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LAMPETER. A HEAVY Loss.-On Saturday last a four year old horse, value F,50, the property of Mr Edwards, 1 Oa^tell, was found dear) in a stable, death being due to strangulation. < i THE TEMPERANCE CRUSADF,Some active work. is being done by the temperance party in assisting the South Wales Temperance Union to obtain a million new pledges. During the past few days addresses have been delivered at Emmans. Celian, Oaersalem, and Silian, by the Revs R C Jones, Evan Evans. R Emrys Jones, D Jones, and otb. s. FOOTBALL.The selection of the Welsh Inter- national team by the Rugby Union, which met at Oardiff last Wednesday, has been cordially ap- proved of here by all lovers of football. Mr J. Strand Jones was selected to play as full-back at the next Intel nat ional match, and being the nrst person from this town to obtain an International cap, his future playing will be watched with interest. THRIFT—The Wesleyans here have, in order to en- ooufage thrift amongst their Sunday Sc^?ol scholars, established a kind of SavmgsBank. The children (and others if they choose) deposit their pennies with the treasurer every Sunday, when a correct record is taken, and the amount deposited, is entered down on each depositors card. At tfte^l end of the year the totals are added up, and eacttr, child is given the amount deposited by him through ouu the year. As mncb as £ 50 was in this w|ge saved by the childrend Wi-ig the present year, aiurs, the division took place on Saturday last by tlvie treasurer. Mr E Davies-Jofies, coachbuilder, and Mr D Nun Davies.draper, secretary. The institution is a very laudable one. A LAZY TRAMP.—Arthur Price, a tramp bailing frorn Birmingham, was brought up before Dr Walker (mayor) on Saturday last, and charged by Mr James Evans, workhouse-master, with refusing to do his allotted task of breaking stones in pay- ment of a night's lodging. Price, however, told the Mayer that he preferred going to prison than to break the stones, whereupon he was ordered to snond fourteen days at Carmarthen. Price will now have the privilege of enjoying his Christmas dinner at the college. WESLEY GUILD. The weekly Meetings of this guild, which are held on Thursday evenings, are continued with great success. Since its forma- tion some four years ago, it has flourished well up to the present time, and the interest taken in this movement is shown by the attendance at each meeting. On Thursday evening last, Mr Ben Jen- kins presided over a large gathering, when a pro- gramme consisting of songs an<l recitations, got up by Mr E. Davies-Jones, was gone through by its members in a very admirable manner. CHRISTMAS MARKET —The annual Christmas market was held on Friday last, and was very largely attended by farmers and poulterers in fact, it was far larger than that of any previous year. There was a bard frost on the ground, the streets and especially the pavements, were quite slippery, and a large number of persons were seen to fall, but fortunately no accidents of any kind were reported. The Market Place presented a busy appearance, and there was a very large supply of dead poultry. There was an ample supply of geese, turkeys and ducks, although it was rumoured a few days ago that there would be a scarcity. Geese were sold at an average of lOd per lb, turkeys IOJ(I, ducks, 101d to lid, and fowls 9d. The shops were as usual well dressed, and the tradesmen seemed to have a busy time of it. The butcners had a very large quantity of besf, and the shops of Mrs Thomas, Harford-square, and Mr Wm. Jones, Hioh-street, were up to the mark in every respect. They had such a quantity that it had to be placed outside on benches. SMOKING CONCERT.—A large number ot Lvlr Strand Jones' friends attended a smoking concert held on Friday evening at the Lion Hotel, the oc- casion being to congratulate him upon being sel- ected to play full-back at the next International match for Wales. Mr S D Jones, Peter well, pre- sided, and speeches were delivered by the Chair- man, Messrs T H R Hughes, E P Phillips, S.D.C ART Jones, T F Davies, J T Davies, S.D.C., and Yorwertb, of Cardiff. The mouth organ band, con- ducted by Mr E W Richards, gave several selections of music which were greatly appreciated Songs and recitations were given by Messrs D Davies, Caxton Hall; Yorwerth, Cardiff; E P pbilhps, Dan Jones, and a "comical sermon by Mr S V Davies. The toast of the guest of the evening was proposed by Mr S D Jones, seconded by Mr Phillips, and drunk with musical honours. Mr Strand Jones having acknowledged, the singing of the National Anthem brought a very enjoyable evening to a close. OBITUARY.—The death took place on Sunday morning last, at his residence, Cedar Bank, of Mr Edmund Edmunds, at the age of fifty-one years. The sad news cast quite a gloom all over the town, and was received with much regret and sur- prise, as but a very few people were aware of Mr Edmunds' illness. He was seen out lC the street as late as Friday lasted was ouly confined to his bed that evening, although he had complained of being unwell during the week. The deceased was highly respected as a townsman, and carried on a very successful business as a saddler in College-street. He was a native of Llanddewi-brefi, his father, who isnow welladvanced iuyears,living at Gwyngoedfach in that vicinity, whilst his brother is a leather manu- facturerand resides in Llanddewi-rd.,Tregaron.When very young, he came to this town to be apprenticed in the saddlery trade with his late uncle, Mr John Edmunds, after whom he had the control of the whole business. He was a faithful member of the Parish Church. He was twice married, his first ..1 j c.f.An vpnrq ago- beinor WHO, WUO IMU I- J -p » the daughter of the late David Evans, Bryngranod, Llanwenog, whilst his second wife was Mrs James. formerly of Blaeppant House, who survives him. He had no children by either marriage. Much sympathy is expressed with Mrs Edmunds and the other relatives in their sad bereavement. The funeral takes place on Thursday afternoon, the in- terment to be made at the Parish Churchyard. THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS.-The elementary schools broke up for their annual Christmas holi- days on Thursday last, and when they reas- semble some changes will be made in the teach- ing staff. Mrs Jones, headmistress of the Peterwell Infants' School, resigned on Thursday last. after a period of 25 years' teaching under the School Board at this school. She was held in high esteem by the children and also by their parents. Her kindly interest and long experience have told for good xipon many a generation of youngsters who came under her care and training, and these when.grown up have not been unmindful of the debt of grati- tude they owe her. The children could not let the present occasion pass by unnoticed, and each one threw in his little mite." and presented her with a purse of money as a token of their esteem. Although the sum was not a large one yet Mrs Jones knows how to value it as a symbol of good- will. When the presentation was made there were also in attendance at the schools the Rev, Evan Evans (vice-chairman of the School Board), Mr D. F. Lloyd (clerk), and Councillor Timothy Richards. all of whom spoke at some length on Mrs Jones' genial way of teaching, and the lo"s to the children after such a faithful mistress. Mrs Jones feelingly replied, and referred to the long and happy years she had spent among the children, and she thanked them heartily for their kind donation. Mrs Jones will be succeeded by Miss Grace Williams, qf Ynys- hir, a nati ve of Tregaron. Her old pupils wish Mrs Jones many years to enjoy her well-earned rest. PETTY SESSIONS.-FRIDAY. Before Dr Hugh Walker (mayor) in the chair; Col. Davies-Evans, Messrs W. Inglis Jones, T. H. R. Hughes, and Lewis Davies. Refusing to Quit. — 'Evan Evans, Tynclawdd, Llanwnen, was charged by P.C. David Edwards (33), with being drunk and refusing to quit the premises of the Fox and Hounds, Llanwnen.-P.C. Edwards stated that on the 13th of December he was called to the Fox and Hounds, Llanwnen, on account of a disturbance there. When he went there he saw the defendant creating a disturbance, very drunk, and was asked to leave the premises. He (defendant) at first declined, aut witnes ejected him by force.—Defendant said he was not very drunk, and went out when requested.-By DC. C. Williams: He (constable) was told that the defendant had been creating a disturbance before he arrived.—A fine of 5s and costs was imposed. Selling Beer on Sunday.—Letitia Thomas, of the Fox and Hounds, Llanwnen, was charged by P.C. Edwards with having sold beer on Sunday, the 8th of December, contrary to the regulations of the Sunday Closing Act of Wales, to one Richard Richards. The defendant did not appear, but was- represented by her son, who admitted the case, and said that to his mother's knowled We she did know that Richards was none other than a bona fide traveller. -P.C. Edwards stated that about 7 p.m. on the 8th of this month he saw Richard Richards going towards the Fox and Hounds public-house. Rich- ards knocked at the door. and a woman came to the door. Witness heard Richards asking for beer and said he had sixpence to pay. After that the woman went into the house. and came out to the door-step, and told Richards I am afraid," and he replied I am not afraid, whatever." She closed the loor and gave Richards beer. When Richards was on the road he (witness) could see him drink- ing, and afterwards placed the pint of beer on the window-sill. He (witness) then went on and took the empty pint. Sarah Evans came to the door and said to Richards, "Give me the pint, someone is coming." He (witness) allowed her to get it; He (witness) then went in and asked for the pint, but it was refused. On the second application it was given him, and in it were traces of beer. He asked Mrs Thomas, the landlady, whv she had supplied the beer, and she replied I never moved from where I am now." H' (witness) then asked Sarah Evans why she had supplied the beer. He told them he had seen and heard everything. They then admitted that they had supplied the beer.In reply to D.C. C. Williams, witness said that he knew Richards was not a bona fide traveller, as he was living in the neighbourhood. r, He is very often in the boxise.-In reply to tbe Bench P.C. Edwards said that he was on the road opposite the house. It was a very dark night.- The clerk (Mr D. Watkins) pointed out that the maximum fine was £ 10.—The Chairman said that they had decided to impose a fine of £ 2 and costs, and in warning the defendant said that if any other case comes before them, she would be dealt with heavier, and the license would be endorsed. Refused -An' application was made by Evan Williams, the Clarence Inn, Llanwenog. for an occasional license on the occasion of Llanwenog ^Deputy Chief Constable Williams, whilst hand- ing the Bench the application form, said that the licensee seldom accompanied the canteen to the field, but sent his son to attend. Colonel H, Davies-Evans, one of the magistrates, I I said that this applicant always appuea ior an ouuu- sional license for the Llanwenog Fairs, whilst the other publicans bad agreed not to apply tor occa- sional licenses. It was more of a benefit to the publican than to the public; therefore he did not see why it should. be granted. There were plenty of public houses close by, quite sufficient for the needs of the fair. < i Deputy Chief Constable Williams said that the license would be abused if the application were granted. It was therefore agreed not to grant the j application.

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