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CARDIGAN. NOT FORGOTTEN.—We are glad to find that this year again, Mr Morgan-Richardson has, in accord- ance with his usual custom at this time of year, given £ 10 towards the poor of the town. The amount is allotted yearly amongst the various places of worship in the town to be distributed as their respective officers think be-st. Needless to add that this invariable generosity of the kind- hearted donor is much appreciated. SCHOLASTIC SUCCESS.—Mr David Thomas, son of Mr William Thomas, 10, Ninian-road, Cardiff, is to be congratulated on his success in winning one of the two best scholarships for natural science in Sydney College, Cambridge. It is not long since we chronicled his success in passing the London matriculation at the earliest age possible. Mr Wm Thomas, above mentioned, is a -1 Cardigan boy," being a brother to the late Mrs Griffiths, Queen's Head.—The numerous friends of the Rev David Griffith Phillips, rector of Cilrhedyn, will be pleased to hear of the success of his son Herbert Phillips, who has been elected to a major exhibi- tion of £ 60 in natural science at Jesus College, Oxford. MKCHANICS' INSTITUTE.-For a great number of years complaints have been rife of the purloining of newspapers from the Reading Room before the specified time by those persons who have bought the same at the annual sale. In order to, if possible, prevent this, the Committee this year decided that members only would be allowed to attend the sale, consequently the attendance was not quite up to the usual at the sale held last week. The bidding, however, was brisk among those present, and at the close the total was only a matter of a few shillings less than last year. The auctioneer was Mr W Woodward, who gave his services gratuitously, a vote of thanks being passed to him on the motion of Dr Rees, County School, seconded by Mr 0 Beynon Evans. PARISH TEA.—One of the events of the year which is eagerly looked forward to, is the annual tea and entertainment in connection with the St. Mary's National School, better known as the parish tea and concert." This took place on Wednesday week afternoon and evening, being as usual a most marked success. Tea was served at four p.m., and was well patronised. The tables had been beautifully decorated with ornamental plants and cut flowers, and literally groaned under their weight of eatables of the choicest kind, which had been provided by the ladies in charge, among whom were the following :—Mrs Davies, the Castle; Mrs Davies, Claremont; and Mrs Parkinson, Priory- street Miss North, Mrs Haden, Miss Lewis, Lloyd's Bank; Mrs John Evans, High-street; Miss Phillips, Bridge House; Miss Rowlands, and Miss Morgan, Mrs Davies, Stanley House and Miss Clougher, together with numerous helpers. In the evening at 7-30 p.m. a short programme of vocal and in- strumental music was given by the following :— Pianoforte duet, Misses May and Linda Lewis, Lloyd's Bank; song, By the Fountain," Miss Thomas, Llechryd song, The Inchcape Bell (encored), Mr B T Jones; comic song, Our Side (encored), Mr Seaborn6 Morgan; trio, The Milk- ing Maid," Messrs Kendal, Owen, and Williams; song, Mr Teddy Owen. The latter part of the pro- gramme consisted of a farcical sketch entitled, 44 My Lord in Livery," with the following char- acters, Lord Thirlmere (H M S Pinafore) Mr Egerton Jones; Spiggott (an old family butler), Mr Llewelyn Davies; Hopkins (a footman), Mr J L Stokes; Robert (a page boy), Master D Alfred James, St. Mary's-street; Sybil Amberley (daughter of Sir George Amberley), Miss Alice James, Cae- morgan; Laura and Rosa (friends of Sybil), Misses Georgie and Rita Potter, Black Lion Hotel; the latter of whom undertook the part at very short notice, owing to the illness of Mrs LI Davies. The piece was exceedingly well performed through- out, all taking their parts in a capital manner. Mention should be made of the thorough manner in which Mr Llew Davies took the character of the old family butler. He did his part. as was remarked by a lady on the way out, as a born actor." The chairman of the evening was Captain T H Williams, mayor, who carried out his duties in a satisfactory manner. The singing of the National Anthem brought to a close one of the most successful entertainments held in Cardigan tor some time. We think we should not let the occasion pass by without remarking that the behaviour of the boys was most satisfactory, and a great improvement on former years. We under- stand there is a good surplus in hand which is to be devoted to the building fund of the National School. Next year, owing to the Education Act being passed, the money will be available for some other deserving cause, and we cannot do better than suggest that it be devoted towards the funds for a district nurse, which is being talked about at present, and we feel sure that the various chapels of the town will unite and hold a concert or other entertainment for such a worthy object. The matter is worthy of support, and surely if Cilgerran can afford to get a nurse, Cardigan ought to be able, because there is, if anything, more need for one in Cardigan than Cilgerrau. CARDIGAN RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. The usual monthly meeting of this Council was held on Saturday last in the Council Chamber at 11 a.m. when there were present Mr W Picton Evans. chairman Messrs Thomas Evans, J Jones, James Evans (Ferwig), Thomas Hughes, Evan Williams, and Captain Morgan. Sinitation.—The Sanitary Inspector reported that he had no formal report to make, but that he had been attending to those cases of complaint at Llechryd which he had reported at the last meeting. He was also pleased to say that the district was free of infectious diseases. Penffynon Well.-The Inspector reported that he had given Mr Morgan-Richardson the two sketches of the proposed improvement, but bad received no reply. He had called at the office on Friday and had been told that Mr Richardson could give no answer until he had seen the tenant. The matter was therefore deferred to the next meeting. Banltydyffryn Water Supply. — The following notice was on the agenda To consider the letter from Local Government Board declining to sanction the proposed loan of £ 400 for execution of works of water supply at Bankydyffryn, and to consider means of raising the amount."—The Clerk read the letter from the Local Government Board and the Chairman explained further some of the objections of the Board to the loan.—After a con- siderable and lively discussion it was decided, on the suggestion of the chairman not to come to any conclusion what to do that day, but to adjourn the matter until the next meeting, the Chairman and Clerk in the meantime to look into the matter and find out the best means of raising the money. Aberporth Beach Road.-A letter was read from the Surveyor suggesting the erecting of some pro- tection at a dangerous part of the road near Aber- porth Post Office. Previously the old footbridge afforded this protection, but that had now been re- moved and the spot was now dangerous to pedes- trians.—Mr T Evans suggested that, the best thing would be for a small committee with the Surveyor to visit the place to see what was necessary to be done, such committee to be empowered to carry out the work. —This was seconded by Mr J Evans and carried. The committee to consist of Messrs Hughes, Williams, and Morgan. Claim, for -Dantages.-A letter was read from Mrs Evans, Dyffryn, Aberporth, drawing the attention of the Council to the damage done to her lands in constructing the waterworks and enclos- ing a bill of £ 6.—Mr J Jones suggested that the work had improved the land and not damaged it.- Mr T Hughes said everybody knew before they pro- ceeded with the work that some damage would be done,"but he should likeJMrs Eviansto mention what itwas". He knew of a field of corn which was damaged and she certainly ought to get something for that, and if Mrs Evans mentioned some of the items the Council could better see the extent.—Mr Evan Williams suggested that E6 be paid, it was very reasonable and only what they expected.—The Chairman, however, suggested that the Clerk write acknowledging the receipt oft he letter and askMrs Evans to mention particulars of damages. This was eventually carried.


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