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LLANBADARN. PETTY SESSIONS. °n ifioraran monthly Petty Sessions wg? N. Hrav lhursda}', leb. 28th, before Mesr T Griffith-. On the chair), H, E. Bonsai' uriflitha. G. R. E. Bonsall, B. E. M CHARGE. oitwiiant appeared to answer the Evan Dani. been drunk whilst in .charge of a charge of..rap on the 8th February at Llanbadarn. horswiice in support of the charge was given by iTC. Thomas Davies, who said he saw defendant driving a horse and trap on the highway near the railway bridge at Llanbadarn. Seeing the defend- ant's condition, he got into the trap. and drove him te Aberystwyth and then sent him to:bis home at Trefechan. Defendant admitted the offence, and a fine of 10s. and cost was imposed. A SHOCKING CASE. A case in which shocking disclosures of child neglect were made was that in which Evan Jeremiah Jones, Trecornel. Llanbadarnfawr, was r charged with having neglected his five children in such a manner as to be likely to cause them ^unnecessary suffering or injnry to their health. Mr. A. J. Hughes, Aberystwyth, appeared for the prosecution. Robert Burdett. inspector of the N.S.P.C.C., Oswestry, in his evidence said he called at defendant's house on February 14th. Jones was in bed at 10.40 and his five clildren, ranging from nine, seven, six, four, and one years respectively, were also in the house. The children appeared to be very hungry and were eating a portion of a dry loaf which was on the table. They were shivering and were in a filthy, dirty, and ragged condition, the clothing beiug ragged and insufficient. He noticed marks on the youngest child caused by vermin. The arms and legs of the child were purple from the cold and on the left side of the child's head there were scars. On his asking Mrs. Jones what was the cause of the scars, she replied that it was caused by the falling of some hot fat from the frying pan on to the child. She also stated in reply to questions by witness that the loaf of bread which was on the table bad been obtained by the children from a neighbour and the children had had nothing to eat since the morning before. There were two rooms in the house, one of which was used as a kitchen and the other as a bedroom. Mrs. Jones pointed out to him the bed which the children occupied. It consisted of a broken straw mattress and was placed on the floor near a door. The bedclothes consisted of sacks and rags and were in a filthy and dirty condition. He noticed the bed in which Jones was in. It consisted of a bedstead and the defendant had a blanket round him which was very dirty. The bed was in a better condition than that the children occupied. < He also had a bag of feathers under his head which served as a pillow. The children had no pillow at all, and he noticed that the man was in the most comfortable position, being behind the door. He asked him what was he doing in bed that time of the morning, and in reply he said that he was unwell. Witness considered it for the children's benefit that they should be taken to the Workhouse and he conveyed them there, P.C. Davies accompaying him. Mrs Jones told witness that her husband would not get out of bed and go to his work. Mr Green, his master, had been to the house the pre- vious day to ask the defendant to go to work. The man was strong and able-bodied. Mrs Jones further stated that her husband assaulted her when she asked for money for the children's main- tenance and she had no other way of getting food for herself and children other than by begging for it. She had only received 10s from her husband since October last, when he left:the militia, The woman had tried on the previous Saturday to get the children into the Workhouse, but owing to the Relieving Officer aeing away at the time, she was unable to obtain an admission ticket. She was un- able to send the children to school as they were hungry.—The Chairman asked if the man had regular employment at Green's, to which the Inspector replied that he had and that he could earn a good wage.—Witness, continuing, adcJed that Mrs Jones said that she was happy when her husband was serving under the Gov,-rnmezit.-P.C. Thomas Davies corroborated the statement of the Inspector, and added that he would describe the man as a thoroughly able-bodied working man.- Dr Bonsall stated that on the 14th he saw the five children at the Workhouse, The were in a dirty, verminous, and sadly-neglected condition. The infant of one year was still at the mother's breast. [ Its feet and limbs were purple from exposure to cold. The children's general condition was calcu- lated to injure their health.—The Bench character- ised the case as a serious one and sentenced the accused to four months' imprisonment with hard labour. The Inspector was also complimented upon the action he had taken in the matter. POOR RATE ARREARS. Fred P Robjent, Central Chambers. Newport Monmouthshire, was summoned for non-payment of £4 3s. lid. arrears of poor rate. Mr Thomas Morgan Tanyfford, Ponterwyd, produced the rate nook, but the case was adjourned for a month.






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