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TREFEIRIG. BOARD SCHOOL.—On Saturday evening a highly successful concert was given in the above school by the school children and a number of local friends. Mr David Mason. Salem, ably occupied the chair, while the duties of conductor of the meeting were ably carried out by the Rev. H. Evans, Penrhyncocb. During the interval the school children performed a dramatic sketch in character, entitled The Washing Day so well that they met with rounds of applause. The children had been trained for the occasion by the master, Mr W. Hamer, and Miss Hamer-Evans. The singing throughout was highly meritorious, and the local friends who so willingly assisted are deserving of the best thanks. At the close of the concert nearly ninety prizes were dis- tributed by the chairman of the Board, (Mr J. Richards) and the Hev. H. Evans, for the progress and good attendance, and addresses were delivered urging upon the parents the importance of sending their children to school regularlv. VntP« of thanks were passed to all who had in any way helped to make the concert so great a success. The schoolroom was very artistically decorated for the occasion by Mrs Hamer, Miss Hamer-Evans, Miss M. Edwards, Miss Francis, Miss S. E. Jones, Miss Lewis, Miss Hughes, and the scholars. Miss Hamer-Evans, with her usual ability, acted as accompanist. The following is the pro- gramme :—Part song, Marching Song," Children song, "Canwyll fy Llygad wyt Ti,Miss Lizzie Evans action song," Ar ol bod yn darllen," Junior Classes; song, "Cymru Fu," Mr T. Hamer; song, Deio bach," Miss Morgan; Part song' 14 The Skaters," Children; song, "Hen Brocer bach gloew fy Nain," Mr W. H. Thomas; song, "Ncges y blodeuyn," Miss S. E. Jones; part song, "Pan oeddwn i gartref," children; sang, Chwifio 'r cadach gwyn Miss E. James; quartet; Mi welaf mewn adgof," Mr J. James and party musical drill, senior boys dramatic sketch, The Washing Day," children song, Yr wyf yn cofio 'r amser dedwydd," Mrs J. Davies; part song Codiad yr Ehedydd," children dialogue, Tit for tat, Miss h,d wards and Mr Morgan duet, "Nis rhoddwn fyny r Beibl," Miss C. Morris and Master Ben Morris musical catch (6 voices), This is the house that Jack built," children; song, "Merch y Cadben," Mr Edward Owen; part song, The Might and the Right," children quartet, 11 Hcibio yr aeth y gauaf blin," Mr James and party song, "Llewelyn etto 'n fyw,"Mr James Davies; part song, "I wisgo aur goron," children; song and chorus, There was a mouse," Mr T. Morgan and children; part song, "Nant a'r blodeuyn," Mr J. James and party; finale, "Hen wlad fy nhadau," Mr James Davies.


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