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Aberystwyth Town Council. SURVEYOR'S AND ACCOUNTANT'S SALARIES. INCREASES GRANTED. LONG DISCUSSION. LIGHTING OF PENPARKE. An ordinary "meeting of the members of the Aber ystwyth Town Council was held on Tuesday morn- ing at the Council Chamber. Town Hall, when there were present:-The Mayor (Mr E. P. Wynne). Aldermen Peter Jones, C. M. Williams, T. Doughton, Councillors J. P. Thomas, G. Fossett Roberts, R. Doughton, J. T. Davies, Evan Hugh James, T. E. Salmon, 1. Hopkins, and R. J. Jones with Messrs A. J. Hughes (clerk), C. Massey (assis- tant clerk), Rees Jones (borough surveyor), and H. L. Evans (borough accountant). THE VOLUNTEER CORPS. A letter was read from Councillor G. Fossett Roberts on behalf of the Aberystwyth Volunteer Company applying to the Corporation to extend the lease of the proposed drill shed to 75 years, deter- minable at the option of lessees at 25 or 50 years. The company proposed erecting a permanent drill shed. He also asked the Corporation to grant a piece of land between the proposed drill shed and the Smithfield-road for the purpose of having direct entrance from Smithfield-road to the said drill shed. The communication was referred to the Public Works Committee for consideration. RHYDFELIN WATER SUPPLY. The following letter was received from the Clerk of the Aberystwyth Rural District Council The attention of this Council has been called to the fact that persons resident at Rhydyfelin within the borough of Aberystwyth are using water from the source provided by this Council for persons residing in that portion of Rhydyfelin as is situated in the township of Llanbadarn Lower, and I am directed to communicate with you and enquire whether your Council are willing to enter into an arrange- ment with this authority for the supply of that portion of Rhydyfelin as is within your district; dtherwise proceedings will be taken against the persons to restrain them from taking the water. This communication was likewise referred to the Puplic Works Committee. INSPECTION OF PLEASURE BOATS. A letter was read from Mr. Hugh Jones, Carnar- von, asking for the most convenient time respecting tidas for carrying out his inspection of the pleasure boats at the beach. The Clerk stated that Captain Thomas, harbour master, was indisposed, and therefore no arrange- ments had been made. Captain Doughton, at the request of the Mayor, undertook to deal with the communica- tion. TRUNK LINE TELEPHONE. The Clerk reported that he bad written to Col. Pryse-Jones, M.P., who had taken an active part in promoting the movement for the extension of the trunk line telephone system to Welshpool, New- town, and Aberystwyth, asking whether the Coun- cil could assist him in furthering the object. He had received a reply, in which Col. Pryse-Jones said he would avail himself of any assistance which could be given by the Courcil. He was working up the details. He saw no reason why they should put the matter off, as he had succeeded in getting the terms narrowed down to something reasonable. NORTH PARADE IMPROVEMENTS. A petition was read from residents of North- parade complaining that No 63, which had been empty since December last, was now, nearly in the middle of April, to be taken down, and so spoil their business for the summer. The petitioners asked the Council, if possible, to prevent it being done till after the season. The letter was referred to the Public Works Committee. HIS MAJESTY' APPROVAL. The following communication from the War Office, signed by A. E. Turner, J.G.A.F., addressed to the General Officer Commanding Western Dis- trict, Devonport, was read by the Clerk:—"I am directed by the Secretary of State for War to acquaint you that His Majesty has now been .graciously pleased to accept the services of a Volunteer (Positioi-i Artillery) Corps, to be recruited in the County of Cardigan, with headquarters at Aberystwyth, and to be designated the 1st Car- digan Volunteer Artillery, Western Division Royal Artillery." The Clerk remarked that the Volunteer Com- mittee met the previous evening, and were pro- ceeding to call a public meeting to conclude the arrangements. BOROUGH SURVEYOR'S SALARY. The Public Works Committee, whose report was presented by Alderman Peter Jones, reported that having had the opportunity of comparing the salaries paid to the surveyors of other Boroughs, and having regard to the importance of the services already rendered and to be rendered by the Borough Surveyor, unanimously recommended that the Surveyor's salary be increased to P,200 per annum, commencing as from January las' the said salary to be inclusive and to include the charges hitherto made for placing plans on all leases and agreements for leases granted by the Corporation. Alderman Peter Jones said as they were all aware considerable extra duties had devolved upon the surveyor recently, and more would devolve during the ensuing year or two. The committee, therefore, felt it would be only fair and reasonable', having regard to the excellent manner in which he bad performed his duties, that he should be granted an increase in his salary of P-50 per annum. He thought the structural works, drainage, etc., designed and planned by the surveyor, and the careful manner in which the specifications had been drawn out^and the satisfactory way in which the work was executed justffied the committee in making the recommendation. Alderman T. Doughton seconded. Mr T. E. Salmon moved an amendment eliminat- ing the portion of the resolution relating to charges for placing plans on leases and agreements for leases. He considered the surveyor should continue to receive these small fees irrespective of the advance granted him. Alderman C. M. Williams said the placing of plans on leases was outside the province of the surveyor, but it was a great advantage to have their own official to certify that the plans were properly placed on the deeds. He did not think it fair to take away this remuneration from the surveyor. Alderman Peter Jones said what was considered by the committee was that it devolved upon the Council to see that the plans on the leases were correct, and that it was done by their own officials, and in order to be assured of that they considered that the surveyor should have an inclusive salary to cover this expense. Mr Salmon Practically, the surveyor is getting hut very little increase. Alderman C. M. Williams said he was sorry to have to say anything on this matter, but, unfortun- ately, he was unable to be at the committee, being away in London at the time. He quite agreed with what Alderman Jones bad said, but thought the way out. of the difficulty was to add a small sum to the £ 200, and then let the salary be inclusive. He would move that they increase the surveyor's salary to £210, inclusive. They all endorsed what Alder- man Jones had said as to the excellent way in which the surveyor had carried out their heavy works. In olden times they paid for all the works -carried out in the town at the rate of 5 per cent, and if their surveyor had been remunerated at that rate for the last year or two, he would have made a much larger salary than Z200. He had drawn out plans and appeared before the Local Government Board inspector, who spoke highly of the way he prepared his work. Mr Jones had to perform duties which were outside thescope of surveyors in any other town, for in no other town were the Corporation the owners of property such as they were, and this had recently added considerably to the duties of the suveyor. Not a single lease was now renewed without the surveyor visiting the premises, and preparing a complete list of all alterations required, and in some cases it required two half-days to go thoroughly through a hoase and prepare the specification. Having regard to that and the other work, he did not think any ratepayer would for any moment complain of, what appeared to him, this comparatively small increase. Mr T. E. Salmon seconded the amendment. Alderman T. D nigh'oii said he was veiy sorry any difference bad arisen, because they were unan- imous at the committee. Taking into consideratien tLe fact that. the bulk of the leases had been renewed, and there would only be very few to come on again, they must admit that whoever made the plans, it would mean the same trouble to the ap-' surveyor, because he would have to bring all the F* documents, and get all tbe maps, etc. If however, Alderman Junes agreed to the £ 210, he had no objection. Mr H."hton a.-ked whether they were to understand that when this increase was granted, would any allowance be i to the surveyor when any new work come to b • carried out, such as the new wan fr-vn Sonth-tt ru.jt m the Harbour. [t <!«vj»;i',iiiycl liw. increase would in- el ude nil works. Alderman Peter Jones replying to the discussion s-iid lie had no oineciion to tin; substitution of 200 g 'ine'is for the è It was then unanimously decided to increase the Surveyor's salary to £ 210 per annum. BOROUGH ACCOUNTANT'S SALARY. The Public Works Committee reported that with similar information before them with reference to the salaries paid to accountants of other boroughs and having, regard to the greatly in- creased work performed by Mr Evans, recommened that his salary be increased to P-160 per annum, commencing as from January last. Alderman Peter Jones, in proposing the adoption of the report, said Mr Evans' present salary was B155 per annum. A very considerable increase bad taken place in the rent roll, and the extra duties which devolved upon him and the excellent manner in which that work had been performed, necessitated Mr Evans having clerical assistance nearly all the year round, so that practically the increase was a very small one. The rent roll amounted to C2600. and if they paid the ordinary commission on that it would represent a sum of £ 80 to £ 100 per annum at 6: percent. In some 2' instances, he knew, Corporations paid 5 per cent for the collection of their rents. In addition to that five or six separate sets of books had to be kept, and there was also recently the extra work in connection with the Burial Board. Mr R. J. Jones seconded the resolution, which was carried unanimously SANITARY INSPECTORSHIP. The Public Works Committee further recom- mended that in addition to the present duties of the sanitary inspector, he should be entrusted with the duties of stocktaker, and that his salary be in- creased to 30s per week from the date of the adop- tion of this recommendation. Alderman Jones said this meant that they would hang a complete record of goods ordered and received, also their distribu- tion. This was experimental at present, but they were hopeful that very beneficial results would accrue. The resolution having been seconded, was carried without dissentient. THE LIGHT RAILWAY AND "THE GAP." The Public Works Committee reported that having fully considered the objections by boatmen and fishermen in their petition to the Board of Trade, to the railway being constructed below high- water mark, for a short length within The Gap," and having heard the report of the committee appointed to interview the petitioners, unanimously resolved to recommend to the Council that the mooring space within "The Gap" be widened to an extent sufficient to amply compensate the petitioners for the slight loss of space caused by the railway being so constructed by a few feet. The Committee having regard to the urgency of the matter, instructed the Town Clerk to authorise the contractor, under the supervision of the Borough ■ Surveyor, to proceed forthwith with the widening, and to make use of the debris removed for the | purposes of the railway. The Committee also I recommended that the existing mooring posts should be re-arranged on the Harbour side of the J railway within The Gap," and that a bridlo chain j should be provided for the whole width, which the | Committee were advised would be of considerable J advantage to the boatmen and fishermen. The 1 Committee instructed the Town Clerk to call upon I Mr David Williams of "The Albion," as owner of jj" the hulk "Alert," which has for so long a time 8 remained within "The Gap." to either remove or | break up the same forthwith. | Mr J. P. Thomas enquired what would be the | cost of this bridle chain ? Could it not be done without that, seeing that by-and-bye they .vould be I able to close The Gap altogether. j Alderman Peter Jones said be believed the | expense would be very small, and whatever chain Ij expense would be very small, and whatever chain was put there, could be utilised for harbour jj purposes in future. He believed the surveyor had J sufficient chain in stock to enable him to comply I with these conditions. | Mr J. P. Thomas then seconded the adoption of the recommendation. Mr Hopkins, said he was glad to tell the Council that Mr Williams, of the Albion, had already com- menced to break up his boat, and it would all be removed in a day or two. J The recommendation was then agreed to. PLANS. Upon the recommendation of the Public Works Committee, the following plans of new houses were approved of:—Mrs Emma Davies. two houses in Penglaise road; Mr D. Davies' amended plan of two houses inBuarth street; Mr Chris Taylor, plan of proposed verandah in front of Hotel 24;" Miss Knight, plan of proposed addition to premises in Sea View-place. Mr Thomas Owen's application to have the entrance to his new houses in Llanbad- arn road paved was acceded to, and it was decided that the work be carried out by the Corporation. PROMENADE EXTENSION. The Public Works Committee recommended that the memorial stone in connection with the extension of the promenade be laid by the Mayor on the 28th May (Whit Tuesday), and that a silver trowel be presented to the Mayor on that occasion, and that a banquet be held in the evening, invitations to be general. The recommendation was unanimously accepted. GENERAE, PURPOSES COMMITTEE. I This committee recommended that a band pro- gramme be again issued by the Council for the summer, and that tender for printing and z, specimens be invited. This was agreed to. Having regard to the number of copies due to the Corporation from last season, the Committee did not recommend the purchase of any additional copies. In reply to Mr R. J. Jones, the Clerk said the number supplied last year was only 900, whereas J this year they would receive 2,000, which he I thought would be sufficient for all requirements. It was also decided, on the recommendation of this Committee, that the Surveyor be authorised to invite tenders for painting the band stand, with power to accept. Alderman Williams said last year they all felt ashamed to see the condition of the stand, and the Committee thought it should be painted nicely and made an ornament. THE WATER LOAN. J The Council authorised the repayment of Z438 12s 9d in connection with the Plynlimon water scheme loan, being Z115 7s 4d interest and Z323 5s 5d principal. FINANCE. Bills and labour sheets to the amount of E461 3s 6d were presented for payment by the Finance Committee, and these were adopted. RENEWAL OF LEASES. The Finance Committee recommended renewal of lease to Miss Evans, in respect of 17 and 19, Pros- pect-street, and also to the National and Provincial Bank, in respect of No. 2, North Parade, and 1, Baker-street. The conditions in connection with the latter are that new premises are to be erected at a cost not less than £ 2,000, to be completed by 12th May, 1902. Both renewals were approved of. In connection with the application of Mr John Cowley, the Committee recommended the rescind- ing of the terms given on July 17th, 1900, and the granting upon the following conditions The whole of the existing buildings, including the cottage in Moor-lane to be demolished, and a new dwelling- house fronting Cambrian-street, to be erected, lease to commence 12th November. 1899. work to be completed by 12th November, 1901. The land under the cottage in Moor-lane to be included in the lease at an annual ground rent of 12s Id. Total for both, P,3 2s Id. Alderman C. M. Williams, who moved the adop- tion of the recommendations, said. in reply to questions, that Mr. Cowley was being treated the same with reference to the back as the adjoining owners. Mr. R. J. Jones; Do you know of any case in which we have granted a lease in this form to the adjoining owners--ipon rateable value? Alderman Williams: Yes, to everyone who has applied since December, 1899. Mr. R. J. Jones: But none have applied since ? Alderman Williams: Yes, Morns Jones. And on the opposite side Davies has bad terms on rateable value for three of those small cottages. Mr. R. J. Jones Have you added for the back ? Alderman Williams We did not give them any- thing more than they had in their original leases. Here, Mr Cowley had yrorerty which was in two leases before. Mr. R. J. Jones: But there arejhouses in Moor- lane behind other property which has to be de- molished, and we have not charged them any- thing. Alderman Williams: We have treated Jones, adjoining owner, precisely the same with regard to the back premises. fr. R. J. Jones: And all cases where Moor-lane property is interested have been treated in the same way as Cowley ? Alderman Williams Yes, since December, 1899. Mr Salmon You have houses in Moor-lane where the expiration of the lease will not take place for forty years. Alderman Williams: That is so, unfortunately. No doubt the We.-Ieyan friends, on being appealed to, will do something. Mr Hopkins said it was very hard, and not honest, that Mr Cowley was compelled to pull down the cottage at the back, for which he obtained a few pounds, in order to make a yard for his house in Cambrian-street. He thought they 'should do away with the 12s Id ground rent, or 's reduce it to half. Alderman Williams But it is only applying the same rule precisely to Mr Cowley as in every oilier case. Mr R. J. Jones But in this case you compel him to demolish the house, and charged him 12s Id, an] don't him any compensation for taking the house away for the remaining number of years be lvi., an interest in it. Alderman Williams: But the scale works it out. Mr R. J. Jone- ISut not in the back. j After further discussion, Alderman Doughton zose to a point of order, and proposed that the matter be referred back to the Committed. Mr T. E. Salmon proposed an amendment that the 12s Id ground rent be paid at the expiration of the existing lease,, which had about eight years to expire. Alderman Williasns said they were aaxious to get an improvement: in Portland-lare Of course, it was impossible te,aet in such a way aFo. to meet with the approval of all, a! hough it migiKJact- hard in some cases. Mr Hopkins seconded the amendment On a division, the committee's reconimeriidation was carried by six votes to four. The application of Mr Join Evans for a. of land adjoining his property in South-raad was withdrawn, he being now in a posiiion to- erect a wall at the back of his property without adtlitioi-al land. The application ofmrs Edwards for the renewal of the leases of 3, 4, and 5, Corporation-street, was deferred. ROAD. The Finance Committee reported that ihey deemed it advisable to widen the portion of this road between Prospect-street and High-street, and approved of the plan presented by the Surveyor showing an additional width of 12 feet, and recom- mended that all renewals of leases of this property be granted subject to the applicants surrendering the necessary land for carrying out this improve- ment. This recommendation was adopted. LIGHTING OF PENPARKE. Councillor E. H. James moved that three addi- tional gas lamps be erected in the village of Pen- parke. The people of that place, he said, were thankful for the lamps along the road, but once they arrived at the village they were dazed, and had to grope their way home. The Council had supplied the village with water, and it was equally necessary to supply it with proper light. He pro- posed that one of the lamps be placed opposite Mr David Jenkins, another by Mr Goodwins, and one by Mr John Morris. Alderman C. M. Williams moved an amendment that at least six lamps be placed at Penparke. Mr James I shall certainly support it. Mr R. J. Jones What about the chairman, of the Public Lights Committee? Mr Salmon I think more than six are wanted (laughter). I propose that we place nine there (more laughter). The village has been neglected by the Corporation for years and years. They have not got a footpath in the village. Alderman Williams They will have It before long. Mr Salmon said the Gas Company had extended their main right up to Piccadilly, and he-thought they should place six lamps in the village and three more along the turnpike road. The Public Lights Committee had done nothing in the matter of public lighting, and there was nothing healthier than plenty of light, especially in the back streets, and it tended to the long life and happiness of the people. Alderman Doughton thought the fairest plan was to refer the matter to the Surveyor who could place lamps wherever they were required. If the village required 2.0 or 50 lamps they should be provided (laughter). Mr J. P. Thomas said while he supported all that had been said, he felt insulted, as a member of the Public Lights Committee, that that Committee bad not been consulted in the matter. He thought the better course would be to refer it to the Public Lights Committee. Mr Salmon Surely, we are all representatives of the ratepayers, and I think it is an insult to the Council the way the Public Lights Committee have carried out their duties. Only one meeting of the Committee had been held since last November, and is that insulting Mr Thomas as a.member of the Public Lights Committee ? Mr J. P. Thomas said he was a member of the Public Lights Committee, but certainly was not convener of the meetings. Mr Salmon It is the duty of the Council to see tha.t the town is properly lighted, and not to wait for any committee. Mr J. P. Thomas: Suppose, for instance, that any member went behind the Finance Committee or Public Works Committee. Mr Salmon We would have gone if they had been six months without a meeting. Mr Thomas: The proper way would be to move a vote of censure on the committee, and it is not fair on the part of any member to take the course proposed. Mr Hopkins I support Mr James, Capt Doughton, Mr Thomas, and Mr Williacsis to have Penparke properly lighted, because me and Mr Salmon must have light next November to go there, and must do our best now before November comes (loud laughter), Alderman T. Doughton Well, that is honest. It was then carried that six lamps be placed at Penparke. Mr J. P. Thomas: Well, I beg to resign from the Public Lights Committee after this. Mr Salmon: You see, every street has not such well-lighted shops as you have in Great Darkgate street. TRINITY ROAD AND STANLEY ROAD. Alderman C. M. Williams proposed that inasmuch as Trinity-road and a portion of Stanley-road are not levelled, paved, flagged, and channelled, the provision of the Private Streets Act, 1892, be acted upon, and that the said road be levelled, paved, metalled, flagged, and channelled, and that the expenses incurred by the Urban Authority in executing the said works be apportioned on the premises fronting, adjoining, or abutting on such road, and that the borough surveyor prepare the necessary plans and specifications. Mr R. J. Jones having seconded, the resolution was carried. EXTENSION OF THE BOROUGH. Mr Salmon enquired how long they had to wait again before the extension of the borough was carried out. The matter had been delayed for nearly three years now, and be thought it was time they took it into serious consideration. Alderman C. M. Williams said he was only waiting for the census returns. The area and other things had been put into form, and immed- iately the census figures were ready the report would be presented. EXTENSION OF THE SEWER. Mr Hopkins drew attention to the proposed ex- tension of the sewer. The summer was approach- ing, and he thought it was high time to have the work commenced and finished, or some of the pipes would be floating outside the harbour one of these days. The Surveyor explained that the weather had been unsuitable so far to begin the work. It was necessary to have very low water in the river, and it was his intention to proceed with the work as soon as the conditions were favourable.



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