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ABERYSTWYTH 1 w ATED URGENTLY—Some repairs to the foot- path along the bank of the Ystwyth, especially a covering over a certain gully which is a positive danger in its present state. CONVALESCENCE.—Dr Abraham Thomas is hap- pily recovering from his recent accident and on Easter Day was able to take a short carriage outing. OBITUARY.—Thomas Williams, 27, a porter at Rea's Stores, and formerly of Llangawsa, died unexpectedly on Friday morning. Deceased, although known to be unwell, was out a few days previously. PSYCHOLOGICAL LABORATORY.—In view of the growing importance of that branch of psychology, known as psycho-physics, it has become necessary to epuip more tully the psychological laboratory at the College. A dramatic and operatic performance will be given to morrow (Friday) evening in aid of this object. Further details appear in our adver- tising columns. FOOTBALL.—Aberystwyth fulfilled the last of their Easter engagements on Tuesday, when they played Llanidloes at the Vicarage Field. The weather was showery, but the field in fairly good condition. The result showed a runaway victory for Aberystwyth who piled on the agony to the extent of twelve goals to one, the visitors scarcely having a look in at any period of the game. ANNIVERSARY SERVICES.—There were large con- gregations at the anniversary services iu connection with the Methodist Free Church, Railway-terrace. The services commenced on Thursday evening last, and were continued on Good Friday and on Easter Sunday. The special preachers engaged for the occasion were the Revs. G. Parry, Llanbadarn; J. A. Morris, D.D., Aberystwyth D. Tivy Davies, Bont; and Mrs. Rees, formerly of the U. M. F. C. Deaconesses Institute. Collections were taken toward defraying the chapel debt. COUNTY SCHOOL.—John Morgan Jones, Garth- fawr, a pupil of this school, has passed the entrance examination to the National Provincial Bank. Last week we recorded the appointment of John Morris Edwards, Llanilar, also a pupil, to one of the foreign banks in London. Percy Edwards. another former pupil, son of Mr Evan Edwards, The Laurels, has j Dined Clare College. Cambridge. He has already passed the first part of the Univer- sity Little-go, which includes mathematics and Paley's Evidences of Christianity. He intends taking up the medical course of the University and will begin residence at Cambridge in October. A practical examination in cookery took place at the school on Thursday for candidates who had been entered for the examination. Miss Northmore, of the South Wales College for cookery and domestic arts was the examiner. The examination was con- ducted for the Central Welsh Board. EASTERTIDE.—The Bank holidays this year were marred by inclement weather. Rain fell in heavy showers throughout the greater part of Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, making it ex- tremely unpleasant for the week end trippers and others on pleasure bent. Good Friday, however, turned out delightfully fine, the sun shining brilliantly throughout the day. There were no special attractions provided, the majority of the townspeople evidently preferring quiet walks in the country where they could witness the gradual open- ing of the gates of Spring by the silent forces of Nature. The Marine Promenade was well patron- ized by visitors and residents alike. Special ser- vices were held at the churches, the Three Hours" being attended by fairly large congrega- tions. There were no services at the Noncon- formist places of worship excepting at the Free Methodist Chapel. On Good Friday evening a sacred concert was held at the Pier Pavillion, and a cantata was performed in the New Market Hall. A football match on the Vicarage field drew a large crowd, and a goodly number availed them- selves of a day's outing by taking a trip up the coast by a special train. The Thursday evening trains, which had to be run in sections, brought in a large number of visitors, including a good sprinkling of old students, chiefly women. Carriage proprietors had a busy day on Good Friday, not a vehicle of any description could be got for love or money about noon, so eager were all to hie away and make the most of the sun while it shone. WORKING MEN'S INSTITUTE.—Over fifty mem- bers of the Institute were conveyed in fotw brakes for a days' outing to Aberayron on Saturday last. They left Progress Hall, Mill Street, about 9-30, and reached Aberayron soon after 12. In the after- noon a picked eleven of the members played a football match against Aberayron Town, and after a good game the match ended in a draw of two goals each. At six o'clock the members assembled at the Assembly Rooms. Mr Daniel (U.C.W.) occu- pied the chair, and amongst those also present were Messrs Fleure (U.C.W.), Shakesoy (U.C.W.), Eyan Lewis (secretary), Willie Hughes (assistant secre- tary), James Barson, and John Evans (members of Committee). Mr Daniel gave a short address, and a song The Village Blacksmith," was rendered by John James Davies. Afterwards the Chairman handed the tournament medals to the following successful competitors Draughts—1st prize, J. E. Jones; 2nd prize, Evan Davies, Powell-street. Whist—Louis White and J. W. Jones, Foundry. Rings—David Griffiths and Peter Ellis. Dominoes —J. W. Jones, Foundry, and Evan Davies, Blue Gardens. Bagatelle—Owen Jones and Edgar Benson. Corporal Fritz Lewis having sung Queen of the Earth Mr Evan Lewis gave a short address, and moved a vote of thanks to Mr Elsden (whose absence they all regretted), to the Chairman, Com- mittee, and officials. The vote was carried enthusiastically. The members started for home at 7 o'clock, and reached Aberystwyth about 10 o'clock, after having enjoyed their trip immensely, so much so that arrangements are being made for another outing in six weeks time to the same place. After doing good work the Institute closed on Fri- day last for the winter season, but it is hoped to re- open in more suitable premises in Chalybeate-street in October next. The number of members is about 250. GOOD FRIDAY*S CONCERT.—At Aberystwyth, during the last ten or fifteen years, Good Friday has regained a fair share of'its original solemnity, and the former tea meetings, entertainments and other boisterous public gatherings have been almost entirely done away with on that day, whilst a considerable portion of the community-both chapel and church goers-look with some disfavour upon a concert given on Good Friday, though it be advertised as sacred." This must, to some extent, explain why the Pier Pavilion was not overcrowded last Friday evening, as the programme presented on that occasion was of the highest order. The artistes were :—Soprano: Miss Lilian Morgan, R.A.M. who delighted and astonished her many friends and admirers by the rapid progress she has made during the comparatively short time she has been at the Academy. Contralto: Miss Elaine Cliffe, R.A.M. This is the first time we have had the pleasure of hearing Miss Cliffe, and bearing in mind the satisfaction felt with the manner in which she acquitted herself, it is hoped at no very distant date, to hear her again. Our old friend Mr Maldwyn Humphreys, owing to a rather severe cold, was unfortunately unable to fulfil his duties as soloist, he however by careful manipulation, managed to sustain his part in the concerted numbers. We very keenly regret the unavoidable omission of Gounod's Serenade, which was to have been enhanced by a flute obligato, Mr Ellis M. Evans of Barmouth, the possessor of a very promis- ing tenor voice, acted as deputy to Mr Humphreys, and thoroughly captivated a section of the audience. Mr Evans is an amateur, but we under- stand however that he intends entering upon a course of training next Autumn, and wish him every success. Mr Amos Jones, basso, was in splendi1 form, especially in the two oratorio solos of his choice, which were admirably suited to his voice and style. Mr Leah played a pianoforte solo, and accompanied with considerable skill and discretion throughout, we wish however, that his services had been dispensed with in the quartettes, as we consider that quartette and pari-singing is at its best unaccompanied. Mr Leah's artistic accom- panying, as well as the sweet tone of the magnificent instrument at his disposal, were especially manifest in the two numbers out of Saint-Saens' Samson and Delilah." The treat of the evening was the marvellous playing of Mr W. L. Barrett, the Eantist, who is a professor at the Royal College of Music, and is in all probability the greatest artist on the flute England possesses. It is to be hoped that those, who, from negligence or religious scruples, missed this treat, will have another opportunity oT listening to the charming perform- formances of this virtuoso, of whom Wales has very good reason to be proud. The programme was as follows :-QTiart eft "0, gladsome Light (" Golden Legend"), Sullivan. Misses Morgan and Cliffe, Messrs Humphreys and Jones Song, "There is a yreen hill" (Gounwl), Mr T. Amos Jones; Song, Softly awakes my heart" (" Samson and Delilah)," Saint-Saens, Miss Lilian Morgan; Solo Flute, «I IVRV- W T. T!NRRO+T v,TC'K5"lV, M Encore, Andahmse," (Pessard) song, O love, from thy power" ("Samson and Delilah"), Saint- Saens. Miss Elaine Cliife; Song, 11 Dream of Parad- ise (Hamilton Gray), Mr Ellis M. Evans. Encore, "A Song of Paradise" (Rawlings); Duet, 0, lovely Peace" ("Judas Maccabtcus"), Handel, Misses Morgan and Cliffe; Song," Why do the nations" (Handel), Mr T. Amos Jones" Solo Piano, "Cachoncha"(K:]S). Mr J. E. Leah; Song, "The Promise of Life," Mr Ellis M. Evans. Encore, The Sailors GraveSong, "Angels guard thee" (Godard), Miss Elaine Cliffe; Air, Is not His word like a fi:" ?" (" Elijah") Mendelssohn, ilfrt. Amos Jones; Solo Flute, Neapolitian Airs" (Paggi), Mr 1W. L. Barrett (Encored); Air, "Angels eve is bright and fair" ("Theodora") Handel, Miss Lilian Morgan. Encore-the second part of He shall feed his flock" (Handel); J Quartett, Crossing the Bar" (J. E. Leah), Misses Morgan and Cliffe, Messrs Humphreys and Jones. NATURE Notes.—On Thursday last, the 4th inst, Mr W Hughes Jones, solicitor, and Superintend- ent Phillips saw four swallows, near Llanbadarn. PROPERTY.—The leasehold corner shop, known as 1, Castle-terrace, was offered for sale by Mr R. K. Jenkins on Wednesday afternoon, and with- drawn at P-600. VESTRY.—The Easter vestry meeting was held at St Michael's Church on Wednesday, when there were present, Ven Archdeacon Protheroe, Rev Ambrose Jones, Messrs E P Wynne, Ellis Morgan, Thomas Griffiths, G Fossett Roberts, Cox, J D Hughes. and Richards. Messrs E P Wynne and Ellis Morgan were reappointed churchwardens and Mr Fossett Roberts reappointed lay elector. OBITUARY.—The death is announced at Bourne- mouth of Mrs Herford, wife of the Rev Brook Herford, D.D., London, and uncle to Prof C. H. Herford, of U.C.W, The deceased lady was Hannah, daughter of Mr William Hankinson, Hale, Cheshire, and was married in June, 1852. She was widely and deservedly known and loved in Tod- morden, Sheffield, Manchester, Chicago, 15oston, and Hampstead, the scenes of her husband's long and successful ministry. A CLEAN SHEET.—The weekly Petty Sessions were held on Wednesday at the Town Hall, before Messrs E. P. Wynne (Mayor), Thomas Griffiths, Peter Jones, Isaac Hopkins, R. J. Jones, and Ed. Evans. There were no cases for trial. Mr Rufus Williams, Lion Hotel, applied for an hour's exten- sion of his license for Saturday night on the occasion of the Old Students' Re-union. The application was granted. A certificate exempting his son, Edward John, from vaccination was granted John Edwards, 32, High Street. MINISTERIAL.—Mr D. C. Williams, B.A., son of the late Mr Wm Williams, printer, has received a unanimous call to become pastor of one of the Methodist churches of Penygroes, near Carnarvon. Mr Williams is now completing a biennial theologi- cal course at Trevecca College. He is a'graduate of the University of Wales, and is an old student of U.C.W., where he held the Cynddelw Scholarship for Welsh language and literature tor some years. He is a member of Salem Chapel, and has had a large and varied experience both in this town and in London, where he began his ministerial career in matters relating to temperance and literary societies, and the social aspects of Church work. His duties in his new sphere of work will begin probably in September. ENTERTAINMENT.—Few treats at Eastertide are looked forward to with greater eagerness, especially by the young, than the annual entertainment given by the Portland Street Band of Hope, of which Mr. David Thomas, Northgate House, is the mainstay and leading spirit. Only those who have been under the kind training of Mr. Thomas can rightly estimate the amount of time and the whole-hearted devotion he has to throw into the undertaking, year after year, in order to bring it to a successful issue. This year's entertainment took place on Tuesday evening at the Buarth Hall, when Alderman C. M. Williams pre- sided. The programme contained a pleasing Varietyl of items, including a cantata entitled "Princess Vespida, which was performed in an admirabe manner. The Irish dialogue was a complete success, so was the manning of a "temperance ship" by a crew of six. The chorus by twelve little sobbers was delightfully amusing. The other items were—man- doline solo, by Miss M. A. Lloyd; duett, by Messrs. G. and R. Jones, and song by Miss A. Campbell. COMPETITIVE CONCERT.—On Easter Tuesday evening a grand competitive concert was held at the New Market Hall, when three handsome cups were offered for competition. Mr William Thomas, chairman of the School Board, presided over a large audience. Mr D W Lewis, F.T.S.C., Brynaman, was the adjudicator of the solos, and the Rev. T E Roberts, Shiloh, and Mr Jenkyn Jones, U.C.W., of the recitations. Mr J E Leah, A.R.C.O., was the accompanist. The competitions had attracted the cream of local talent, the following being the pro- gramme :-Part 1.—Recitation, Curfew must not ring to-night." Mr J. F. Hollier, Aberystwyth song Lovely Spring," Miss M. E. Owen, Aberystwyth recitation, The Wreck of the Hesperus," Mr Thomas Jones, Aberystwyth; song, "Lead, kindly Light," Mr J. J. Davies, Aberystwyth; recitation Ymson y Llofrudd," Miss' A Jenkins, Aberystwyth; song," Brad Dynrafon Mr G. Haydn Jones, Aberystwyth; recitation, "Yn yr Ystorm," Mr W. H. Morris, Penllwyn; song, He was Despised," Miss Lizzie M. Jones, Aberystwyth; recitation, The. Victim," Miss O. Mary Jones, Aberayron song, The Wreck," Mr D. B. Williams, Lampeter; recitation, "Yr Emyn Olaf," Mr John James, Penparke.—Part 2.—Recitation, The Women of Mumbles Head," Miss M. Evans, Aber- ystwyth recitation, Mark Antony," Miss E. LI. "Warrington, Aberystwyth recitation, Gwron y Conneumaugh," Miss Jennie Morgan Pontrhydy- groes song, The Promise of Life," Mr D Hughes, U.C.W. recilation, Y Groes Ddu." Miss Kate Jones, Llanfihangel; song, Canwyll fy llygad wyt ti," Miss E. J. Warrington, Aberystwyth recitation, Yn yr Ystorm," Miss Mary Davies, Tregaron song, My hope is in the Everlasting," Mr Ellis M. Evans, Barmouth; recitation, Rum Maniac," Mr Arthur Williams, Aberystwyth. The standard of the competitions were of a high order, and the first prize for the best solo was awarded to Mr Ellis M. Evans, Barmouth, and the second prize to Miss Lizzie M. Jones, Aberystwyth. The prize for the. best recitation was awarded to Miss Jennie Morgan, Pontrhydygroes. The secretarial duties were carried out by Mr D M Hamer, whodeserves praise for having introduced such a high-class entertain- ment to the public of Aberystwyth. CANTATA.—A very\successful performance, pre- sided over by Mr T. Arthur Levi, B.C.L., was that given by the children of the Tabernacle Blue Ribbon Choir at the Market Hall, on Good Friday. Cantata y PlaLt," which is a work admirably suited for a good choir of children, assisted by a few adults, was creditably performed. The music of the cantata was composed by Dr Joseph Parry, and the words were written by the Rev Thomas Levi. The conductor of this new choir is Mr David Griffiths, a brother of the late Mr Richard Griffiths, who did so much good work for music and singing in the town and neighbourhood during his brief career. It was pleasing to see his young brother taking up the same work in so earnest and capable a manner. It will probably give him more pleasure than anything else to know that his choir performed in a manner that delighted all who heard it. Miss Katie Levi took the part of accompanist. The singing was not only in perfect tune and time, but was entirely without strain or harshness. It was the purest singing which has 1 z7, been heard in Aberystwyth by such a choir for a very long time. The solo parts were well selected and some of them particularly effective. The singing of the Cuckoo," the two "Goldfinches," the "Wren," the "Bee," and the "Thrush" was excellent. Special metion must also be made of a recitation by the Bee." With a little better stage management-ttie performance would have been no doubt more effective..The large'audience were, how- ever, more than pleased as it was. It is sincerely hoped this excellent choir will keep up its practices, and give still greater proof of its undoubted talent. The evening's programme was as follows :-Address by the Chairman chorus, Cor Caersalem," choir song, "Promise of Life," Mr D. Hughes: son, "O Llefara Addfwyn Iesu," Miss Lizzie M. Jones; recitation, The Fireman's Wedding," Mr A. J. Phillips: chorus, "Sing To-night," choir; song, "Lovely Spring," Miss Mollie Owen; duett, "0 how Amiable," Miss Lizzie M. Jones. Cantata y Plant Cydgan Agoriadol; solo, Y Bachgen," Mr Lewis Thomas; "Ban y Bachgen," Mr E. Tom- ley Evans; Can y Gwcw," Miss Eunice Lewis; Deuawd yr Eubine," Misses Lizzie Williams and Louisa Jones "Can y Bachgen," Mr Lewis Thomas Can y Robin Goch," Master J. H, Edwards recit, "Yr Eryr," Mr J. B. Jenkins; Can yr Eryr," Mr Lewis J. Morgan recit, Y Plentyn," Master Johnny Herbert; Can y Dryw Bach," Mr J Arthur Hughes; Unawd, Y Fronfraith," Miss I z Maud Piokering; Y Wenvnen a'r Fronfraith," Misses Elizabeth Edwards, M. Pickering, & Maggiie Rowlands Can Y Bacbgen," .Mr Lewis Thmoas I ioa,, Can yr Eos," Miss Ellen Davies; Triawd Yr Ehedydd," Misses M. M. Davies, Ellen Davies, and Mr Lewis J. Morgan "Can y Bachgen," Mr E. T. Evans; Cydgan." Finale—" Hen Wlad fy Nhadau." SCHOOL BOARD. A meeting of the School Board was held on Tuesday, April 9th, when there were present Mr William Thomas, chairman, presidin,, Professor Edward Edwards, Mrs Griffiths, Rev Prebendary Williams, Archdeacon Prothero, with Mr F. R. Roberts, clerk and Mr Appleton, art master. FINANCE. Bills to the amount of zC14 12s 6d were presented and cheques were drawn for the same. ACKNOWLEDGMENT. A letter was read from the Home Secretary acknow- ledging on behalf of the King the vote of condolence with the Royal Family passed by the Board It was decided, on the proposition of Mrs. Griffiths, to have the letter framed, and that it be hung in the girls department. A letter was read from Mrs A. J. Hughes, calling the Board's attention to a little boy wiio attended that school who was blind, suggesting that he should be sent to a blind school and enclosing a scale of charges of an institution of that description. The Chairman thought that it would be better to refer the matter to the Visiting Committee so as to ascertain the feelings of the boys' parents in the matter, and that the Clerk should communicate with the Bristol School in order to obtain information. The Chairman's suggestion was agreed to. APPLICATION. An application was received from Miss Elsie Owen, assistant at the Infants' Department, for an increase in her salary. The Clerk said that Miss Owen at present received Z26. In reply to the Chairman the Clerk said that Miss Owen had served the Board twelve months at the above salary as an ex-pupil teacher. Archdeacon Protheroe proposed that the matter be referred to the Visiting Committee to report to the next meeting. Mrs Griffiths seconded the proposition which was agreed to. PROPOSED NEW SCIENCE AND ART SCHOOL. I Mr D. E. Jones, Inspector 6f Schools, attended to confer with the Board with reference to the proposal to procure more suitable roum for the instruction of science and art subjects. He stated that he wanted to see them partly because some of the classes had fallen off, and to get some information. About two years ago it was found that the Board School was not a suitable place in which to hold the classes. There was a great deal of discussion on the subject at the time as to where they could be removed to, whether to the County School or new Town Hall. He wanted to know their position in the future, whether they could get a room in the new Town Hall. Rev Prebendary Williams said it was a question that had cropped up for many years past. With reference to the Town Hall they could have a room or two in which to hold the classes in addition to the County Court and other offices. The Chairman thought there was hope in the near future. A few months ago he called upon Mr Morgan, the architect, and he saw the plans, which contained a room for Science and Art instruction of 40 feet in length-a very suitable room. The plan had been deposited at the London office of the anthcarities, and at the last meeting of the Council an application had been made for the borrowing of a sum of money. On I Tuesday week the Clerk received a letter from the Local Government Board stating that an Inspector would be sent down to inquire into the fact. Rev Prebendary Williams asked if there would be room to further extend the Town Hall if necessary. He thought that a town library could be made there, so that the students could read whilst waiting for their classes. Prof. Edwards thought it a disgrace to the town that it had not got a fine Art School already. Prebendary Williams remarked that as they had not seen the plans would it not be better for the Board to have them before them. The Clerk explained that some time ago the plans had been prepared for the Board by Mr T. E. Morgan. The Chairman suggested that Mr Jones should call at the office of Mr T. J. Morgan, architect, to see the plans, which Mr Jones consented to do, and also to ascertain if there was any land available at the rear. A vote of thanks having been passed to Mr Jones, the meeting ended. ABERYSTWYTH BOARD SCHOOL. On Thursday morning prizes for attendance were distributed at the above school, together with medals to the following children Boys' Department.—John A. Jones, Fred Williams, Thos. R. Jones, John Evans, R. J. Ellis, Edwin Jones, Lewis J. Williams, Sidney Jones, J. Jenkin Evans, Robert W. Ellis, Wm. Davies, R. T. Williams, B. Lloyd Williams, T. Thomas, Tudor Thomas, Evan D. Rowlands, W. J, Roberts, Isaac Roberts, H. Parry, W. Joseph, Ivor Lewis, W. Johnson, J. Hughes James, E. J. Hughes, J. Arthur Hughes, Edward Edwards, Peter Edwards, D. Morris Edwards, T. Simon Davies, J. E. Burbeck, Chas. J. Williams, Daniel Reeves, Thos. Owen, Joseph Owen, Thos. Jones, Thos. J. Humphreys, Llew Hopkins, Edmund Edwards, E. Doughton, T. Percy Williams, H. W. Rowlands, W. J. Roberts, Thos. Rice, David H. Edwards, Wm. Owen, Joel Morris, J. Morris Jones, John Jones, J. H. Howard, J. Elias Griffiths, D. R. Thomas, David Rice, J. T. Reeves, David Rees Parry, John Astley. The above boys made over 400 attendances during the year. A medal was also awarded to 88 others who made an attendance of over 350 during the year. In the Boys' Department of the Evening School prizes were awarded to the following:—Thomas Lewis, J. Thos. Evans, Ellis R. Jones, J. F. Hollier, Ll. M. Evans, J. Mason, Rees Evans, Wm. Phillips, E. R, Jones, E. Jenkin Jones, H. Pickard, Richard Jones, Thos. Morgan, John Evans, David G. Pugh, Oswald P. Rees, D. Morris Jones, Gordon Evans, Isaac Lloyd Evans, Edw. Sandford, T. J. Delahey, C. Sanford, Hugh Jones, Evan Lewis, Fred Thomas, John Craig. Girls Department:—Maude B. Jones, Maude Williams, Elizabeth Jones, Emily Shouring, Margaret E. Jones, Janetta Kenrick, Florence Davies, Helena Rowlands, Gweneth Evans, Claudia Jones, Daisy Edwards, Elizabeth Edwards, Annie Joseph, Ada A. Jones, Sarah G. Evans, L. Doughton, E. Jenkins, Margaret E. Davies, J. M. Morris, Annie O. Davies, Margaret E. Lewis, M. C. Ellis, M. A. Leake, E. J. Rowlands, Annie M. Jones, Mary G. Jones, R Davies, Hannah M. Davies, Mary E. Edwards, Liodwen Jones, Elizabeth A. Owen, Edith Owen, M. E. Jones, Sophia E. Morris, Clive Jones, M. Jenkins, S. A. Reeves. Evening School.—Girls' Department.-Elizabeth A. Doughton, Ida Evans, Florence Hughes, Maggie Jones, Lizzie J. Jones, M. E. Owen, Lizzie O. Phillips, M. Warburton, Lena West, Annie Pierce, Mary Rowlands, Myfanwy Davies, Agnes A. Davies, Eunice Hughes, C. A. Jones, M. Sophia Jones, Dora A. Jones, Mabel Mills, L. Silcock, Mary Davies, Agnes Glitheroe, Amy Hollier, Emma Jones, Elizabeth A. Lloyd, Elizabeth D. Ellis. Infants Department, Day School :—Boys, George E. Edwards, Emrys Thomas, John R. Edwards, Theoph Jenkins, H. Hammond, W. S. Jones, G. Jones, W. Doughton, J. F. Bird, Ivor LI. James, J. Bitcbell, R. E. Lewis, D. H. Griffiths, R. Hughes, W. J. Edwards, D. Parry, A. Burbeck, W. Astley S. Parry, D. E. Richards, A. Potts, A, W. Hopkins, L. Thomas, G. Jenkins, E. Lewis, C. Reeves, T. Evans D. G, Lewis, D. W. Jones, T. Chamberlain, R. Ellis, A. Lee, H. Richards, D. L. Jones, H. Worthington, S. Lewis, J. Morgan, A. Potts. Girls.—J. Leake, C. Shouring, M. Lee, N. Watkins, E. A. Morgan, S. A. Phillips, H. J. Lewis, S. C. Jones, C. E. Joseph, A. Morris, C. Williams, B. Hughes, M. Davies, M. H. Williams, H. E. Edwards, K. Thomas, C. Lloyd, C. Richards, L. Sifleet, N, Harries, M. Jones, E. Michael, E. J. Lewis, D. Lewis, M. Silcock, M. M. Jones, J. M. Samuel, A. A. Jones, L. Jones, M. E. Edwards, A. Lewis, E. Cruickshank, A. Jenkins, S. D. Jones, L. A. Rice, Olwen Ellis, A. J. Morgan, Maud Joseph, G. Jones. -*»

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