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London Letter. London, Wednesday Afternoon. FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT.] THE GUILD OF GRADUATES. I notice that the annual meeting of the Guild of .Graduates was held at Aberyst- wyth last week. The Guild, which started upon its work with such a flourish of trumpets, is only barely justifying its existence. Some :little work is being done by the Literary and Dialect Sections, but few of the graduates take any interest even in this work. Of course there are many difficulties which such a body has to contend with. The three colleges have little in common, and their students rarely meet one another. The students also are drawn from all parts of the compass, many of them regarding the University merely as a machine by which they can secure a degree The new Warden, Mr D. E. Jones, is an energetic and capable man, and he may infuse some more life into the dry Academic bones. SOME WELSH PERIODICALS. Young Wales," the periodical edited by Mr. J. Hugh Edwards, is still pursuing its course vigorously. The number for April contains some interesting and readable articles, especially one which consists of extracts from lolo Morganwg's notebook. It is a pity that someone does not undertake to write a life of lolo, making liberal use of his journals and letters, a large number of which are preserved. lolos literary labours are not likely to outlive the century, but a good description of his honest and plain- speaking character would keep his name alive for a much longer period. He spent a great deal of time here in the company of William Owen Pughe and Owen Jones, but he also knew well every county in Wales, though Glamorgan was the only one for which he had a good word to say. THE ELLIS MEMORIAL. The Thomas Ellis Memorial Committee will meet next week to examine the replies that have -been sent to the queries recently addressed 'to the subscribers. The sub- scribers were asked to say whether they were in favour of devoting the whole of the money towards the erection of a statue, "or of devoting the main portion of it to an educational purpose, while reserving a sum of about £ 500 for the erection of a personal memorial. The total sum subscribed, about £ 1,500, is clearly insufficient to provide worthily for both these purposes. Every- thing seems to indicate that a majority of the subscribers will declare in favour of de- voting the entire sum to the erection of a. statue.



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