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Welsh Junior Cup. --


Welsh Junior Cup. MACHYNLLETH v WREXHAM VICTORIA These teams met on the Oswestry TJnited ground on Saturday, to decide which should hold the Welsh Junior Cup for the ensuingtwelve months. Rain had fallen nearly all the morning, and by the time fixed for the kick-off the ground was ia a very greasy con- dition. The rain continued all through the match. In consequence of this there was only a small attendance of spectators. The Wrexham captain won the toss, and in the first half played to the Weston goal, having the advantage of the wind. Straight from the kick- off the W rwxham forwards attacked, and in the first couple of minutes they forced a couple of fruitless corners. Williams on the left wing got well placed and took a thot at Arnold, the Machynlleth custodian, and this was converted into another fruitless corner. For a time the Wrexham forwards did most pressing, and had one or two good chances of scoring, but bad shooting nullified all attempts to get the ball in the Machynlleth net. The Machynlleth forwards, led bv Robert Humphreys, paid a short visit to the W rex- ham end, but were quickly driven back, and the scene of play was again changed to the Machynlleth end. Another good opening was offered Wrexham, but though assisted to some extent by the wind the forwards on more than one occasion lost control of the ball, and several golden opportunities of scoring were not taken advantage of. After a short spell of give and take play, the forwards on either side showed slightly improved form. The goals were visited in turn, and each custodian was kept on the aiert, out up to tne cnange of ends neither side could find the net and ends were changed with a blank score sheet. On resuming, with the wind behind them, the Machynlleth forwards were expected to show- up to much better advantage. This expectation, however, was not realised. The Wrexham forwards were the first to press, and, as the result of a hot shot sent in by Lewis Morris, the Machynlleth right full back, was forced to concede a corner. This was fruitless, and some loose play on both sides was in- dulged in. Waking up to some extent the Wrexham quintet forced matters, and again got into the Mach- ynlleth end of the ground. A capital opening was offered Saunderson, but he failed to take advantage of it, his final shot going two or three yards wide of the mark. After Wrexham had been indulged with a fruitless corner, one of the sharpest tussles of the day was witnessed. Edwards, Lewis and J. Davies succeeded by some very pretty passes in getting the ball into the Machynlleth end; a shot from Lewis dropped on the head of Davies, and he made a gallant attempt to land the ball in the Machynlleth net. Morris and Evans, the two backs, made a rush to clear, and the latter got the ball away, but it was quickly driven back. Arnold punched out a shot from Edwards, the ball was met by Saunderson, and a hot bully in the Machynlleth goal followed. Arnold, ably assisted by the backs, Morris and Evans, was nara pressed, and it seemed more than probable the goal would be captured. Danger, however, was averted, much to the relief of the supporters of the Machynlleth team. The game proceeded in a ding- dong fashion, and, after some uninteresting play, the Machynlleth forwards took up the attack, and for a moment or so it seemed impossible to avert disaster. Lloyd and Billington, however, kept cool and cleared, and in the next minute play was taken to the other end. Some sharp exchanges were witnessed in front of Arnold, and after W. Evans had returned a shot by Saunderson, H Edwards pounced on the ball and drove it straight at goal. In its journey the ball cannoned against one of the Machynlleth backs, and glided into the net, the first goal of the match falling to Wrexham Victoria about twentv-five minutes after changing over. The Machynlleth forwards did not lose heart, and on one occasion came very near doing the trick. Hughes sent the ball across, and Morgan, running through the backs had an open goal in front of him. It was fully expected that he would succeed in putting the teams on an equality, but he was too anxious, and drove the ball wide of the mark, much to the disappointment of his supporters. Neither side could again get through, and when time was sig- nalled the score read .-— WREXHAM VICTORIA 1 GOAL. MACHYNLLETH NONE. The following were the teams :—Wrexham Vic- toria,-Goal, W Mathias; backs. A Billington and J B Lloyd; half-backs, T Edwards, W Davies and W Heskith; right-wing, H Edwards and J Lewis; left wing, F Williams and J Davies centre, Saunderson.— Maeli vnileth, -Goal, J Arnold backs, 0 Morris and W Evans half-backs, G Weaver, Richard Humphreys and T W Phillips; right wing, J Holt and R Hughes left wing, W Vaughan and D H Morgan; centre, Robert Humphreys. Referee, Mr R T Gough, Oswestry. Linesmen, Messrs G 0 Postle, Cefn, and H Gough, Oswestry. A protest was lodged against Wrexham Victoria on the ground that they were not eligible to compete in a junior competition, they being at present holders of the Chester Senior Charity Cup.


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