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ABERYSTWYTH. j CLEANSINT;,—The recent heavy rains have been most beneficial in cleansing our streets, which once again present their usual bright and dry appearance. COUNTING HEADS.-On Moat-lay morning the collectors and enumerators were busily occupied in promptly calling for the census papers-the first return for the twentieth century. As a rule they had but little trouble, the well known blue form being ready on demand. COMPETITIVE MEETING.—On Wednesday even- ing, March 27th, a competitive meeting was held at Tabernacle Chapel under the auspices of the Literary Suciety. The chair was taken by the Rev T. Levi, and a pleasant evening was spent. 71 A CHOSEN SPOT.—The proverbial mildness of the Vale of Clarach is now in full evidence, where daffodils and oilier spring Sowers are now brightly waving in the spring breezes, and the rooks basily and noisily engaged in family matters in the .1 branches of the trees in the Churchyard. VISITaRS. Many county and other families have, as customary at this season of the year, taken up temporary residence on the Marine Terrace. After church parade on Sunday morning brought out numbers of promenaders, who thoroughly enjoyed the warmth and brilliant sun- shine. MONTHLY FAIR.—At the monthly fair held on Monday, there was a poor show of horses, but a large show of cattle, though only a few fat cattle were shown. Store cattle sold well from £10 to £13, and there was a great demand for cows with calves, which sold from iP,12 to £ 16. The show of horses was poor, and although there was a large number of dealers, little business was done. LATK AGAIN.-On Tuesday morning the mail train was more than-twohoursbehmdtimein its arrival at Aberystwyth Station, owing to a failure of the tablet at one of the stations on the line. The delivery of the letters was correspondingly late, and great inconvenience accrued to the town and district in consequence of such uncalled for and unexpected delay, for which the postal authorities are in no way responsible this time. EXIT OLD, ENTER NEW.-The march of our street improvements goes on steadily. Now (that the foot pavement is well laid all along the new row of houses in Railway-terrace, recently erected by Councillor Salmon, it is to be seen what a fine:strect this will shortly become; especially when it opens out to Pound-place and Northgate. In Great Darkgate-street, Mr T. J. Samuel, solicitar, is completely remodelling his chambers and business premises, and putting in a new frontage to his well known old premises. TEMPERANCE.—The Ystwyth Lodge of the Independent Order of Good Templars held its weekly meeting at the Progress Hall, Mill-street, on Friday evening last, when a number of candi- dates for membership were accepted. The chair was occupied by Mr Thomas Vaughan. The following is a copy of the programme rendered:— Mandoline solo, Miss M. Doughton recitation, Mr Thomas Jon-s; song, Mr E. H. Davies; chorus, the Choir; recitation, Mr R. Tibbott. Snort addresses were delivered by Messrs Richard Jones, D. O. Williams, David Evans, and David Thomas. COB SHow.-Tlie Aberystwyth and District Cob Improvement Society held its annual show on Monday last, and turned out a success in every way. There were thirteen entries for the prize of £25 offered for the best cob, which was taken by Messrs Hawkins and Jones, Builth, for their cob Evolution," the second prize being given to Mr Isaac Davies, last year's prize winner, for "Chocolate Bracey" The judges were Messrs Davies, Glanystwyth, and Thomas Jones, J.P., Brynmelyn, C orwen. The president of the society is Captain Welby Parry Price, Boncath, Tivyside. Mr Powell, Nanteos, and Mr Loveden Price, Aber- llolwyn, and other officials strenuously helped to make Monday's show a success, and their efforts were amply rewarded, for the attendance at the show was a record one. THE RADICAL CLUB.—The annual general meeting of the Club was held on Friday evening, under the presidency of Mr D. C. Roberts. In reviewing the work of the Club for the past year, the Chairman said it had been the most eventful in the annals Qf the Club. The increase in the membership had made the accommodation at the old building too scanty, and they had, therefore, found it necessary to occupy the much larger and more commodious premises in which they now found themselves. This showed that the Radical Club was an active and progressive institution, and the extensive patronage which they had received since their re- moval was ample testimony, if any were needed, that they had the sympathy of all classes in the social, intellectual, and political work which they had in hand. The prospects of the Club bad never -been brighter, for the membership had nearly doubled, and the attendance at the weekly meet- ings had increased in proportion. The reading room also was largely used, and he was sanguine that with the improved facilities which were now available they could count on the hearty support of all clashes of Liberals in the town, and invite them to join the institution. The election of officers for the ensuing year was then proceeded with, when the following were appointed :—President, Mr D. C. Roberts; honorary presidents, Mr Vaughan Davies, M.P., Alderman Peter Jones, Alderman W. H. Palmer, and Mr T. W Powell; vice-presidents, | Messrs T. B. Hall, T. H. Edwards, John Evans, and P. B. Loveclay; treasurer, Mr r W. Powell; ex- ecutive committee, Messrs T. J. Samuel, J P. Thomas. R. Peake, R. Ellis, J. Barson, L. Bearne, and Griffith El iizi; librarian, Mr Jenkin Humphreys; hon. sec., Mr James Rees. CHARGE OF THEFT. — On Thursday afternoon last, at the Police Station, Aberystwyth, before Messrs Thomas Griffiths, and Edward Evans, Mar- garet Thomas, joiner's wife, Pensarn terrace, Aberllefenay, was charged by Matilda Stevens, domestic servant, employed at Avondale House, Marine-terrace, with having stolen a postal order valued at 5s on March 6.—Mr W R. Jones, solicitor, appeared for the defence.—The complainant said on March 6th she enclosed a 5s postal order in a letter addressed to her mother at West Bromwich. The defendant was present when the order was placed in the letter and was entrusted to post it. From a communication she had since received, she had cause to suspect that the postal order did not reach Íl destination. She identified the writing on a postal order produced as her handwriting. '—Jessie M. Brown, a clerk in the employ of the of the Post Office authorities, said she remembered cashing the postal order produced and recognised the initials it contained as her writing. She could not swear that the defendant was the person who cashed it. The defendant pleaded guilty and elected to be tried summarily.— Mr W. R. Jones, addressing the Bench, said there were certain facts in connection with the case, which would extenuate the offence. The defendant was a married woman, aged 20, with three children. She had lived apart from her husband, who had led his wife a miserable life. He was fined at the Dolgelley Sessions some time ago, and had since disappeared. Since the previous Sep- tember she had not received a penny from her husband, and he contended that she got into temp-, tation and fell. He therefore asked the Bench to bind her over and deal with the case under the First Offenders' Act.-Tho Bench, after deliberat- ing in private for some time, dismissed the case with a caution. GOLF CLUB LECTURE.—On Thursday evening, March 28th, the Rev George Eyre Evans delivered a most lucid and interesting address to a very appreciative audience at the Old Assembly Rooms on Old Aberystwyth," in aid of the" funds of the Pendinas Golf Club. The chair was occupied by Mr J. D. Perrott, J.P. The I ee turer has.,pent'.t very -considerable time in hunting up the records of old Aberystwyth. and judging from the pile of docu- ments he had on the table in front of him, his labour of love has been regarded to a very lars-e S extent. He has found the documents of the Court Leet as far back as 1690; but, unfortunately, there are serious gaps in the series, and the lecturer's urgent appeal to his listeners for their help and encouragement to clear up the past will surely not be made in vain. The address was brim- ful or' interest from beginning to en 1, and the lecturer's sense of humour enables him to (irav a viery vivid and real picture of the social life and municipal condition of our town two oenturies ago. As one thinks of the subject, one can draw a clear picture of Alexander Gordon, of Job Sheldon, and of James Hughes—three of the great men who formed the Iiitory 'of Aberystwyth -and the manure heaps and the funny side of the various presentments" and the adjournments of the Court Leet to the Gogerddan Arms are sidelights on the development of our history, of which Mr Evans made capital use. He paid a high tribute to the memory of three local historians—the unknown author ,,f thi' "Guide to Aberystwyth," which! appeared in 1816, noted for its truly airnificent dedication to iiie Castle ruins; Coiinc-iiior T. O. j Morgan, the author of the Guide of 1845 and to Mr John Jones (Ivon), whom we all remember as the genial storyteller of local customs and char- acters, with his inexhaustible fund of humour and exquisite literary style. The points of i he address are too numerous to dwell upon, but we trust that the subject matter will appear at full length in the first-rate scholarly work which Mr Evans has set his hHnt upon—his own "History of Abervstwyth." of which four parte have already appeared. Other town in Wales—like Carclifi and Carnan-■ ,n-have published their Records, and there is every reason for the inhabitants of the town to be proud that at last a history of Aberystwyth is forthcoming which pro!Y,i,"h' to be a magnificent piece of work. As Principal Bebl>, of Lampeter, and Professor Edwards stated in the meeting in their support of the vote of thanks to the lecturer, tin: work is characterized by its singularly able and historical criticism, ajid by the pleasing literary style in which Mr Lvans Hothes his facts. We understand that t: e proceeds have materially benefited the II funds < f~!he Golf Club. ENTERTAINMENT. — The final entertainment in connection with the winter session of the College Literary and Debating Society was held on Tuesday evening, when an enjoyable programme of songs and humorous sketches was gone through. CYCLES.—Mr W. H. Hollier, Commerce Hovise, at the top of Bridge-street, calls attention in another column to his large stock of cycles, all of the best make. Cyclists will find all kinds oN accessories at Mr Hollier's establishment. THE SEASON'S FASHION.—Mi^ D. Morgan, of the Emporium Pier-street and New-street, repect- fully invites the inspection of her large and choice assortment of the newest designs and novelties for the season. The fine display of fashions in the show room—and not in the windows—has won general admiration during the present season. EASTER TRIPS.—Cheap bookings are announced by the M. and M. Line to various stations in Glam- organshire on Thursday and Saturday next. Par- ticulars of the excursion arrangements by the Cambrian line will be found in our advertising columns. "FACING THE IIIUSIC.On Easter Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the boards at the Royal Pier Pavilion will be occupied by Miss Ethel Grey- thorpe's Company in the farcical comedy Facing the Music,' from the Strand Theatre. The piece is described as an ingenious and most amusing com- position, and is laughable from start to finish. PRINCESS VESPIDA. Well-trained children taking part in a simple cantata like this are to be ¡ encouraged, as well as those friends who go to the ,I trouble every year of training them; and the public will have opportunity of shewing apprecia- tion in such a matter on Easter Tuesday, when Buarth Hall, will as usual be the scene or the annual entertainment of the Portland-street Band of Hope, under the devoted leadership of Mr D. Thomas, Northgate House. SACRED CONCERT.—In our advertising columns will be found particulars of a grand sacred concert to be given on Good Friday evening at the Royal I Pier Pavilion. The programme will be sustained j by such leading artistes as Miss Lilian Morgan, J R.A.M., and Miss E. Cliffe, R.A.M., of the London | and Provincial concerts. Mr Maldwyn Humphreys, J A.R.A.M., Mr T. Amos Jones, R.A.M., and Mr W. L. J Barrett (flautist). Mr J. E. Leah will be the I accompanist. DR LLOYD-SNAPE and Mrs Lloyd-Snape left Aberystwyth last week for Preston, where Dr Snape will take up the duties of director of educa- tion under the Lancashire County Council. Dr Lloyd-Snape occupied the chair of chemistry at the University College of Wales. Aberystwyth, for about fifteen years, and during his residence here he won a large number of friends and admirers. He always took an intelligent and active part in the affairs of the town, and was considered by one and all to be a good and sincere citizen, ever ready to lend a helping hand to deserving causes. Mrs Lloyd-Snape will also be sorely missed by the poor in many parts of the town on account of her quiet charity. At the last meeting of the Board of Guardians a vote of thanks was passed to Dr Lloyd- Snape and Mrs Lloyd-Snape for the generosity and deep interest they had shown to the inmates of the Workhouse, I PETTY SESSIONS.—The weekly Petty Sessions were held on Wednesday at the Town Hall, before the Mayor (Mr E. P. Wynne), Alderman Peter Jones, and Messrs T. Griffiths, J. Watkins, and W. J. Watkins. A transfer of the license of the Pier Hotel was granted from Anne Elizabeth Lawrence to John Wilkinson; of the Lisburne Arms from David Thomas Lewis to Edward John Edwards: of the Black Lion Hotel from Margaret Lewis to Herbert Matthews; and the Railway Inn from Hannah Tanner to Annie Evans.—Fines of 2s 6d were imposed on Patrick R. Waldron, Catholic Rec- tory, and John Garner, Tourist Hotel, and 2s on John Berry, 33, Northgate-street, foundryman, far allowing the chimneys of their houses to be on fife. —Elizabeth Morgan, wife of David Morgan, labourer, 2, Vulcan-street, having a conscientious objection, she was granted a certificate exempting her child from vaccination.—Messrs Jack Thomas and J. Walcer Evans were appointed overseers for the ensuing twelve months. ADDRESS ON WORDSWORTH.—The County School Literary and Debating Society met last Friday evening, when a most interesting and valuable lecture on Wordsworth, as a Poet and Philo- sopher," was given by the Headmaster, Mr D. Samuel, M.A., who is well known to be a great Wordsworthian. Mr Samuel pointed out how Wordsworth'had been influenced by nature, and had composed many hundred lines of poetry in his study —the open air. When his housemaid was once asked by some visitors where his study was, she replied, Here is his library, but his study is in nature." After the profitable lecture was over, the chairman, D. Jonathan Jones, called upon R. J. Williams, to prop.e and upon S. O. Owens to second, a vote of thanks to Mr Samuel for his paper, which was heartily accorded. This is the last meeting of the Society for this term. We wish it cüntinued caooofci in tbcfrrtnre. The Lacturer gave an admirable account of the poetry of Wordsworth, rhe poet's diction, his love of solitude and of nature, his aim as a teacher and other matters worth knowing. Several pl-ssages were read to illustrate thp poet's mode of thinking and the lessons he meant to convey. An enjoyable evening was spent. Lectures of a similar character will, it is promised, be given in the course of next session, Trips to some neighbouring places of interest are spoken of for next term, and amongst other places of much archaeological interest, a visit to Strata Florida Abbey is in contemplation. The members of the society are very keen on this last-named outing. HOCKEY.—On Saturday last the Tregaron Countv School. played atffregaron their first hockey match, their opponents being the Aberystwyth County School. Although Tregaron lost by two goals to nil, their play was highly creditable and several of the team showed considerable promise. The heavy rain of the previous day had thoroughly soaked the ground, the state of which was not improved by the heavy showers that fell during the game, Tregaron won the toss and elected to play with the wind, but although the play was generally in their opponents' half, the sound defence of the Aberyst- wyth backs, and in particular of Lizzie Morris, prevented any score. When ends were changed, however, in spite of some fine runs down the left wing for Tregaron by L. Edwards, the Aberystwyth forwards, among whom K. Griffiths was conspicu- ous for capital play, pressed continually, gaining two goals and being conceded several corners. As a novel and very pleasant finish to the game, the Tregaron team entertained their visitors at the school to a tea which they had themselves prepared in the cookery department Teams :—Tregaron, goal, M. Daniel; backs, Mary Dudlyke," Masjgie Davies (captain) half-backs, Lizzie Jones, Mima Lloyd, Elsie Davies; forwards, Lena Edwards, Olive Morgan, Edie Jones, Nellie Lloyd, L M. Davies. Aberystwyth—goal, M. Garland backs, L. Morris, W. Owen; half-backs, M. Jones, L. Morgan, E. Brotherton; forwards, N. Morgan, J. Jones, K. Griffiths, Gladys Thomas. M. Pierce. FREE CHURCH COUNCIL.—A meeting of the newly formed Free Church Council was held on Tuesday evening at Baker-street Congregational Schoolroom, the Rev Thomas Levi presiding. The first business was to receive the names of the representatives appointed by the different churches which showed that almost all the churches were represented. Mr T. H. Edwards enquired whether any communication had been received from the Welsh BaDtists. The Rev T. Williams (sec. pro. tem.) replied in the negative, and said he under- stood that church was not going to join at present. The appointment of president was next proceeded with, and the Rev Job Miles proposed the Rev T. Levi to the position. Mr Levi, be said, was fully entitled to the position on account of age and his valuable services in the cause of religion. Mr Owen Owen seconded, and the proposition was carried unanimously.—Various suggestions were made as to the appointment of vice-presidents, and :t was decided that only one be appointed the person thus appointed being the Rev Job Miles. It was also agreed that the president and vice- president be elected annually.—The Rev T. Williams and Mr Robert Northey were unanimously ap- pointed joint secretaries, and Mr T. W. Powell was unanimously appointed treasurer.—-Mr T. H. Ed- wards proposed that the office of president be occupied by a minister and layman alternately. and Mr R Northey having seconded, this-was agreed to without a dissentient.—The executive committee, which it was decided should comprise a representa- tive from each chapel, was appointed as follows English Congregational, Mr George Davis; Welsh Congregational, Mr John Davies; Tabernacle, Mr D. C. Roberts; English Presbyterian, Rev. Wynne, Thomas; St Paul's (Weslevan). Mr Jenkins Salem.. Prof. Edward Edwards; Weslevan Methodist, Mr Isaac Rees; Shiloh, Rev. T. E. Roberts; Sil<^am, Mr Warrington; Saron, Llanbadarn, Mr JaVnes Hughes; English Baptist, Mr T. H. Edwards Soar, Llanbadarn, Rev. Griffith Parry; English Wesleyan, Rev T. Iti--rani.The previous resolution rpgafrling- the odice'of vice-president was rescinded, anil it was (icemen TO appoint tour persons to tnat othce, these being, in addition to the Rev Miles already elected, the Rev T. Penrv, Mr Evan Evans. and Mr D. G. Parry. The following were appointed co-optative members :—Principal T. F. Roberts. Prof. Angus, Miss Maria Jones (secretary of the Women's Temperance Association). Mrs Williams, Miss Roberts, South-terrace; and Mr Mortimer Green.—The financial question was considered at some length. The necessity of holding a public meeting to give the Council a good send-off, was also discussed, the Rev. Thomas Law, secretary of the National Free Church Council, and the Rev. Griffith Ellis, Bootle, being mentioned as probable speakers. FRONGOCH MIXES. OPERATIONS SUSPENDED. On Thursday last all operations at Frongoch Lead Mines were suspended, and the majority of the workmen discharged. -The number employed at the mines is about 300, of whom 100 are Italians. No reason is given for the stoppage, although the the promoters have spent, a'considerable sum in laying down the necessary plant for the working of mines. No information has been gleaned as to when the mines are likely to be restarted, the only men employed thereat now being a few who are engaged in keeping the place in working order. VOLUNTEER ARTILLERY FOR ABER- YSTWYTH. Colonel Walford, Royal Artillery Headquarters, Devonport, has forwarded to the Aberystwyth Volunteer Committee, of which Mr. A. J. Hughes (town clerk) is hon. secretary, copy of a War Office letter intimating that the Right Hon. Mr. S. Brodrick was about to submit for his Majesty the King's acceptance the services of a Volunteer (artillery porflon) Corps to be formed with head- quarters at Aberystwyth. The corps will consist of two batteries, and will be designated the 1st Cardiganshire Volunteer Artillery (Western Division Royal Artillery). Authority has been given for taking the preliminary steps in anticipa- tion of the King's approval, and Col. Walford ad ds that these steps will be taken at an early date. SHEEP WORRYING. About three weeks ago certain dogs were dis- covered worrying sheep on Penglaise Farm in the early hours of the morning. When Mr Rees went to the fields about half past six in the morning he found several of his sheep lying dead on the ground and, upon advancing, saw two dogs worrying the others. He gave chase and traced the dogs to their homes. It was found that six sheep had been killed on the spot; two were so terribly mangled that they had to be killed at once; and five others were so badly torn that they died shortly after. Eight|lambs were also killed. The owners of the dogs were two licensed victuallers of Aberystwyth, upon whom a claim for damages was made with the result that they decided to make good the loss rather than go to law. COUNTY SCHOOL GOVERNORS. The annual meeting of the Governors of the County School was held on Monday evening at the Town Hall, when there were present Mrs Griffiths, Miss Maria Jones, Alderman C. M. Williams, Rev T. Levi. Hall, when there were present Mrs Griffiths, Miss I Maria Jones, Alderman C. M. Williams. Rev T. Levi. Mr J. P. Thomas, Mr R. Richards, Mr David Samuel (headmaster), Miss Ewart (senior mistress), and Mr John Evans (clerk).—Mr R. Richards was voted to the chair in the absence of Mrs Jessy Williams.—The first business was the election of chairman for the ensuing year. Miss Maria Jones proposed the Rev T. Levi tor the position.—Alderman C. M. Williams, in seconding, said if they looked at the record, they would find Mr Levi had put in more attendances than any other member. If Mr Levi was unable to attend no doubt the vice-chairman would be able to under- take his duties.—Mr. J. P. Thomas supported, and al- though Mr. Levi was reluctant to accept the office, he finally acceded to the unanimous wish of the meet- iiig.Nlrs Griffiths was then unanimously appointed vice-chairman.—Messrs Geo. Davies, Peter Jones, C. M. Williims, J. P. Thomas, R. J. Jones, and Mrs Griffiths were appointed Finance Committee, with the Chairman as ex-officio.—The Chairman, Mrs. Griffiths, Miss Jones, and Mr. C. M. Williams were appointed Lodging House Committee.—Messrs R. J. Jones and Richard Richards were re-appointed atiditors.-Tlie Clerk reported he had received since the last meeting a cheque for Z476 14s, which was an increase upon last year's contribution from the County Governing Body of L106 14s. The total con- tribution for the year from the County Governing Body came to iC846, as compared with R740 last year. —The Clerk stated Mrs. Jessy Williams had asked him to inform the Governors that she desired to resign from the Body on account of her forthcoming departure for Canada.—Mr. Richard Richards pro- posed that the resignation be accepted, and that a record be made in the minutes of her faithful services on behalf of the school, and of regret at her departure.—Miss Maria Jones seconded, and the pro- position was agreed to.—The Clerk was directed to take the necessary Fteps to fill the vacancy, the appointment being in the hands of the School Hoard. —The Finance Committee recommended that at the next scholarship examination six scholarships be offered for boys and six for girls, only those who had been pupils at public elementary schools for the last three years being allowed to sit as candidates.—On the proposition of lr. Rowlands, seconded by Alder- man Williams, the recommendation was accepted, toge:her with other recommendations regarding the payment of bills and salaries.—The re-arrangement of the holidays for the Easter term was considered, the headmaster suggesting that the school break up on April 4th instead of April 19th, and re-operi on April 29th instead of May 7th.—The Governors were not agreeable to this course, as it would mean an extra week's holiday.—The Headmaster explained, how- ever, that they were entitled to this extra week in accordance with a former arrangement arrived at bv the governors.—It was decided to adhere to the original arrangement, whereby the school would close on April 19th and re-open on May 7tli.—It was, how- ever, decided to close the school on Good Friday and Easter Monday and Tuesday. -.0




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