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'K • ABERYSTWYTH. VOLU,-Tcrnq. -It is said that the contraction the :-Drill Hal), lia,% bee* given to Mr D C Owen. ARE WERF,The hunters cry is true, barbed irire is still too much in evidence amongst us. PERSO'AL.- Professor Morgan Lewis has left Aberystwyth for the Easter vacation, which he intends spending in Italy. THE NIILITIA.-The Cardigan Militia Artillery, about 300 strong, are due at Devonport, on the 27th inst., and will go across to Maker for the annual training. THE HIBBEUT JOURNAL has not been returned to the Reading Room, frutu which, us stated at the last meeting of the Town Council, it was "taken" early in February. THE VICARIATE OF Aberystwyth parish has, we are informed, been offered to theRev WmMatthews, of Warren, near Pembroke. Mr Matthews was formerly minor canon at St. David's Cathedral. ABERFFRWO EISTEDDFOD.—A large number of competitors from Aberystwyth have entered for the eisteddfod to be held at Aberffrwd on Friday. The Vale of Rheidol Railway Company will run a special train from Aberffrwd to Aberystwyth at the conclusion of the eisteddfod, TERRACE-ROAD is now being metalled and [ rolled, from North-parade to the Station. The entire length of new parapet flags is laid, the whole appearance being such as to reflect credit on the Corporation for their carrying out so successfully the widening operations 'of the last few years. BUGLES AND DRUMS IN CARDIGANSHIRE is the title of an article this week by Philip Sidney," in which he tells us the-story of our Royal Cardigan- shire Militia, from that October day in 1646, whijn it played so conspicuous a part in the successful attack on Aberystwyth Castle, under its first commandant Colonel John Jones, of Nanteos SMITHFIELD REPOSITORY.—Messrs R K Jenkins and Morris, auctioneers, will hold their next monthly sale of horses, fat and store cattla, pigs, sheep, and traps at the Smithfield Repository on Monday next. A large number of entries have been received, and a successful sale is anticipated. The auctioneers respectfully request that. all further entries should be made as early as possible. RS.P.C.C. We are asked to draw attention to an advertisement in this issue, announcing that a cake, apron, and pinafore sale is tr, take place in October, for the benefit of the Aberystwyth Branch of the N.S.P.C.C. Any garments as specified suitable for all ages, and the smallest donations in money will be gratefully received and acknowledged by Mrs Phillips, 45, the Terrace, Aberystwyth. THE PLAS GReG SEAT, below theCemetery hedge* really require attention they are getting well nigh on a level with the ground, owing to the raising of the soil in front of them. Now, and not later on, is the time for attending to little details like this which add so much to the comfort of visitors and residents. There is also a loose seat in the meadows hard by which would be all the better if it were refixed. COUNTY SCHOOL.—The second re-union of the Old Pupils' Association will be held on April 8th. An excellent programme has been prepared, and a large gathering ;is expected. Amongst other business the question of starting a school magazine will be brought forward. A large number of subscriptions have been received, but a few are still unpaid, and they will be received by Messrs R D Edwards and David Jenkins, the hon sees. EASTER EXCURSIONS.—The ordinary week-day service of trains will be run on the Vale of Rheidol Railway on Good Friday. Among the special trips will be a combined rail and coach tours. Proceed- ing to Devil's Bridge by rail, passengers will be taken in conveyances to George the Fourth's arch, then to Eglwysnewydd Church, where the cele- brated Chantrey monument may be seen, then on to Pontrhydygroes, and back to Devil's Bridge by way of Rhosygell. LOCAL MEMBERS of the Cambrian Archaeological Association will be interested to know that the list of speakers at this year's gathering at Port- madoc includes the names of Professor Ed Anwyl, M.A.; Professor J E Lloyd; Principal John Rhys, Jesus College, Oxford; Professor Kuno Myer, and Professor Boyd-Dawkins. The Association, which first assembled at Aberystwyth, more than half a century since, has not met at Portmadoc, since 1868. The president this year is Mr W H Wood, of Trawsfynydd. SINGING FESTIVAL.—The annual Gymamfa Gerddool was held at Tabernacle Chapel on Wed- nesday (yesterday). MeetiLJs were held in the afternoon and evening and there were splendid attendances. Mr D. Jenkins, Mus. Bac., conducted the singing, and Miss Evans and Mrs James, North- parade, accompanied on the harmonium and piano. The duties of chairman were ably carried out by the Rev Isaac Joel, Gosen. The tunes sung com- prised the following :-Seven Bethlehem, Cartref yn y nef; Ty drawi swn y sjorm Rhwyn gweddir drosockchwi; Blodau'r Iesu; Diolch i ti: Gwynfa; Builth Paradwys Dolyddelen Ellers Dudley Dolwar Edlingham Bremen, Gohaith the anthem, -'Dvcldiau Dyn," and the chorus, Worthy is the Lamb." ARCHDEACON ."InOTHEuoE'S MEMORIAL.—Inas- much as Mrs Protheroe and family have expressed their intention of erecting a memorial window in the south nave of St. Michael's Church, the Memorial Committee, acting on the advice of Mr Hemming, the artist selected, have decided to withdraw the original plan of erecting two windows in the sanctuary, and to suggest to the subscribers a new plan, of erecting two' windows in the south nave, adjoining the window to be erecied by the family. The committee have also decided to erect a memorial window in the nave of St. Marv's Church, adjoining the window erected t" the memory of the late Dean Phillips. It is intended to convene a meeting of subscribers for Saturday, April 4th, when the committee hope to submit de- signs for approval. DEATH OF MR J D HUGHES.—The death took place on Saturday of Mr John D Hughes, at his residence, Sefton House, Alexandra-road, at the age of 59 years. Mr Hughes was a native of Mach- ynlleth. When quite young he came to Abeiyst- wyth, and was apprenticed with the late Philip Williams as a printer. Having worked for some time at that trade, he afterwards secured the posi- tion of traveller for Messrs Roberts and Sons, the Brewery. Trefechan. He continued in that employ for about twenty years, when he became the representative of Messrs Salt and Co., brewers, Burton-on-Trent. For the past few years he had retired from business. The illness which culmin- ated in his death lasted about eight weeks. He leaves a widow, two sons, and two daughters to mourn their loss. The funeral will take place this (Thursday) morning at the cemetery, at 11 o'clock. THE GAS COMPANY.—Considerable interest was evinced in the adjourned annual meeting of the Aberystwyth Gfas Company, held on Friday last, it having come to the knowledge of the public that the business to be transacted was of such a nature as to give room for contentious discussion. From what can be gathered, it appears that the directors and secretary do not see eye to eye upon two or three points connected with the manage- ment of the'Company. One point of difference is that the secretary wished to be appointed general maKager, while he was also in favour of declaring a dividend of five per cent. per annum to the ordinary shareholders. The directors and other shareholders maintained that the secrefary, works manager, and collector should be dime H as.swe.- able to them. They also contended that in the face of the present overdraft at the bank, and the large amounts due to ti;Ade creditors, they were not jastified in declaring a dividend until (he lia- bility of the company had been reduced. The result of the meeting, we understand, was that a. resolution was passed in favour of the payment;" a dividend, and the three different officers already mentioned being made directly answtrable to th directors.-ALI tbe old directors were fe-appointed. The chair was occupied by Mr Henry Woodall, 4l»e engineer of the Company. OBITUART.—On Thursday~~evening, the 19tfi inst., at the residency of his brother-in-lq,w aM sister, Mr and Mrs R A Janjes. Boaril School, Borth, the death took place oijobn Lltwelyn Felix, fourth son of Mr Riqfeard Feli rate collector, 15, Portland-strefet, at the age of twenty* two. The deceased, #ho had been ;n indifferent health over two years, bore his long iftness vrilh Christian fortitude. The funeral took place on Tuesday, at the Aberystwyth Cemetery, tb% Rev D R Williams, pastor of Salem Chapel, assisted by Rev T J Morgan, Penygarn, being the officiating ministers. The chief mourners were :—Mr R Felix, father; Messrs Edward Felix, R J Felix, D L Felix, W H Felix, E J Felix, brothers; Mrs R A James, Mrs. W P Williams, Miss Lizzie Felix, sisters; Mrs Lewis, Hafod; Miss A J Felix, Taliesin Mr J Felix, Taliesin; Mr R Jones, Liver- pool Mr and Mrs Tom Felix Evans, Treorkv Mrs E Felix, Mr W D Wimams, Liverpool; Air R A James, Mr W P Williams; Miss M J Jones, Cam- brian-street together with members of the Rechabites Tent, and of the Aberystwyth Station Staff, where the deceased had been previously employed. Wreaths were received from the following:—The family; Mrs and Miss Lewi Cambrian-street; Mr and Mrs E L Jones, North- parade; Cambrian Railway Station Staff; Borth Board School children and teachers Mr and Mrs J Potts, North-parade; Mr W Jones James, Bryn- derwen, Borth; Mrs Owen, Portland-street; Mr and Mrs Edwards, Portland-street; Mrs Jane Jones, Borth; Miss Arnold, Little Darkgate-street, and others. FREE CHURCH MISSION.—TMTE week's mission, under the auspices of the United Free Churches of the town, conducted by Mr W R Lane, mission- ary for the Free Chuch Federation, proved very successful, the congregations present at each of the meetings being very large. The mission, was commenced on Satarday, March 14th, when an address was given to workers. On Sunday after- noon the bible readings were commenced, and were continued each day. Public services were held at ShiloJi Chapel at half-past seven each evening, and these were very largely attended. A lecture was given on Friday evening, on The Bedford Tinker and his Book." This was illustrated by fifty magnificent hand painted views, the lantern being successfully manipulated by Mr Davies (College). The lecture was attentively listened to by a large gathering, who much appre- ciated the able manner in which Mr Lane spoke. An open air meeting was held on Saturday even- ing by kind permission of the Mayor Mr Lane stood at North-parade, Nortbgate street, and the Town Clock, and delivered short addresses. On Sunday, March 22nd, services were held at eleven o'clock, and at seven o'clock. At three in the afternoon Mr Lane addressed a good gathering of men. The Sunday services were especially well attended, the spacious chapel being quite crowded. The concluding address was given on Monday at the Pier Pavilion, when Mr Lane gave an account of his own life while in the Coldstream Guards. He dealt in a verv forcible manner upon the evils of gambling in all its forms. Large numbers were unable to gain admission, the Pavilion being full to the doors. The missioner's visit proved a great attraction, and many people were greatly benefit- ted by his stirring sermons. The ladies of the chapels gave a tea to the men of the Cardigan- shire Militia on Thursday, when over a hundred attended. The greater portion of these also stayed to the service in the evening. Mr Lane left Aber- ystwyth en Tuesday morning for Kidderminster, where he will conduct another mission. WOMEN'S LIBERAL ASSOCIATION.—At the meeting of the Women's Liberal Association, held at the Radical Club on Friday afternoon last, there in-as a record attendance of members. The President, the Mayoress (Mrs. Evan Hugh James), occupied the chair and briefly intro- duced the speaker, remarking also on the un- satisfactory reply given by Mr. Balfour to the brewers' deputation. Professor Levi remarked it was the first time he had spoken r«-iote an association of the kind that' had gathered there that afternoon, but though he was sur- prised they should have thought it worth their while to be present, he was not surprised they took an interest in licensing administration. The Licensing Act was not for one set of per- sons alone to administer, it was for all. It was not tho first Act to deal with Temperance Re- form; it was still further from being the last. Already the Licensing Bill for Scotland, the Innkeepers' Liability Act, and a Sunday Clos- ing Acfcgwere included in the programme of the Government. The present Act could be meas- ured by its effect on the brewers. He (the speaker) often thought of the hard and stern beginnings of Temperance Reform, when the question was brought forward with apprehen- sion by their near ancestors. And now, in about fifty years, it had become a national question. All the brewers were up in arms and the publicans cried aloud. Day after day saw indignation meetings held in London. He was glad the Mayoress had referred to Mr. Bal- four's reply to the deputation. It was nothing but an election dodge, to catch the votes of the publicans. The Government were willing to stoop to anything to win back the votes of the publicans. The speaker then referred in detail to the provisions of the Act. Although a clause had been introduced saving the present grocers' licenses, yet as the present grocers died out, their licenses would lapse and the meausure become a still more complete guaran- tee of reform. In conclusion he appealed to them to help to make the Act efficient. He suggested that every member of the Associa- tion should take it upon herself to inform the women of the working population as tit the effect of the Act. What for? Not to enable them to hand a drunken husband over to the police? Far from it. They could never be asked to do such a thing. But he would re- mind them what had actually taken place in the North of England the other day. The husband arrived home in an intoxicated state, his wife found out the publican who had last served him with drink, gave information to the police, whd obtained a summons against the publican for permitting drunkenness on the premises. As a result the publican was nneS £ 10. No procedure could be simpler or more direct What was wanted was knowledge, ac- curate knowledge, of what the Act really gave. Already the Act had created a most unheard-of flutter among the brewers and publicans. They wanted solid, fearless administration. As a community they were entitled to ask for this, and he trusted they would not ask in vain. Questions were then submitted relating to the Act and at the suggestion of Mrs. D. Morgan Lewis, it was decided to contribute out of the funds of the Association towards issuing the Act in a pamphlet form. An enthusiastic vote of thanks to Professor Levi was moved by the Mayoress and Mrs. T. E. Ellis, and unanimous- ly carried, the meeting terminating with the usual vote of thanks to the President. The members afterwards sat down to tea. provided by Mrs. D. Morgan Lewis and-Mrs. Dd. Lloyd. Portland-street. ARCHDEACON PROTHEROE'S WILL. The estate of the Yen. James Havard Protheroe, archdeacon of Cardigan, and vicar of St. Michael's, Aberystwyth, has been sworn at Z10,526 9s 4d, including net personality £8,220 14s 3d. ABERYSTWYTH COLLEGE. FINAL E-NTEII TAI -The Committee of the Literary and Debating Society has intro- duced an agreeable change into the programme of the final entertainment for this year. Mr. T. H. Leigh, barrister-at-law, the famous elo- cutionist and entertainer, will give dramatic readings from Macbeth." "THE COMET."—The seventh and last num- ber for this session is now displayed in the Com- mon Room, and hangs there, monarch of all it surveys. Many journalistic imitators and ri- vals of the "Comet" sprang up during the term, but it alone has been successful in the struggle for survival. This may perhaps be dv.e to the fact that the paper had a consistent policy throughout-to elevate the general tone of the students by ridiculing beerological mat- ters and carricaturing Lady Nicotine. The editor would have us believe that its success has been so great as even visibly to affect the official organ of the College itself. In the pre- sent issue of the Comet" a heart-rending letter appears, purporting to come from cer- tain members of the Magazine Committee, in which the proprietor of the paper is tearfully besought to rest on his oars and to be satisfied with the literary laurels which lie has already won. In reply the editor gives fatherly advice, not altogether uncalled for, to the Magazine Committee. He exhorts them to strive to- wards the high literary ideal which the Mag." reached in its earlier and palmy days. The adoption of this advice is the only condition on which the staff will charitably consent to retire. Unless this hint is taken the editor of the Comet threatens to buckle on his liter- ary armour again and to enter the journalistic arena once more. When the College Maga- zine is managed by the students for the stu- dents, the Comet's" labour will not have been in vain.

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