge End Inn, Trefechan, from Mr. Evan Morgan to Mr. Thomas Jones was granted; also the application of Mr. Hamer (from the office of Messrs. Hughes and Hughes) for the temporary transfer of the license of Hotel 24 to "Mrs. Jones, former- merly of New-street. The sweets license held by Mr. Ward. confectioner, was trans- ferred to his wife. Extensions.—In connection with the old students' re-union, extensions. of time were granted Mr. Rufus Williams, of the Lion Royal Hotel, for Wednesday and Saturday nights. Wild Birds Protection.—Elizabeth Jen- kins, 59, Cambrian-street, poulterer, was charged with having in her possession wild pigeons recently killed in contravention of the Wild Birds Protection Act. 1880-1.- Defendant admitted the offence, and pleaded ignorance of the law. She said she purchas- ed the pigeons from a person who came up by the South train.—The magistrates cau- tioned the defendant and dismissed her, but expressed a hope that the name of the man who sold the pigeons would be ascertained.

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