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Llanfihangel Geneu'r Glyn.


Llanfihangel Geneu'r Glyn. CHURCH SUNDAY SCHOOL TREAT.—On Tuesday week the members of the Llanfihangel-Geneu'r-Glyn Sunday School bad their annual treat, when a large number of children and adults partook of the ample supply of tea and cake. The following ladies con- tribute(I towards the treat, most of whom were present to attend at the different tables:—Mrs Evans, The Vicarage Mrs and Miss Ashley, Aber- caero; Mrs Jenkins, Pantyperan; Mrs Jenkins, Ruel; Mrs Richards. Glanlerry; Mrs Morgan, Brynbwl; Mrs Rees, Tynpark; Mrs Morgan, Blanwaun; Miss Baker, Rhydypenau; Mrs Dr Jones, Mrs Jones, r rosygravel Ucha Mrs Lewis, Bryngwyn; Mrs Williams, Maesyglyn; Mrs Davies LIandre; Miss 1\ L .uorgan.nnyaypenau, Miss Owen, Rhydmeirionydd; Miss Rowlands, Factory Forge; Misses Jones, Llwyngwernog; Mrs Jones, Wileirog Iksa- Miss Davies, Wileirog Ucha; Mrs Thomas, Bow Street; Mrs Price, Ffosygrafelisaf; Mrs Davies, Bow Street; Mrs Morgan, Rhiwlas, and Miss James, Bronberllan.-In the evening a successful com- petitive meeting was held in the schoolroom. The building was crowded, competitors coming from Borth, Llancynfelin, TaJvbont, Penrbvncoch, Llan- gorwen, and even Machynlleth. The Revs D Lewis, Llanon, and G Blackwell, Penrhyncoch, adjudicated, and the Rev E Evans, vicar, conducted The following is a list of the prize winners:—Recitation for children under eight years of age, 1 G E Morgan 2 Anna Williams; 3 Maggie Rees. Ditto, for boys under twelve, 1 Johnny Jenkins; 2 Tommy Jones Ditto, for girls under twelve, 1 S Anne Hughes; 2 Eleanor Williams; 3 Catherine Ann Evans. Ditto for boys under fifteen. 1 Alhert Hughes; 2 Francis M Richards. Ditto for girls under fifteen, 1 Jane A Williams; 2 Elsie Williams; 3 M E Evans; 4 Bessie Rees. Recitation (cpen), J R Hughes, Bow Street. Solo for a child under eight, Eleanor Rees; 2 Timothy Jenkins; 3 Maggie Rees. Solo for boys under twelve, 1 D Rees; 2 T Ambrose Jones; solo for girls ditto, 1 Catherine Lewis; 2 S A Hughes; 3 Catherine A Evans. Solo for boys under fifteen 1 Albert Hughes; 2 Thomas Rees; 3 J Jenkins. Sole for girls under fifteen, 1 Bessie Rees Z M E Evans j 3 Elsie Williams. Singing at first sight (solfa) for children under fifteen, 1 Tommy Rees; 2 Bessie Rees. Ditto for children under twelve, ISA Hughes. Best essay on The Church's Seasons," James Joel Morgan and J R Hughes, equal. Soprano solo. A J Hughes, Ruel. Tenor solo, Ed Edwards, Machynlleth bass solo, Thomas .James, Penrhyncocb; duet (soprano and contralto), A J Hughes, Ruel, and M W Hughes, Llandre; duet (tenor and bass), Tbos James and R Thomas, Bow Street; quartett, T James and party, and Rev Tudor Evans and party, equal; party of eight, T James and party chief choral competition, Borth Church Choir, under the leadership of the Rev Tudor Evans, curate. For the best wit, Richard James, Llandre; Roger Evans, Llangynfelin and Johnny Hughes, Bow Street; equal. For the best axe handle, J Hugh James, Llandre. For the best stick, 1 Thos Morgan, Penybont; 2 J Morgan, Brynbala. Mr T James Jones and Mr J Hugh James proved them- selves to be efficient secretaries. The singing and recitation of the children showed that Mr David Hughes and Mr H R Owen, the accompanist, had taken great pains with them. Mr Thomas Jones, post-master, the much respected superintendent of the Llanfihangel Sunday School, and one of its oldest members, gave a number of most interesting and appropriate verses of his own, for which he received quite an ovation.