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BARMOUTII. SALES.-As will be seen in our advertising columns, Messrs Daniel, Son, and Meredith, the well-known auctioneers, are advertising several important sales. ° 'PHILIP SIDNEY' this week deals in his usual column, with the noble letter written by Miss 1 ranees Power Cobbe, and read at the opening of the Library last week—Readers will do wisely to ponder on it. J SPECIAL PETTY SESSI0NA_On Tuesday, April 8th, before Mr Lewis Lewis and Mr John Evans, Robert Evans a grocers assistant, from Dolgelley, was charged by Sergeant Breeze with being drunk and disorderly, and with assaulting the mlice in High-street on the previous evening De endant pleaded guilty to both charges, and was fined 2s 6d in each case, including 15s costs, or in default 14 days imprisonment. EASTER MONDAY EISTEDDFOD.—A corresnon- dent ;writes :-From the reports of the proceedings of this meeting and the few that were r™r. an l tne comparatively small number that com- peted one might infer that this institution is fast losing ground and on its last This shnnId arouse the Committee to bestir themselves so °s o reconstruct the whole bodv -mri TI 7, infuse new blood into its \cins. The Committees should be increased in their numbers and all sectarian ba1'l'ie:'s ,h0111(1 be removed. SklKIMI llaJlwur0'ri,P"UST'11" quarterly meeting of the Harbour 11 ustees was held on Monday, the 15th Se lfweS* r°0m^ St Anne's S<i«are, when rl-,irW pref;em; f German Lewis Lewis (in the S i'r 'n'r T, vail!i, Mr John Shards. Vvm 7Mi ) ') A6*'1"' ?Van Griffith' William Lvan Richards, Owen Jones (secretary), and Pees Jon-'s (treasurer).—The minutes of ail meetings were read and confirmed, and all matters arising therefrom had been attended to-The new bye-Jaws are now waiting confirmation, all b.rmal- mes pertaining thereto having been complied with. the secretary was instructed to write to certain paitiet who had been trespassing on Ynys-v-brawd pigeon shooting, cautioning them not to'repeat the u' WOU'.d V° Prosecutf'd without turther nouce. It was further resolved to place a sign- board on the island to warn people not to make UK' of the harocur property for any such purpose, or they would be open to prosecution.—Notice of motion had been given at the previous meeting by Capt Lyan Griffith to rescind a resolution which now gives boat-owners the privilege of beino- allowed to leave their pleasure boats n the harbour property during the winter months free of charge. This rescissionjwas unanimously carried and it was innner agreed to that for the 1u; ure no boats be allowed to remain on the harbour property from the last day of October till the first day of Mav in each year except on payment of the nominal charge of Is for each boat.—'ihe Works Committee was requested to see if any repairs were m-cessary to the harbour property, and to report thereon at'the adjourned meeting to be held in a fortnio-ht. It was further resolved to write to the Chief Constable asking him to give Sergeant Breeze instructions to remove the children who committed a nuisance on the green plot in front of the Last Tavern. -The Clerk was instructed to write to the Board of trade Harbour Department calling their attention to the,alleged obstructions on the Mawddach. SCHOOL BOARD ELECTION.—The polling for a School Board took place on Wednesday at Bar- mouth and Lontddu. The booths were opened at mid-day. This election was the quietest experi- enced for years it may be. to the many we have had of late. The Ratepayers'Union a few days previous to the polling issued a maijifestf, urging the ratepayers to support the Union candidates, as the onus of forcing a contest with its inevitable expense did not rest with the Union candidates. TheBontddu ballot boxes were brought down to Barmouth about nine o'clock p.m. and the counting was soon commenced with. The result was made known at 10-20 and was Ten different to what was anticipated during the ay. The figures were as follows:—Mr Ellis Pugbe Jones Llwyndu (I) farmer, 815; Dr D Arthur H olies (C) 358; Rev CynfaJ Jones (I) 330; Mr E R Jones, postmaster (M) 267; Mr T. M. Williams, grocer (M) 254; Mr J. Morris, draper (W) 234; ,r ;iroD-,Pswald Davies (I) 221; Miss Atkinson (C) 152. The first seven were declared duly elected. The new Board is thus made up of one churchman, three CongTcgationalists, one Wvslcvan. NNo Cal- Ninistic Metnooists, the Church party having lost one seat and the Congregationa-ists winning one, Although the Independents are the weakest denom- ination in the parish, still 1,367 votes were e :orded for their three members. the tw,, C'alvinistie- Methodist candidates receiving only 521 votes, although representing the strongest denomination. LASD SUP -On Wednesday evening, a few minutes before the conveyance brought the billot boxes from Bontddu to Ha; mouth, a land slip occurred about mid-way on Abernmffra Hill, when over sixty tons, mostly stones, fell from the hill into the main road, blocking the traffic for some time and deJaying- the del very of the boxes. Early in the morning a number of workmen were put to remove the debris. If the fall had taken place a quarter of an hour later a serious accident to the conveyance and its freight might have occurred. URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. The annual meeting of the above Council was held on laesdav, April 16th, when there were present E. Richards (chairrnam pro tem); J. Richards, H. Wynne Williams, D. E. Davies, William Owen, Edward Williams, Robert Williams, B. J. Allsop, and Tom Abraham, with Messrs Win. George (clerk), Owen Jones (assistant clerk), John Adams (surveyor). ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN". Mr B. J. Allsopp proposed the re-election of the Rev Gwynoro Davies as chairman of the Council. Mr D. E. Davies seconded, and the proposition was agreed to. The Clerk read a letter from Mr Davies regret- ting his inability to attend, being confined to his bed, the result of a bad cold, PANORAMA WALK. The agreement with Mrs Keighley as to her tenancy of the" Panorama".NN'alkbaviii- been read by the Clerk, was duly signed by the Chairman. GENERAL PURPOSES COMMITTEE. The above Committe submitted its report which stated that the Surveyor's monthly report was read. The Committee recommended that consideration of the matters be deferred until the Surveyor is in a position to report that the several works which he has on hand are completed. The Surveyor re- ported that a landslip into the road at Aberamffra had occurred, and that lie, in conjunction with Mr. Bentley's men. had had the place cleared. The Committee recommended that Mr. Bentley be charged with the expense incurred by the surveyor, and that he be requested to have the place cleaied. That notice be given to the owners of the Belle Vue Arches to prevent water running on to the main road. Correspondence that had passed between the Clerk and Mr. Woodford with reference to the new main on the Marine-parade was considered, and the latter was invited to name a date when he could meet the Council. The Committee also re- commended that the wages of three of the work- men be raised to £1. Mr Allsopp said that he quite approved of the rising of the men's wages, but be strongly dis- approved of the bad condition of the streets. A pound a week was not too much for a working man. lie proposed that the report be adopted. The proposition was agreed to. The Chairman said that one of the members had said that the men should work overtime on Satur- day. He wanted to know if that overtime was to be paid for, as well as the increase in the wages allowed. Mr B. J. Allsopp thought that if the men worked overtime they should be paid for it. Mr Wm. Owen said that the ratepayers com- plained of the untidy state of the streets on Sundays. The fault lay with the shop-keepers who swept refuse and waste paper into the street late on Saturday night after the cart had been round. People could not expect the men to go round the town at about eleven o'clock at night. The Surveyor said that he would see to the matter. FINANCE COMMITTEE. The Finance committee recommended the pay- ment of bills amounting to £85 3" 3d. That the workmen in the employ of the Council be insured. The collector applied for an increase in his salary and the committee recommended the Council to consider the same. A vote of thaaks to the chair- man for presiding during the past year was unan- imously passed. The Collector before leaving the room stated he would prefer a salary of iLl per week with a commission on the collection, but he left the matter in the hands of the Council. Mr Tom Abraham said that when the collector was appointed the rates were higher, and at that time he had more commission for less work, as the rates had been lowered if meant more work for him. Mr B. J. Allsopp said that it was to his own benetiv that the collector should collect all the rates Mr Tom Abraham agreed with Mr Allsopp and thought it would be an encouragement for the collector to have more commission He proposed that it be increased from Id to 2d, bnt at the same salary. The proposition was agreed to. MEDICAL OFFICERS REPORT. The Medicai;Oiffcer said that he bad nothing to re port upon this month. The health of the district was most satisfactory. The water nuisance at Llyndu which had been repaired by the Council a short time ago was no better at the present time Th^ Council could not proceed against other Deoi)le for overcrowding when they caused over crowding themselves, lhere were twenty people then in that small room there. LU<tl' Mr. Allsopp: Hear, hear. Mr Allsopp adoed that the Rev, Gwynore Davies had often told him that when he went home from the Council meetings he always felt bad, after beimr in that room, CORRESPONDENCE. The Secretary to the Derby Branch of the Y. M C. A. applied for permission to pitch tents on a por txon ot the recreation ground for twenty or thirtv of the members who intended visiting Barmouth in the summer. ulu The application was refused. A letter was read from the Local Government Board, asking for information as to the CounaiPs title to lheir present offices. 8 The Clerk explained that an inquiry would h» held into the Council's application for a lrJr, £ 200 to renovate the premises, and the Board wanted the Council to find somebody to make a declaration at the inquiry as to the Council's title to their premises. title MrB. J. Allsopp thought they should not throw away the ratepayers' money by soen,liner u dog kennel like that place. Th^v "Vo anything to itwithxit pulling it down tlTtbe ground. Another fact was that it tva. • convenient piace^for the Council to meet." Mr William Owen observed that the Council were not in a position ,o spend £ 200 at the prS Mr Tom Abraham gave notice that he would move at the next meeting the resolution f ?h! Council to borrow £ 200 toVenovate that building OVERSEERS. WMrSS™ J' He,17'ichards. Jno Price Jones Owen sss !n ""ium COMMITTEES. The appointment of committees was deferred m*til ttxe next meeting.