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Tragic Affair at Cardiff.

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Unskilled Workers Organised.



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LLANILAR. Church Services.—On Good Friday services were held at the Parish Church, when matins and ante- commnnion were read at 10 a.m. Litany was said at Rhostie at 2 p.m. Evening prayer wap said at 6 at Llanilar. The services were conducted by the vicar, the Rev J F Lloyd who also preached appro- priate semons. On Sunday, services wtre held at 8 a.m. and 10 a m when there wa. a celebration of the Holy Communion. A service was held at 6 p.m. The church was beautifully decorated for the occasion by Mrs and the Macaulay, Mrs Lloyd, Vicarage, and Mrs Lloyd, Peotrellyn, Miss Morgan, Post Office, and Mr W T Hughes. Floral contributions were received from Castle Hill and Llidiardau. Vestry.—The annual vestry meeting was held on Monday at the Parish Church, when the Vicar pre- sided. Mr vid Lloyd, Pentrellyn was appointed vicar's warden, and Mr M T Jones, parish warden for the ensuing year After the meeting, Mr W T Hughes, the retiring parish warden was presented by Mr M T Jones, on behalf of :the subscribers, with a handsome set of church services, compris- ing Bible, Prayer Book, and Hymn Book, both in English and Welsh, as a token of their apprecia- tion of his valuable servioes as parish warden for the past nine years. Dr. Hughes, Cwrtycadnaw, spoke of the popularity and usefulness of Mr Hughes. who in responding, had to give way to his feelings. they were too deep for words and there- fore he could not adequately express how grateful he was for the kind expression of feelings shown towards him in the handsome bookt presented. Competitive Meeting.—An interesting competitive meeting was held at this place on Good Friday. The adjudicators were Mr. Meurig Edwards, Bow Street on music, and Mr. T. Richards, C.M., Devils Bridge on the literary items. In the unavoidable absence of Dr. Rees, the chair was ably fill- ed by Mr. M. T. Jones, schoolmaster. The following is a list of the awards:—For boys under 7, reciting: 1 S. Bonner Williams; 2, Johnny Morris; singing, J. Thomas James, 2 W. Lewis Evans—Girls under 7. reciting. 1 Catherine Mary Jones, 2 Kate Williams; singing, 1 Sophia Jane Evans.-For boys under 10, reciting, 1 Tommy Thomas, 2 Rich- ard Phillips: singing, T. Thomas, 2 Wil- lie Rowlands.—Girls under 10, r reading, 1 Lizzie M. Griffiths; 2 A Jane Morris; sing- ing, 1 M. H. Hughes; 2 E Evans.—Boys under 13, reciting, 1 Hugh Morris; 2 T. J. Evans; singing. 1 S. Llew. Evans, 2 T. J. Evans Girls under 13, reciting, 1 A. J Edwards; 2 Alice James: singing, 1 A. J. Benjamin and Sarah Jenkins, ual; 2 A. Jane Edwards.—Boys under 16, reciting, 1 James G. Morris; 2 D. Phillips; singing, 1 Jas G. Morris; 2 D. Phillips.—Girls under 16. reciting, 1 E. J. Lloyd; 2 A. B. Morris; singing, 1 A. B. Morris; 2 Margaret Ann Davies; map drawing. E. Jane Lloyd, and Lewis J. Lewis equal. Prizes were also given for answering questions to Tommy Thomas and T. James Evans (under 10); Maggie Jamefc and Willie Morris and Mag- gie A. Morgan (under 13); E. J. Lloyd, M. A. Morris and E. Jenkins (under 16) and D. M. Hughes (under 21). At the evening meeting the programme was as follows:— Song on the melodeon, E. Evans, Penybont; contralto; Eliza Evans, Penybont; recita- tion, Morgan Edwards, Llanilar; harmonium playing, A. L. Jones and Mary Enid Jones, equal; duett, Mary E. Lloyd and Urinah Davies; speech, Morgan Edwards and Eliza- betbj Jones, Cwmcrognant Factory; solo bass, Jack James, Penparke; verses on the Motor Car," Morgan Edwards; quartette, Thomas Thomas, Rhosgoeh and party; solo, soprano, M. Emily Lloyd; love letter, Morgan Edwards and Lizzie Jones, Cilfachau; duett-, Jack James and friend; octette. John Williams and party; solo tenor, M. Edwards and T. G. Morgan, Gilachgoch; recitation M. Edwards; singing Telynau Plant" by a party of twelve, J. Williams? party.

Unskilled Workers Organised.