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Aberystwyth Town Oouiicii.


Aberystwyth Town Oouiicii. The Flats as a Recreation c' Ground. Strong Objection to the Proposals. Council use Cycling Club's Application, Medical Officer's Report. A meeting of the Aberystwyth Town Coun- cil was held on. Tuesday morning at the Council Chamber, Town Hall, when there were present the Mayor (Mr Isaac Hopkins) in the chair; Councillor E. H. James (ex- Mayor), Aldermen E. P. Wynne and Peter Jones; Councillors C M. Williams, T. H. Edwards, T J. Samuel, Captain David James, Daniel Thomas, G Fossett Roberts, R J Jones, R Doughton, Wm. Thomas and J Gibson, with Mr A J Hughes (clerk), Mr. H L Evans (borough accountant), Mr. Rees Jones, (borough surveyor), and Dr. Abraham Thomas (medical officer of health.) INSPECTION OF CARRIAGES. The Clerk reported he had received from Mr. Rogers, of Oswestry, a report upon his inspection of the hackney carriages licensed by the Council. Mr. T. H. Edwards asked was it a fact that Mr Rogers had declined to accept the condition laid down that he should not do any of the repairs. The Clerk said it was quite a fact, and the time was too short to enable any other ar- rangements to be made. Mr. Rogers stated he had been out of business for some years himself, but that his sons were now employ- ed in it. He said he did not care to be put under any restriction, and intended to resign the appointment after this year. STATE OF LLANBADARN ROAD. A letter was read from Mr. Thomas Owen Fronhyfryd, calling attention to the present shocking state of Llanbadarn-road. It was in a worse condition than it had been for twelve years, more especially in front of Caradog-road, and opposite the road leading to St. David's-road, where it was almost impassible after heavy rains. Residents complained bitterly of having to pay rates for improvements of which they did not get their share. >"> The letter was referred to the Public Works Committee. RENEWAL OF LEASE. A letter was read from Mr. E Michael Evans, applying for the renewal of the lease of the ground of Nos. 29 and 31, High- atreet, of which he is the owner. The application was ordered to be placed on the agenda of the next meeting. FORESHORE PROTECTION. The Clerk read a letter from Mr. Wal- misley, in reference to the certificate which was about being granted to Mr. Lester, the contractor for work done at the Harbour. As there were one or two financial matters connected with it, he thought it would be well to discuss it in committee. Tt was decided to take the matter in com- mittee, and also the question of repairing the damaged portion of Rofawr near the ..steam Packet Company's Offices. Mr. Les- ter, the clerk said, had been asked to submit an estimate of the cost of this work, hut this he had not yet had. PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE. The following recommendations were made by this committee:—That the Inspector take the necessary proceedings in accohiance with notices served by him for the removal of swine at Penparke; that Eagle Court and White Horse Court in Queen-street be in- cluded in the next list of courts to be paved under the Private Streets Act; that the Sur- veyor be instructed to report upon the state qf the urinal in Smithfield-road with a view to improving, removing, or demolishing same; and that the Town Clerk be instruct- ed to consider the advisability of taking proceedings against Mrs. Mary Parry for the alleged sale of diseased meat. The com- mittee had alsov ftifstrneted the Sanitary In- spector to give special attention to the troughings and down. pipes, with a view of their being put in an efficient state of repair throughout the Borough without delay. Following a letter received trom Mr. T. W. Powell calling attention to the state of the road leading from Victoria-terrace to Cliff- terrace, the committee deemed the present to to be a favourable opportunity to settle the bound- ary between the Corporate Estate and the Penglaise Estate at this part of the Borough and they recommended necessary steps to be taken in the matter, and that pending further consideration of the application, the Surveyor be instructed to prepare an esti- mate of the cost of continuing the present railing in front of Brynymor-terrace to Vic- toria-terrace. The plan of a dwelling house proposed to be erected by Mrs. David How- oil on the site of No. 24, Portland-street was recommended for approval. An amended plan received from Mr. David Phillips show- ing the exits provided for the proposed new Hall, etc., in Terrace-road was considered. The committee recommended that two exits Tie required to Terrace-road of 6 feet each, &nd one to Bath-street of 6 feet. and the other of 6 feet to Portland-street, and the Borough Surveyor was instructed to see Mr. David Phillips and inform him that provided the same is amended to this extent the plans will be approved of. The committee were unable to approve the amended plan,, the exits shown being, in their opinion ,inade- quate. They recommend that provision be made for four exits, each to be of a minimum 'width of 6 feet. The report was adopted. MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT. The Medical Officer (Dr Abraham Thomas) in his report for the quarter ended Decem- ber last stated that the number of births registered during the quarter was 44 (lo males and 26 females), as compared with 50 in the corresponding quarter of 1902, and 39 in the corresponding quarter of 1901, and was equivalent to an annual birth-rate of 22 per 1,000 on a population of 8,013. The num- ber of deaths registered as having occurred within the Borough during the period was 34, as compared with 35 in the corresponding quarter of 1902 and of 27 in the correspond- ing quarter of 1901, and was equivalent to m annual death-rate of nearly 17 per 1,000. Amongst the 34 deaths are included those of two persons who were not inhabitants of the town also that of the child whose body was found on the beach. If these three deaths were subst-acted from the total of 34 the" correct total for the Borough would be 31, and this number is equivalent to an annual doath-vate of 1-5.5 Pcr Five deaths were due to tubercular affections, 4 to heart disease, while to bronchitis and pneumonia were attributed 4 ?en cases of infectious disease were notified dur- ing the quarter; they comprised nine cases of scarlet fever and one of facial erysipelas The case of facial erysipelas occurred in High Street. The patient had had previous at- tacks of the same disease. Of the 9 scarlet fever cases four occurred in one household in Chalybeate-street. Three occurred another household in Terrace-road. while the remaining two cases occurred in separate houses in f^jioon-fstrect. The cosiditoin of Fountain Court, Spring Gardens, and the river shove adjoining Spring Gardens was as "had as ever. The property along the river side was now pn.,(1" of the Corporation and c"f,orahio improvement PI'1it to be imIDNhatplv effected. HARBOUR COMMITTEE. This Couuaittee reported that the tender of Mr. E. R. Lester, for filling in a quantity *>«timr' c»ri :,1()r) a¡[1 irPO tons, of bee-h slu. tho breach in Rofawr, caused by tie recent heavy seas, for the sum of tiie r. oil- coroplet before the next spv,"ng tide had een considered. The committee ecomtner^or: that an offer £80 be made to M E. R. f the work. It •"Mjoni'n v groy -rt No. 7 n "hi", r 1 the Survevo p- opoacc groynes on Ro- fpvr \/0 t* he equal length with g ovno No. 10 on the same plan. In moving aeonti^i of the report. Cntn;" g i i wo"k was ■dbtie t. t're terido- s-bmH-od to the ~>~ivjhfc^rt tr f-V < or-ome "7 < to •- k, and he ::ger than g oy ur 30. The Surveyor said the difference would be about three yards. It was decided to refer the question of the groyne to the committee of the whole Council, the other portion of the report being adopted. FOOTPA THS COMMITTEE. The Footpaths Committee reported hav- ing appointed Mr. Daniel Thomas as its chaoirman. The following had been co- opted members of the committee :—Messrs. J. B. Jenkins, R. G. Bennett, David Owen, W. R. Hall, Rev. S. Marsh, and W. H. Colby. FINANCE COMMITTEE. This Committee recommended payments for the past month amounting to £748 9s. 7d., also that the sum of £ 1,018 10s. 4 £ d. be invested in 2J consols for the year ending 31st March, 1904; that the Application of the Aberystwyth Cycling Club for a lease of the Flats for the purpose of an Athletic Ground be refused; that in, respect to the applica- tion of Messrs. Owen Brothers for a lease of a piece of land in Greenfield-street for the purpose of workmen's dwellings that the land be offered on lease by auction. The Town Clerk had reported the result of an interview he had had with the Public Works Loan Board, who required that in the event of the loan of P,10,500 being granted by them they would require to be secured with a first charge on the Corporate Estate. The Com- mittee instructed the Clerk to interview the respective mortgagees and ask them to post- pone their respective mortgages, in favour of the Public Works Loan Commissioners. Mr. Fossett Roberts, the chairman, re- ferred to an item of £ 100, being Mr. Hughes' salary for one year as magistrates' clerk. He estimated the fines and fees for the year at £ 82, so that there would be a deficiency between the amount of salary and th am- ount of nnes and fees of £18. He did not know how that compared with previous years, but lie thought it was improving. Mr. C. M. Williams: Do you wish to send that intimation to the magistrates P(laughter) RECREATION GROUND QUESTION. ) LEASE OF THE FLATS REFUSED. Mr Fossett Roberts said he could not propose the adoption of the Finance Com- mittee's recommendation refusing a lease of the Flats to the Cycling Club, as hi voted in favour of giving the ground at the com- mittee. Alderman Peter Jones said as one who opposed the granting of the land for this particular purpose, he begged to move the adoption of that portion of the report. He felt it was their duty to retain that land, as it should be used for public purposes. This land was obtained originally under powers conferred upon them under the Act of 1872 in connection with the water works, which scheme was not carried into effect. The Council deemed it advisable to retain ths land, with the view eventually of laying it out as recreation grounds. He be- lieved there would also be a legal difficulty in the way of granting the request of the Cycling Club. This was not land which they held under the Municipal Corporations' Act, but as a central authority acting as the local Board, and under the circumstances he fear- ed they would not have the legal power to carry into effect what was desired by certain members of the Council.. But apart from that he did not think it would be well that this property should be handed over to any body of men. Recreation grounds were to be held for the benefit of the community gen- erally, and it was stipulated in the Act bear- ing on the question that land held for that purpose should be held in such a way as not to bar the public from the free use of it. Mr. Daniel Thomas seconded. Mr. T. H Edwards asked was it a fact that the Council would not be able to lease this land to a body of men like the Cycling Club for seven years. To say the Flats had been retained to be converted into a recreation ground by the Corporation was very ridicu- lous, considering they had had this matter on for the last thirteen years. The Clerk said, that in reply to Mr. Ed- wards, that this was not corporate estate under the Act of 1882. This proporty was vested in the old Local Board, and it now belonged to the Urban District Council. Where there's a will there's a way," and the Corporation would have to get the san- ction of the Local Government Board to purchase this land, and that having been done there would be no legal objection to a grant to the Cycling Club or any other per- sons. Mr. J. Gibson proposed that the matter be referred back to the committee, to discuss what they were really going to do with the Flats. To make the Flats into a dumping ground for the town manure,, such as they had on the other side of the railway, would pretty well ruin the town. Mr. G. Fossett Roberts seconded. On a division, the amendment was defeat- ed by eight votes to five. Mr. R J Jones then moved as a further amendment that the application be acceded to, and that steps be taken to secure the sanction of the Local Government Board to the purchasing of the land by the Corpora- tion. Mr. Jones said he thought it had been well understood in the town for several years that this ground was to be utilized for the purpose of a recreation ground. A pub- lic meeting of ratepayers was held some years back, when it was agreed that this matter should be taken in hand as soon as expedient, and when the financial position of the Council would allow it. Now they had a respectable body of men, the Cycling Club, who were prepared to lease this land at a reasonable rental. They had stated a sum. but he understood they were quite pre- pared to go beyond that amount. They were also prepared to lay the ground out in a substantial manner at a cost of P,600 to £ 1,000. He could not see what objection there could be to leasing this land to the Cycling Club; seeing that they leased it at present to different tenants..They had not got a proper recreation ground at Aberyst- wyth, and it was the duty of the Council to give every support to an application of this kind, particularly when they found there could be no financial loss in the matter. As to the proposal to convert the Flats into a tipping ground, he knew for a fact that the existing tipping ground had been a nuisance to a laige section of the community, and if they were going to remove the existing nuisance to the other side of the railway they would be increasing it. Another point that had been raised was that it was too near the cemetery. They could not help this ground being too near the cemetery, while the present small field used for recrea- tion purposes was practically attached to the cemetery. They had not got many fun- erals in Aberystwyth, and the ground would not continually be in use. Mr. T. H. Edwards seconded, and said he did so because he thought it was a disgrace to a town of the status of Aberystwyth to be without a recreation ground. Thousands of visitors came to the town every year, and there was no place where their sons could go to have tennis or any other recreation The Council had discussed for very many years the conversion of that land into a re- creation ground. He was sick and tired of hearing that, because the Council could not do that work at the present time for finan- cial reasons. But here they had a body of men, quite respectable—as respectable as the members of the Council—prepared to spend a large sum of money to lay out these grounds. The argument against this not being a public ground afterwards was a weak one, because no one could put his foot over the fence at present without being summoned for trespassing. To use the land as a manure heap right opposite the ceme- tery would be a greater nuisance than hav- ing a recreation ground there. Mr. W. Thomas said that if the Corpora- tion disposed of this ground for 7. 14, or 21 years, "r1 a Slim of £ 600 or £ 1,000 was spent on it that sum appeared to him to be jlEt enough to spoil it for the Corporation and to make it useless for the promoters themselves. There was an excellent ground at Ca rmarthen^ ,but tha tcost at least £ 7,000 Aleut' been made of the tipping of the town refuse. Alderman Jones stated at the c,)iili-nittee iiid he quite agreed with him— there was a great difference be- iv.-ee;: this ground and that across the line. The POT! "-as very scarce on the present site, but OJ: .the Flats they would have two feet or more of excellent soil ,and anything de- posited there could be safely covered. He had attended funerals reneatedlv within 100 yards of the site when football was being phiy-xl and thfi funeral nervices were repeat' uly interrupte.'i_hy the hurrahs of the iv^M'le over t ''te. He had seen them" ^h i preset held, wai+ing for funer- als to pass, nn'1 1., wns thr. young plr. Wo-i¡]" do vthu'<* iv»wer, 11nt If.Sr.; (.f h- .>ndef1 n f "nd th v co. hi hear the r.pplr.u :c the hurrahs 1\ Cihs.v: The livinc*, <f wra, rot fhf rV]-r\Tvvs on t" Pi-. {" the ¡H, "1. ,y 'ntod, whiell wits fiseti i" Iw eeuie- I t?ry .——-

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Aberystwyth Town Oouiicii.