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Z,- ABERYSTWYTH TABERNACLE C.M. CHURCH.—At the close of *h<> service on Sunday evening a letter was read from the Bev B. J. Bees, M.A of Cardiff, declining Tthe invitation to become pastor to the church in aauccessi.n to the Bev T. Levi, who recently usigned. CLEARANCE SALE.Mr Rowland Morgan, London Heuse Great Darkgate-street, announces, in our advertising columns, his great annual clearance sale, which will last for one month only. Great bargains are promised in drapery, furnishing, and ready- m^WONAL.—An American journal just to hand states that Miss Lilian Morgan, daughter of Mr John Morgan, J.r., of tbe Larches, who is on a tour iu the United States with Mr Charles Hawtrey's i -_rlflA onthnsiastic reception at Vo., nas oeIl aftuiucu aw New York and elsewhere, her singiug being highly appreciated by the large audiences. „ P.O. FREAKS.—The "Birmingham Daily Gazette declares that the following notice is affixed to a letter-box in an Irish village Letters that are too late for the next post may be posted here. This is about on a par with some of the notices on the Aberystwyth pillar boxes. THB RADICAL CLUB.-An interesting discussion took place at the weekly meeting of the Debating Society of the Radical Club on Friday evening last, «n the subject That local elections should not be fought on party lines." The debate was opened in the affirmative by Mr G. E, Parry, and in the negative by Mr T. G. Jones. Several of the mem- bers afterwards continued the discussion. PERSONAL.-The Rev Dr Joseph Angus, the oldest living Baptist minister save one. has just celebrated his 86th birthday. He is in good health and has so far stood the winter well. Dr Angus was president of the Baptist Imion as far back as 1365 and for 35 years he was Principal of Stepney (later know as Regent's Park) College, Lo"d^p Professor Angus of the U.C.W. is a son of _4.1 hlø n,t()r. EARLY CLOSING ASSOCIATION.—The annual meeting of this Association was held on Thursday evening last at the New Market Hall. Mr W. Edwards presiding. The balance sheet for last year was presented, and showed a substantial balance in hand. Mr J. C. Rea was elected presi- dent for the ensuing year, and Mr D. Charles Edwards vice-president. Mr Gordon Bickerstdff was re-elected treasurer, and Mr Llew. Thomas and Mr E. Rees hon sees. The following were elected on the committee:—Miss Cole Miss Davies, Miss Williams, Miss Ellis, Messrs W. Edwards, Griffith Ellis. D. H. Pugh, D. Sylvanus Edwards, R. Benbow, D. E. Jones, J. Williams, and D. H. Mason. It was decided that a social be held in ,(" ";TnO nøvt. connection with tne Association suui* — month.—Votes of thanks of the retiring officers ended the meeting. CYCLING CLUB.—The annual meeting of the Cycling Club was held on Friday last at the New Market Hall, when there was a good attendance of members. Mr W E Edwards was voted to the Chair. The balance sheet was adopted, showing a favourable balance at the bank of P,56 7s 4cl.-The following were the officers elected for the suing year :-President, his Worship the Mayor (Mr R J Jones) vice-presidents, Messrs H E Wheatley, D C Roberts, R Peake, T J Waddingham, I H Edwards, W H Hollier, Cbiet Uonstame nowei Evans, W L Knight, T E Salmon, P Lobb, D M Davies, Dr Abraham Thomas, A J Hughes, W P Owen, J T Davies, J Gibson, Captain Harford, Cptain G F Roberts, Captain Mathias, and Lieu- '.enants Morgan and Rea. Mr T H Edwards was appointed captain, Mr J. A. Bevan vice-captain, Mr J Purton re-elected hon treasurer, and Mr J E Evans re-elected hon. sec. Messrs J A Evans and D C Edwards were appointed N.C.U. delegates, and Messrs A McKay and T Davies buglers. The following were elected on the committee :-Messrs W E Edwards. James Rees, Alban Lewis, J Griffiths DMHamar, D C Edwards, H Humphreys, D M Lewis, R Hugbes, and E G Piears.—A suggestion was made as to the desirability of holding a brass band contest in connection with. the sports, and the matter was referred to the general committee. The question of offering additional prizes in the cup race was also discussed, but this matter was also left to the committee. Votes of thanks were accorded the retiring officers and committee, special mention being made of the services of the hon. sec. (Mr J E. Evans), to whose energy the success of the Ulub is largely nue. WESTERN SEA FISHERIES.—The supenntend- ent's report for the quarter ending 31st December i states that the statistics of the value of fish landed direct from the fishing grounds at the ports in the district where statistics are taken show a total increase of £6.657 in the past year over the pre- ceding year. The increase, no doubt, would have been larger but for the boisterous weather at the end of the year and the decrease caused by the migration of the haddc from this coast. The decrease in the value of these fish was £ 18,268. A slight increase is shown in the value of plaice, viz. 91,732; and in the takes of soles the increased value is £ 13,721. The shrimpers have done fairly well when able to get out. Line fishing for codling has been fairly successful, but long-line fishing for cod has been a failure, although little of it has been attempted owing to the weather. Line fishing for whiting off Aberystwyth has been good, There has been very little stake-net fishing of any -kiricii during the quarter. The herring fishery has not been so good, except in the Pwllbeli district, where large numbers at times were taken-some beats landing 20,000 at a time but the prices were low. Excepting at Conway, the quantity of mussels taken from the beds in Wales has not been quite as large as last year, but at Conway the fishing has been quite as good, if not better The quantity taken from the Mersey and West Hoyle beds has been rather poor. On most of the Mersey beds cockles have not boen numerous, but on Taylors Bank, where the new bed lies, the cockles are now very large, and from two to three bags per man per tide can be eathered. GOOD TEMPLARS.-The weekly meeting ot the Ystwyth Lodge of Good Templars was held at the Progress Hall, Mill-street, last Friday. In the absence of the Chief Templar (Mr D M Jones), Mr Rees Edwards, U.C.W., presided. There was a good attendance, and four new members were enrolled. The following programme was gone through :-Solo, Hen Feibl mawr fy Mam,' Miss Thomas. Waun recitation, I Ansierwydd Bywyd,' Miss M Thomas; solo, The lads in navy blue,' Mr David Davies (encored) solo, Mr D M Davies, U.C.W.; recita- tion, Trwydded i beth,' Miss Sarah Williams; solo, 4 Golomen Wen,' Mr ETojnley Evans. A competition was held for the best impromptu speech on the subject, 'Your own history till you were sixteen years of age,' There were seven competitors, and the prize was awarded to Miss Mary Hughes. Addresses were given by Mr D M Davies, U.C.W., Mr David Thomas, and Mr David Evans. Mr David W<' Evans also reminded the Lodge that the next meet- I ing would be the last for the present quarter, and K that its officers for the next quarter would have to t be selected. » PLASCRUG.—A resident says that the road under the Cemetery is in such a wretched condition that I* it is quite impassable, and the need of a sidepath- -however tiny-was never more apparent than t: during the past few days. Scores of people have | had to turn back during the past few weeks at the end of Plascrug owing to the muddy state of this bit of a road, and it it strange that when thousands of pounds are spent on speculative schemes, that a small pittance of money and thought cannot be devoted to the decent maintenance of this favourite and much-frequented bye-road. FIRE ALARMS.—It will be welcome news to many that the hooter will shortly be done away with for summoning the Fire Brigade and that the Corpora- tion are about introducing a system of electric alarm gongs instead. Three gongs, each in com- munication with the Police Station, will be put up in different districts at the houses of members of the Brigade,and each of the three, when summoned, will have to call the other members of the Brigade I in his particular district. This is the method adopted in large towns, and has the advantage of not only being more effective in summoning the i members, but also avoids the bringing together of fe a large orowd. I THE LATE MR DAVID HUGHES.—The remains of the late Mr David Hughes, Queen's-road, whose death was announced in our last issue, were brought a by rail from Conway to Aberystwyth or Friday for |L interment A large number of friends and ? relatives of th. departed met the body at the Station and joined the funeral procession to the Cemetery. During the service at Shiloh on Sun- day evening the pastor, the Rev T. E. Roberts, made < touching references to the debased, who had been connected with the church for many years, and had taken a leading part in the singing and had acted as precentor for a long period. At the close of the service Miss Humphreys, the organist for the day, played the Dead March in memoriam. PENRHYN QUARRYMEN.—Last week two of the Penrhyn quarrymen paid a visit to the town seeking aid on behalf of the wives and families of the men who have been out of work for many months owing to the dispute with Lord Penrhyn. The deputation waited upon several of the leading Dublic men and tradesmen of the town, and were in all cases kindly received. In all, a substantial sum was collected by this private canvass. On Friday evening the J deputation visited the Radical Club where one of the men delivered a short address. He explained that their mission was on behalf of the women and children, a large number of whom were destitute and suffered considerably. Many children had to go to school breakfastless every morning, and what- ever the merits of the dispute between master and men, he appealed that the sufferings of the children should be alleviated as far as possible. The men were informed that there was a paper in the town which bolstered Lord Penrhyn, and, in reply, they said they had not seen the paper referred to, and it was not known in the quarrying districts of North Wales. A collection was taken amongst the members, which realised the sum of El 3s,and this was handed to the deputation. i ISOLATION* HOSPITAL.—The Town Council have for some time been pressing on with the scheme for the provision of a modern isolation hospital. So far however, they have not succeeded in securing a suitable site. But they are hopeful of overcoming thTHEFFINEW SPROMENADE.-There is a strolg ■nublic feeling in the town that too much oi the old castle ground is being taken away in the construe- tion of the new promenade. It is now eviden^ that the line of the wall from the Camera Obscure to the College will take away a large amount ot LfanaiS that «.»W be filled. Itis hoped that it is not yet too late to make it possible to deviate from the .original plan, and not only save much land but even add to the present grounds. _t!f,,1 SL MARY'S CHURCH SOIREE. A soiree organised by the members of St Marjs, Church, was held at the Buarth Hall on ednes- day evening in last week. The Ven Archdeacon Protheroe presided. The following ladies presided at the tables, Miss Thomas, 11, M^e'^erra^' Mrs Jones. Havelock Villa; Mrs Gwilym, Mrs Morris, Miss S Williams, Misses Evans, George- street Miss Daniel, High-street; Miss Thomas, Penmaesglas-road Miss Evans, Alexandra-road Mrs Jones, North-road Miss Davies, P.-1-et, the Misses Williams. South-road Mi Ls..n», Great Darkgate.street; Miss Lewis, Gray's Inn- road, and others. An excellent musical programme had been prepared, which was sustained by Mr Quayle U.C.W., Mr Davies, Miss ^"Tl^HuXe? E Davies, J C Davies, J J Davies, J E Hughes, Miss Tredwell, Miss Protheroe, Miss Helena Jones, anc the St Mary's Male Voica Party. Miss Rea was the accompanist. The pryceeds were in aid of the Snuday School, and the result is very satisfac- FIRES.—Early on Thursday morning last a fire was discovered in the harness-room of the Belle Vue Hotel. It bad evidently been smouldering all I night. A considerable quantity of harness was de- i stroyed. but the building was not greatly damaged, » The outbreak was extinguished with a few buckets of water.-Mr Longleys refreshment rooms, Pier- street. was also the scene of an outbreak late on Monday night. The fire is supposed to have originated in the chimney, and then to have spread I to the flooring. Fortunately, it was discovered before it had got a fair hold, and was subdued with but very little damage having been done. EXCURSION-The M. & M. Railway Company announce a cheap excursion to lJarOln on DAVUIU-JT next for the International football match, Nales v. Scotland. Tickets at excursion rates: will also be issued to Llanelly, Swansea, Neath, and Bridgend. ACCIDENT —A severe accident befell Mrs Wil- liams, Elerch Vicarage, on Wednesday evening in last week. She was alighting at Aberystwyth Station, from the M. and M. train, when her foot turned, and she fell on to the platform. It was afterwards found that she had sustained a fracture of the leg above the ankle. Mrs Williams was ac. companiad by her husband, who immediately sum- moned Dr Harries, who attended to the "\]ured lady. She was afterwards |removed to a friend s house In the town. SALE OF PROPERTY.—On Wednesday two slangs of land known as Dolfawr and Caellwyndu in the parish of Llanbadarn fawr, and situate near the village, were sold by auction by Mr R K Jenkins to Mr David Davies, of Llanbadarn, for £ 505. A BUILDER'S BANKRUPTCY. A public examination into the affairs of John Williams, builder, Llantwit House, Stanley-road, Aberystwyth, who bad failed bis' petition in bank- ruptcy was conducted by Mr -Thomas Thomas (official receiver) at the Tøwn Halon Thursday. Mr A J Hughes appeared for the bankrupt. Gross liabilities were put down at 255-8s lid, of which ZK I 7s 4d were unsecured. The assets were es- timated to produce Z107 18s 5d,leaving a deficiency of L146 8s lid. Debtbr attributed his failure to losses sustained on contracts taken by him for building two villas in North-road and on account of miscalculations, a sudden advance in wages, and an unexpected charge made by the Town Council for sand from the beach. He commenced business as builder and contractor at Aberystwyth in 1884 without any capital.—The Official Receiver in his notice to creditors, stated the books of account were very def ictive, and offered but little informa- tion with regard to bankrupt's affairs. A bill of sale for £70 was given by the bankrupt to a local auctioneer in 1897 upon the household funiture and build:ng plant, which the debtor said was invalid. A portion of the household furniture of the value of £21 19s 9d was claimed by bankrupt's wife, as hav- ing been given to her by her relatives on her mar- riage in July, 1836. Another portion of the value of L15 17s 9d was held under an hiring agreement. The bankrupt'had not lodged particulars of his de- ficiency.-The debtor, examined by the Official j Receiver, said be started business without capital -1 .a..L -n._4- in 1892, and not in liXW as siasea in wie suttewcui, sent out to creditors. Owing to want of capital all his contracts after that were profitless, and it was the merchants of the town who got the benefit through giving him long credit. He admitted carelessness in keeping his accounts. He only kept a day book and a ledger, which were posted up by a man-who came in occasionally to do the work for him The amount of the contracts for building the too villas in North-road was £ 1200, and accord- ing to the estimate delivered to the Official Receiver, the amount expended was £1530. Asked what experience he had had in making out specifications, for contracts, debtor replied that his only experience was that of a practical workman, but another man made up the estimate for the con- tract in North-road. This man was a clerk with a local timber merchant. He found he had made a mistake in his calculations when the work was half completed. Since 1897 he had been able to reduce a lot of debt due by him through working it off, thought his pos: ion worse now than in 1897. He gave a bill of sale to Mr J E James, auctioneer, for iE65, and though he did not actually handle the money, it was handed to Mr J J James, solicitor, who used it to satisfy pressing creditors at the time.—The examination was closed. WILL IT BE DONE? SIR,—It is much to be regretted on many grounds that the Corporation do not undertake the work of effecting some improvement on the site of the old tenement at Plascrug. The present condi- tion of this place- is simply shocking-the whole of that om picturesque spot is being rapidly turned into a huge unsightly kitchen-midden —and this at the principal entrance to the town by rail. With but little expense this spot could be converted into one of such charm and beauty that would delight the eye of all who beheld it. A lodge for one »of the Corporation officials-say water in- spector-or a small villa could be put up here with advantage in the place of the present hovels and shanties, and the erags could be clothed with ivy and the surrounding grounds beautified by being laid out. Would not this be much better than to allow this old ph,ce to remain—or rather to go from bad to worse. But who will take the matter up at the Council and get it done ? 6 Cms. PROPOSED VISIT OF THE PRINCE OF WALES. SIR, -I am glad to find that our worthy Mayor is manifesting such keen interest in the forthcoming visit of the Prince of Wales to the Principality, and I feel sure that if the privilege of welcoming the Royal guests will not fall to the lot of Aber- ystwyth this time again, it will not be through lack of effort and zeal on the part of our Mayor. Even if His Royal Highness will, in accordance to the decesion of the University Court, go to Car- diff or any other place, Aberystwyth need not be deprived of participating in some degree in wel- coming the Royal Party. In this connection I feel sure that Sir James Szlumper could lend a local committee invaluable services, and that the kind influences of the noble Dowager Marchioness of Londonderrry would again be forthcoming and stand us in good stead now as before there need be no doubt. RESIDENT, PETTY SESSIONS. The weekly Petty Sessions were held at the Town Hall on Wednesday, before Messrs R. J. Jones (mayor), C. M. Williams, George Davis, and John Morgan. CHIMNEY AFIRE. Mary Sweeney, St James'-square, Aberystwyth, widow, was charged by Mr Rees Jones, borough sur- veyor, with allowing the chimney of her house to be on- fire.-A fine of Is was imposed. ASSAULT ON A GIRL. Three lads, George Roberts, Penglaise-terrace David John Jones, Penglaise-road and Jenkin David Davies, Spring Gardens, Trefechan, were charged with assaulting a girl named Catherine Mary Morgan, Rallt, Aberystwyth, on the 19th inst.—Mr W. P. Owen appeared for the prosecution, and Mr T. J. Samuel represented the defendant Davies.—Com- plainant, who was supported in her evidence by her two sisters, alleged that fifteen, twenty, or more boys assaulted her on the Felinymor road between 8 and 9-30 on Sunday night, the 19th inst.—Defend- ants, in their evidence, denied that they were near Felinymor road at the time stated, but admitted that they were with some fifteen or twenty lads on Plas crug on Sunday night. Complainant was also there and she was assaulted by some other lads, but not by them.—Several witnesses were examined and the case occupied a considerable time.—The Bench ordered the defendants to pay the costs and adjourned the case for a week so that they might produce satis- factory sureties for their good conduct for the next six months. EJECTMENT. Mr John Morgan, the Larches (who was represented by Mr Stanley Griffith Jones, instructed by Mr A. J. Hughes), applied for an ejectment order against Edward Edwards, Northgate-street.-Mr T. J, Samuel, who appeared for Edwards, contended that the notice to quit had expired either on the 10th or 12th May, 1901, and that Mr Morgan, by accepting payment of rent since then, had waived his notice to quit.—Inas- j 'much as the notice to quit had been issued from the I Clerk's office, the Clerk suggested to the magistrates that they should have the opinion of some indepen- dent solicitor on the wording of the same.-The 11 magistrates agreed and the case was adjourned pend- ing the receipt of that opinion.—Mr Samuel applied for a case to be stated to the High Court if the deci- sion went against him, and this was granted.

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