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CARDIGAN BOARD OF 'GUARDIANS.—The fortnightly meet- ing of the Board of Guardians was held at the Workhouse on Thursday, July 11th, when the following members were present :-Mr ,Jonah Evans (in the chair), Re/J. Williams, Messrs B. Williams, G. Byddir, T. H. Williams, W, Picton Evans. D. J. Edwards. T. Colby, G. Richards, and John Davies, and John Rowe. Number of inmates on the books, 63; 66 in the corresponding period of last year.— Balance in the bank in favour of the Union, P,686 48 4d.-Outdoor relief administered during the last fortnieht E119 16s 5d corresponding fortnight last year, R,116 19s 4d increase, Z2 17s Id.— Number of outdoor paupers for the fortnight, 491 corresponding period last year, 493; decrease 2.— The Chairman referring to out-door relief, said be thought the parishioners should have a voice in the matter, and the question should be brought befdre the Parish Councils. It was said some paupers got too much, and some too little; and he cerainly thought every parish through its Council should see to its paupers occasionally.— The Clerk said that could be seen to now by the yearly abstracts.—Mr W. Picton Evans snid he thought the list should be examined by the Parish Council. It would be a safeguard on both sides.— The Rev J. Williams contended that the Parish Council had nothing more to do with the guardians than a County Council. The guardians were elected by the ratepayers, and represented them, and the guardians alone were responsible He objected to any Parish Council taking over the functions of the guardians, as it would lead others to believe the guardians did not do their duty.—Mr W. Picton Evans said he was not against Mr Williams in any way, but he thought the Parish Councils should see that everything was carried out right. There was no doubt the guardians did take an interest in relief, but the Parish Councils should see to the matter as well ? and he did not see why the Parish Councils should not look into the matter carefully. He would propose that a special circular be sent to the Parish Councillors with the abstract of accounts, asking them to see to the matter —Mr G. Richards thought that would be a very good plan; he thought the Parish Councils would know the paupers better than the guardians.—The Rev J. Williams did not think the powers of the guardians should be vested in the Parish Councils, and he objected to anything of the kind. The ratepayers elected the guardians, who had to give relief, and if tue ratepayers did not agree, and were not satisfied with them, they could be turned out at the next election.—Mr Edwards said the abstract was always sent to the Parish Councils.—Mr W. Picton Evans proposed that the clerk send a special circular to every Parish Council, asking their special attention to the matter.—Mr George Richards seconded.—For the motion there voted the Chairman, Messrs J. Rowe, G. Richards, G. Byddir, and W. Picton Evans. Against, Rev J. Williams, Messrs B. Williams, T. H. William, D. J. Edwards, and John Davies. Mr T. Colby remained neutral, and the voting on either side being equal, the chairman gave his casting vote in favour of Mr W. Picton Evans' motion, which was carried.—A considerable discussion took place with reference to the powers of the Board over the vaccination officers; the clerk admitting that they could take proceedings irre- spective of the instructions of the board.—Mr C jlby moved that the vaccination officers do not take defaulting parents further from home than necessary to lodge certificates of exemption, or other vaccination proceedings.—Mr W. Picton Evans seconded Mr Colby's motion, as he did not think it was fair to take parents away further than was necess- ary.—When put to the vote Mr Colby's motion was carried unanimously.