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I— i i Xmas at Ward § 6rting Co. ■f Never a better opportunity to PICK from the Crystallised Cream of every Land. EVER. SPARKLING WITH NOVELTY. NOW OPEN FOR THE SEASON. ABERYSTWYTH BAZAAR World's Fair, and Children's Palace of ..DELIGHT WITH AN ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STOCK OF ALL THAT IS BRIGHTEST AND BEST Gathered from every part of the GLOBE. So Wonderful and Life-like is our Collection of Toys and Dolls that it makes young and old EXCLAIM It is indeed a veritable Fairy Land of Delightful Things I Come for the Christmas Things to-day. Disappointment often meets late-comers. We pack the Bazaar Store Room willingly and free of cost. Present day purchases for later delivery. FANCY GOODS Of all kinds in perfection and completeness of stock are always in mind here, and we offer many lines in Christmas and New Year Souvenirs at such low prices as are hardly realized. Whatever the age, station, or sentiment, they must find what will suit their taste in tliis house of merchandise. TOYSI TOYSI TOYS I Instructive! Amusing 1 Entertaining 1 „ I Our Meohanical Models are not only in perfect working order, but can be I I seen working any day in the World's Fair at the Bazaar. I Welsh and English-made Toys I I Special Feature at Ward & Co. For strength and durability are far superior to j I all others. I Dolls! J OUR DOLL SHOW is more varied than ever. All Gems of Perfection. I j The BAZAAR DOLL'S PALACE is the great attraction. How delighted I | the girls are. How the gleam of admiration brightens up their happy faces as they J I go tripping about among the myriads of dainty dressed, rosy-cheeked and I J cherryAippedf Dolls of all ages. I I INFANT TOYS, soft, strong, and durable. FUR ANIMALS. J I WITH WHAT GLEE OUR LITTLE DOTS AND THEIR ELDERS ADMIRE A LOVELY DOLL; THE WORKING J I MODELS OR A MINIATURE TRAIN AS IT STEAMS THROUGH TUNNELS AND ROUND CURVES AT EXPRESS | I SPEED. I I COME EARLY BEFORE THE BLOOM IS OFF. I AND AVOID THB CRUSH. SEE THE GOOD THINGS PROVIDED LEISURELY AND WITH COMFORT. I j YOU'LL LIKE THIS EXHIBITION ABOVE ALL OTHERS BECAUSE THERE IS RIGHT I I HERE I I EVERYTHING OF THE BEST, AND ALL SO CORRECT. NOW WHAT DO YOU NEED ? HERE IS THE LIST. IT IS I I WORTH READING. AT CHRISTMAS TIME MORE PEOPLE THAN USUAL COME IN TOUCH WITH THE ABER- I I YSTWYTH BAZAAR. WE COULD NOT AFFORD TO DISAPPOINT THEM AT THE MOST POPULAR RESORT IN WALES | | Crackers and Bon-Bons. To ensure a merry evening party get a good J I supply of the mirth-inspiring Crackers from Ward & Co., World's Fair. I I PARENTS ARE INVITED to bring their Children to see the Toys I I and Working Models. I I PRIVATE CHRISTMAS CARDS. I TABLE TENNIS. I J LEATHER AND CABINET GOODS. PLUSH GOODS. PHOTO I FRAMES. LARGE ASSORTMENT OF CHOICE CIGARS. I LARGEST STOCK OF PIPES IN WALES. IN FACT EVERY NOVELTY OF THE SEASON. I ,——————————————————————————————————————————————j Ward$Co. t Bazaar, Great Darkgate St., —-—— — (Next Door to the New Post-Office.) IDPtl) i NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS. Oar columns are so crowded at present with news that we must impress upon our correspondents the great importance of sending all communi- cations as early as possible. It:is beyond our power always to set in type the great quantity of copy which is received on Tuesday, mmch of which might have been dispatched several days earlier. When it is possible we are glad to receive communications on Thrtrsday and Friday for the following week's paper, and advertisers will greatly oblige by favouring us with their orders as early as they can. I'R CAEDIS TN Y CAPB.—Blwyddyn Newydd Dda. LLANGWYRYFON.—Rhy ddiweddar. Anfonwch yn gynnarach. LLANDYSSUL,—Report received too late. Commu- nications should be written on one side of the paper only. — THE "WELSH GAZETTE" WILL BE SENT Post Free for 6s 6d a Year, or 3s 3d for Six Months.