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-————————-— Gosen, llhydyfelin.


-————————-— Gosen, llhydyfelin. A bi-monthly meeting of the Calvinistic Method- ist Sunday Schools of this district was held at Gosen Chapel on Sunday. A good number of re- presentatives had gathered together at 9.30. After the introductory service by Mr John Jones, Seion, the children were catechised in the history of Jesus Christ in chapters 17 and 18 of Ceriowen Peris's short text book. In the former chapter the catechising was entrusted to Mr Isaac Jones (Tabernacle), Bridge-street, and the latter chapter was taken by Mr Owen (Shiloh), Stanley-terrace. The children showed great acquaintance with the subjects treated, and gave ample evidence of hav- ing been carefully and intelligently trained. The subject set down for discussion to the teachers and delegates at 11 o'clock was "The Standards in Sunday School work and the training of teachers The discussion was introduced bv Mr pa"iel Thomas, Shiloh, and part was taken in the debate which followed by Mr Daniel Herbert, Gosen; Mr Isaac Jones, Tabernacle; Mr Hugh Hughes, Tre- fechan; Mr R. Richards. B.A., Gosen; Mr Scott, Horeb; and Mr Morgan Edwards, Gosen. A com- munication was read from the Rev David Morgan, Penllwyn, in regard to a conference of Sunday School teachers which is contemplated. The matter was deferred till the next meeting. It was resolved, however, that Mr Thomas Owen, Mr Richards, and Mr David Samuel form a sub-committee to make arrangementsprelim- ,i r»T thp mart fir. A inarv to a turcner letter having been read from Mr Thomas Owen president of the meeting, in which he expressed his best wishes for a good gathering, Mr Rich- ards grave voice to the sentiments of the teachers by expressing their joy at his gradual but stead} improvement, and also their apFec.ationofn.s services for so long a period on behalf of the bun- day School. The afternoon service was introduced by Mr Owen, Stanley-terrace. Mr Hugh Hughes, Trefechan, delivered a spirited address on The Sunday School and the Church." He was followed by Mr William Rees. Tanycae, with an address on -Brief outlines of Calvin's life and work Mr David Lloyd (Bath Street Chapel) gave a timely address on The dangers to young people from evil com- munications." The meeting conclu reading of the report of the visitation of the Sunday Schools recently made. A series of rec tions were urged upon the consideration of the meeting and the several schools of the distric At fou? o'clock, at the Teacher s meeting, Mi Abraham Joel was re-elected secretary for a fur- ther period of three years. This is the third time of Mr Joel's election. Mr Morgan D. llhams, Llan- badarn, was elected in succession to Superintend- ent Phillips as visitor of the schools for two years. Ttmoc ar.^rmnrwl that the next meeting would be ..U "&.4,0: "8' held at Tanycae on September 25, the objects of the several meetings to be given later on. At six there was a good congregation for the time-honoured holi'r pwne," Mr Hugh Hughes having taken the introductory service, the pwnc viz St John's Gospel, Chapter x. was taken in hand, and an ex- cellent hour and a quarter was obtained in dis- cussion. Some admirable remarks were elicited, and there were proofs all round that much pre- naration and study bad been given to the chapter tinder consideration. All testified that a very suc- cessful series of meetings bad been obtained. the chapel brethren are to be congratulated on the great success of the meetings. It should be noted that Gosen's reputation for hospitality was well sustained.











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