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Cilgwyn Church Book. Valuable Extracts. BY "PHILIP SIDNEY." it was in April, 1860, that the late Mr. Walter D. Jeremy, London,—by birth a iiampeter man—made some extremely in- teresting extracts from the since missing Cilgwyn Church Book. His original sheets ef extracts are now before me, by the kind office,s of my old friend and his nephew, Principal W. J. Evans, M.A., of the Pres- byterian College. Pending the discovery of the Church Book" itself, any particu- lars gleaned directly from its pages cannot fail tobe of use to historians and othefs and so they are here and for the first time oommitted to the safe keeping of print. The extracts are in the order as written by Mr. Jeremy. "KILGWYN CHURCH BOOK, 1728." Freeholders, 1738. Walter Jenkins; Jenkin Walter, etc., etc. I A list of such as were Members of a Church of Christ gathered in Cardiganshire from the year 1653, to the year 1659." Lampeter, March the 4th, 1654. Rees Powel, Pastor. Evan Hugh, etc., etc., etc. Bettws, June the 10th, 1654. Llanarth, Sepr. the 9th, 1654. Llanbadarn Fawr, Octr. 8 '54. Llangoedmor. Lanbadain Odwyn, 7th month, 1655. Garthely, Abermeirig, Aug., 1657. "A List of such as were Members of the Dissenting Protestant Church of Christ, meeting at Ca'ronnen, Crygymaen, Llwyn Rhys and Kilgwyn, from the year 1692 to the year 1098." y 5aVMrTS i ) ^.stors.. '• David La warns J Morgan Howel T David John Rees it-achers- John Jones. Pres: gub. Griffith Hugh. Pres: gub. David Evans 1 „ -c t Deacons. Evan John &c. &c. &c. &. In the year 1704, and before that." Philip Pugh &c., &c., A list or Catalogue of Members of the Church of Christ meeting at Kilgwyn, 1728 pp 9-16. Philip Pugh 1 rastorc Evan Davies ] iastor- &c. (fee., &c. Dy'd. Members of Kilgwyn. Congregation from the year 1718 exclusive, to the yr. 1728 inclusive." [Here follow the Names.]" The Names of Adult members of Cil- gwyn yt. dy'd since the yr. 1728." [Here follow the Names.]" inter alios:— 1747. Mr. Evan Davies, dy'd 10 br. 10th 1747; bury'd the 12th; ordained April 13th. 1726; aged 71 years. 175o. Mrs. M. Davies, Felindre. Members of the Church of Christ meet- ing at Kilgwyn, Caeronen, and Abermeyrig, from the year 1736-7 [sic]' when those of Lanbadarn Odyn separated. :— Philip Pugh Evan Davies Pastors. Timothy Davies Evan Griffith, pres. gab. Mary, wife of James Jenkin, of Olm. Thomas Williams Lampeter. Sarah, wife of Walter Thomas, Cyssuch. Mrs. Lloyd, of Lloydjack. [The list is brought down to the yr. 1748]" Members of the Church of Christ, meet- ing at Llwynpiod, 1738." Philip Pugh I Evan Davies I Pastors. Timothy Davies J Infants Baptized by Philip Pugh, Min- ister of the Gospel." 1. Margaret, dau. Rev. Mr. Jenkin Jones, Bap. lObr. 1709. 11. Elizabeth Do. Do. 1717. 28, Jenkin, s. Thos. Jenkin, Cyssuch, Bap. 29 Aug. 1719. 29. Mary, dau. Mr Jenkin Jones, Cyssuch Ap. 1722. 46. Moses, s. thos. Jenkin, Cyssuch, Ap. 1722. 54. Martha, dau. David Jenkin, Cys- such, 9br 1722. 75. John, s. Thos. Jenkin, Cyssuch, Oct. 22, 1724. 109. John, s. Thomas Williams, Lam- peter, Bap. 15 March, 1726-7; s. p. 104. 112. David, s. John David, Cyssuch, 16 Aug. 1727. 191. Mary, dau. Thos. John, Cyssuch, 30 July, 1733. 197. Anne, dau. Do. 30 July, 1734. 217. David, a. Wm. David, tanner Lam- peter, 21 March 1735-6. 287. Sarah, dau. Reverend Mr. Timothy Davies, bap. 13 May, 1741. 336. Jonathan Davies, s. Do 9 Nov. 1743. 350. Ursula, dau. Evan John Lewis, Bmitk. 376. Onor, dau. Bo. 384. David s. Rev. Mr. Timothy Davies, 26 Feb. 1746. 401. David, s. Evan David Jenkin, Cys- such, 25 Oct. 1746. Miriam, dau. Do. 419. Gainor, dau.Jno Thomas 454. Sarah, dau. Evan David Jenkin, Cyssuch, 1 Feb. 1749. 458. Mary, dau. Rev. Mr. Timothy Dav- ies, 24 Feb. 1749. 525. Evan, s. Rev. Mr. Timothy Davies, bap. 22 Jan. 1752. 545, John, s. Thos. Rees, Cyssuch, 1 Dec. 1752. 608. Rachel, s. Rev Mr. Timothy Davies, 21 July. 1755. 610. Mary, dau. Thos Rees, Cyssuch, 11 Aug. 1755. {533. Benjamin, s. Timothy Jacob, Goitre, bap. 3 Nov. 175S. 650. Jenkin, s. Evan David Jenkin, Cyssuch, 25 May, 1757. 670. Anne, dau. Do. 6 June, 1759. 671. Timothy, a. Timothy Jacob, bap 10 June 1759. "[The last date in the list is 1760.]" "The Persecution in K. Charles the 2nd's time lasted from Aug. 25, 1662, till April 1687, about five and twenty years, liberty of conscience was made legal by Act of Par- liament in the year 1689, by the Toleration Act." « Acts of Parliament against Dissenters in ■tjk. 2nd's time:— 1. Act of Uniformity, in the year 1662. 2. Corporation Act, in 1661. 3. The Conventicle Act, in 1663, and 1670. 4. The Oxford Act, 1665. 5. The Test Act, 1673. Here come sixteen verses composed by "Saw. Jones of Brynllywarch, upon recov- ery out of a fit of sickness." These will appear in our Cymru Fu column, next week. "DISmlNTING PROTESTANT MINISTERS IN SOUTH WALES." Rees Price ,of Tyntanne, obiit, 1739. Thomas Walter, of Rayadr. David Price, of Lhvynlloyd, ob. Aug. 1742. James Lewis, of Pencader, ord. 1706 [aged 64 in 1738..] David Jonkms, of Crug y maen, ord. in June, 1708. Philip Pugh, of Blaenpennal, ord. in Oct. 1709. Ghristmas Samuel, of Pant-teg, ord. 1710. Bavid William, of Newport, [dy'd. in lObr. 1754.] IRfcVid Williams, of Penmein. ^aires Davies, of Merthyr. 9jj £ S$)>en Dunne, obiit, 1735. -Cnrvstosius Lewis. Lewis of Rhydyceisiaid. obiit. Ifavtd Thomas, of Neath. flensy Davies, of Blaengwrneh. Wnlirf*r. of Aberitivenny. Seary Palmer, of Henllan, o 8b' 1721. „ obi t. 17'. „ Jfohp Harriet, of' Llanrynydd, o'v? 1/24 rbi't "Thorn00 of Uffuri, f>—Apr. 72\ obiit t'1" f ?] Will'fTi nrd. jrj Thorns '{"(' (') t" r "Drnrid Sere*. of LWh'-yt*, 172£,). J&vsn oflIvel"f(\rdw .3. art?. Jr.vo 1723. 1 Evan Davies, of Kilgwyn, ord. 1726; obiit 1747. Jenkin Jones, of Llwynrhydowen, ord. Apr. lïiW; obiit 1742. Rees Davies, of Llangattwg. Roger Howel, of Langiw'k [Kelly Onnen.J Vavasor Griffith, of Maesgwyn; ob. 1741. John Williams, of Brecon; [ob. 1743.] David Williams ,of Cevenerthan, ord. June 1731. George Palmer, of Swansey, ord. 7br. 173[?] obiit, 1749-50. William Williams, of Tredwythan. Samuel Jones, of Capel Scion. Lewis Jones, of Llanedy, ord. in 7ber. 1734. Edmund Jones, of Penmain, ord. 1734 Timothy Davies, of Kilgwyn. ord. May 1737 Richard Rees, of Merthyr, [obiit Aug. 1749] David Williams, of Cardiffe. David Evans, of Trewen, and Llechryd, ord. 25 Apr. 1739. Philip Davies ,of Penmain ord. 1739. Owen Rees, ordained, 9 March, 1742. David Griffith, ord. 21 Ap. 1742. William Jenkms, ordained 9 March, 1742. David Lloyd, of Brynberian, ord. 23 June, 1743. John Lewie, ordained at Pencader 3 Aug. 1743. Owen Davies, of Crofit.y-cyff 1 both ord. at Croft-y- Jama Davies, o £ Abermeirig J cytt 6 & 7 Oct., 1743. Thomas Evans, of Llanywllyn, 19 June, 1745 Thomas Morgan, of Henllan, 26 June, 1746. David Lloyd, of Llwynrhydowen 1746. Milbourn Blome, 26 Sep. 1745. Saml. Davies, of Merthyr, 1746. Wm. Lewelin, of Cwm-mawr 1746. Thos. Jones, of Caslychwr 1747. John Hughes, of Haverfordwest, ord. 23 Sept. 1747. Jenkin Jenkins, of Lanvylling. Jno. Watkins, of Brachgoed [obiit 1748.] Thomas Lewis, of Blaengwrach. Richard Thomas, ord. Aug. 1751. Solomon Harris, ord. Sep. 1751. John Evans of Caebach, ord. June 1752. Michael Maurice, ord. at Llanywchllyn, 12 Aug. 1752. Evan Williams of Brychcoed, ord, 28 Sep. N.S. 1752 John Powel, of Mynyddbach, ord. 26 Sept. 1753. Simon Williams, of Rayadr, ord. 15 Sep. 1753 William Evans ,of Rhydymardy 17o8. Thomas Davies, of Gellyonnen. "NORTH WALES MINISTERS." Edward Kenrick, of Bronclydwr. ord. He 17 1702. [dy'd 1741.] Jno. Kenrick, of Wrexham, ord. 8ber. 21st 1707. [dy'd Jan. 1745.] William Jervise, of Llanv'ylling ob. 1743. Thomas Hopkins, of Newtown. t John Thomas, of Pwllhely, ord. June 21, 1723. James Jardine, of Denbigh ob. Apr. 20, 1735 Francis Bolt, of Newmarket [removed to Salop.] June 29. David Williams, of Denbigh 1736 obiit 1743. Jenkin Jenkins, of Llanwyllin ord. 1747. Thomas Evans, of Llanewllyn. Richard Thomas, of Pwllheli. Micah Morice, of Denbigh. Jenkin Morgan of in Anglesea. II [Note, the last four Ministers were added at a subsequent time, as appears from the ink, and handwriting. W.D.J.]" The New Test. trans. into Welsh by Richard Davies, B. of St. David's and W. Salsbury. Gent. was printed in the year 1567." The whole Bible was translated into Welsh by Dr. William Morgans of Llan- rhaiadr vm Mochnant in Denbighshire after- wardse Bishop of St. Asaph, and printed in folio in the year 1588.. 1st. Edition Anno Domini 1588 2nd. edition Do. 1620. 3rd. edition Do. 1630." The former translation corrected by Bis- hop Parry and Dr. Davies of Mallwyd, and pnnted anno 1620. [fol. 2nd edn. 1620.]" "The Welsh Bible was first printed in a pocket volume in the year 1630. 4th edition Anno 1654. 5th 1678. 6th 1689-90 7th 1717. 8th 1727." "Christian Names in Kilgwyn:— Church Book." Ursula Î Onor Honor (Honora ?) Names of Women.. 1 ngharaa [ -L n ra(, Miriam I Gainor ) Such extracts as these can only whet our lips for more, and may act as an incentive to further effort to discover the missing volume itself. -1.

Cymru Fu. ci.