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Aberystwyth Town Council.


Aberystwyth Town Council. The New Breakwater. Medical Officer's Report. PROPOSED NEW LIBRARY. A meeting of the Aberystwyth Town Ooxm» cil was held on Wednesday morning at the Town Hall, when there were present the mayor (Mr. Isaac Hopkins) in the chair; Councillor E. H. James (ex-mayor); Alder- men W. H. Palmer, and E. P. Wynne; Councillors C. M. Williams, T. H. Euwards, T. J. Samuel, William Thomas, Captain D. James, G. Foseett Hoberts, Ü. Doughton, R. J. Jones, Daniel Thomas, J. Gibson, with Mr. C. Massey (assistant clerk), Mr. L. Ev- ans (borough accountant), and Mr. Rees Jones (borough surveyor.) THE MAYOR'S AUDITOR. Before the minutes were confirmed, Mr. T. H. Edwards referred to his nomination as Mayor's auditor, and his refusal of that posi- tion. When the Mayor asked him to ac- cept nomination he refused, yet in face of that the Mayor nominated him, and there had been some doubt the last day or two as to whether he should not be fined for not acting as Mayor's auditor. The .matter was now cleared up to a certain extent, and he was not to be fined, but he was to resign the position. He certainly objected to resigning a position he had never accepted, and which he had refused to be nominated for. The Mayor said Mr. Edwards did not re- fuse, but only laughed it out to him. He also thought that as Mr. Edwards had told the ratepayers in his address that he h&d a practical knowledge of finance, he would be paying him a compliment, and that it would be an honour to be the Mayor's auditor. Other members took part in the discussion, which assumed rather a somewhat warn; character. Mr. Edwards stated that he ob- jected to act as an informal auditor ,and he could not spare a week to devote to the wort. THE NATIONAL SHOW. An application by Mr. Lewis Pryse that the Corporation offer a prize at the Welsh Nat- ional Agricultural Show to be held in Aug- ust was referred to the Finance Committee. A CO-OPTED MEMBER'S COMPLAINT. A letter was read from Mr. W. R. Hall, a co-opted member of the Entertainments Committee, complaining of the unsatisfactory way in which the business off the General Purposes Committee was carried on by the Chairman, and the neglect and delay in call- ing meetings. The letter went on to refer to the greater knowledge of what was done in other towns possessed, by the co-opted members, and their more personal associa- tion with visitors. Mr. J. Gibson: The co-opted members on one committee I have been Oil have been a perfect nuisance. (Laughter.) Mr. R. J. Jones, chairman of the com- mittee, said he was surprised at the letter, and denied that there had been any neglect. He had looked upon Mr. Hall as pre-eminent- ly suited for the work of the committee, but not one suggestion of a tangible nature had yet emanated from him. PUBLIC LIBRARY COMMITTEE. The report of this committee contained a minute that the Chairman had received a subscription of £2 2s. from the Aberystwyth Agricultural Show Committee. A letter had been received from the Town Clerk, request- ing the committee to appoint three of its members to co-operate with three members of the Town Council already appointed, for the purpose of arranging all details necessary to enable premiums to be offered for plans, etc., for the new library, when the Chair- man, Mr. George Davies, and the Rev. G. Eyre Evans were appointed. The Chair- man had been requested to convey the thanks of the committee to Miss Marshall for her gift of books, and for the great in- terest she had taken in the institution. ISOLATION HOSPITAL SITES. A meeting of the Isolation Hospital Com- mittee met on Tuesday, March 15th., and after discussing the merits of two sites, in- structed the Town Clerk to make enquiries with reference to them, and to report thereon. The report was adopted. Mr. J. Gibson said the report of this com- mittee contained such a wealth of informa- tion that it was almost bewildering. Mr. C. M. Williams: It shows the activity of the committee. Mr. R. J. Jones, a member of the com- mittee, said he did not think it wise to dis- close the business of the committee, as it might interfere with the success of the neg- otiations. Mr. W. Thomas proposed that as one of the sites was Corporation property, being on the lower part of their own farm just above Llanbadarn churchyard, that the whole Council visit the spot in order that the mat- ter might be expedited. This was seconded, and carried. FOOTPATHS COMMITTEE. This committee reported having met Mr. E. A. L. Powell (acting for Mr. W. B. Powell), 011 Pen Dinas, on Wednesday, March 16th. and with him walked over and viewed the principal paths and ways on the hill, and the committee pointed out to Mr. Powell the several paths over which the public claim a right of way. After dis- cussing the respective rights of the public and the owners of the Nantoos Estate, with reference, to the paths in question, Mr. Powell suggest ell that the Council should furnish him with a list of the paths hitherto admittedly used by permission of the owners of the Nanteos Estate, accompanied by any proposal the Council might think fit to sub- mit, for permission to continue the use of the last mentioned paths, on payment of a rent thereof, and fencing off the paths from the adjoining land, to prevent tres- passing thereon. The committee recom- mended that the suggestion be acted upon. The committee also submitted for the con- sideration of the Council a suggestion made that it would be of advantage to the town were the summit of Pendinas, including the site of the ancient encampment, acquired, and with that obJect negotiations should be entered into with Mr. Powell. The com- mittee called attention to the untidy con- dition of the path leading from Pen Dinas to Piercefield, and of the roadway from Pen- parkau to Felinymor. and recommend that the same should be repaired forthwith. They further recommended that the Rallt footpath be also improved and repaired,. and that additional seats be provided and ex- isting ones repaired. The committee ap- pointed Mr. Daniel Thomas and Mr. W. R. Hall, with the Town Clerk and Borough Surveyor, to meet Mr. H. P. Edwards, with a view to arranging with the latter as to widening the public path leading through his field near Midway. The report was adopted. LIGHTING THE NEW PROMENADE. A meeting of the Public Lights committee held on March 17th, was convened to meet 1 Mr. Wood all, engineer of the Gas Company, 1 who gave his opinion as to how the new Promenade should be lighted, and offered, on behalf of the Gas Company to fix specimen lamps on the Promenade, free of cost, for the approval of the committee. TJhe com- mittee consented to the Company doing so, and the Borough Surveyor was authorised to obtain six new lamp columns. In. reply to Mr. T. H. Edwards, the Survey- or said the re-arrangement of the lighting of Bridge-street had not been carried out be- cause the lanterns had not yet been received. Mr. W. Thomas proposed that the Gas and Electric Light Companies be asked to t",11der for the lighting of the new promenade for a minimum perioc1 of three years. Alderman W. H. Palmer seconded, and this was carried, the committee's report being also adopted. PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE. Mr. W. P. Owen, solicitor, attended a meeting of this committee on March 18th, on behalf of the person reported by the Town Clerk at the last meeting of the Council to have removed flowers from a grave in the Cemetery, and against whom a summons :had been issued. Having heard Mr. Owen's explanation, and unler the special circumstances ,the committee in- structed the Town Clerk to withdraw the summons upon payment by the defendant of the costs incurred, and an apology being made by the defendant, with an undertaking not to repeat the offence. Plans submitted by Mr. David .Pierc* of "two new Penparkau were considered, and were recom- mended for approval by the Council. Messrs G. A. Watson and Co.. Ltd., Liverpool, hav- ing informed the Borough Surveyor that the quantity of kerb and channel stones order- ed was insufficient to forward direct by sea, the committee recommended that inasmuch as a further quantity would shortly be re- quired, that the( Borough Surveyor be authorised to ascerta- n terms for 100 to 120 tons of the material. The Borough Sur- veyor reported the result of an interview with Captain McGildowney, at which it was intimated that subject to the Council pro- viding a suitable wooden receptacle (about 12 feet long), for the sponges and drill appliances, etc., used in- connection with the guns on the Castle, the Council would be permitted to demolish and remove the powder magazine. The committee recom- mended that the terms be accepted, and that enquiries be made as to whether the Council would be allowed to retain the old materials. The committee made the follow- ing further recomniendations:(a) That in- structions be given to the Borough Surveyor to take the necessary steps to require the immediate removal of a wooden shed erected by Mr. H. Matthews, on land abutting on tho highway leading from Penparkau to Penybont. (b) That the shed in the Cemet- ery be removed from its present site to a lees conspicious site to be selected by the Borough Surveyor, as near as practicable to the wall on the south-eastern side of the Cemetery, (c) That the Borough Surveyor be instructed to prepare a list of surplus plant, etc., used on the Promenade exten- sion, or elsewhere, and that the same, with the horses no longer required, be offered for sale by public auction on the 6th May. next, and that Mr. J. E. James be instructed to sell. (d) That instructions be given to the Borough Surveyor to erect a wall connecting the retaining wall at the north end of the Hostel with the sea wall. The report of the Sanitary Committee was read and considered by the committee. Alderman E. P. Wynne complained of the disgraceful state some of the streets of the town in rainy weather vowing to defective down pipes and troughings. The inspector (Mr. James Evans), who was present, said he thought there had been a great improvement in many of the streets. With some of the heavy showers they had had in the month of March It was impossible that. the troughings could take all the water. Mr. T. J. Samuel supported the statement of the inspector Mr. T. H. Edwards drew attention to the state of the flagging in Great Darkgate-street and the need of laying channelling in Queen s- road from the Town Hall to the Lifeboat house. FINANCE COMMITTEE. This committee recommended bills, etc., amounting to E379 9s. Od., also the pay- ment of half-year's interest on the fallowing loans, due from the Corporation 10th April, 1904:— Less. Principal. Interest. Income Tax. £ £ s. d. £ s. (1- Borough Fund 2.7Q0J. 40 10 0 38 12 11 General District 13.680 205 4 0 195 15 10 Water Works 13.675 205 2 6 195 14 6 Harbour 6,800 102 0 0 97 10 4 WorkmensHouses 2,850 41 4 9. 39 6 7 The following renewals of leases were recom- mended by the committee:—Mr. Thomas Davies' premises, No. 26, Portland-road: Rev. William Jones, premises, No. 24, North-parade, and stable and coach house, Portland-road; Mrs. Michael Evans, prem- ises Nos. 29 and 31, High-street; Miss Evans and Mrs. Margaret Williams, prem- ises. No. 30 and 32, Prospect-street, work- shop Prospect-street, and 23 South-road. The report was adopted. THE RATEPAYERS" ASSOCIATION A meeting of the sub-committee appointed in the matter of the reply by the Council to the report of the Ratepayers' Associa- tion upon the Corporation accounts was held on March 22nd. The sub-committee proceeded with the consideration of the report of the Association, and a further meeting will be convened at an early date. THE NEW BREAKWATER. A committee of the whole Council was held at the breakwater works on Saturday, March 26th, and accompanied Mr. A. T. Walmisley, the engineer, over the net- works. The committee now recommended that the stone filling inside the new break- water be raised to a height of 5 feet, as recommended by the engineer, at an addi- tional cost of £231. The same committee recommended that the Borough Surveyor be instructed to pre- pare and complete a footpath to lead down past the back of Graiggoch to the new Pro- menade, and that the present steps be re- moved, and to continue the excavations on the north-west side from the magazine to the entrance by the north-west tower. Mr. J. Gibson said he would like to ask the Surveyor whether it was not definitely decided that tht\ camera point should be concave, and not convex as it was now. Mr. C. M. Williams while admitting that it would be well in future to have definite resolutions on matters of this kind, was of opinion that in this case the Surveyor had carried out his instructions. The Surveyor said he never heard any suggestion as to making the j oint a con- cave. In reply to questions, the Purveyor said they now had thirteen feet clear space at that spot. The recommendations were adopted. MARKETS COMMITTEE. At a meeting of this committee held on March 29th, the Surveyor presented a re- port, with plan and estimated cost of pro- posed improvements at the slaughter house and the Smithfield. The Surveyor was in- structed to visit the Carmarthen cattle market, and the committee decided to defer consideration of the report, pending a further report by the Surveyor. MEDICAL OFFICER'S ANNUAL REPORT A meeting of a committee of tile, Council, convened to consider the annual report of the Medical Officer of Health for the year 1903 was held on March 29th. he; committee opened the tenders received for the 50 seats required for the Promenade, and recommended that the tender of Mr. Evan Owen, at the price of £ 1 4s. lid. per seat be accepted. The committee also opened the tenders received for kerbing and channelling, and recommended that the tender of Messrs. G. A. Watson and Co., of Liverpool, at the price of tl66 9s. 2d. be accepted. The following recommendations on the Medical Officer's report were made:— That the Borough Surveyor be asked to pre- pare and submit at an early date a report upon a water carriage system of drainage of Penparke. That the Borough Surveyor be asked to obtain a quotation for supplying a portable travelling disinfect or. That the Medical Officer be requested to prepare and submit a report upon such houses in the Borough as he considers unfit for habitation. That the Borough Surveyor be instructed to give special attention to the disposal of the .town refuse. That the Borough Sur- veyor be instructed to prepare a scheme for the improvement of the state of the brook which leads from Plascrug and passes in its course the Drill Haall. Mr. J. Gibson asked if the Surveyor had received a notification that the person whose tender had been accepted for seats did not intend taking up the contract. The Surveyor replied that he had. Mr. J. Gibson complained that on the morning following the* committee at which the tenders were opened he saw the amounts of the various tenders and the names of the persons who had tendered on a slip of paper, which was public property. Mr. C. M. Williams said he hoped in the interest of the public members would not divulge the figures of any tenders until the contracts had been taken tip. After a brief discussion on the recommen- dations arising out of the Medical Officer's report, the committee's report was adopted. PROPOSED NEW LIBRARY. A meeting of the committee appointed to arrange details as to the preparations of plans, etc., for the proposed new Library was held at the Corporation offices on March 24th. The committee recommended that the Borough Surveyor be instructed to prepare a sketch plan showing the following accommodation:—Library of 50 feet in length, room for librarian and reading room on the ground floor, and an art room on the first floor. The committee recommended that ten feet of land be retained out of the piece of land proposed to be leased to Miss Evans so as to give a total depth of 110 feet for the new site for the Library. ■—J-






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