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Sir Pryse and Lady Pryse Pryse Honoured. THE HISTORIC HOUSJI OF GOGERDDAN. Last Tuesday week the numerous tenantry on the extensive Gogerddan estate foregathered in a large company at the family mansion to witness the presentation to Sir Pryse Pryse, Bart.,and Lady Pryse of their portraits, done in oils by Mr Julius Hare, of London and Colwyn Bay, who bad been comissioned by the tenants to execute their pre- sentations. The portraits are life siie and are at once artistic in production and faithful in por- traiture. Here, in the halls of Gogerddan, they will keep company with the portraits of Richard Pryse. armiger, and Sir Carbery Pryse, who filled the honourable offices of mayors of Aberystwyth as far back as the years 1669 and 1685 respectively. Between the house of Gogerddan and the town and liberty of Aberystwyth there have for centuries existed close ties and relationships. The first mayor's name, as yet known, is that of Richard Pryse in 1615-16, who, for ought we know, might have travelled in his lumbering family coach, over rough roads to Stratford on-Avon, there to be pre- sent at the funeral of William Shakespere. In 1661-po, when the Uniformity Act was re-enacted 2,000 clergy driven out of the Church, Sir Pryse, Bart., was mayor In 1678. which es inventing his Popish Plot,and 1681,'when ent met at Oxford, Aberystwyth's chief tte was Sir Thomas Prise. In 1686-7, when s Principia flashed upon the world, John vas mayor, followed by Edward Pryse, in 1688, when the clergy refused to read Declaration of Indulgence and the seven went. to the Tower. In 1702, when Queen ended the throne, Thomas Pryse was the ured of Aberystwyth, as he was again in 1720, y "I ien the South Sea Company was on every one's .£.Ips. In 1738 Thomas Pryse, alluded to by Philip Sidney" in this week's article on Cardigan, was mayor. It is worthy of notice that the crest of Gogerddan became that of the town of Aberystwyth, the early deeds and leases of the nineteenth century being sealed with it. Years ago this seal was deposed in place of the one now doing duty. It is, how- ever, pleasant to note that a suggestion has lately been made to return to the use of the older seal. The billiard room, where the presentations were made, was admirably adapted for the occasion Sir Pryse was accompanied by Lady Pryse. Captain Pryse, Mrs Pryse Pryse, Lodge Park, and Mrs Lewis Pryse. There were also present Dr James, Y Fag- wyr ;lMr J Buuce Morgan, Glanfread; Mr Richard James, Brynllys; Mr Wm Jones, Penpomprenucha and Mr Edward Evans, Talybont. The presenta- tion of the portraits was made by Mr Richard James, Henllys, who expressed pleasure at seeing Syr Pryse restored to health, and also that Lady Pryse was well enough to be present that day. He also emphasized the kind relationship that had al- ways existed between the Gogerddan family and the tenantry. They had long wanted to express their deep personal regard for the family, and so confined the subscriptions to the tenantry (ap- plause).—Mr J B Morgan presented Sir Pryse and Lady Pryse each with a hst in book form of the subscribers to the portrait fund, which con- tained the names of 188 tenants. He trusted that the happy relations that had always existed between them and the tenants might be continued for many years, and that they might be blessed with good Jhealth and long life to go in and out among their people, who always saw them with pleasure, and thought of them with respect. (Ap- plause)—Mr Wm Jones, Penpomprenucha, also made an appropriate speech in Welsh.—Sir Pryse was loudly cheered on rising to respond, and said- My Friends,—I see it is now my time to speak; but we are all such old friends and you know me so well that I am sure you will pot expect a lengthy speech from me. You all know what a shocking bad one I am at speech-making on or- dinary occasions even when the heart is cool and all that is said comes from the head alone It is not like that to-day. Lady Pryse and I wish to thank you heartily for having our portraits painted and for coming here to make the presentation but my heart is not quite calm and I feel that I have not words to express the feelings of our hearts. When my son first mentioned this matter to me—I told him then as I tell you now that I felt your kindness very much indeed in thinking of such a tiling and I can assure you that I have felt ever since in a truly-gratified manner. (Hear, hear). As to what has been said so kindly about us to-day, when my right hand and your right hand too was taken away, I determined to try my best to do the work which he had done myself. I did try and though I might not have done it thoroughly, 1 things straight and in such good order that '-indness and forbearance and w,tb the dp tOL with youi they nave assistance ofj continue to do. (Cheers)* Now to the pictures, I do not pretend to be a judge of paintings. This, however, I can tell you-that the portrait of Lady Pryse is a capital likene«s (Cheers). I cannot say much about my own, von know, because although I suppose I hav e looked in the looking glass m ofeia s» °j £ er I really could not say how* I looked the afterward and I do not suppose anybody ese can "(Laughter). Still, friends of mine have said that miners the better portrait and if that be so it must be uncommonly good. (Laughter and cheers). I can only say that the artist was most careful and painstaking He wanted me to sit this way and L- .&.1.1.. "n hf"t,V;ncr that way until at last I began to wins wai mu 11115 one's portrait painted was a bit of a nuisance. (Laughter). However, I was pleased to undergo it all because it was your wish that it should be done. (Cheers). I have nothing further to say except to again thank you on my own and Lady Pryse's behalf for your handsome gifts which I hope will stay in the old house of Gogerddan for many future generations. (Applause). Lady Pryse re- minds me that some of the tenants have not perhaps seen the portraits well enough to examine them. If that be so, we hope that you will come and have a look at them. If we should be at home we shall be pleased to see you, but if not, never mind, come and look at the pictures. (Applause).-The company were afterwards supplied with refreshments in the hall. The following is a list of the subscribers to the portraits:— Richard James, Brynllys Richard Thomas, Brysgaga Nathaniel James. Froiideg John Joseph. GlolIster Hall J5v»nJonesWiUianis,CuniiuU- mawr John Edwards, Nantsiriol Dr James, Fagwvr J. B. Morgan, Glanfread John Griffiths, Dolgau David Jones, Klgar James R. James, IVithyU Richard Jenkins, Henha.od John Kkhards, Tynpynfarch Edward Evans. Talybont Richard Rol^rts. Llettyhwyd Hugh Da vies, Tyncae William Jones, Penpompren- uchaf William Hughes, Torglwyd Rev Seorge Blackwell John Jones, Penyeefn H. P. Edwards, Aberystwyth Evan Jones, Bwlchddwvallt David Owens, BerthlwyA John G. Jones, Keuel William Lloyd .Ffynongaradog Seymonr Davies, Glanvrafon Jane Morgan, White Lion John Richards, Tynrabi h William Lewia, Bryncasteu J John Jenkins, Brynhir John Baker, Rhydypennau Benjamin Baker, Rhydy- pennau Thomas James, Tynrbos Wm R. Jones, Bryngwynmawr A. J. W. James, Dolybont Evan Hughes, Khydhir Davilt Owen, Hwynysgybor- wen Josiah Williams, Grogwynion Hugh Hughes, Cwmbwa. Richard J. Jenkins, Lletty- evanhen James Jenkins, ditto Cavt, Northey.Esgairhir Mine WiP.iam Morgan, Pwllglas William Owen. Penywern John Lewis, Brymgwyneanol Thomas J. Thomas, Neuadd- yrynys. Richard Davies, Llwyngronw Evan James, Bryngwynissaf Thomas J. Morgan, Bow Street John R. H tighes, MailwayView Edward Evans. Neuaddfawr Efloeh Jenkins, Winllan John Davies, Talybont William .Morgan, Pensarn ")1, Asley, Aberoaero Mary Davies, Wileirog John Davies, Wileirog John Thomas, Griffin Mill William Morgan, Garn House David, Priee.Troedrhiwgwinau Anne, Meredith, Wera NI. Joiies, Brynbanadl John C,)rl,tt, Rhvdhir Enoch Watkins, Henllys M. A. Watkins, Henllys John P. Ben jamin, Pautydwn David Benjamin, Ynysfergi John Griffiths. Bow Street Jamas Thomas, Blaenciettwr Marv Richards, Penycwm T. W. Powell, Aherystwyth Peter Jones. Aberyst wyth John J -nkins, At>ervstwyth David .Jame-i, Cefncoch Jenkins, Maescilin Mason. Glanyniifn iin Morgan, Bow Street tC Davies, Wern. Talyboat l.ird James, Talybont s Jenkins, Ruel .Jones, Doleu fS. Bronceirio >ver, Odynfaeh Davies.'Tycocli Lewis, Darren Lewis, Darren James, Penrhyncoch Awards, Bwlohstyllen Evans Pantdrain Magor, Penyl erth ~"ont Farm Rees Hugh. Cwmrhaidtach Lewis Jones, Penhryn John Eltwards, Bow Street Evan James, Broncastellan. Jane itolerts, Bow Street Jane Prosser, Bow Street Owen Rees, Bow Street Thomas Jenes, Lodge Margt. J. Jones. Nantyfallen James Davies, Bow Street Eliza Edwards, Bow Street William Hughes, Bow Street Annie Munson, Bow Street John Hughes, Talybont Richard Griffiths, Talybont Richard Morris, Talybont David Davies, Talybont Eliza Jones, TalylxJiit John Lumley, Talybont David Morgan, Talybont John Williams, Tollyhont R. S. Williams, Talyltont M. Jones, Talybont Anne Davies, Talybont M. Davies, Talybont Jane Rees, Talybont B. W. Benjamin, Reuel Mill Edward Hughes, Brynhir Margretta Thomas,Black Lion bd. Hughes, Pantydderwen Eliza Humphreys,Braichgarw T. G. Morgan, Factory Joseph James, Talyhont John Edwards, Garn Cottage Ed. Evans, Rliydpennaubach Cath. Morgan, Rhydypennau Dd. Jones, Taigwynion Ed. Rowlands, Factory Forge Thomas Richards, Bryngwyn bach Margaret Jenkins. Talybont Richard Morgan. Cefn Vaenor E. Jones, Cefn Vaenor D. Williams, Commins William Evans, Cefnllwyd David Jones, Ynysfergi Dairies, Brynmadog Sarah Tibbot,* Darren Anne Edwards, Darren William Morgan, Darren Mary Hughes, Cefnllwyd Methusalem Evans, Cefn- llwyd M. Lewis, Moelbren Isaac Lloyd, Borth James Williams, Penybont Capt Roherts Edward Thomas, Tynllwyn John Samuel, Penpark John Jones, Craigypenrhyn T. D. Owen, Bon Marche Ed. Evans, Commercial Evans, Commercial M. and P. Richards, Court Villa DI: Hamer, Glouster Cottage W. D. Edwards, Penrhyncoch Ahram Davies, Penrhyncoch Anne James. Rose Villa R. Winstanley, Gardens Thomas Magon, Cwmisaf Thomas James, Llwyn John J ames,Glouster Cottage Jane Owen, Panteg Davin Richards, Penyhanc Samuel Magor, Gwarcaeau Owen Owens, Cwmbwa Mill David James, Tyngelly Ellis Jenkins, Penrhyncoch John P. Jones, Tynpynfarch John James, Lletyspence John Davies, Penrhyncoch Hy. Rowlands, Penrhyncoch John Edwards, Penrhyncoch Mary Williai\s, Troed Saeri J. D. Edward\ Pontgoch Richard Jones, Pontgoch Catherine Morris, Pontgoch Thomas Davies, P ;och John Kvana, Pontgbch Bliza Lewis, Tyncwm Wm. Evans, Llanbadarn Herhert. Llanbadarn James Jones, Glaspwll Daniel Jonas, Tainorddtawr John Davie-, Ynyseidol David Jonet., Tyhir John Bvaus, Tyhir ie io by Cyflwynir yma heddyw, Fel dernyn pur o aur, Arluniau'r bonedd teilwng, Hen deulu da eu gair; Arddengys ffurf yr anrbeg Ddymuniad am barbed Hen deulu dewr Gogerddan Yn mynwes bur eu gwlad. Wrth ystyr y gorpbenol. Am ysbaid blwyddi maith; Rhagorol ydyw'r banes Am danynt hwy a'n gwaith. Mae Cymru'n falcb a honynt Er amser Gwaethvoed Vawr," Prif arwyr Ceredigion, 0 hyny hyd yn awr. Mae 'u gwaed yn goch ei wala, Disgynodd yn ei drefn; Mae hanes Plas Gogerddan," Yn meddu asgwrn cefn. A diau ein bod yma, Yn unol yn ein barn, Fod gwrthrych ein hedmygedd Yn "Gymro hyd y earn. Trosglwyddir yr arluniau I ofal Mam a Tbad Pa rai drosglwyddir eto I lawr i'r Teulu MM. Gwynebant y dyfodol, Gan ddweud yr banes cu; Adroddant ar y muriau, Am oesau 'r hyn a fa. Cyd-unwn o un galon, Gan fawr ddymuno llwydd I deulu mwyn Gogerddan, Sydd yma yn ein gwydd. Boed iddynt bob dedwyddwch, Hir oes yn Ngwalia Wen I Bendithion pur y Nefoedd Fo 'n gwlawio ar eu pen.


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