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CHIPS OF NE WS Prefessor Sonstelle, while returning to his housa at VentimifflM, Italy, was shot dead by an elegantly-dressed lady. Bills posted at the Marseilles docks offer a reward for the names of crimps who have illegally shipped tailors on British ships. Both the Queen of Holland and th" Queen-Mother have contributed to the funds of the S in the Netherlands. The German liner Preus'ien, which went as",iAre at the mouth of the Scheldt, has been assi-u-d ujf, came to anchor in the roads. Louban, the Jewish student who t Nordau in Paris a week ago, has eaten n >trri! since Christmas Day, and declares that ho will ne ef inanition. On Saturday-five months s>f!-«r the mr-vistrata- order for the issue of distress warrint- of three TunbridgeTVelis passive resist' is vv:e by t<- :d- r. Hildesheim (Hsnover) Town Council har decided to preserve the ancient ap:»e!»ranc« of its Ktr -et* 1, orderiug ttitt ;ill n,w pi-lvat,- the seventeenth century Germ-m style. Through the liberality of an aaonynto-m the Scottish National Exp"dii;o» t,, ti., A"- regions will r)(- ai,le to instead of returning home at an early date. Birds' nests, containing newly-laii egg*, are reported from various parts of the country. Edward Jacobs, a septuagenarian, his life in a fire in-Bartholomew-square. Old-street, E.C., on Saturday m Tiling. After a collision the Eastern Telegraph Ccramnv's cable steamer Chilteru was sunk at Plymouth on Saturday afternoon. On Saturday afternoon an Ostend to Dover s'. earner passed PM". «h*«'s bc" :1 of wreckage in the Channel. zL Year's party In Dundee were separating, it was suddenly discovered that, ore of tin m had died in his In Kingstou-n Harbour" (Dublin) a norpoise weighing nearly half a ton, which, b, by the blade of a propeller, has been captured. Mr. William Driver, of Stanhope, who jjst retired from his position as railway s't id, :r,'d the service of the old Stockton and Darlington line in 1857. Mr. Chamberlain's reply to the Premier of the Australian C-onnnosmv:. ,i;i, in which he declines the invif" :o.t to Anil e:;p:a,ns he thinks it be«t not to leave England just now. Waiter Dumphy, :'D Islington butch has been committed on a coroner's warrant, <«:<>d with the murder ef his eight months' old child. The ratepayers of Lambeth express cordial approval of the County Council's schene- f fying the London Southern Tramways sy^in. The returns of the three main Mcsoni.- c; ri'able institutions i'or th" ye-.r shew h'.í; io; ,-ing interest in the benevolent endeavours of the craft. The will of the late Hon. Mrs. C'h:»r;otte Eliza Petre distributes some £ 6,000 amount i,ioas Roman Catholic institution-, in London. Constance Lady I>e La Warr is reported to have become a Roman Catholic. Mr. Ronald McNeill has resigned the editorship of the St. Jtttms's Gazette, and propose, to coi,test West Aberdeenshire as a Unionist at the general election. Frederick Hotine, an Army pensioner, has been charged at Bow-street, Loadoa, with defrauding Army Reservists by pretending to find them employ- ment. A police-sergeant said Hotine had obtained some hundreds of pounds. He was r Mntnded. No loss than 331 arrests were inndr- in Berlin on New Year's Eve for disorderly conduct. Mrs. Margaret Newton, a Liverpool widow, died on New ..Year's Day, which was her lOlsc birthday. She hadVnjoyed good health until recently. Dr. Dowie has started for a tour round tin* world. Be will sail from Sau Francisco on the 21st inst., and is due in London in June. Great satisfaction is expressed throughout the Italian Press with the news of 1 he conclusion of an Anglo-Italian Arbitration Treaty. The death is announced at Gamesville, U.S.A., from pneumonia of General Longstreet, who served in the Confederate Forces in the Civil War. President Roosevelt has received a p"rsonal cablegram from the Czar conveying in felicitous terms his Majesty's greetings for the New Year. A revolutionary movement has broken out in the department of Florida (Uruguay). In a skirmish with the rebels the Government troops lost one killed and three wounded. Ir. William Duncan, of Sunderland, who died suddenly on Sunday morning in his eightieth year, was the senior journalist in the northern counties. He was greatly respected by a wide circle of acquaintances, and had much to do with inaugura- ting halfpenny evening newspapers. At an inquest at Sleaford on the bodies of Charles Hunt, hairdresser, and Elizabeth Hunt, his wife, the victims of a New Year's Eve tragedy, the jury found that Elizabeth Hunt was murdered by her husband, and that' the man afterwards committed suicide by cutting his throat. Stanley Wooton, a woll-known Windsor poacher, ) who fur trespassing in search of rabbits was sent to gaol for a month, has been convicted nearly sixty times. It has been announced by the War Office that in future camps of Imperial Yeomanry will not be allowed in Richmond and Bushey Parks, save under exceptional circumstances. Captain Alexander McKay, commodore of the Cunard fleet, who has for some tinl commanded the Lucania and is about to retire under the age limit. joined the company in 1870. English, French, German, and Italian were spoken. to Lilriuud Schafranitz when charged at Woolwich with drunkenness, but he could understand none of the languages. Though wrecked twenty years ago, the mast of a steamer stands erect for forty feet out of the water near the entrance to Wexford Harbour. The hisH of the vessel is now completely covered with sand. The survivors of the British steamer Cygnet, who were landed at Vigo, will leave there for London is the steamship Orissa. No news has been received of the nine persons who left the Cygnet in a boat. There were ninety-three failures in England and Wales during the week ended January 1st, a decrease of ten compared with the corresponding period twelve months ago. Mr. Samuel Carter, senior barrister of the western circuit, whose death has occurred at the age of eighty-nine years, once represented Tavistoek in Parliament, and lost his seat because he opposed 1 the expenditure of public money on the funeral of the Duke of Wellington. Mrs. Edward Walker, wife of a Leeds builder, has U -c-n burnt to death at her residence owing to her clothes catching fire. William and Robert Hunter and William Nesbitt have been further remanded, at Castle Blayney, co. Monaghan, for eight days on the charge of feloniously killing and slaying Edward Kplly, Drnmleck South. An otftcial intimation has been received at the Boyal West Kent depot, Maidstone, to the effect that the 1st Battalion of the regiment is to embark for Malta on March 18th. The battalion arrived home from India only a few months ago. A Manchester fire engine was proceeding to a fire, when a woman named Mary Regan, who was crossing the road, became flurried, and was knocked down. She was severely injured about the head and legs, and death took place shortly afterwards at the hospital. A disgraceful scene occurred at a meeting of the Beverley Board of Guardians. A member refused to obey the ruling of the chairman, whom he termed a fool By resolution, the meeting was suspended whilst the police were sent for, and amidst great excitement the member was forcibly removed from the room. John Causer, fifty, a stallman, ; with a shock- ing death whilst working at the Churchgresley Colliery. Several tons of stone fell, and killed him instanily. A vcsdict of accidental death was returned at an inquest on the body of N. Cripps, sixty-one, of Bletchington. Oxford, who, while crossing the line at Bletchington Statien with a milk-can. was run over and cut into seven pieces by the Birmingham express. A girl named Ellen Haden has died at Dudley from shocking injuries, which she received when visiting a relative. Some paraffin oil was accidentally upset on the kitchen fire, and the flames caught deceased and ignited her clothing. She sustained izijurMS* Which caused her deatl^^