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Business Notices. I -mm- -RONW' -IRNENP- -qmw- -.4amp- -,Room- -,Romp- ? Attention is again directed to ? the two friencb which ought to be touDd In eyery homeste" which b1 the are alr8cb Irm in the bomet of many people who have M to do with the tearing *B<1 fe""loc of -.tttte. ?? ? Bibby's Cream Equivalent ? for Calves. A Soo4I which b, ,enew tùes the premier poeition the ?? tttOfrttfrn* th*t Mtt<y the digetttTe and nuttient eiementt needed in an MtMcitJ ? ? mat for cwvw ?? } Bibby s Quarterly ) The 8prin i1I8ue 6. Nt). 1.1 of thi, and home companion is now ready. If an1thill& could excel prenous elfortl the current Quarterly does it. (1' By meane at its nried and instrat-tive articles and binta, helpful in every phase of farm life. ?? 0) By me*n9 of it* literary Mtptement tnd the many beautiful cotour iUMtrttieM ? wortky of IS frame and place of honour in the bewe. ?? &in& Cc!pin, pod free I I-, frm ? ? J. BtBBY & SONS, g ? i?jrc&Mfe Chambers ? ? LIVBRPOOI- ? -4=P- -,MEW- MILD & BITTER BEERS OF THE FINEST QUALITY ARE SUPPLIED BY DaoM RoM$ ? Sons, LIMITED, THE BREWERY, ABERYSTWYTH. Price List on Application. The Brewing Waters are of exceptional purity, and only the Finest Materials obtainable are used. BY ROYAL APPOINTMENT TO HIS MAJESTY THE KING. DAY, SON & HEW!TT8 LAMBING AND CALVING REMEDIES THE GASEOUS FLUID. THE GASEODYNE. For prostrated Cows and Ewes, Scour, For Paining or Heaving, and Soothing the Ner- Diarrhcea, Debility, Hoven, Colic &c., voos System, also for Dysentery or Flux. PRICE 20s PER DOZEN. PRICE, 3a 6d. PER BOTTLE. THE OHEMICAL EXTRACT: THE RED DRENCH. For anointing after Parturition, Straining. & For cleansing Cuws and Ewes, Fevers, Chills, preventing Gangrene. For Wounds, Red Water. Hide-bound, &c. prevents Swollen Udder and Sore Teats. Milk Fever or Dropping. PRICE 2s 6d, 5s 6d, and 7s PER BOTTLE. PRICII (Cows). 15s, (EwES), 5s 6d PER DozEN. Unparalleled Success of the Lambing & Calving Chests. Prices complete. 50s and &5 5s (Carriage Paid). ADDRESS: 22, DORSET-ST., LONDON, W. (EST. 1833).73 Bicycles for Easter. ?> PRICES TO SUIT ALL POCKETS, I Over 600 Prizes Won on IDE IS CYCLES in 1902-03. Everyone ? m All Machines r knows Built 'It t this well, ?/s?S?? on the known ?t.? ?)?t Premises and Trade Mark. Guaranteed. Il:so wjklu SPECIFICATIONS of the E6 6s. Machine: Free Wheel, Two Rim Brakes. Vapshore Tyres, Plated Rims and Mud-guards; Ladies* Ot Gents* S8 los. Machine, Dunlop Tyres, Plated Rims, Front Rim Brakes, and New Departure, Rock Hub, 18 months* guarantee the do los. and El2 los. TWO years* guarantee. NOTE THE ADDRESS- Mris Motor and Cycle Works, Lampeter. ? J.WALTEREVANS 19, GREAT DARKGATE STREET, ???? 2ABERYSTWYTH. M ?j)? Boys' Overcoats 4/11 to 18/6. f? ? ??BW Youths ? 6/nto25/ !M ? ?? ? Men's ? 1?6 to 45? ?a?J? ? NEWEST GOOjDS. ?? ? ? B?EST \?ALL?E. ?? ? ? L?/?G?S7- S?L?Cr/O/V. ? ? THE HOUSE FOR CHILDREN'S AND LADIES ?' ? ? JACKETS, AND ALL KINDS OF DRAPERY GOODS. ??. ???" Special line in Mens' Suits made to w measure. ? tN ????? BLACK. BLUE, AND NEWEST TWEED MIXTURES. FIT AND STYLE GUARANTEED 42s. NOW OPEN. NOW OPEN. HUGHES DAVIES, ..TH E EMIPORIUM." LA M PE.TE R The Best House in the District for EGNERAL FURNISHING, BUILDERS, IRONMONGERY, GUNS CARTRIDGES, CUTLERY, TRUNKS, FENDERS, CURBS, AND ELECTRO-PLATED GOODS ALL NEW STOCK. TIP TOP QUALITY AT ROOK BOTTOM PRICES, .JTLEMEHTS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION BY THE BEST MAKERS. SEND FOR PRICE LiSTS NOTE ADDRESS- The Emporium Ironmon gery Stores, LAMPETER. Public Notice Cycles for Season 1904. YOU CANNOT BEAT THE ..GWALIA.' PRICES FROM jCa /0s TO jC/4 /4s. Our E8 los special line is quite UP-TO-DATE and includes Midland A Tyres 2 Crabbe Rim Bfakes< Plated Rims, halMnch Pitch Roller Chain, and is well finished in black enamel. GWALIA CYCLES CAN BE BUILT TO CUSTOMERS OWN REQUIREMENTS GWALIA MOTOR CYCLES BUILT TO ORDER ON THE PREMISES AN D MAY BE INSPECTED DURING PROGRESS. Cafless and Pratts* Spirits always on hand also Oils, Greases, &c.t &c. ACCUMULATORS CHARGED. ALL CYCLE AND MOTOR REPAIRS UNDERTAKEN. A NUMBER OF SECOND-HAND CYCLES TO CLEAR AT BARGAIN PRICES. Wm. James and Sons, GWALIA CYCLE WORKS, CARDIGAN. 168







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I . Bible Society Centenary.I