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ABERDOVEY. in ariotlit-r col ol'iotMl m»tcl»« i.;il 1* found in another column. "VOLUNTEERS.—1The Aberdovey detachment of the Volunteers, along with the other companies of the battalion, lett by train on Saturday morning for camp at PortlHa\vL The men, who were under the command of Lieutenant Howell, wore their new khaki suits and slouch hats, and presented a very si-nart appearance. They return from camp next Saturday. TEMPERANCE.—A temperance meeting' was held in the open-air on Sunday evening dresses were delivered by the Revs A. Wynne Thomas, Aberystwyth, and Samuel Owen, Tanv-'risiau. There was a arge gathering, and the singing was conducted as usual by Mr David Hughes. Mi-.rEOKOLOGicAL.—The weather recorded here last week was as follows Bright sunshine, 77'7 hours rainfall, iiii temperature—highest maximum 74 (July 11th), lowest do. 64, highest minimum 70, lowest do. 60 (July 13th). vfonn1!0. Arrived July 10th, schooner Mervinia, with ^00 tons cement from Antwerp; July 14th, s.s. Lily, with 1,500 tons timber from Ili-a: Norwegian bngantine langred, with 500 tons timber from Quebec; s.s. Dora. with f<r."D;" i • Julj 15th, brigantine Noran. with 400 tons timber from Irederickstadt. Sailed: July 15th, s.s. Dora, for Barmouth. EPISCOPAL.-—The Right Rev Lord Bishop of Bangor and Mrs illianis are at present staving here at their rpsillenee, Pant Eidal. His Lordship appears to be fond of cycling, and may frequent ly be seen awheel. ALLEGED HOUSEBREAKING. On Tuesday afternoon before Messrs H. Haydn Jones and Marmaduke Lewis, at the Police Station, Towyn, a woman, named Elizabeth Jones, of Aber- dovey, was charged with housebreaking, and with having stolen a quantity of household effects from the house of Zethaniah Jones 1, Brynhyfryd, Aberdovey, between the 26th December, and llUI July. The case had been adjourned from Friday last, defendant being allowed bail. Mr Guthrie Jones, solicitor, Dolgelley, prosecuted on behalf of the police. Mrs Margaret Jones stated that she was the wife of Zephamah Jones, and resided at 1, Brynhyfryd, Aber- dovey, and at 59, Goldney-road, Elgin Avenue, Pad- dmgton, London. She left Aberdovey for her London address on the 26th December. She left all her household property at Brynhyfryd, Aberdovev. The doors and windows having been securely locked. In consequence of a message from her dang htcr, she re- turned to Aberdovey on the 8th inst. She found that a large quantity of the household linen, crockery, cutlery, etc., were missing, and, consequently, gave information to the police, and supplied them with a list of the missing articles. Later, Sergeant Morris, brought some goods to her, which she identified as her property. The following articles were then pro- duced by the police, which she identified :-A bol- ster, two pillows, four meat dishes, two vegetable dishes, one sauce turine and laddie, one dozen large plates, four pudding plates, ten cheese plates. three odd plates, two coloured table cloths, one white table cloth, one white counterpane, f)ur white bed valiances, bedcovers, pillow cases, bolster cases, plates, cheese-stand, painted plates, cutlery, cruet stands, tea cosy, two shawls, tray cloths, mantle border, hand-worked antimacassars, toilet covers, glass water jug, hot water jug, bread and butter plates, pudding mould, pudding basin, a turkish towel, petticoat, and some baby's clothing, and egg stand with egg cups. Some of the goods bore the maker's names and other marks by which witness identified them.—Witness proceeding, said that she valued the goods at £5 at the least. Lizzie Mary Griffiths, 39, Copper Hill-street, Aber- dovey, stated that she was on friendly terms with Mrs Margaret Jones, and used to visit her house when at Aberdovey. On the 5th inst., at the request of and in company of Mrs Jones' daughter, she went to the house and found the back door unbolted, and the back kitchen window broken near the bolt in such a way as to enable a person to put in his hand and undo the catch of the window. On looking over the house, she saw that many things were missing. She consequently communicated with Mrs Jones. The window which had been broken was shut and bolted. Sergt Ellis Morris, Towyn, stated that he visited No. 1, Brynhyfryd, on the 11th inst., accompanied by P.C. Edward'?. He found that the glass had been broken in the kitchen window a little below and to the left of the catch. The hole was large enough to allow him to put his hand through it, and he was able to undo the catch and open the window from the outside. There were finger marks on the window sill, both inside and out. The ground at the back of the house was very high, almost level with the eaves. There was an iron railing about two feet in height on top of the wall, below which there was a meat safe, fixed to the wall. He saw that the safe had been damaged from the outside, as if a person had stood on it. A box of ferns rested on a slab below the safe. He saw that some of the ferns were bruised at different periods of growth, as some of the bruises were older than others which seemed as if they had been trodden upon. P.C. Edwards had received a list of the missing articles from Mrs Jones on the previous day. Accom- panied by P.C. Edwards, he searched the defendant's house under a search warrant, but could not find any of the goods produced. On the same day he received two pillows and a bolster from Elizabeth Harris, 4, Prospect-place, Aberdovey, who made a certain state- ment with reference to them. P.C. Edwards also re- ceived some goods from other persons, He arrested the accused on the same day, and in reply to the charge she said, No doubt you will find that you are mis- taken. P.C. Edwards, Aberdovey, stated that on the 10th inst. Mrs Margaret Jones gave him a list of the goods missing from her house. On the 11th he accompanied Sergeant Morris to the house. He corroborated the statements made by Sergeant Morris. He received some of the goods from Sarah Jones, Copper Hill- street. Aberdovey. He received the remainder from Mary Jane Morris, Penhelig Arms, Aberdovey. These people gave the goods up voluntarily. Elizabeth Harris, 4, Prospect-place, Aberdovey, said that she remembered the accused coming to her sometime in January last. She brought with her two pillows and a bolster, and stated that she was selling them for her sister, who resided at Towyn. Witness purchased the goods, for which she paid 5s. She believed the defendant's statement. On the 11th instant she handed them over to Sergt. Morris. Sarah Jones, Copper Hill-street, stated that defend- ant came to her house some time ago, and told her that there was to be a sale of crockery at Towyn. Witness told her that she was in need of some. About three weeks ago defendant called at her house, and brought some crockery with her, which she said her husband had bought at the sale. Witness paid her 6s for them. The goods had been produced in court that day. Mary Jane Morris, Penhelig Arms, stated that defendant came to her house soon after Christmas last. She came in the first instance to ask witness it she would buy some things from her, and stated that her brother was keeping a lodging house at Towyn, and that she had been directed by him to sell the contents of three or four boxes, Witness purchased the whole of the contents of the boxes at the time. She did not recollect how much she paid for them. In reply to the charge defendant said she had no- thing to say. The Bench committed her for trial at the next assizes to be held on the 15th October. Bail was allowed, herself in £ 20, Captain Enoch Lewis, £,20: John Davies (plumber), ZIO; and Richard O. Roberts (tailor), 410.


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